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Friday, November 7, 2008

PAS Presiden Denies Ever Protesting Mdm Low's Appointment as Reported by Utusan Meloya

The PAS President in Harakah's latest issue denies ever rejecting the appointment of Mdm Low as General Manager of PKNS. Utusan Meloya 2nd December carried a headline claiming PAS President, Haji Abdul Hadi Awang protesting the appointment of Mdm Low as PKNS General Manager.

The latest edition of Harakah published transcript of the Press conference on the 7th of December in Kemaman in which the PAS President is alleged to have made his protest. The transcript actually proved that such claim by Utusan Meloya is mere lies and nothing more than the figment of their imgination.

In fact, the President refuse to comment as he has just came back from overseas. Nothing is mentioned about the President's disagreement to the appointment.

What is happening is that UMNO is desperate to paint PAS as being racists, just like them.

PAS Selangor's rejection of the appointment has got nothing to do with race or creed. They felt that a proper clean up must be done in haste and as such an outsider must be appointed.

PAS Selangor's rejection is purely based on merit and nothing else. I know many bloggers are angry and dissatisfied with PAS on this issue. Bloggers like Mr. Smith had written scathing reports against PAS. I believe he was misinformed and i believe it is still not to late to retract his writings as new facts have surfaced on the issue.

Again, this is another desperate attempt by UMNO/BN to drive a wedge between Pakatan Rakyat partners. They need Pakatan Rakyat to break up and they will benefit from it big time.

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  1. It's not whether PAS president had protested or otherwise. What matters is the fact that exco member (Hasan Ali) of PAS had identified with race based appointment to the position as can be gathered from the extracted article below.

    Your previous article trying to ignore the reality of the situation by plying on a friend's interpretation of the situation does not augur well with ability to face the facts and work out a solution to the problem instead of sweeping problems under the carpet!


    The Malaysian Insider
    Friday November 07 2008 Pas unhappy with Low's appointment as PKNS boss

    ......................Hasan said he had asked Khalid why two most senior officers — Deputy General Manager (Administration) Md Nasir Md Arshad and Deputy General Manager (Technical) Abdul Ghani Hassan — were not appointed to succeed Harun.

    He said Khalid had told him that Low was appointed because of her professionalism and administrative ability but Pas was of the view that the two deputy general managers had their own strengths and should have been considered for promotion.................

    So, as can be gathered from the extract, the interest was not to have a wholesale rejection of perceived tainted existing personnel or of interest in getting fresh talent from outside the organisation as told by your friend.

    Your strength had always been able to accept criticisms/weaknesses where exposed or identified and move swiftly towards resolving issues directly and without fear or favour. Hope you are not too blinded by loyalty that you refuse to see the issue right in front of you and to allow it to fester into bigger problems.

  2. In the game of 'Hide and Seek'
    You're required to search 'High and Low'
    But when there's silence from every beak
    Then there must not be any dissent to sow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 081108
    Sat. 8th Nov. 2008.

  3. Dear Anon,

    Please bear in mind that this is a report from MalaysianInsider and s such it might not be 100% accurate and open to errors.

    As for official stand, Hasan Ali has not issued any official statement on the issue.

  4. If you ever doubted the concept of white privilege, ask yourself: when was the last time a white man wept with joy because another white man was elected president? Hi you Malaysians- all of you deserves the leadership you have; Indian Chinese Malayu all of you are racist as none can imagine outside the colouring scope of Israel Europe and The US. What you all need is the same financial melt down and elite masturbation of the nations finances economy and ineffective laws perhaps then you'd all come to your senses.I don't see a single group of non-racist in Malaysia except the ones you despised the most "ASLI".

  5. Wonder why the rakyat, especialy those "ketuaan bumi" bunch didn't learn the lesson from the case of MAS airline and AIR Asia, when everything is go by quota, then, it will only get fat the corrupted bunch, just how MAS airline run their tickets previously;not normal rakyat can afford to fly, when Air Asia comes in and practice open market need, then, every onr can fly...please wake up..and not to waste our preciuos resources any more, it may not last long before we are perlis...


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