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Monday, November 3, 2008

Explanation From PAS Selangor on PKNS Issue

I met a good friend of mine recently who happens to be a ranking member in PAS Selangor. We discussed a lot of issues since we haven't met for a long time. Inevitably, the issue of PAS Selangor rejecting Mdm Low's appointment was also discussed.

I confronted him by saying that PAS Selangor's rejection is wrong because it was done on a racial basis. PAS is not a racists party and as such we should not base our decisions on race and color.

My good friend responded by saying that their rejection of Mdm Low has no racial bearing at all. Their disgreement is based on the fact that Mdm Low was part of the PKNS corrupt system.

As such, her appointment will not guarantee the clean-up that PKNS badly needed. PKNS is a RM 4 billion industry. To clean up PKNS will take more than 10 years and we do not have even one year to waste.

Mdm Low maybe clean and respectable but for her to act against her former collegue and bringing them to justice, that is too much to ask of Mdm Low no matter how clean she is.

Remember, the sooner PKNS is cleaned-up, the sooner Selangorian will be able to enjoy quality housings at 30% below market rate.

I just thought I should share this information with everybody.

Tulang Besi

And here is the rest of it.
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  1. I support PAS reasoning. Get a new experienced person from outside PKNS to manage the state body asap to curb more wastage.

  2. I support PAS reasoning. Get a new experienced person from outside PKNS to manage the state body asap to curb more wastage.

  3. I beg to differ from the argument of your friend, the laughable way of Pas thinking...purely based on assumption and contradiction.
    I am more inclined to lean on Khalid's explanation; that is, to have Madm Low be an Acting GM for a year, appoint a new comer to learn the rope as her deputy.
    Why is it, Pas suddenly realized that the previous UMNO-BN administration was corrupted to the core. Had not been going on since PKNS was established. What did PAS do?
    Again, can we be guaranteed if a Malay took over, PKNS will function like a 'shinny star' and not be the same as before. What can one man do?
    As usual, we have a lot of 'ifs' and 'buts' excuses, just let the best person be appointed, immaterial of one's skin and religion.

  4. You are right again, TB.

    Best Regards.........

  5. ...PAS's disgreement is based on the fact that Mdm Low was part of the PKNS corrupt system.
    This argument doesn't hold water. Didn't they question why two other Malay Deputy GMs are not appointed instead? This show they are more racially inclined.

    Tukang Besi

  6. Funny, that's not the way we see it. I find it silly that tulang besi can actually accept such an explanation from a friend.

    From the onset, we know there is plenty of racism within Pas itself. Whatever explanation given, are part of the damage control process.

    Again and again, the radicals and racist bigots within Pas are rearing their head again and again for all to see.

    I support Pas, the way Tok Guru want and vision it to be. But from the way I see it, Tok Guru influence is waning. Hadi Awang influence is growing.

    The future is bleak, more so with the departure of respected leaders like Perlis Mufti, which even non-muslim respects.

    Basically, there is very few local Muslim leaders that people in malaysia can look up to.

  7. what a load of B.S. the Malays will always be backward, because they just never allow themselves to go forward and will hold back others who do. Keep the Ketuanan thing, really. Let your granddaughters explain it when they go to foreign countries to work as domestics in the not-too-distant future.

  8. while some people like PAS and UMNO are racist (yes sorry but I think PAS' explanation is BS), we don't have to be. Let's not call Malays backwards just because of a few morons in the govt.

    The explanation is weak and desperate. PAS is racist and they don't hold to the true Islam. Most of them just as bad as UMNO. So, let's just work together as a strong alliance otherwise BN will win.

  9. Let your granddaughters explain it when they go to foreign countries to work as domestics in the not-too-distant future.

    Ooh, that hurts.

  10. Assuming a new personnel will to recruit to reorganise the PKNS the good one we keep the rotten apples we throw OK now majority of the staff belongs to one race So what the outcome can PAS UMNO tolerated such cleaning.Said is easlier than done

  11. Anonymous; 11.17am

    Truth always hurts!
    If not, put on the blinkers and continue with the merry ways.

  12. This PAS' reasoning is nonsense and is an after-thought. Why then, must PAS say that the new PKNS GM must be a Malay???

    If the real intention is to get outside help to cleanse PKNS, then there is no need for this outsider to be of a certain race.

    I think PAS is just trying to get political mileage out of this issue. This further shows that the Pakatan Rakyat Government is not united, and PAS is the devil that they should not sleep with.

  13. Tukang Besi,

    I had always enjoyed your articles and found your articles to be very direct, straightforward and hard hitting without fear or favour in search of a more tolerant society in Malaysia. For that, I fully support your quest.

    But, on this matter, your friend's comments/opinion raised is not on solid ground. I found comments by anonymous to be more accurately depicting the actual situation as extracted below:

    Anonymous said...
    ...PAS's disgreement is based on the fact that Mdm Low was part of the PKNS corrupt system.
    This argument doesn't hold water. Didn't they question why two other Malay Deputy GMs are not appointed instead? This show they are more racially inclined.

    Tukang Besi

    November 3, 2008 9:46 AM

    Let's call a spade, a spade - and recognise the problem and then set about solving the issues that gave rise to the problems! Your next move is critical....don't overlook the real issues on hand.

  14. A non-malay even though he is more capable and more qualified but cannot:

    Be - the prime minister of the country
    Be - the deputy PM of the country
    Be - the head of any branch of the armed forces in the country
    Be - the head of department in a ministry
    Be - the head prefect of a national school
    Be - the head of state of the states with no rulers
    Be - the IGP of the country
    Be - nominated as the best of the best in the school
    Be - the secretary-general or deputy secretary-general of a ministry

    What is worse is that the PM goes around telling people, repeating a crazy lie, by saying that - "We do not practice racial discrimination in our country".

    Did the MCA and MIC leaders agree to this in1957?

    Did the people in Sabah and Sarawak also agree to this in 1963?

    I think malays will keeping to give rubbish answer!

  15. Who wants to stay home and serve here where meritocracy gives way to racial preference? I am a two-time graduate in University Malaya (masters and bachelors degree) and I used to hope that my children could enter a local university someday.

    But with sliding university ranking and invisible barriers to keep non-malay students away, I have changed my mind. If I have the opportunity and money avails itself, I will send my children to overseas universities and ask them to emigrate there. We can rot and die here, but not the children.

    This brain drain is not a problem to Umno at all. In fact, Umno is happy to see more and more of our talents leaving. Their power base will then be more secure.

    All this started with Dr Mahathir. He believed that a half competent malay was better than a fully competent non-malay to serve the nation. This is clearly reflected in the progressive exclusion of non-malays from teaching profession academia, public service and other areas in the public sector as well GLCs since the early 1980s.

    During Dr Mahathir's ethnic cleansing of the Malaysia public service, thousands of qualified non-malays left the country for Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Such departure was view positively by Dr Mahathir - it meant that there were more positions available for malays. That short-term thinking has had dire consequences.

    During the regional economic boom of 1990s, Malaysia prospered. There was plenty of money. Incompetence and corruption did not matter - a failure could always be rectified through bailout; high costs (e.g. Proton) could always be neutralised through subsidies (for export) or higher prices (for local consumption).

    The scenario today is different. Competition is stiff. Newcomers such as Vietnam are breathing down our neck. Giants (India and China) have awakened and are marching unimpeded.

    Malaysia needs to exploit all its resources to meet the global challenge. Ignoring 40% of its most valuable resource (e.g. human capital - Indians, Chinese and East Malaysians) is no way to meet the challenge.

    Badawi needs to put in place a policy for exploiting the most valuable resource Malaysia has - its people, including the Indians, Chinese and others. Otherwise, this resource will move away to the competitors of Malaysia.

    If deployed properly, the talents will be a source of competitive advantage. If not deployed appropriately, the talents will become a source of relative competitive disadvantage for Malaysia when they end up in other countries.

    Majority of the non-malays work in multinational companies. With the rate our government and GLCs pissing off these MNCs! These MNCs are moving out of Malaysia.

    Get real! Why majority of the non-malays don't work inside GLCs? What do you think they would do when these MNCs are gone? Work in GLCs or emigrate outside Malaysia?

    Some of my friends are always skeptical of Singapore.

    Of course, Singapore intention is to protect their own interests (isn't what a government is for) - talented people are very mobile nowadays. Singapore also encounters brain drain to the West (US, EU, Australia), so they need new talents to come in.

    They prefer Malaysians, as there are cultural ties - easy to adapt to the environment (multiracialism, language, weather, etc), like their Mr Everest climbers.

    But they also welcome white mans, Thais, Indians, and Hong Kong Chinese too etc. Just take a MRT ride or go to the housing estate - you see many foreigners (not the illegal immigrant type).

    We have our own national interests and should protect it, but we have more outflow of talent than inflow. Just see how we treat the economist who had a different method of calculating the bumi ratio of the economy - how to attract talent?

    Some of my Malaysian friends have been offered citizenship and a few have accepted……….so those talents not going back to Malaysia.

    Singapore is following US policy, US still attracted the best brains from all over the world regardless of color, check out the composition of employment in term of nationality in Silicon Valley and Nasa, you will know why it succeed, America is land of immigrants.

    Umno policy is that if Umno cannot have it no other Malaysian should have it. Umno prefers a Mat Salleh (because that is a temporary situation) to have it rather than any other non-Umno Malaysian to have it.

    I have been advising my relatives and friends for a long time since years ago - to encourage their children to apply for a Singapore scholarship to attend a university in Singapore even it that means she/he has to serve Singapore for 10 years.

    At least, that will provide him for the future. So what is 10 years! He is free to utilise his talent as he pleases after that 10 years. I have 3 nephews who got Singapore scholarships, then served the Singapore government and are now working and being successful in Hong Kong and America.

    They are heads of multinational companies. They will never be allowed to succeed in Malaysia because there is identification of race with jobs. All jobs even slightly connected with the Umno government must have malay employees. That is the new NEP.

    Dear Malaysians, I don't understand why the brains should not leave this country. The malays are definitely feel threaten by these brains, so we rather let them leave the country.

    Malaysia pays peanuts and racially biased! That is why! Simple as that! Go to England, Australia and even the US hospitals and take a count of how many Malaysian born doctors are there, good doctors, man!

    I traveled the world over and have lived in UK, Australia and the US. I have talked and met to these doctors. They not being unpatriotic, it is the Malaysia that is not doing the right thing!

    I think Singapore should attack Malaysia and expand its territory to southern Johor. All the Indians and Chinese should migrate to southern Johor, and together with Singapore, forms a new Singapore.

    Ex-Malaysians in exiles like myself will support this feasible plan. I am sure millions of overseas and mainland Chinese and Indians are excited about my suggestion.

    When all the Muslim brothers from Uganda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia etc etc, become bumis and enjoy the handout from NEP, there will be the day when the malays realize that they are being marginalize by its own Umno policy.

    You can start counting the increasing numbers of Mamak in politics!

    In Malaysia, we Malaysian Chinese just need to compete with fellow Malaysians only (where mostly lazy people). Easy to become rich - as we are governed by stupid and lazy people.

    We can easily own several houses, luxury condos, own a bungalow at good location, as own and drive luxury cars in Malaysia.

    In Singapore, not so easy, we have to compete with Singapore Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, China Chinese and Taiwan Chinese. Not easy to become rich as Singapore government too smart.

    Malaysia will continue to lose its talents not only to Singapore, and other countries but the Umno malays don't give a damn. Their thinking is so long as the malays benefit, the country can go to the pigs and dogs.

    They hold the entrenched view that it is better for Malaysia to be another Zimbabwe or Nepal if being in the ranks of Singapore and Japan means malays losing out to the others.

    Lim Keng Yaik said that Singapore was a small country, so it was easily to govern. In fact, it is not so. Because of its size, it lacks most of the factors of production that we learn in economics.

    Land is scarce, and its domestic market is small. However, it recognises that what it has is its labours. No wonder that it is wooing all the brains from Malaysia, since Malaysia does not appreciate them.

    Instead, Malaysia seems to be attracting the top criminals as shown by the sharp increase in crime rate. Malaysia with its oil, tin, rubber, oil palm etc, will forever not be able to beat a small country like Singapore because of its incompetent leaders and their cronies who are only interested in their own pockets.

    Before the NEP, UM was one of the top universities in the world. After the NEP, it has become trash because it rejects the best minds. The only pro of NEP is if you are in Umno or a friend of theirs.

    All the Singaporeans I have met were very nice to me and treat me like one of theirs. We are the same people and I am always in favour of reunification with Singapore.

  16. · The Malaysia Constitution has been amended some 690 times. The USA has been in existence for more than 200 years and their constitution was only amended 27 times.

    · Because of the overwhelming power available to the executive, the judiciary has been corrupted and emasculated, the legislature has been reduced to a rubber stamp, the power of the Agung has been clipped.

    · The legal system is a sad joke, serving only further the desires of the ruling group.

  17. I don't buy PAS's explanation. Your friend is probably trying to deny the truth behind it. It is indeed very sad that everything in this country has to be so racial. What fargowin said has a lot of truth in it. Lots of people I know have migrated and lots more will. If they don't, they have encouraged their children to do so, including me. We don't see any future for our children here. We love Malaysia but we are not appreciated here. Should one day we really lose most of our talents, indeed Malaysia will end up like Indonesia and so on. Then, maybe, it will be realised that it was a bad mistake to treat other races badly. I was living in the United States for several years and not one time did anyone there made me feel that I am a second class citizen. Instead, in school where my son went to, they taught the children that everyone is the same. My girlfriend who is a Malaysian and is a PR there has landed herself a government job and she has only Form 5 education here. We, citizens of Malaysia, has minimal or no chance to get a government job. A person in their right mind would know that this is very wrong. This can only happen in bolehland.

  18. i cannot buy this explanation. Should Pas want to have a new GM then
    the whole fleet of executives right down must also go. DO PAS MEAN IT

  19. Well i know to some the story is a bit difficult to digest, but it is the real reason behind such move.

    I think Mdm Low is a good person, but asking her to act against her former collegues, i do not think that is possible.

  20. Tulang Besi,

    We will give you the benefit of the doubt. We will expect the new Malay chief from outside PKNS to start the cleanup of PKNS as that is the claim right? If he doesn't do so then PAS must apologise for their racialism....Fair enough?

    Alternatively will PAS accept a capable non Malay from outside PKNS to do the cleanup?

  21. San
    You are wrong in these because it is so not true. I have seen it happen:

    Be - the head prefect of a national school

    Be - nominated as the best of the best in the school

  22. i agree fargowin explanation except for some arguement to such as singapore invade Malaysia., yes you do sir.. we have to think about that, together.. but sometimes, the best of other country doesnt means its the best to put in our beloved country.. we have to take the idea n implement it in our own way, suit with malaysian as whole.. do malaysians ready enough for a fair competitions? we have to be fair with someone in the rural place..regardless of race, govt should put extra care of people in kampung, estate etc to build competent malaysian..i came from kampung, and i experienced to see how my kampong folks did to survive..singapore is a good place, and i've been there, even worked there..but i still dont think malaysia ready for same policy as singapore.. doesnt mean i agree with racist policy in Malaysia.. what do we need is more space for nonbumis in GLCs, no bias policies in govt tender, no big diff quota in local uni, etc.. i believe we can change that..tired of that already.. pls God, save this country


  23. oops, missed out the fargowin's thing about others invading Malaysia. That is a no, no. No war for me. Peace. hehehe Malaysia has only one way to go and that is downwards if the people still support racialism through the supremacy thing. I hope these people will wake up and led only the very best lead the country to great heights. Only then will everyone, every race benefit.

  24. Must be tired, all the spelling errors above. Sorry.


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