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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Teresa Kok was A Tool To A Bigger Objective: PAS Joining BN

I am very happy that Teresa Kok is released from her incarceration. But, do we know exactly why she was captured?

I am very happy that my friend Teresa Kok has been released from the dreaded act, Akta Ikut Suka Aku (Akta ISA). I wish her a prosperous life and wish her welcome back to the free world.

As we all know, the azan issue is the main issue behind Teresa Kok’s incarceration. But, we are also informed that Teresa has nothing to do with the azan debacle. As stated by Lim Kit Siang in the Malaysiakini report:

“He also alleged the MCA played a part in her detention.

"Teresa's arrests was based on a report lodged a day before she was detained. The report on the azan issue was made by a key MCA operative in Puchong.”

After the issue was raised, it was prolonged and continued by Khir Toyo with his famous police report. At the same time, in the blog and internet sphere, rumors of attempts to curb “azan” was spread. Trust me, among the Malays, this rumor spread like wildfires. But, what is more interesting is that the rumors are more present among the PAS community. Just about every PAS member was “delivered” this rumor. And the natural target is Teresa Kok.

Now many would assume that all this is done out of desperation and a need to wave sensitive feelings among the Malays. But, in truth, there are more to that.

The entire Ahmad Ismail-Azan Issue-Teresa Kok debacle had one short term objective in mind: to get PAS to join Barisan Nasional and resurrect the PAS-UMNO axis. The created religious tension is hoped to convince most PAS members to support the PAS-UMNO proposition from certain quarters in PAS. It was meant to help “push” the Fraksi UMNO initiative. And it almost worked too.

And Teresa Kok was made the scapegoat or rather unwilling tool to ensure the sucsess of their evil scheme. And what I’ve written here is not a theory. It came direct from a very reliable source.

In short, it was a push-nudge for the Fraksi UMNO within PAS to gain traction among the PAS members and push their PAS-UMNO axis proposal and gain massive acceptance among the members.

We must never forget that whatever schemes that UMNO deploys, there must always be a “tangible” gain in the short run. And getting PAS to join BN is a CLEAR TANGIBLE GAIN for BN and Pak Lah.

The Teresa Kok issue is also related to my earlier article which I quote below.

BN’s Selection of Arrested Bloggers is Weird

Thus far we have three known bloggers that has been thrown into the slammer ( ever since the PAS-UMNO story broke out, that is):

  1. Penarik Beca
  2. Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin
  3. Kickdefella

From the looks of things, there is a pattern emerging. Ever notice that the two blogger: Penarik Beca and Kickdefella are those link or at least expresses their open support to Husam Musa. Furthermore, these two bloggers have done their fair share of exposing the inner going-ons of certain factions in PAS (aka known as Fraksi UMNO – F.U.) that has been talking to UMNO behind everybody’s back.

The arrest of Penarik Beca is the most interesting one. It happened just after the time when the entire secret meeting was exposed to the public. In fact, it is Penarik Beca who actually made the first expose. He even exposed the entourage of PAS leaders to meet leaders of international Islamic movements to discuss possibility of a PAS-UMNO axis. Of course, the “entourage” came empty handed when their proposal was flatly rejected.

Soon after, Penarik Beca was arrested under the charge of Sedition for publishing a picture deemed disrespectful to the Malaysian Police. When in truth, he published an article directly from RPK’s website down to the last z. He probably didn’t notice the dog picture on the Police emblem. If any, it is RPK that should be arrested for the logo, not Penarik Beca.

Penarik Beca has the trust among PAS activists and members. He is a senior PAS members and has been active in the party since the early days of “Kepimpinan Ulama”. Naturally, what he writes will carry massive weight among the PAS rank-and-file.

Kickdefella published an article entitled “Kenyataan Nik Abdul Aziz Yang Di ‘Haramkan’”. Many of the readers may not realize this, but for those sensitive to the beat of the heart of PAS, this article is a death blow to the Fraksi UMNO. It means that the Fraksi UMNO will now have to run for cover to protect whatever’s left of their diminishing credibility among the PAS members.

Kickdefella gets readership, among all, from PAS members as well. Being that he is based in Kota Baru and close to PAS leaders, his publishing of the article CONFIRMS the authenticity of the article. Therefore, when the article appears in his blog, very few PAS members will question that Tok Guru Nik Aziz indeed issued the statement.

One must never forget that when the Tok Guru statement “hits the stands”, the fraksi UMNO was left with but one defense, that is to lay doubt about the authenticity of the statement. One can read such attempt at here.

But when Kickdefella publish such statement, the doubt is effectively gone. Kickdefella is more credible in terms of source because his proximity is closer to Tok Guru and Husam Musa. Therefore, his confirmation stands.

As for Raja Petra, we already know his various expose on UMNO leaders. But one must not forget that he is also instrumental in spreading information about the “fraksi UMNO” acts of indecency. His expose actually transferred the information to a myriad of people and not limited to a homogenous group.

Raja Petra’s expose on the Saiful Bukhari’s deception does more than what we know. As far as PAS is concerned, it knocked the wind off the Fraksi UMNO. Many of the senior leaderships and many of the Ulama council members were told of the existance of a “medical report” that clearly proves Anwar’s complicity in acts of sodomy beyond reasonable doubt.

After that, many among the Council felt they had to support the PAS-UMNO axis if anything to protect the image of PAS. But, Raja Petra foiled this plan, and he did it so well. After RPK’s expose, many of the member of the ulama council felt they were taken for a ride. And the Fraksi UMNO began to lose credibility bit by bit. Until today. The Fraksi UMNO final bullet that they are using right now is that Anwar Ibrahim is an American operative.

It's not so much UMNO attempt to smear Anwar being expose that hurt them. It's the fact that when the cat was let out of the bag, their effort to bring PAS over the fence was foiled. That's all that ever was.

I strongly protest Raja Petra’s incarceration under the ISA. If he is really guilty, charge him under the Shariah court. Let him have the right to defend himself. Muslims are not cowards. Islam is not a coward religion. When Islam says someone is wrong, Islam is willing to come out with sound argument to back it up.

Islam does not need to hide behind a cowardly instrument we have come to know as ISA (Ikut Suka Aku). For one, the Prophet pbuh has never taught his followers cowardice. Such act of arresting Raja Petra under ISA is an insult to Islam despite the justification given by the arresting authority being Islam-related.

IMHO, the recent arrests of bloggers have more to do with botching attempts by certain quarters in PAS to stop PAS from bridging over to the other side. It is like a help from above to the weakening Fraksi UMNO in their effort to ferry PAS into a PAS-UMNO axis.

I was told that the head of Fraksi UMNO got an earful from someone representing some UMNO leader on the delay of the PAS-UMNO axis. A dateline was given but in truth the Fraksi UMNO push has effectively being stopped at it’s tracks at this moment. They are reeling in defense and struggling to salvage whatever’s left of their credibility. UMNO has effectively given up on the PAS-UMNO objective.

Remember, if PAS is brought over to BN, it will be the biggest saving grace to Pak Lah’s hold on power. He will be invincible again and will sail through the UMNO elections with relative ease.

That’s what happened to UMNO back in 1969. When PAS joined UMNO after 1969, UMNO’s credibility among the Malays was reinstalled. They recovered all lost ground and in fact, added more. And 3 years after the 1974 elections (which they won with a massive landslide), they kicked PAS out of Barisan Nasional and rode on to rule the Malays on their own. It’s a good strategy which guarantees utmost result.

At the end of the day, bloggers can expose anything about the current UMNO. But, if PAS joins Barisan Nasional, all of the blogger's effort is laid to rest.

Still, there is no room for laxity and apathy. A possum ain’t dead till u scrape it off the road. They must continued be watched and spied upon and exposed. I will continue to expose their evil schemes as much as I could.

I am taking a big risk fighting the Fraksi UMNO. Look what happened to Penarik Beca, but I feel I have to do it. Otherwise, the wrong side will prevail.

I pray to Allah SWT that I shall be protected. Amin.

Tulang Besi


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  1. Syabas Tulang Besi, you are spot on!

  2. Thank you, Tulang Besi, I understand better on "Fraksi" now.

  3. Thank God we have people like you exposing the truth. Otherwise we would have been played like fools.

  4. There's no end to this UMNO sapiens whom cheat(all contractors that are still not paid for their jobs-work done in putrajaya), rob(robbing the rakyat millions in taxes), rape(polis raping gals in polis station and also hidden cameras filming china dolls) and kill(mongolian) If UMNO is allowed to rule for another 5 years, Malaysia is doomed. PAS must understand that removing the non-bumiputras are destroying the country in terms of economics and business sector. Without Business and Economics in Malaysia, Malaysia will be like some 3rd world countries like afrika, cambodia or is the chinese that help the Malaysia economy to grow. So if PAS and UMNO decides to remove the chinese and indians which is NO PROBLEM as the chinese and indians just move their funds out of the country and also international observers will put an trade embargo on Malaysia and boycott Malaysian products - then what will happen to UMNO and PAS??? When bumiputras are starving they will turn against their own govt - just like Iraq as most Iraqis are starving from Saddam Husien the dictator. Eventually, the rakyat of Iraq turn against their own leader, and this will also happen to Malaysia as UMNO enjoying stealing, robbing, raping, sodomizing, cheating and killing....

  5. Splendid!
    Hope someone can translate (espc 4 the benefit of PAS members) and post it all over the net.


  6. There are degrees of Muslimness from the lowly nominal believer to those that God Himself calls the "Friends of God".

    Similarly, for those that belong to this religious political party; they come in degrees.

    What compound their dilemma is they still want to keep their Malayness as their essential existence and being a Muslim secondary existence.

    Forever they remain parochial, kampung-like, "katak-bawah-tempurung" and largely confine to the rural or semi-rual environment.

    They will never build any authentic civilisation unless they become city-dwellers [madinah-like].

    YB Nik Aziz et al, is the exception for his humility, simple life and fine character of a man.

    And he keeps to his words as far as his agreement with PKR.

    The rest. speak for themselves.

  7. i thought u watched movie too much..that explained your idiotic illusion of conspiracy theory...
    ah whatever,i as long as i enjoyed your writing..

  8. Tulang Besi,

    You are a good and fair person, most of the blogging soldiers are being rounded up but you are unique, you are fair and I can see that you are God fearing. Keep up the expose.

  9. I read the above article with sadness and incredibility. what schemers these people are, and how naive we the rakyat have been, I find this sad because if in reality they put the same amount of effort in their businesses or running the country without corruption, they would really be successfull and they would not be any reason to inflate the cost of projects and steal and rob the country dry, if only they put in the effort, they wouldn't need to scheme like rats instead they could hold up their heads up high and proudly walk down the street than there is no need to manipulate the nep. IMHO the common malays just want to earn a decent wage own their own house be debt free watch their children grow up and get a good education. but the problem in malaysia is the leaders of the country are actually leaders of rat packs, the toughest scoundrel who will stab, kill, trample to get into power. is it a power trip you draw your own opinion.

  10. Tahniah Tulang Besi.

    Satu analisis yang menarik dan sangat munasabah. Perlu disebarkan dalam bahasa Melayu supaya lebih ramai orang faham.

    Supaya orang ramai-ramai sedar bahawa kita orang bawahan ramai-ramai seringkali dipermain dan diperbodohkan dengan pelbagai sandiwara dan wayang kulit di media cetak dan tv radio dan juga di media maya.

  11. Dear Tulang Besi
    Thank you for enlightening us about what is going on exactly. We did see a trend of the government arresting bloggers who speak against them but now we now more and why. UMNO is just dirty with all their tricks. Unfortunately, many of us (all races included) do get tricked by UMNO every now and then. I worry for you and the other bloggers out there. Dn't want to see the good people in ISA. So, be careful ok?

  12. Judging by ur insight, u r probably on UMNO radar already. Be careful TB.

  13. And all that to detain Teresa Kok under ISA. UNMO..UNMO! are digging your own grave. No wonder everyone is so pissed off with you. And Utusn (birds of same feather))have the cheek to ask Teresa to take a lie detector test. Even the police does not require that and who is Utusn. That statement sound so undemocratic, sound so communist....yes sounds worst than ISA, practically saying you are guilty, prove your innocence by taking a lie detector. You can imagine the mentality of those running Utusn. How can we buy what is written by them? Their contents at best are poisonous, at worst gets innocent rakyat detained by police. Time for Change. Those perpetrating and spreading lies must be put behind bars. Let them taste their own medicine.

  14. Our PM is thinking now

  15. I am bookmarking your blog, second after Malaysia-Today.
    This is an eye-opener. Now I can link Mustapha ALi/Mat Nasarudin stance with what you have written. Yes, Kickdeffa is like a twin brother to Husam, who in turn is like Nik Aziz son.
    Now we are in the midst of a confrontation between the GOOD and the EVIL.
    With the Almighty guiding your hands as well as Raja and others I am sure the EVIl forces will crumble and turn to ashes.
    Thank you for the insight.

  16. Salam TB aka RC,

    Please see AZIZI ABDULLAH article titled "Badan saja PAS, Baju KEADILAN". I picked this up in Pemuda Besut website. This is perhaps another attempt at derailing a new PR government & getting PAS to join UMNO? This is indeed alarming. Your respond?


  17. Syabas TB!!Setuju now,Pak Lah wants PAS badly 2 save his r's.Pak Lah is under seige,n the calls for his reignation,steeping down is getting louder..But Pak Lah is an ol fox,n his survival instincts is strong,but lets hope this time,he,his SIaL,n his FRAKSI'S r kicked out for good..

  18. BTW,TB...who gave the orders to arrest Teresa,RPK?Earlier,u said,PM,n roti arab were not aware of the orders to arrest them?

  19. There are always a price to pay for everthing. If we want a better future for our children and future generation, then, we must face whatever is coming. The truth will always prevail. No one is above and mighty than ALLAH. Keep on the good work.

  20. My friend, you are dead right. Someone is trying to make sure that PAS either breaks into two or joins BN. Any guesses as to who is doing this? ;)

  21. Hi Big Bone,

    Thanks for the info from down under.

    God Bless; just take care OK

  22. Saya dr kluarga UMNO tapi bukan TOTOK.Pd saya UMNO tlah jauh tersasar.Saya juga memahami PAS dan ramai pemimpin PAS zaman Asri saya kenal.TGNA adalah pemimpin PAS yg saya hormati dan saya tahu beliau cukup memahami sepak terajang UMNO.Memang ada pemimpin PAS yang KELAHAP Jawatan melalui UMNO dan mereka ini yang akan menjahanamkan PAS satu hari nanti. Mengapa PAS perlu bergabung dgn UMNO lg?DSAI pd saya hanya pemangkin pada kesegaran demokrasi dan pembaharuan pemerintahan negara jika diberi peluang. Mengapa tidak dicuba?Demi syiar Islam saya berpendpat lebih baik PAS teruskan degan Pakatan Rakyat kerana dalam PR hanya PAS dapat mencorakkan dakwah Islam dengan lebih berkesan kerana PAS mewakili kelompok Islam dominan. Tetapi jika PAS sekongkol degan UMNO, UMNO sendiri telah sedia ada UNIT ISLAM acuan dia sendiri.Dapatkah PAS merubahnya dengan mudah?Tak munkin kerana pemimpin UMNO tidak mimpi seperti pemimpin PAS mimpi. Kebejatan dalam UMNO "beyond repair" karana telah membarah hingga keakar umbi.Kepada pemimpin PAS fraksi UMNO fikirlah. Allah memberi akal untuk digunakan sebaiknya.Walau pun saya dari keluarga UMNO tetapi saya kena berlaku adil kepada diri saya dan muslim lainnya.

  23. Well said DON

    PAS would represent not just its members but also all the Malay Muslims in PR as a whole therefore PAS will be more dominant in PR than in UMNO. UMNO already has their own deviant & hypocritical brand of Islam, therefore being the more dominant 'muslim' in the party they will reject the more ideal and honest practice of Islam by PAS.

    UMNO's top priority has always been the Malays from the start, not Islam. Assobiyah is not part of Islam, in fact Islam is against it.

    PAS should never join UMNO.

  24. Saya amat bersetuju dengan kenyataan Tulang Besi bahwa kerajaan umno-bn sekarang berada didalam keadaan desperado dan akan membuat apa saja walaupun menjahanamkan rakyat dan negara untuk terus berkuasa. Sebahagian pemimpin PAS yang berjiwa umno laknat ini sepatutnya tidak layak berada di dalm PAS kerana berjiwa umno bermakna berjiwa dunia kebendaan sematamata. Saya juga bersehaluan dengan pandangan Don bahwa umno tidak mungkin menerima ideologi Islam PAS kerana umno memang amat bongkak dengan 'Brand Islam' tersendirinya. PAS fikir ia akan dapat mempengaruhi umno dengan idelogi Islamnya jika bergabung. Sedarlah! fantasi ini hanyalah akan menjadi mimpi saja. PAS akan jatuh tersungkur jika percaya pada umno dan ini akan sekali gus mengkuburkan PAS kerana orang Islam dan bukan Islam tidak akan mempercayaikan lagi pada PAS. Ini bukankah SUICIDAL?

  25. Dear TB,
    You enlightened us all. When I read about a couple of PAS leaders meeting certain unsavoury Umno characters in London, I suspected they were up to no good. Lucky to all Malaysians, their evil plan got exposed, with a price to pay in the form of those good guys got arrested under ISA instead. How cruel and most unfair!
    To Anonymous of Sept 20 @ 4.17am, you must be from Terengganu? The Berayuk must be Stopa Ali, right? Please keep on exposing, Malaysians need to know the truth!

  26. Tuduhan mengatakan ramai orang PAS dah mula "tertanya-tanya" tanpa iringan bukti adalah dikira KETERLALUAN. Terang-terang PAS berkali-kali menegaskan tidak mungkin PAS akan menyertai BN. Ahli-ahli PAS dari kampung-kampung pendalaman mungkin sedang terkeliru tetapi semua pemimpin tertinggi PAS, terutama TG Nik Aziz, (kecuali Mustafa Ali) sentiasa bersedia menunjukkan kebenaran dan ahli PAS biasanya taat pada pemimpin. Lihat Mustafa ALi.. dipanggil bersemuka dengan TGuru. Kalau beliau tidak berubah, tunggu sahajalah pengumuman terbaru dari Nik Aziz...

    Cuba lawati Era Rakyat

  27. Perlu ingat,sentimen rakyat masa ni adAlah "revolusioner"..YES....PAS blhlah maafkan barua barua UMNO dlm PAS,tapi mood rakyat masa sekarang "unforgiving"..dan rakyatlah menentukan timbul/tenggelam seebuah kerajaan/parti..IMO,Mustafa Ali patut diterajang keluar,secepat mungkin..dis fella has done lots of damage to PAS..enuff iS enuff..Gandhian attidue dulu dan sekarang langsung tak boleh pakai..when brutality is neccassary,brutality must b used,n Cikgu PA aka The Ezam of PAS n his retards should b purged out..

  28. Hendak Islamkan Negara atau Orang?

    Kalau kita meneliti ayat-ayat Al Quran, sangat banyak ayat-ayat yang menyeru manusia supaya menghindari perbuatan syirik atau mempersekutukan Allah.

    Malah tidak masuk syurga seseorang itu jika mensyirikkan Allah, begitulah utamanya perbuatan syirik ini di sisi Allah.

    Tidak keterlaluan kalau dikatakan tujuan Tuhan menurunkan Nabi dan Al Quran ini adalah untuk membebaskan manusia dari mensyirikkan Allah.

    Selaras dengan tujuan utama Quran ini, kita sebagai orang Islam haruslah bergerak selari dengan kehendak Quran iaitu mengembelingkan segala usaha dan tenaga untuk membebaskan manusia dari amalan syirik. Amalan syirik ini bukan sahaja berlaku kepada orang-orang bukan Islam tetapi juga berlaku dalam masyarakat Islam sendiri.

    Memerangi amalan syirik bukan bermakna kita kena mengangkat senjata pergi memerangi dan menangkap orang-orang yang mengamalkan perbuatan syirik ini. Tetapi perlu kita lakukan secara dakwah yang baik dan hikmah.

    Kita harus menentang pengamal-pengamal syirik ini dengan memberi penerangan yang jelas dan berhujah dengan mereka secara baik. Mesti ada dalam fikiran kita bahawa orang-orang yang mengamalkan syirik ini kebanyakannya adalah disebabkan kejahilan mereka yang tidak mendapat maklumat dan penerangan yang tidak tepat. Mereka hanya mendapat maklumat dan menurut apa yang telah diperturunkan oleh nenek moyang mereka.

    Oleh itu menjadi tugas kita untuk membetulkan pandangan mereka yang salah terhadap agama dan ketuhanan. Jangan sekali dalam hendak membetulkan akidah mereka, kita menganggap mereka sebagai musuh kita, sebaliknya kita lakukannya kerana didorong oleh hati kita yang ikhlas untuk menyelamatkan mereka dari api neraka.

    Mungkin ada orang mempersoalkan kenapa Nabi Muhammad pernah mengangkat senjata berperang dengan orang bukan Islam, seolah-olah berlawanan dengan kenyataan saya di atas.

    Dalam membetulkan akidah musyrik mekah ketika itu, nabi Muhammad sentiasa mengambil pendekatan berjumpa dan memberi penerangan kepada masyarakatnya dalam menyebarkan ajaran Islam.
    Tetapi malangnya pemuka-pemuka orang bukan Islam ketika itu tidak mampu untuk berhujah dengan nabi dan tidak mampu menandingi kebenaran Al Quran. Lantaran itu semakin hari semakin ramai orang-orang yang telah dimurnikan akidahnya oleh nabi.
    Pemuka musyrik Mekah tidak ada keupayaan dan ikhtiar untuk menyekat aliran baru yang dibawa oleh nabi Muhammad yang dilihat semakin cepat berkembang, lalu mereka menggunakan cara penindasan dan kekerasan bagi mengekangnya, termasuklah mengistiharkan perang terhadap nabi.
    Jelas di sini nabi berperang bukan untuk menyerang dan menangkap orang-orang yang mengamalkan syirik tetapi berperang sebagai mempertahankan diri dari diserang secara kekerasan.
    Dan sekarang kita telah pun berada di zaman peradaban tinggi, di zaman yang memandang tinggi keintelektualan, pendapat dan hujah, di zaman suatu kaum tidak boleh menindas dan menyerang kaum lain, di zaman setiap orang berhak untuk bersuara dan menyampaikan pandangan dan pendapat, tetapi kenapa pula kita tidak mengambil peluang dan ruang ini seluas-luasnya untuk kita memberi penerangan dan berhujah dengan baik kepada pengamal-pengamal perbuatan syirik ini.
    Sebaliknya ada antara umat Islam di zaman ini telah mengambil tindakan kebelakang dengan melakukan serangan-serangan senjata dan keganasan yang kononnya untuk membela kesucian Islam.
    Ada juga orang-orang Islam yang begitu ghairah untuk menegakkan Negara Islam, siang malam mereka turun berkempen untuk mencapai hasrat mereka untuk menjadikan Malaysia ini Negara Islam ala mereka.
    Mungkin saya terlepas pandang, tidak ada ayat yang saya temui dalam Quran yang menyuruh kita menegakkan Negara Islam sebagai keutamaan kita, sila betulkan saya kalau tersilap. Kalau ada pun ayat yang menyatakan perkara tersebut, mungkin tidak banyak sehingga saya boleh tidak perasan dan terlepas pandang.
    Tetapi kalau ayat yang menyuruh kita menghindari dari perbuatan dan amalan syirik memang saya tidak boleh lupa kerana ia disebutkan berulang dan banyak kali dalam Quran.
    Kalau kita hendakkan Negara Islam, memang kita perlukan ‘kuasa’ untuk melaksanakannya, tetapi kalau kita hendakkan supaya manusia mempunyai akidah yang murni, kita hanya perlukan kebijaksanaan, ilmu, kepetahan kata-kata dan tulisan, akhlak yang baik dan keikhlasan.
    Janganlah usaha kita yang ghairah hendak menegakkan Negara Islam dijadikan jenaka oleh sesetengah pihak yang mengatakan, yang mungkin masuk syurga nanti hanyalah negara bukannya orang.

    Bukanlah saya hendak merendah-rendahkan untuk menegakkan Negara Islam, tetapi kita kena melihat kepada keutamaan. Jangan duduk sebelum berlunjur.

  29. Forgive n forget,yes,but not now.What's happenin to Terengganu happend to Kelantan decades ago.Moreover Pakatan Rakyat is at an embryonic stage,and must be allowed to grow.Dis giant ol pokok called BN with it's akar everywhere is rotting,n must be allowed to rot.Nature sometimes is unforgiving,so it's natural,n perfectly OK for the rakyat to be in a such a revolutionary mode.And its this temperment which thrashes out dead customs n habits,foolish beliefs,n society is remoulded as as result of it.So for now,imo,it's better to kick out those fraksis out,b4 they commit even more serius damage.

  30. Siddharta Gautama ,Jesus Christ,Nabi Muhammad(SAW),they were all spiritual revolutionaries.As a rsult of their gigantic efforts,life ,society marched forward.And history also shows, men of genius,men with enourmous will n passion who have changed the course,destiny of a nation.Without any shadow of a doubt,Malaysia is experiencing a radical turnaround,a rapid awakening due to collective efforts of certain individuals who have taken decisive steps to remould Malaysia.

  31. after reading this article among all the others i came across about UMNO, and the loyalty and commitement shown by PAS to PKR, me, being a non-malay, begining to have more respect for Nik Aziz than ever before. It holds true to his belief of muslim. Events that occured in the last few months did not just happened for no apparent reason. When public pressures was too much for the government to handle, you can clearly see they were in chaos, ministers that were asked to give statements all contradicted each other. No one in the UMNO camp are accountable for anything that is happening other than introducing more policies and the recent Race Relations Act. All I can say now, UM.... NO!

  32. Hi ! Tulang Besi, you are another Malaysian hero like many others who will brave the odds of ISA. God will always bless you for your courageous and righteous deeds. The Fraksi UMNO are just like the MCA bastards who will sell human dignity by taking advantage of the nature of a mono race base political party. However, I am of utmost confidence with the divine leadership of Tok Guru Nik Aziz whose wisdom and closeness to the divine forces will always be protected one way or another. Be reassured, ALL true Malaysians will stand for you and those who are incarcerated under the ISA. We are confident that DSAI will bring New Dawn to us and that all such evil acts of the BN dogs and pigs will be history. Hidup Malaysia.


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