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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teresa Kok Is Still On Their Target, But For a Different Reason Now

The powers that be has failed. They attempt to use Teresa Kok as the bogeyman for Malays has failed. Their attempt to create feeling of anger and dissatisfaction among the Malays against DAP has failed.

What’s more important, the Malay dissatisfaction they fail to create has also resulted in their failure to convince PAS members that Barisan Nasional is the answer to the security and the future of Islam in Malaysia. THIS IS THEIR BIGGEST FAILURE.

Teresa Kok has successfully fend off all attempts to paint her as Anti Islam and Anti Malay. She issued a statement denying her involvement in the “azan” controversy long before she was arrested under ISA. Her Press Secretary writes very good Bahasa Malaysia too, so her statement was well understood and accurate.

After Teresa’s release, she attended a Buka Puasa while wearing a skirt on the compound of the Masjid. Suddenly all hell broke loose. Her skirt was suddenly painted as an abomination and Teresa was painted as someone with complete disrespect to Islam for entering a mosque compound wearing a skirt.

We now see that the conspirator’s scheme has not ended. After their series of failure, they now try to exact revenge.on Teresa Kok. The skirt issue is to raise doubts about her among the Malays of her anti Islam stance.

The truth of the matter is that it is the fault of the Mosque committee. It may have happened as a small mistake. If any, the Masjid committee should have prepared a robe for Teresa before she entered to masjid’s compound. Or, if they had no robe, they should have informed Teresa that she should not enter the masjid’s compound since she is not properly attired. That’s the rule that applies to all Muslims anyways.

But, I doubt that the Masjid’s committee thought of it as an issue since the ceremony is conducted in the “COMPOUND” of the masjid. Technically, the compound of the Masjid is NOT THE MASJID. Why? Because you only perform “I’tikaf” when u enter the masjid. And, no one performs “I’tikaf” while they are still in the compound of the Masjid, that is until they enter the actual Masjid.

When I was in the USA, the Muslim community would build Islamic Centers. It consists of everything from kitchens, administration office, compounds, meeting hall, basketball court, parking lots, and of course Masjid. In other words, the “Masjid” is just one part of the same building. Despite entering the same building, you are not necessarily have entered the masjid. You have to go the area where it is designated as Masjid before u can perform I’tikaf and other forms of submission.

So, in truth, this is not even an issue. The Masjid committee didn’t complain. They allowed her to enter the Masjid, the PAS people didn’t complain. If u read Penarik Beca article on this issue, he didn’t complain either.

My guess is they are afraid of Teresa Kok meeting with Malays and Muslims to explain her innocence. This will turn a lot of their “local agents” among the community to look like liars.

They need to protect their news-carrier credibility for other projects. Because for this particular project, their news-carriers have pushed to their limits in painting Teresa Kok as an anti Islam. If the UMNO news-carrier is tainted, their ability to start a new project will be heavily impaired.

Plus, now all of function involving Teresa Kok in the Malay areas are heavily attended by the Malays. They want to hear for themselves from the mouth of Teresa rather than what they heard from rumors.

Explanation on My Latest Postings

To all readers, if you notice my latest postings after I came back from umrah is centered around the Fraksi UMNO in PAS topics. Please be patient because I have an underlying agenda for doing so.

If you know what I know about what’s going on in PAS right now, you will understand why I am writing in the way I did.

Anways. Just to give u a clue as to what’s going on, the UMNO agents in PAS is trying to derail the formation of the new PR government. And they are active doing it right now.

Tulang Besi

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  1. That was an inocenct mistake. Teresa Kok is trying her best to mend things up. Those UMNO agents are trying to pick the slighest thing on her to potray her as anti Islam as she is not!

  2. Dear Anon,

    I don't think it was a mistake at all.

    If she was offensively dressed, the Masjid Comittee would have stopped her from entering the Masjid

    Simple as that. Don't even use the word mistake. It will backfire

  3. These issues shows how brain dead is UMNO and it's kakis in the Masjids. It is upto the Malays to evaluate these race and religious bigots. How long they going to use Islam for their political purpose?? Only the Malays/Muslims could answer this!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are right that your writing for now should be "centered around the Fraksi UMNO in PAS " and ignore all other issues.

    I can also see that "the UMNO agents in PAS are trying to derail the formation of the new PR government. And they are active doing it right now."

    Yes, I agree. This Teresa thing is a petty issue yet Azizan was stupid enough to comment on it based on a Utusan report.
    Again Hadi Awang kept harping on a Muslim majority parliament if Pakatanwere to form the government.
    Hadi is a torn in the flesh of Pakatan. I don't trust this man.
    If indeed Muslim majority is an important issue, why didn't he object to the formation of the Perak state govenrment which has a non-Muslim majority?
    If this arrangement is suitable for Perak why isn't it acceptable for the federal government?
    Again, if PAS Muslim majority is that important then PAS should reject all its seat in Perak, Selangor, KL and Johor which it won entirely by non-Muslim votes.
    PAS has to understand that the non-Malay are not there to swallow them and their rights. The federal constitution is there to defend Muslim Malay religious rights.

  5. It is sad to see a multi-racial and a multi-religious country like ours, UMNO goons have to stoop so low, as to play the sensitive cards...race and religion.
    After half a century, UMNO had unashamedly, demonstrated their evil intentions to clinch on to power, instead, of promoting racial harmony.
    Teresa's dress was acceptable by any standard as a non-muslim. It was the duty of the masjid committee to inform her if it was inappropriate. In any case, they have accepted it, so what is the big fuss UMNO?
    Allah recognizes the purity of the heart and not the dress!
    Those who played up this issue, be good muslims and not pretenders of your faith.

  6. Show them the pics of Arab belly dancers especially in Egypt & Lebanon and compare that with what Theresa Kok had!

  7. Whoa anon 2.58pm, the fairer sex of age all spread their legs but the dustbin bit is a tad too colourful.

    I think the analogy is more suited with reference to UMNO. Nobody is going to fault that as their handiwork is all about to come undone.

    Festive greetings all - maaf zahir batin.

  8. Mr smith with all due respect do ask the same of dap leaders regarding malaysian malaysia

  9. Just imagine how low those bastards can go, they chose a lady to fight with. They even criticise her decent dress. They claim that her dress were inappropriate. How can a decent dress be inappropriate?
    All the comments are really questionable. They only reveal one thing, Those bastards are desperate to the extend that they are looking for non issues to harp on. These are the intolerant attitude of the goons to curtailed the rights of rights. Its ridiculous, she has her rights too, you must respect her rights too.

  10. Not only just Teresa lah ! They are going after all of PKR !

    Who cares if the rakyat suffers...? The goverment is busy saving their own ass first!

    All they want is to be able to stay in power. Malaysia has a lot of money for them to play what...!

    We don't see where the money is going !
    The poor gets poorer...!

    Even DPM's other half is very, very quite.
    Oooo........ once DPM becomes PM that will be the end of all of us...!!!

  11. Wahai UMNO dan kuncu2 kamu..
    Mengapa kamu ingin menfitnahkan orang lain untuk tujuan mempertahankan kedudukan politik kamu yang nyata semakin lemah?
    Sedarkah kamu bahawa perbuatan fitnah itu adalah suatu dosa?

  12. This UMNO-DAP 'blood feud' is a carry-over from the UMNO vs PAP feud during the days before Singapore seceded from Malaysia.
    Over the years, UMNO has tried to its best to paint DAP as the biggest threat and enemy to the Malays and Islam in Malaysia, and they're still fiercely doing it now especially after the '308 tsunami'.
    The hardcores in UMNO have even decreed that Malays who had joined or voted for DAP are considered traitors to their own race, religion and country.
    No surprise that Teresa, being a non-Malay, a non-Muslim and a member of DAP, proved to be an unfortunate ideal target for UMNO to hit back at the '308 tsunami'.
    They made up allegations to detain her under ISA. They hurled molotov cocktails and a death threat letter at her home. Now, they even try to accuse her of disrespecting a place of worship.
    Only those with weak corrupt minds would think that false accusations and scare tactics can help them hold on to what ever is left of their position of power in what is supposed to be a democracy.

  13. Yes, I agreed it is an inocent mistake but we cannot take this for granted. Being Malaysian means being sensitive to other culture and their sensitivity too. Maybe all MPs should go for a course for this. UMNO as usual will make this small thing as big as possible throught their controlled media. So Pakatan Rakyat, we know you try very hard to make your present felt but this small mistake is being taken advantage with.

  14. Today our minister is enjoying his hari raya at his best luxury. I wonder whether he has any conscience towards the suffering of the people he has placed under ISA detention. If the spirit of this holy season is to forgive and forget, it definitely is not showing by the minister and the ruling party in the government, eventhough they are muslims! Can he and the ruling party ask themselves whether they really believe that these people are capable of threatening the security of the country and overthrow the government? If they think that these people can instigate unrest, how about letting the citizen of this country to have a say about such presumption? The minister and the ruling party always like to claim to have the majority support in their action but the truth is they may not even have the majority suppot of their own members within the party to act in such an uncaring and unforgiving manner. If the minister and the ruling party do have some decent human character, the least thing they can do is to free those under ISA detention without trial and allow them to face the proper court of law in this country. Is it that difficult to do the honourable thing as a human being towards another?

  15. Teresa's skirt,temple demolition (or renovation) reslttin in UMNO screaming,MIC barking,MCA,scheming..kahkahkah..semuanya fail!!..Barisan Puaka should b kicked out ,becos,all those money n power,have turned them in2 crash test!!!

  16. Good article Sir,

    Hope you continue to write such positive and truthful articles and comments.

    I am all in support for racial and religious understanding amongst malaysian.

    We must all help one another to get rid of rascist like UMNO who uses religion for their own benefits and to try to propagate a dynasty of rulers amongst themselves.....

  17. Artikel yg bagus.
    Dan diharapkan juga saudara akan trus mendedahkan taktik2 kotor Fraksi umno dlm PAS.

  18. These people are just trying to divert the attention of the public. Just an example here( I'm not christian):

    What would happen if a muslim lady entered a church completely covered? I would feel that because she is decently dressed, there would be no uproar.

    Teresa Kok was decently dressed when she entered the mosque. Hence the article above!!! Just because they couldn't kill her off with the false accusations previously, they're trying to put some justifications into their previous argument

  19. I am truly amazed at the angst over clothing.

    According to certain ideas accepted also by Islam, the race began with two perfect beings, Adam and Eve, They lived in a state of Grace and perfectly naked befor their "indiscretion". Subsequently because of so called shame and guilt they were forced to cover up so to speak.

    My point is that if we believe these teachings the pure and innocent are acceptable to God in all our naked glory! The overwhelming injunction to cover up is, to me at least, the fall from Grace and separation from Divinity.

    Only the peurile minded will see "sin" and disrespect in nakedness.

    Holiness is not related to crown to sole raiment.

    BTW I am not suggesting every one go about naked. It may raise more than eyebrows!

  20. I do not understand you guys,really!
    The one that commented is the MB of Kedah and he is Pakatan.The event is in Perak and the MB is Pakatan
    Why are you screaming at UMNO?

    Blame UMNO for everything else but not this incident.

  21. Knapa MB Kedah pon turut sama menegur teresa kok supaya memakai pakaian yg lebih sopan sewaktu ke masjid?
    Adakah beliau sudah terpedaya dgn crita2 fitnah yg dibawa olh utusan malaysia dan tv3?

  22. The UN/UMNO is one of the most evil and blackhearted regime to exist. They have position themselves to have divine rights and speak as if they are God's messagers for their own evil ends. They must think that the people in the kampong are easily fooled.

  23. Tulang Besi,

    1stly, Selamat Hari Raya.

    As with all empires, they are all destroyed not from OUTSIDE, but from WITHIN. The challenge with PR is that the coalition is still rather shaky, i.e Hadi with his Muslim majority MPs, Karpal with his jumping ethics. What we need is that these so-called Pakatan leaders need to give these damaging statements and START focusing the MAIN GOAL - GET BN OUT!

  24. specially for the so call orang islam in umno, please answer the following question.....

    Do you solat tahiyatul masjid when the mosque is crowded n that you have to do your prayers outside the building of the mosque but within the compound of the mosque???????...

    the answer is NO.NO NO

    so wats the big deal with Teresa KOK wearin skirt outside the mosque???????

    Orang UMNO cuma Islam in religion but not a muslim yet....

  25. kenapalah org sangat benci pd melayu..kau org melayu tu,fahamlah skit,sebenarnya mereka sangat suka tengok melayu jatuh tersungkur,hilang pedoman dan dihina,kau org tak rasa bertuahkah jadi melayu,sehingga asyik kutuk melayu saja,serang pun x defend,jadi biarlah sy yang defeng,teresa tu sebenarnya memang anti-melayusebab tu dia jd sasaran...teruskan perjuangan yg berjuang..


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