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Friday, September 12, 2008

Raja Petra Should Watch What He’s Saying, Islam-Wise.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin is an aquaintance of mine. But, I am writing this out of responsibility to provide the real picture of what things are.

Mag-M wrote in the comment section of my blog:

“.BTW, as far as RPK is concerned, I don't see any of his articles as being anti-Islam. His statements attack only those who are hypocrites. I think he is trying to raise awareness in each of us that we shouldn't be hypocrites and should do good as our religion teaches us. You need to read and understand what he is trying to say.”

Well, I think it is my duty to provide the true picture of who PRK is, Islam wise. In short, the real “hypocrite” might be Raja Petra after all.

Raja Petra (RPK) latest ranting about Islam only underscores his ignorance of Islam. Allow me to highlight and correct a few points he raised:

  1. RPK says:

    “And that is the debate currently raging in Malaysia Today. The debate is not about the conflict within Islam and the millions who have died because of it. It is not about whether there is such a thing as swearing on the Quran. The debate is about the tudung, though the article was not about the tudung.”

The debate is actually provoked by you when u published the stupid letter from

your stupid anonymous friend in your article “The great tudung debate”. Get your facts straight, RPK!!!.

  1. RPK says: “What I do want to discuss, however, is the seriousness of my article mentioned above, which analysed why millions of Muslims kill one another until this very day. We all know about the Sunni-Shia conflict. We all know that Shia means Shiatul Ali or the Party of Ali and it is all about the Fourth Caliph, Ali.”

REPLY: My question to RPK is, where is the evidence that shows “millions have died”: from this internal conflict? If RPK is referring to the sectarian violence in Iraq right now, it is all due to the American invasion. Before the invasion, there is no recorded case of Sunni-Shia conflict.

Raja Petra is applying the standard propaganda/attack on Islam currently deployed by the Anti Islam movement in the West. They kept raising the issue of Shai-Sunni killings in Iraq to highlight the “fact” that Islam is faulty and has failed to deliver. Yes, RPK is steeped into the Anti Islam propaganda. He is a willing partner in spreading these lies.

What these anti Islam elements did not mention is the fact that the Arab Sunnis in Northern Iraq are also fighting the Kurdish Sunni for territory. How do you explain that?

In fact, look at the picture of a Shia mosque in a town in Saudi Arabia below. That’s right, even in Wahabi Saudi Arabia, Shias are not killed, massacared or even killed for no reason. They are in fact allowed to operate and practice their beliefs in peace.

The above statement also shows how ignorant RPK is with regards to the Quran, despite RPK supporting the Anti Hadeeth/Quran Alone beliefs. The Quran has stated clearly that men are divided into 3 groups: Islam, disbelievers and hypocrites. The hypocrites lives among the Muslims and on the outside they appear to be Muslims. So, the conficts that RPK dreads so much is the product of Munafiqeen or by products of the handiwork of various “Hypocrites” mentioned in the Quran.

  1. RPK says:” We all know that Ali was the Prophet’s son-in-law and that it was he who urged the Prophet to divorce Aisha. And we all know, since that day, Aisha and Ali never made up and that this eventually led to the War of the Camel and Ali’s assassination soon after that.”

REPLY: No RPK, we don’t know the above “fact” you’re mentioning. Did u conjour this out of thin air? Or did u get this from the Shia sources? And the War of Camel was due to the assassination of Usman. It’s got nothing to do with personality differences between Ali and Aisha.

Also, Ali has never asked the Prophet to divorce Aisya. Where did u get this crap from, RPK?

  1. RPK says: “And I use inverted commas for ‘accepted’ because this would all depend on whether you are reading the Sunni or Shia version of ‘accepted historical accounts’”

REPLY: Then RPK should also question, would a sect that considers their 12 Imam to be “infallible” a good source for Islamic jurisprudence. As compared to the Sunnis who considers only the Prophet Mohd SAW as infallible (Maksum).

Also, isn’t it weird that a sect who claims to glorify Saidina Ali s much is condemned by Saidina Ali and Saidina Ali’s two sons? RPK needs to get his facts straight before he can even consider to comment on anything in Islam.

Plus, if RPK can be a bit more meticulous in his studies, he will find that many of the Shia sources have lower integrity as compared to that of the Sunnis. For one, most of their “reports” always end up with a Shia figure that lived 50-100 years after the demise of the Prophet SAW.

  1. RPK says:” But do they want to talk about this most serious issue? Do they want to discuss how this dark episode in Islam’s history greatly divided the Muslims, which has resulted in millions of Muslims killing Muslims, until today? No, they want to talk about that one-liner mentioned in passing. They want to talk about the tudung.”

REPLY: Ok lets talk about it. For one, the fact remains, that sectarian violence in Iraq right now occurred after the illegal occupation of Iraq by the Americans. In fact, I feel it is all the handiwork of the CIA in order to weaken the resistance towards Americans. If the Sunnis, Shia and Kurds unites under one banner, the Americans will be routed in no time.

Tell me this RPK, how come in Wahabbi Saudi Arabia, the Shia minority are not discriminated, prevented from practicing their Shia practices, celebrate their Assyura day. If you don’t believe me, read the Wilkepedia report on the 100% Shia town of Al Qatif in Eastern Saudi Arabia here. An excerpt from Wilkepedia:


The Qatif region is the largest center of Shia Islam in Saudi Arabia. The community celebrates Ashura and other Shia days of remembrance in open, lively seasons. As of 2004, the total population of Qatif was 474,573;[4] ranking as one of the ten most populated counties in Saudi Arabia. Qatif has one of the lowest numbers of non-Saudi residents in the kingdom (only 59,808).”

Even in Wahabi Saudia Arabia, the birthplace of Al Qaeda, the Shia thrives and not discriminated. So, why is there Shia-Sunni killing in Iraq then?What’s sure it’s got nothing to do with Islam.

RPK, quit peddling crappy propaganda material from anti Islam sources. Stop being gullible and stupid until u cannot tell the difference between crap and truth. Use all the brain cells God has given u.

  1. RPK also tried to play down the issue of tudung by saying: “My article actually ran into many pages with just a brief one-liner about the tudung. But only that one-liner attracted a response from this chap who sent me that e-mail.” In other words, he says that Muslims like to concentrate on petty things like “tudung” and not talk about the big issues like Muslims killing Muslims

REPLY: Here, RPK is trying to weasel himself out of what he has done. In truth, Raja Perta published 3 deviated articles on the tudung issue. These article came from Anti Hadeeth sources, mind you. And the Anti Hadeeth is a deviated sect in Islam and has been rejected by the Quran. The articles are:

    1. The great tudung debate
    2. The Great Tudung Debate Part 2?”.
    3. "Replying ANTI ANTI Hadeeth "

In response, I wrote and forwarded to Raja Petra these articles for publication on MToday. True to his Anti Islam nature, NONE IS PUBLISHED. Clearly Raja Petra is Anti Islam and he is advancing the deviated sect(Anti Hadeeth) agenda on MToday. If you read the links below, you will notice how STUPID the argument forwarded by Anti Hadeeth. They don’t even know the Quran they claim to glorify so much.

a. Zaharuddin Rahman Response to Raja Petra's Article...

b. Reply to Observer in Malaysia Today pt 2

c. An Observer that is not so Observant: A Reply to A...

d. Answer on MTODAY Article on Tudung from Quinary

e. The Tudung Debate at MToday: An Altenative View

One will notice that the counter argument to the ones published by RPK is a million times better. Yet, RPK refuse to publish them.

It is understandable considering if RPK published these counter arguments, one cannot help but notice how STUPID the Anti Hadeeth are in understanding the Quran. Despite the fact they claim to fight for the cause of the Quran. In truth, the Anti Hadeeth are fighting for their own LIBERAL INTERPRETATION of the ENGLISH and MALAY TRANSLATION of the Quran. Nothing more. This issue on tudung is TESTIMONY to that fact.

I also would like to ask,where was RPK when Muslims came down in the thousands demonstrating against the illegal occupation of US on Iraq? Isn’t that testimony enough, RPK?

In fact, PAS was alone in protesting the illegal occupation of Afghanistan too, but they were looked down upon, at that time. Now we know that the entire Afghan occupation was for Dick Chenney to make more money for Halliburton. Even Hamid Karzai, the current puppet president of Afghanistan, is a former employee of Halliburton/Dick Chenney.

I feel I have to expose RPK’s true agenda against Islam for the benefit of the masses. I use to think that RPK is being impartial and wanted people to argue their case out to prove their case. I use to think that he was just being fair. But as it turns out, he is nothing more than you run-of-the-mills Islamophobe.

Tulang Besi

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  1. salam, tuan tulang besi.

    thank you. a very clear and enlightening read indeed. alhamdulillah there are still bloggers like you. i have long dreaded any time when RPK "speak" about Islam and seemingly teach the non-muslims about it; and suspiciously.. all the comments sailed into one direction. now i know why. please keep on doing what you do. i will make it a mission to spread your refutations.

    may i cite some of your arguments in my blog? i will link them back to the full text in yours.

  2. RPK's anti-Islam agenda can be spotted from a mile away, speaking from someone who frequent various Islam & anti-Islam forums on the net on daily basis. Their speeches can be somewhat be convincing at times but their severely deviated arguments & knowledge are all too common and repetitive.

    What makes RPK a threat is his position as a respected speaker of the supposedly nondiscriminatory source i.e malaysiakini. Many more Muslims will get confused as he gets along writing false accounts on Islam so the article you wrote is just about time.

    I have long been a skeptical reader of RPK and rejected any of his allegations just on the basis of his ideals on Islam. Personally, RPK is more like a sensational tool to get people onto the web and read blogs/non-mainstream media sources, other than that he plays no significant role for the Muslims whatsoever.

  3. Hmmm. I doubt you'll like this brilliant essay, Iron Bones, but here it is in case you're curious! :-)

  4. no wonder muslims can never progress. We r all occupied n emotional over interpretation of tudung n watnots!

    Pls move on la, look at the BIG picture. Also this sunni v shia thing is not going us anywhere..

    Heaven (Allah's blessings), is big enough for all.. including you, RPK and me too, insyaallah.


  5. your STATEMENT here may be wrong,
    'My question to RPK is, where is the evidence that shows “millions have died”: from this internal conflict? If RPK is referring to the sectarian violence in Iraq right now, it is all due to the American invasion. Before the invasion, there is no recorded case of Sunni-Shia conflict.'
    I think sir you are gravely mistaken as you seemed to have conviently forgotten something that happened between 1980- 1988
    the words here may be incorrect to a certain extent 'there is no recorded case of Sunni-Shia conflict'
    maybe let me remind you of this small thing called the "IRAN-IRAQ WAR".
    You may claim this was a political move backed by the americans for SADDAM HUSSEIN TO ATTACK IRAN, but what you may not have realised and what was happenning in the middle east at that time was the ATTEMPTS by Iran to inflitrate Iraq and the attempred overthrow of saddam Hussein and create a bigger islamic state with the ayotullah khomenie as the Supreme leader, (An iranian led hijacking (ALSO FAILED)was also attempted in the holy city of mecca to hijack the MECCA MOSQUE COMPLEX ITSELF) don't forget the holiest shrine TO THE SHIA after MECCA is the GOLDEN MOSQUE in SAMARRA which was recently destroyed.
    (The destruction of the Golden Mosque will be an immense psychological blow to Iraqi Shia who have endured so much down the centuries. The shrine contains the tombs of the 10th and 11th imams, Ali al-Hadi who died AD868 and his son Hassan Ali al-Askari who died AD874. His son, the last of the 12 Shia imams, Mohammed al-Mahdi, disappeared and is known as the "hidden imam". Shias believe he is still alive and will bring justice to humanity.)

    Saddam seeing the threat of iran to his survival, therefore attacked iran which led to a approx. 8 year conflict (1980- 1988),
    it was also known as the 'imposed war', 'holy defense','holy jihad' 'IRAN -IRAQ WAR', the modern day 'SHIA -SUNNI WAR'.

    estimated losses from both sides was around the region of 2-2,500,000 MILLION LOSSES EXCLUDING THE WOUNDED and maimed. This figure excluded the kurds (muslims), which were considered as free game and treated as worse than animals.

  6. It is like this, during the time of the Prophet in al madinah there are literally thousands of Ansars , so RPK is just like any one of the layman around .

  7. Salam TB aka RC,

    Please do not let your temper flare when you are writing. Your words may be lined with "satanic verses" as anger can invoke satan. Argue your point in a calm manner and avoid name-calling.

    You are doing a good job but method must be right.

    Just a "naseehat".


  8. Salam TB aka RC,

    There is a new posting in MT by RPK? on Islam AGAIN. As usual RPK reference is always from recent writers that I would termed ORIENTALISTS even they may not agree. I used to do that i.e. refer to "recent" writers and as time goes by I realised their shortcomings. In the absence of IMAN/BELIEF they are writing or opined from that source i.e. absence OF IMAN/BELIEF. What can you expect from persons who do not believe in ISLAM as ADDEEN.

    One of the key reasons is that these ORIENTALISTS write in ENGLISH and poeple like RPK who is more conversant in English would refer to since CLASSICAL SOURCES are mostly in Arabic. You, TB aka RC can perhaps recommend more CLASSICAL SOURCES that are available in English for people like RPK. (I used the terms CLASSICAL SOURCE referring to "KITAB MUKTABAR" as this term is used by imam ANWAR AL-AWLAKI).


  9. Salam,

    Greatly admire your stand on the issue.

    But I'm just surprised it took you sooooo lonnggggg to realize RPK's agenda.

    I guess political beliefs sometimes cloud objective observation of someone or something.

    So could it be then argued, if RPK could lie/manipulate the "truth" on Islam, he could also be doing the same for political mileage?

    Or is it another case of "selectively" choosing to oppose and condemn another person's opinion when it runs counter to yours but "approving/accepting" other news when it conforms to your political beliefs?

    Salam Perjuangan

  10. You said: What these anti Islam elements did not mention is the fact that the Arab Sunnis in Northern Iraq are also fighting the Kurdish Sunni for territory. How do you explain that? does that diminish RPK's argument that muslims are killing muslims the world over?

    runa(no blog account)

  11. Salam TB aka RC,

    I wish to say something on this Akar Umbi UMNO Damansara...

    I happen to know RPK very well and mind you his agenda is a NEW GOVERNMENT....

    As I wrote earlier, RPK upbringing & path of his life is LIBERAL & his reference are mainly non-classical text in English & hence his NOT-SO-DEEP or CRUDE understanding of Islam. He only need to start reading CLASSICAL sources for all his questions/issues etc.



  12. While I do not profess to visit RPK's site much, his views are nevertheless, interesting. I do not read everything. Including his articles about Islam. However, I do remember your diatribe against Low Gwo Burne and that rankles, even though I do not know him. You came across as quite partial and full of anger and venom bordering on the racial. I note at that point in time, there wasn't much facts published about what happened. And I had many questions in mind when I read about the incident and your piece.

    Your intellect and intelligence (MI6-style) is clearly admirable but your strong stand on various issues such as Gwo Burne's case, caused me to pause and try and re-evaluate who you are, what you are, what you think, and what drives you.

    Let me not discourage you from blogging your thoughts. They are eminently interesting. But I'd would be interested in hearing RPK's response. If there's one thing I have learn about itellectual discourse many years ago, it is that we learn to debate, agree to disagree and concede where you are wrong, and take the satisfaction of being right when your argument is sound and correct. I am, assuredly, not in the category of unabshed 'hero worshippers' endemic in so many blogs.

    Let's hear RPK's side.

  13. Good one, bro. I think RPK wants to mould and adjust Islam to follow his lifestyle and believes. He is hiding behind this persona of being liberal and just, but he is only serving his own agenda.

  14. Alhamdulillah TB & UZAR, well done.... Semoga Allah memberi Taufik, Hidayah serta Rahmat kepada kamu berdua serta brother RPK.

  15. I don't agree to the article above but i support the comments by many. As certain history do apply to any writing by RPK. He just explaining what he feels, what he see are unjust and wrongdoings here in malaysia by our Muslim politician who don't put into example. So he criticize them by this few blog. I'm no Muslim but i think i understand all religion teaches good thing not bad things, right. So i wish readers don't be agitated by what RPK or anybody who writes this and that. As we all know and i respect freedom of the media. So what this person criticize or etc its freedom of expression. No offense but the person we should consider criticizing is Geert Wilders and other westerners who are ANTI-Islam more than RPK. Cheers

  16. It is when people like yourself are so self assured about the truth of what you are saying, regardless of what your actual beliefs are, that gives rise to conflicts between people and civilizations. Since you are so sure and so self righteous the next step is to enforce it with your god's will.
    Wise men there may have been, intelligent ones too and some crafty beyond the century they lived in..but their knowledge is always suspect and their thinking untested. Anyone who speaks otherwise is put to the sword.
    So speak a little tentatively and we might learn something from each other. In the long run nobody will care who you are!

  17. RPK’s detention is unjust as it denies him his democratic right to defend himself. He should have been charged in open court in relation to the earlier charges made against him under the Sedition Act. By resorting to the ISA, his innocence can no longer be proven. This is indeed undemocratic, unjust and un-Islamic.

    I hope that visitors to your blog, whether views for or against RPK, can at least agree that detention under the ISA is unIslamic !

  18. TB,

    Allah work in mysterious way. he let both of the hypocrites (RPK and UMNO) fight each other.

    Just sit down and watch!!!

  19. Is it possible,someone else wrote the articleTrue,RPK is a secular, a "hippy",but RPK has connection with Mahafiraun..

  20. The first rule of an academic. Do not quote wikipedia. It is unreliable.

    Thus ending your entire argument

  21. artic turban said...

    your STATEMENT here may be wrong,
    'My question to RPK is, where is the evidence that shows “millions have died”: from this internal conflict? If RPK is referring to the sectarian violence in Iraq right now, it is all due to the American invasion. Before the invasion, there is no recorded case of Sunni-Shia conflict.'
    I think sir you are gravely mistaken as you seemed to have conviently forgotten something that happened between 1980- 1988

    REPLY; The Iran Iraq war is a war between two nations. It's not a Sunni Shia confrontation.

    Plus, the war was started by Saddam in submission to the wishes of the West.

    So, it's far from what we are seeing in Iraq now

  22. Salam.. Thank you very much for your strong rebuttal. I used to be sceptic about RPK's true intention in view of his articles and the comments of his readers which are 80% sounds like atheists or secularist. Now I'm quite sure he has a hidden agenda towards Islam, somehow, I'm a bit glad he's in ISA, though I think credible ulamak from PAS should do the counselling to him, not from JAKIM whatsoever, people like you as well should directly engage in discussion with him.
    Lastly, here is one of the most disturbing reaction that I noted to his article "Spitting in the Wind" :
    written by ahmadneil, September 08, 2008 16:10:55
    RPK, after reading this I'm ashamed to be a Malaysian muslim.I don't want to be a muslim anymore.I want nothing to do with this word 'muslim'.I hate being called a muslim.I don't want my muslim name anymore.Don't call me ahmadneil anymore.I hate it, I hate it.I can't face RPK anymore.How can muslims be so bad?Why,why,why!Don't talk to me anymore.I want to a welsh. sorry guys! After reading RPK's script, I'm really lost,lost becos how on earth can he write such a good script and I not only read once but twice.I'm going for a beer now

    written by ahmadneil, September 08, 2008 16:51:46
    Ok! I have just gobble down 6 pints of Tiger beer.I'm sobber but not drunk and I'm telling you all again that I don't want to be muslim anymore.To hell with my name,ahmadneil.I don't want to pray 5 times a day anymore.I told the pub owner about this and he ask me why all of a sudden I come to this,so I told him this bloody brilliant RPK said it's always muslims killing muslims.So in order to avoid been called a murderer, I quit my faith and that is final.

  23. Apa tu mamat tu kat YOUTUBE tu dah mamai ka? Bahasa kan diri ana?Ha ha ha so lame!

    Suka hati orang la nak jadi Islam ke nak keluar ana...nama I memang Ana he he he...Ana tak suka di samakan dgn ladang kah kah kah kah...atau di kena kan hukuman kena pakai tudung sebab lelaki naik nafsu tgk stupid.Daripada rambut pendek I dgn kain tudung Cik Kiah yg merah menyala dari sebatu dah nampak dgn pin berkilau2 sampai tersilau anak mata I rasa mana lebih menarik you do the math la.So I choose what to believe lah. I ada akal. Semua propaganda Arab men!nak supress women sb dia org tahu women ni bijak. So suka hati kita lah nak jadi islam ke tak mau. Bukan one way to connect with God lah. HE is God , He understands all "language".


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