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Thursday, August 21, 2008

When BPR is Practicing Selective Investigation: Perak Entrapment Case

Below is information I picked up from Perak Express weblog operated by a blogger name Mat Saman Kati. Also, it seems that the same information is obtained by me from my contacts in Perak. Apparently it details out a more precise chronology of events leading to the arrest of the two Perak Exco man.

We all know that Tajol Rosli has declared the fall of the PR government by 31 August 2008 . His first attempt to tempt PAS has clearly failed. His second attempt was to use Ezam Mat Nor. And even then, Ezam didn’t have that much influenced as he thought he did. Ezam must’ve forgotten that Perak is a state under Mustafa Kamil Ayub. Mustafa use to be Ezam’s deputy back in the days when Ezam was Ketua Pemuda. But, Ezam had one time betrayed Mustafa and stabbed Mustafa in the back. So most of Perak’s youth leadership are very well informed of Ezam’s evil nature.

After the Ezam option had failed, apparently, UMNO Perak opted to use the BPR instead. Seeing the BPR Perak had once entrapped a Shariah Court judge, they figure they can utilize the same operation again for their dirty scheme.

According to Mat Saman Kati’s blog, the attempt was made several times:

  1. Apparently, the main operator behind the entrapment is a guy name Imran, sent directly from BPR Putrajaya.
  2. First in the form of a business proposal involving the building of a shipyard in Bagan Datoh. Imran made all the necessary paperwork but the two excos refused to entertain the proposal because it does not fall under their portfolio.
  3. Then Imran wanted to donate RM5000 for the Permatang Pauh elections. So, they met up with Jamaluddin which happens to be the PKR State treasurer. But, Jamaluddin refused to accept and asked them to donate directly to PKR Permatang Pauh
  4. Finally, on the day when Usaili and Osman was about to meet up to go to Permatang Pauh, Imran sprung his trap.
  5. The two waited at the Kluang Cafe, Ipoh Raya and they were actually waiting for Jamaluddin but Jamaluddin couldn’t make it
  6. Imran, realizing Jamaluddin wasn’t going to show up, came up to the Usaili and Osman with a woman carrying a suitcase.
  7. He sat and left the suitcase on the table. The moment Imran left, the BPR came and arrested the Usaili and Osman.
  8. The BPR ordered Osman to open the suitcase but Osman refuse. So, one BPR personell opened the suitcase and there is RM100k in the suitcase.
  9. Jamaluddin was never there during the entire incident. In fact, he was already in Permatang Pauh. He came back and then was arrested and remanded.
  10. He was then charged with accepting bribe of RM5k for the money he refused to accept initially from the BPR/UMNO operative from Putrajaya name Imran.

Notice as well the BPR made several contradictory statements with regards to the issue:

  1. The claim they arrested all 2 excos at the scene of the crime, when Jamaluddin actually surrendered himself much later
  2. Jamaluddin is never arrested for the crime alledged to have happened at the Kluan Café, Ipoh Raya
  3. BPR claim that the act was commited in a hotel room and that ALL of them was arrested in a hotel room in Ipoh. Yet, the entire incident occurred in Kluang Café and not in a hotal room at all.
  4. During the arraignment the BPR confessed that the investigating officer for this case has just been appointed. How can that be when the arrest has already been made?

It seems, that all have been freed today and only Jamaluddin has been kept until tomorrow for questioning. Although, one suspect name Fazrin was freed by BPR themselves. It is told that Fazrim is one of their close informers as well.

The entire thing stinks. PR has made thousands of reports to BPR involving UMNO leaders, yet we do not see such speed and accuracy in their response to our report. I recall the report against Khir Toyo was made 10 years ago, but until today BPR has been totally silent.

So much for relying on a government funded and appointed body like BPR to curb corruption from within the government.

Tulang Besi

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  1. Have less worry my dear. Be assured that we will drive all these stinking dirt to jail when we take over. Let them do whatever they can for now. We will compare the notes later. Every dog has its day.

  2. Mr Iron Bones, thank you for your greaty service to truth. All the way to Putrajaya! :-)

  3. Why is anybody surprised? If Najib and gang can provide C4 for murder you think they can't provide false evidence to frame Pakatan MP's? UMNO is turning in to a mafia unit that is bent on winning at all cost. From false accusations of rape to murder to entrapment. UMNO Boleh!!!!!

  4. Exactly our thinking. That having declared loudly that Ir Nizar coalition government will fall by 31st August 2008; Tajol Rosli may have had to use "dirty tactics".

    Money & sex are the most sought after incentives and what a better way to do it by simply baiting the opponents.

    All the ACA has to do is to wait for the person(s) to simply touch and be in possesion of the "bag" ....

    and they will all shout, "ini BPR, awak di tangkap ..."

    too much Hollywood TV shows, they like to practice on !

  5. more like one of the badly and low class movie production if u ask me. they couldnt even produce an animal show. whats more how can they announce to the press before pressing charges in court. I hope once the PR gets off, they will sue those dogs back.

  6. We Rakyat sure need the info from u guys (blogger) If not we will still be kept in the dark over these scandal..
    The MSM is being control by the corrupted gov, where else Rakyat is going to know the truth..
    when 31 aug comes, instead of hailing "Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka"
    we should shout "penipu, penipu, penipu"

  7. This is what we need.

    Alternative news with facts : names, places, time, what happened, ...

    It feels good to have info than just the half-truths purveyed by the main stream medias.

    Looks like there are some "rotten tomatoes" in BPR also who are political or easily bought by UMNO operatives.

    I trust the BPR senior management knows what to do with these "rats" who have disgraced BPR!

  8. Tulang besi, keep up the good scoop. I wanted to know the real details on what happened.

    And, where is the sex in this? It was highlighted in the MSM like truth. Maybe the BPR lady who was carrying the money decided to offer herself. kekek

  9. Tulang Besi,

    Pls confirm is the below comment post by you on Rocky's Bru blog 'Permatang Pauh's Poster War'?
    If you did, this show how naive you are to believe on such a sabotage done by BeeNd govt!

    Tulang Besi said...
    That is the most disastrous outcome Malays can ever think of.
    Now I am seriously thinking!!
    It never dawned supporting Anwar can actually lead to such outcome.. And it very well can!
    Karpal.. LikKitSiang.. wtf..
    Country may be in a pandemonium - a serious unrest.

    10:51 PM

  10. So the 'green substance marked notes' was never touched & counted by the EXCOS !

    The IO himself opened & touched the marked cash.

    Investigation should be NFA.

    BPR must apologised to the 2 EXCOS and the Perak State Government.

    Syabas Barisan Rakyat.

  11. Entrapment is only permitted by law on 'real & actual compliant'.

    Fix-up by "tajol rosli membawa ezam", "Fairuz Azrim adalah informer kepada Imran" is very legally incorrect.

    So the only evident available is the "RM5000 green substance marked notes" donation given to Usaili as Permatang Pauh by election.

    Very sad way to see BPR is doing thing like this.

    She is honest at least , "Sebenarnya, Pegawai Penyiasat BPR (seorang wanita) telah menarik diri dari terlibat dari kes ini!"

    Syabas Barisan Rakyat.

  12. Is there really any planned sting
    Waiting for right season to spring
    Trying to with the most damage bring
    Even before the boxers enter the final ring

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 220808
    Fri. 22nd Aug. 2008.

  13. it is really upset to see BPR is also another disgusting dog of BN/UMNO.

    what have happened to the country? the polis, the judge and now the anticorruption agents are all the evil goons of the UMNO.

    PP voters you are holding the future of malaysia. pls help malaysia. pls help anwar.

  14. Thanks for the expose with names and places.

    The "Compare & Contrast" makes for good analysis.

  15. people,

    I didn't make that comment

  16. This shows how important it is to have firstly, freedom of speech and secondly, an alternative media other than one that is controlled and censored by a ruling government.

    I personally am surprised by the speed of the ACA in following up on opposition personalities while letting similar allegations (or perhaps even more serious) against BN / Umno leaders slide. The double standards are despicable to say the least.

    I hope for the sake of a better tomorrow that the truth regarding the allegations against the 2 Perak Councilors will prevail and hopefully set the free.

  17. people,

    I didn't make that comment

    Iron Bones/ Guys,

    You know what Rocky's Bru is ....
    Why bother with his Blog - he's supposed to be on strike with Marina as claimed with much fanfare in the MSM, remember ....

  18. BTW, Thanks for the info.
    Fits well with the modus operandi of the subversives .....

  19. if it is really a fix-up, sue the bastards and that at their personal level. make sure these bastards get what they deserve.

  20. This guy (Arif Shah) is obviously lying when he says that he did not know his university is a bogus one. If he can lie about this, can you believe him when he says that he has no interests in his corrupt brother's business? In other mature democracy's, Arif Shah would not even be considered as a candidate.

    This Scribe hopes that whoever reads this will print and pass this blog posting around. This Scribe gives consent to fellow Bloggers to reproduce this Blog Posting in their own Blogs. If possible, share this by word of mouth with those who have no access to the Internet. Let's expose Arif Shah for what he really is!...More

  21. it's time for the ruling coalition to self destruct with badly planned dirty tricks AGAIN. No one would buy the idea, btw any chance for the kluang cafe to have any cctv. Air this over the net to send BPR straight down.

  22. Wahai warga Permatang Pauh, undilah Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim demi kesejahteraan kita bersama. Janganlah engkau dipukau syaitan dan memilih Arif Shah dan rejim BN/Umno kerana Allah SWT memurkai dan mengutuk mereka (rejim BN/Umno) yang berfitnah terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim...More


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