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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Entrapment in Perak and Relation to Permatang PAuh

It seems the BPR is now serving the interest of UMNOPUTRA.

I’d like to share some information I received with regards to the two Perak Executive Councilors recently arrested by the Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR). The Perak BPR claims that they are caught in the act. Apparently, only one exco was “caught” in the act, while Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (PKR-Behrang) surrendered himself to the BPR to assist in investiogation.

What I’ve heard is that the two PKR exco’s was framed. Apparently, Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (PKR-Changkat Jering) met a guy in a restaurant and the guy carried with him a suitcase. Suddenly, after two minutes of meeting, the BPR came and arrested them. He didn’t know that the bag carried by the man he was meeting contained money.

But BPR prefers to call this as something “caught in the act”.

Aparrently, both Osman and Jamaluddin had already refused offers up to RM30millions before. What is a RM100k to them? Later in this article I will explain why the offer is so ridiculous.

Furthermore, what is the normal practice in UMNO is that money is never given directly to the bribe acceptor. It’s either deposited into an account or have their credit card paid or have their assistant collect the money. The way the entire thing is done only show that it is a set up.

Bribed Over A Non-Existent Project?

Dato Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, the MB of Perak has issued a statement saying the project is non-existent. The said project, a housing project in Bandar Baru Iskandar worth RM180m was never approved by the Perak state government.

He says:

"Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat menafikan ada meluluskan mana-mana projek perumahan bernilai RM180 juta di Seri Iskandar; projek tersebut tidak wujud, jadi mustahil kedua-dua Exco boleh membantu meluluskan projek itu," katanya dalam satu sidang media di sini, semalam.

"Kami yakin kedua-dua Exco dan rakan-rakannya telah dianiaya; Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat tidak tergugat dan akan terus tadbir dan urus negeri seperti biasa," katanya."

Perak BPR Director is an UMNO Stooge

I also received information from PinkTurtle site. Apparently, the director, Samsiah Abu Bakar, 48 said in mingguan Malaysia dated 11 febuari 2007. that she is an ardent fan of Rafidah Aziz. What type of corruption fighter looks up to a figure that is tantamount to the term “corruption”.

The article poster by Pink Turtle is written by one “Reformis Muda”. He adds that this is not the first time she has gotten herself involved in such operation of entrapment.

Before she had entrapped the Perak Shariah Court Of Appeal Chief of accepting bribes for releasing a GRO that is currently being trialed under him. Shamsiah’s only case againt the Shariah Chief Justice is the fact that money was deposited into his account. For that, the Chief Justice was humiliated and had to resign his commission.

It is reported Shamsiah was working hand in glove with Night Club Owners and UMNO leaders to frame the Shariah Court Appeal Chief.

There was also the case of annulment still pending in appeals of the second wife of Ipoh Timur UMNO head, Hamzah Zainuddin. Anyone who can recall this name will remember that this is the man that provided the phone call recording of Anwar trying to woo his first wife to public. So, now his second wife is filing for annulment and appealing in the Shariah Appeals court.

Because the same framed-up judge presided over the case, his judgement was put into serious doubt and Hamzah Zainuddin got away with paying alimony worth RM11 million.

In short, Shamsiah Abu Bakar is a willing stooge of UMNO. She will act in the interest of UMNO. The current entrapment is no exception. Seeing that UMNO is desperate to recapture Perak via the back door.

Let us pray to God that both Exco member be given strength to face this predicament. It’s nothing but a frame up done by the desperate UMNOPUTRA elites in order for them to survive this ordeal. Our prayers are with them.

Will Bribing An Exco Man Work Under Pakatan Government?

I don’t know, actually. Under Pakatan Rakyat, all major projects go through open tender. Which means there will be an evaluation committee to evaluate a proposal. Furthermore, for really big projects, the decision will fall in the Exco Meetings headed by the Menteri Besar.

An Exco can only propose, I think, and I don’t think it goes that long of a way. It’s different under PR than under the corrupt Barisan Nasional government.

The Barisan Nasional government practices direct award for all their projects. So, bribing an exco does have it’s significance since the Exco has the power to decide which contract goes to whom. Bribing a Barisan Nasional exco will influence the result of a project. I do not think the same applies to Pakatan Rakyat government.

Which is why I think the entire thing is a set-up.

Pakatan Policy On Corruption

I think the entire episode is not an issue at all. This is because Pakatan government are always willing to work with relevant authorities in eradicating corruption and abuses. We are always transparent and willing to go the extra mile when it comes to running a clean and efficient government.

Timing Is Impeccable and Not a Coincidence

The timing negates all notions that this is a coincidence. It’s all pre planned for the sole reason of facing the Permatang Pauh election, just like the Saiful swearing shenanigan.

Since the UMNOPUTRA elites already have a BPR Director that looks so highly to Rafidah Aziz, all it takes is for Rafidah Aziz to call Shamsiah to get the ball rolling.

Trust me, these UMNOPUTRA is desperate. They tried to pull PAS into BN, and so far it has failed. Now, they need to smear Anwar on two front: sex and corruption. Kindda like the same accusation forced upon the two PKR Exco of Perak.

We, the people, must not be dishearthened and must stay the course. Desperate people will resort to desperate measures. We must never be swayed.

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Tulang Besi

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  1. To All PKR & DAP members,

    If the culprits are found guilty punish severely as a good lesson for all PKR & DAP members in all other States.

    DO NOT be behave like the UMNO leaders, they like to hide and keep sweep under carpet many misdeeds and corruption cases that is rampant everywhere.

    UMNO style is to open the files again , if any of UMNO members threaten or cause to embarass their Top Leaders or threaten to leave UMNO to join PK.

    Punish the PKR & DAP Exco and those involved if found Guilty and highlight this case for the public to see.

    And that includes thuggery against Photographers in PP.

    Pakatan Raayat , particualr PKR & DAP must realise how to behave and be good examples to the rest.

    They have very far to go.

  2. I do not claim to know all the facts in hand regarding this latest brou-ha-ha, but I must agree with you, Tulang Besi, that the timing is a bit suspicious. Just as was the swearing ceremony conducted by an UMNO iman.

  3. frankly, throughout Malaysian history, what is BN incapable of doing?

    the recent UiTM demonstrations, the truth is out ...

    "Dalam pekeliling tersebut, saya telah diarah untuk melakukan demonstrasi membantah Menteri Besar. Saya juga dimaklumkan jika mana-mana pelajar yang ingkar, semua kemudahan yang diberikan oleh UiTM akan ditarik balik dan kemungkinan akan diberhentikan dari pengajian,

  4. Be that as it may, I hope Sept 16 promise is fulfilled.

    Perhaps then we can go after really big sharks and if this episode will serve as a warning to any public servants (whether elected or appointed) that they are not immune if they abuse their powers.

  5. Damn puaka la these UMNO buggers. I think the worst has yet to come :(

  6. Yes I too agree if those suspected are found GUILTY, punish them severely... baru jadi EXCO dah nak melampau-lampau...

    But, if this is one of the BN/UMNO tactics in view of the PP by-election... MAY YOU ALL ROT IN HELL, BN/UMNO!!!!

  7. "met a guy in a restaurant and the guy carried with him a suitcase. Suddenly, after two minutes of meeting, the BPR came and arrested them. He didn’t know that the bag carried by the man he was meeting contained money."

    No evidence that Both 2 PKR excos touched the Cash.

    No evidence that the marked notes in the suitcase was found on both excos hands and clothes.

    No evidence that both 2 excos receive the cash dishonestly.

    Audio recording of conversation insufficient to convict.

    That is why remand only.

    May use pressure on them to confess under CPC 113.

    Incomplete offence.

    BPR should have waited for both2 excos to count the money first.

    So wait for chemist report on whether green chemical on marked notes found on 2 excos hands and clothings.

    No case to answer.

    Investigation should be NFA.

  8. Dear Tulang Besi

    Can't blame u for suspecting this whole incident as the "excellent" work of UMNO due to reason of timing and the sudden efficency display by ACA (if only ACA could be that efficient towards UMNO, I believe they will have enough work to do for at least next ten years to come).

    However, (trying to be neutral here) if those exco members are really corrupted, then let this whole incident serve as a lesson to all leaders. In fact, it is good for PKR. PKR being a young party, could use this incident as a stern warning to all its members and also to those that are thinking to join PKR. Therefore, PKR has the advantage to start with the right footing to be a better government at the very begining.

    As for UMNO, just too corrupt and the problem has rooted too deep, that it is beyond repair now.

    That's why I still think for a better government, I will still bet on PKR.


  9. They just don't get. We don't trust any organ or individu associated with or is in the gomen. So stop the crap! the set-ups the sandiwara, we wouldn't believe, if we ain't laughing we too damn ashame too.
    Rakyat will not change course, fools! Bengong!

  10. Don't care Pakatan or BN. If proven guilty, send them to jail. Malaysians are not pro BN or pro Pakatan. All Malaysians want is a fair, just , transparent, corruption free govt.

  11. Doesn't umno need 2 aduns to cross or to resign, for umno to rule in perak again?
    Didn't rosli ghazali promise a change of state govt by merdeka?
    will there be a bi-election in 2 state seats if these people are sentenced to jail?
    biasa lah, kan ini kerja umno nak menipu dan membunuh 2 burung dgn satu batu?

  12. Similar Modus Operandi to Mat Sabu (PAS) khalwat case some time back.

    Sabu was there in a hotel room for a meeting or discussion, within seconds the khalwat officers caught him for khalwat.

    next day..MSM all out demonised PAS. Of coz PAS had a though time..and i guess PKR would be having the same now.

    Now...remember Tajul Rosli plan for 31 August? He need 2 Assemmblyman and now this 2 PKR exco is in the 'turning over' proses....


  13. I would not be surprised at the dirty tricks by UMNO. This sort of probable set-ups is just up their valley, knowing their mental make-up.

    If what you say is sufficiently complete and true, any legal officer, police, or judge would know that sitting with a person with a briefcase of money is not tantamount to prima facie grounds for corruption.

    It's like saying one is committing adultery just becasue one is seen with another woman in a car or at a hotel lobby; not being aware of the fact that the "woman" is his sister! See how filmsy such cases are? It sounds logical but not true.

    If UMNO resorts to these, then they are where they are without any more consent from the people. They will have to go, sooner or later; but judging by the public mood, probably sooner.

    LKY once said, "repression is like making love; It gets easier after the first time".

    And now AAB is trying to push through a DNA bill. I don't see any public discussion on this. What gives?

  14. This is the true pundUMNOmavene style.
    1.eve of election comissions announcement on PP by election DSAI charged in court.

    2.eve of nomination day for PP by election the dirty asrsehole swears on the Holy Quran

    3.Election day for PP by election is a working day.

    4.You can even expect a drop in fuel price on the eve of PP by election day.

    5.To discredit PKR and PR governments the Perak ACA drama.

    See how desprate the pundUMNOmavane are behaving to remain in power forever.

  15. Hmm, either you are BN or PR politician, if you are corrupt pay the price.

    I agree with the author that the timing of arrest is suspect. UMNO is actively doing the underground work to topple the PR governments.
    Their target are mostly, (hate to sound racist here!), Malay politicians who are vulnerable bribes!

    BN will continue with their activities to topple the PR government until the next election. In the meantime, country will be in autopilot mode for five years!

  16. This is a dual-language blog discussing events and goings-on, not going-ons...

    It should be "goings-on" and not "going-ons"...

    God bless

  17. U :-Unfair
    M :-Mismanagement
    N :-Nonsensical
    O :-Opportunists

  18. Perak MB defends Exco men held for alleged graft

    (Bernama) - The Perak government yesterday defended the two State Executive Council (Exco) members detained by the Anti-Corruption Agency for allegedly receiving bribes to approve a housing project.

    "The Pakatan Rakyat state government did not approve a housing project costing RM180 million at Seri Iskandar. The two Exco members could not have approved the project since it does not exist," said Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

    Describing it as a political conspiracy, he said the case would not affect the running of the state government.

    Mohammad Nizar, who had earlier chaired a Pakatan Rakyat meeting at his residence here, said the state government would not stop the ACA from investigating its state assemblymen.

    Also present were PKR vice-president Dr Lee Boon Chye, state PKR chairman Ismail Yusof, state DAP chairman Datuk Ngeh Koo Kham and state assemblymen.

    The ACA yesterday detained the two Exco members and four men for corruption involving a housing project costing RM180 million at Seri Iskandar near here.

    They were also believed to be involved in bribery in the form of sexual favours.

    The ACA said three of them including an Exco member were detained after receiving bribes over RM100,000 for speeding up the processing of a housing project.

    Mohammad Nizar said Pakatan Rakyat would form a panel of lawyers to defend the detained Exco members.

  19. Is there really any planned sting
    Waiting for right season to spring
    Trying to with the most damage bring
    Even before the boxers enter the final ring

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210808
    Thu. 21st Aug. 2008.

  20. 100% believe that it is another heinous project by BN/UMNO.

  21. Hmm...

    RM 100,000 in a suit case? Do I hear this correctly?

    Do you know that you can actually stuff RM 100,000 in an A4 size envelope in RM50 bills.

    Much easier with RM100 bills. Try it!

    You can also stuff it in your pants pocket, if they are large enough!

    Ask any contractors, they always pay cash to their workers.

    Kalau nak menipu pun, bagila realistik sikit.

    Dah pulak tu, masuk restoran bawak suitcase.
    Mungkin kena explain restoran ni kat airport ke, stesen bas ke, supaya bunyi real sikit.

    Banyak sangat tengok hidustan. Samalah dengan Anwar - Malaysia leading Drama King!!!

    Giler ke, bawak suitcase masuk restoran. Kalau bawa hand luggage pun, ini mesti attract attention. Logik ka dalam situasi nak beri rasuah?

    Anyway, the title says it all - entrapment. Why the hell the PKR guy at the crime scene in the first place? To accept? Or to negotiate more?

    Kalau tak makan rasuah, buat ape nak meeting2.

    Tak payahlah nak menegakkan benang yang basah.

    Next time pakai otak. Kalau otak pandai, mesti dah berjaya. Dan pernah tengok duit cash RM50k - 100k. Dan mungkin pandai buat cerita bohong yang realistik sikit.

    And the timing? PKR punya orang la bangang! Ape dah!



  22. Moon,

    apa salah jumpa orang kat restoran?

    dan kalau orang tu masuk restaurant lepas tu tiba-tiba je duduk, lepas tu tak sampai dua minit BPR serbu?

    Possible tak?

  23. Tak salah jumpa kat restoran.

    Tapi dia kat restoran tu nak buat ape sebenarnya.

    Nak makan & minum ? Atau nak makan .... ?

    Kalau orang yang jenis tak makan rasuah, dia tidak akan berada di tempat kejadian dan berjumpa orang tak tentu hal.

    Anyway, bukan orang PKR sorang yang kena tangkap.

    Ramai jugak, lepas tu ada rasuah seks sekali...


  24. Somehow deep inside me or my gut feeling really, says that people are finding it hard nowadays to bel
    eve the BN. The PP elections being
    so close now may have something to do with it but all in all, seemingly, the almi
    ghty must have had his hand in all of this. In a way it is like God is saying enough is enough and let the righteous rule this time. So guys lets not stop berdoa. To a better Malaysia.Insyaallah-Insyaalah.

    besi buruk


    Excerpt from malaysiakini: ( anwar kontrol ? or pro anwar )

    Ahli exco kerajaan negeri Perak, Jamaluddin Mohd Rodzi hari ini ditahan reman selama dua hari untuk membantu Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) dalam siasatan skandal projek perumahan bernilai RM180 juta, manakala lima orang lagi telah dibebaskan.

    Jamaluddin dibawa ke mahkamah majistret Ipoh pagi tadi untuk mendapatkan perintah reman tersebut.

    Jamaluddin (foto kanan sekali), ditangkap pada jam 10.30 pagi semalam ketika dia datang menyerahkan diri kepada BPR.

    Jamaluddin dan lima orang lagi ditahan berhubung dakwaan rasuah membabitkan projek perumahan itu di Seri Iskandar, di selatan Ipoh.

    ...ketika dia datang menyerahkan diri kepada BPR....

    Now, how this fit into the entrapment?

    Ada story part 2 to support this pulak ke?

    Orang BN pun banyak kena tangkap juga, tapi tak ade pulak dengar cerita konspirasi laa... timing laa...inplant laaa

    Kalau macam ni laa attitude PKR ( asyik nak ngaku betul, maksum selalu, dan salahkan orang lain ), public akan hilang kepercayaan dan respect.

    Take it like a man laa !!!


  26. moon,

    Diorang jumpa kat restaurant lepas tu datang si Imran, agen UMNO bawak beg.

    Dia bangun je BPR tangkap. akda kena mengena

  27. According to ACA, depa ni semua kantoi kat bilik hotel, kena serbu?



    As a member of the defence team conducting the review application on the remand proceedings.. i cant help being disapointed in the manner ACA has conducted itself... Not being present at the original application for detention before the magistrate the day earlier.. i was informed the reasons forwarded to the magistrate for detention was amongst others "investigations had commences one week already and cant be completed" without the further detention of YB Osman. antoher reason forwarded was that the money need to be traced.. (involving banks no doubt) Two issues arise here:-

    1) during submissions the Deputy Public Prosecutor in urging the court to maintian the remand informed the High Court that the investigation was a "hurried one" in that the Investigation Officer was only appointed AFTER the arrest had taken place. If this is the case the original reason given for dention (ie 1 week investigation already) is seriously questioned. Or else it can mean investigation had commenced a week earlier but certainly NOT by the investigating officer from ACA appearing before the magistrate. so the question arises... who was conducting "investigations?" or did this 1 week investigations ever excist.

    2) The ACA director in an unusual move made known the details of the investigation and stated the suspects were caught red handed with the money.. now if the money was recovered why does the ACA need time to trace the bank accounts? How can you have money in the bank and claim moeny was "found"

    AT this point in time im not commenting on the guilt or innocence of anyone but the timing and manner the entire ordeal has been unraveled leaves a certain degree of the air

    Pax Malaisie

  29. August 31st Dateline Tajol Rosli mengambil alih kerajaan negeri Perak.

    August 26 by election in Permatang Pauh.

    Yang Berhormat arrested and handcuffed even before interrogation. Amusing

    Most mainstream media publish with full pictures of suspect which is not the norm.

    ACA men use their coat to cover face of suspect who is handcuffed as if suspect is hiding the face out of shame and guilt ?

    a suitcase of money found in the public place where the arrests were made,but nothing to prove that it belonged to the suspect,May be it could have belonged to the UMNO crony who carried millions in suitcases in AUSTRALIA.

    most of the ACA raiders were not from Perak. May be the raiders are from Putra Jaya.

    SO ! What do you think ?

    But the bloody pundUMNOmavane forgot that the RAKYAT are far too matured and clever to buy this kind of cheapstake dramas.

    so , what do you think?

    Get rid of the pundUMNOmavane from PUtra Jaya


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