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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UMNO is Out of Ideas. They are Desperate. We need to Beware.

UMNO is resorting to racial issues and tactics because they have simply ran out of ideas. They cannot come up with new and workable strategy fast enough to stop their upcoming demise.

The recent outburst by Ahmad Ismail when he tore the picture of Koh Tsu Koon and openly expressed racial outburst is a clear sign UMNO is desperate. Different from 1969, this time they know that the Malays are rejecting them as well. So, it makes them more desperate then they were in 1969.

Ahmad is reported by Malaysiakini to have denied that he has done anything wrong. In addition to the press conference, it is reported:

“Soon after the event, former Penang Umno committee member Zainol Abidin Hashim, with the help from his colleagues pulled down the photo of Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon which adorned one of the walls in the party headquarters.

Koh's picture frame, which sat next to the photos of the Penang governor and his wife, was subsequently smashed.

As the glass broke into pieces, Zainol removed Koh's photo from the frame and tore it into half.”

Now, this marks a great resemblance to the time just before the May 13th incident. Clearly, UMNO is trying to provoke the Malays into becoming more racists and more agitated racially. What UMNO wants is for the Malays to do the kind of things they did back in 1969.

However, thus far, the UMNO battle cry resonates only with UMNO hardcore. For one reason, the Malays as a whole did not see any acts of provocations from the Chinese. At least back in 1969, there was a celebratory rally and demonstration after the 1969 elections. But now, all the Malays saw are Chinese and Indians leading their lives like normal people. They never uttered a word.

So, I guess, UMNO’s battle cry nowadays are not getting the kind of response that they are hoping for.

Another reason is that majority of Malays have begun to realize that UMNO’s version of Malay supremacy only benefits a small portion of the Malay elites. The rest of the Malays are left to toil and suffer just to make a buck. So, the battle cry has very little incentive for the Malays as a whole to react to.

One can see the respond the Malays showed between two forum organized by the Bar Council. One about the Social Contract and the other about Conversion to Islam. Malays and Muslims are more willing to protest the forum on Islam as compared to their silence with regards to the Social contract forum.

I strongly believe that the Malay Agenda has failed the Malays so many times. But, since Islam has stuck with the Malays all this while, the Malays do not hesitate to defend Islam when Islam was being insulted by the Bar Council.

Danger With Liberals In Malaysia

This is also a reason why I strongly advise Malaysians not to adopt the Liberal’s agenda. Liberals in the form of Article 11 movement, advocates total secularism which signals the demise of Islam in Malaysia.

Any Muslims will be enraged with the Liberals agenda, be it Muslim Liberals or not. And clearly Muslims in Malaysia are very sensitive and passionate about Islam. Thus far, Islam has not betrayed the Malays in Malaysia.

Muslims in Malaysia have unanimous in agreement that Islam should not be applied to Non Muslims in Malaysia and therefore, there is no problem in the implementation of Islam fully. So there is no foreseeable problem in the future with this arrangement.

My biggest fear is UMNO being able to convince Malay that the attack on Malay Supremacy is the same as an attack on Islam.

My advice to Non Muslims in Malaysia is not to resonate or support the Liberal’s agenda. It’s useless, demeaning to Islam, creates unnecessary tensions and will lead to nowhere.

Desperate People will Resort to Desperate Measures

Still, UMNO will always try to resort to other measures. For that, we must be careful and wary. I believe UMNO will resort to other dubious tactics.

It’s important that we are not easily duped and provoked by UMNO. And the way I see it, Islam will be the biggest test. If Non Muslims and Muslims can stick to the proposed understanding I state above, I believe we can weather UMNO’s dubiousness with a breeze. God’s willing.

Tulang Besi

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  1. Anil Netto Says: "On the other hand, the BN resorted to the politics of fear and played on people’s insecurities. In Permatang Pauh, we saw how they appealed to the fears and insecurities of the Malays - who, uniquely in the peninsula, are a minority community in Penang. It was a negative campaign and about two thirds of the Malays there, saw through it all and rejected such racial tactics. Once again, we have to reject such racial politics - and ignore the bankrupt politicians who use such tactics - and instead usher in a new Malaysia where everyone is treated with justice and respect. Let these politicians display their depravity for the whole world to see."

    It appears that you are no better Celcom! I urge all Malaysians to ignore this person! He is simply bankrupt of ideas & wants to divide & rule. A wolf in sheep's clothing!

  2. .

    What is the difference between using race and religion to incite emotional hatred among people?

    How surprising you can see thru the uses on race as one but not the other – the religion?

    If this is the way it is gonna be you might as well stop proving your hypocrisy and ignorance.


  3. well, what he is saying is true.

    malays resonate strongly with their religion. it is a possible tool for political manipulation.

    we don't live in a utopia. we may have our ideals if a better democratic community, but it is the reality today.

    and besides, people may have rejected BN, UMNO, but that does not mean they have rejected their racial tendencies. malays rejected UMNO because UMNO has let them down. that is all there is. they may be friendlier towards the other ethnic groups now. i just think they need to take it a little bit more slowly.


  4. saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya...

    lihatlah ni...

    Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

    Rakyat Malaysia!
    Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


  5. UMNO has turned Islam in Malaysia from a highly regarded world 'religion' to a brutal,violent 'political ideology'- just like 20th century Nazism & Farcism!

  6. Alang says:

    "It appears that you are no better Celcom! I urge all Malaysians to ignore this person! He is simply bankrupt of ideas & wants to divide & rule. A wolf in sheep's clothing!"

    REPLY:LEt me get this straight. I advocate that we respect each other's right to practice our religion to the fullest?

    Is that advocating division?

    As opposed to liberals who advocates the destruction of Islam by throwing Islam out of the public sphere?

  7. oa says:

    "What is the difference between using race and religion to incite emotional hatred among people?"

    REPLY: Tell that to the liberals because they are advocating hate against Islam.

    They are advocating Islam to be rid from the public sphere. If that is not inciting hate and provocation, i don't know what is.

  8. alang,

    Are u saying in order to "usher in a new Malaysia where everyone is treated with justice and respect", we have to destroy Islam?

    Is that the formula u advocate?

    I think you're the real wolf in sheep's clothing.

  9. tulang besi, i think you must get this into your thick skull.

    Nobody is against Islam. What they are against are rigid orthodoxy and repulsive religious nonsense that being preach and promoted by mindless zealot like you and your ilk.

    So please be clear that - it is people like you with your narrow, restrictive and repulsive interpretation of Islam that has always been the problem for not only the malays and Malaysia but also humanity collectively.

    present arrangement with PAS in PR is the best way to curb religious nonsense and repulsive religious doctrines from being shoved up politically into every malays ass.

    So please get this - it is okay that if you chose to be a stupid orthodox, but please respect those who choose not to. Why is it so hard for you to understand that simple thing?

    sigh...It is just so unbelievable how stupid can one be. well, one can't expect much from a mindless zealot like you.

  10. My parents fought against the Japanese during the occupation and almost got killed many times. Many of their chinese friends died at the hands of the Japanese. Are you going to tell them that they only tumpang in this country? May I ask the so called Ketuanan in UMNO how many of you have fought for the country in real life? The Ketuanan UMNO is only used to suppress the other fellow malaysians to become second class or third class citizens of this country. There is no such thing as economic hegemony by any group. You work hard and you will survive in the real world. Why is it so difficult for some people to understand that? Further more with the decades of help by the government towards a certain group, they should ask themselves why there are still economic problems faced by them now!

  11. "So please get this - it is okay that if you chose to be a stupid orthodox, but please respect those who choose not to. Why is it so hard for you to understand that simple thing?" - Tulang Titanium (of the future & the new)

    Thre are many people like Tulang Titanium & oA whom can see through the double standards, bigotry & hypocrisy of Celcom.

    Every friend of mine whom follows this blog says the same thing abut your & most of them are Muslims.

    We honestly wonder sometimes if you are only writing like this because you are a attention seeker; and that you might not be like this in real life. It's just a ploy to get more traffic.

    But anyway, I caution others here & online to not stereotype the Malays. We, even those in the kampungs & small towns now are more tolerant, progressive, open & some even wilder than you think.

    To put it simply, it might be a case of old versus new & no offense to those older Muslims whom are not sorry to use the words, backwards & insecure.

    You are such a righteous, pompous paternal (see Celcoms brainwashing, sexist & controling tactics for his daughters, a few posts back) attitudes fearful person Celcom, I sometimes wonder if you realise it.

  12. tulang titanium said...

    " tulang besi, i think you must get this into your thick skull. "

    REPLY: THis shows how arrogant the liberals are. Maybe they need arrogance to cover their inadequecies especially in their inability to use the Quran to support their Anti Islam beliefs.

  13. tulang besi, i believe it is okay to be arrogant especially to people like you who deserves no respect at all. this is because you never want to learn to respect the very fundamental right of every born muslim. too bad you don't like it.go ahead cry.

  14. Salam,

    Just like someone mentioned, don't lump all Malays in the same group.

    But at the same time, these same people would be more than willing to lump all UMNO supporters into one group too.


    But interesting arguments going on here:)


    Once again Pekida's name has surfaced.I was told by people connected to Pekida,they r not "samsengs" or hooligans",n have no intention to create trouble.True there r "deviants" such as kumpulan 69,but they r under the thumb of Pekidas.

  16. Titanium says:

    " tulang besi, i believe it is okay to be arrogant especially to people like you who deserves no respect at all. this is because you never want to learn to respect the very fundamental right of every born muslim. too bad you don't like it.go ahead cry."

    REPLY: Then it means I can be arrogant to people like u too, because there is no reason for me to respect you on the count that you have provided no sound argument thus far.

    Just a lot of hot air and empty bandying words about Islam and muslims. But in terms of substance, you are found wanting.

  17. tulang besi, yes, you got that one right. i don't argue and reason with you.simply because i chose not to waste my time with unreasonable people like is impossible to reason with the unreasonable.

    and please got this one right too; unlike me, your arrogance is 'bodoh sombong' which is totally opposite from mine.

    and you are right again, no need to give me respect because i need no respect from a religious zombie who has no common sense.

    you can go ahead and cry all you want now.

  18. titanium says:

    " and please got this one right too; unlike me, your arrogance is 'bodoh sombong' which is totally opposite from mine.

    REPLY: All I see from you thus far is empty labelling like the above. I suspect it's the only thing liberal like u know on the count of the emptiness of your cause.

    the again to attack u is unfair sicne that's all you're capable of.
    You and your one-track minded type of argument.

  19. Umno are still in the 1950s where else the rest of us is moving forward. They are lagging behind... From fathers.. to sons... the mentality is still the same.. Still 1950s playing with racial cards...

    Hope one day we will find the true meaning of Merdeka and Freedom

  20. Dear tulang besi,

    It's disheartening to see that you consider the recent sabotaged bar council forum as an insult to islam.I advise you to look at this issue in a broader perspective and not have a tunnel view.As you know in Malaysia we have 2 sets of laws like the civil law and the syariah law.So whenever an issue concerning the conversion of a non-muslim to islam arises invariably it comes under the purview of the syariah courts where most of the time the relations and family members of those converts dont get a fair hearing which leads to body snatching by the islamic authorities.Worse still those non-muslim spouse and children even stand out to lose all properties and finances because it belongs to a muslim.Now put your palm on your heart and tell me,is this fair?Let me cite a case in point not long ago in Penang,where an old widow who worked as a sweeper lost her son and was not allowed to inherit her only child's EPF and insurance benefits because the son had converted to islam,and the irony here is the son had actually named his mother as the beneficiary after his death and this was done even before he converted to islam.Now do you think this is fair?There are so many such cases taking place in Malaysia today.

    If you see in the 50s',60s'and 70s' we didnt have so much of this conversion problem because those days there weren't many inter-marriages were taking place,but the situation is vastly different now,with so many inter-marriages taking place.The govt has failed to realize this issue and failed to address it effectively therefore leading to high handed tactics being used by islamic authorities in Malaysia.How would you feel if you were in those victim's shoes?As such the pain of losing a loved one to death is tremendous and to add salt to the wound they have to fight in courts to get the body and most of the time the syariah court decides against them.

    Same goes to those men who converts secretly and their spouses have to go through the pain of losing her children too.Tell me are all these fair?Who is going to help all these people?The govt is so buzy indulging in race based politics and enriching their cronies and family members and failed to address other issues of national importance like this conversion issue.
    This is the very reason why the bar council organized the conversion forum and had also invited some muslim sholars too,to get feedbacks.So how can you and some uncivilized people like Zulkifli accuse it as anti-islam?Why cant muslims be magnanimous enough to listen to what the non-muslims want to say?No body in the bar council forum that day ever wanted to question islam or the rights of any individual who wants to convert to islam,all they wanted to do was to find solutions so that all those ugly body snatchings and kids losing their mothers could be avoided,so that we as Malaysians can live in peace and harmony.What is the need for such thug like behaviour by those so called defenders of islam?Islam is already enshrined in our constitution as the official religion,then why all these fears?Infact the hindus are the one should be fearful and defend their religion as hundreds of temples are being demolished in the name of development in Malaysia,but did they act such way?So please rest assured that islam is in no way under threat in Malaysia by the non-malays but in the same breath it is the right of the non-muslims to defend their rights too in an amicable and civilized manner like organizing forums which includes the muslims too.We are all now living in a borderless world in digital age,so it's time to open up our minds and discuss issues including religion in a mature manner with one aim in mind that is to make the nation a peaceful and a forward moving one.



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