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Saturday, November 8, 2008

PR Selangor’s Policy Not Curbing Corruption and Benefiting the Corruptors

I had a very interesting conversation with a Pakatan Rakyat activist friend of mine from Hulu Langat. He has taught me something that many had overlooked.
The Pakatan Rakyat’s Selangor government had passed a policy stating that politicians are not to be member to tender committee in every level of government in Selangor. This is meant to curb corruption that has existed since the BN time.

It was perceived that when politicians sits in the tender committees they tend to influence decisions and thus always end up awarding contracts to cronies.

The policy is passed with the intention to curb such practice. The downside to this practice is the assumption that all government employee are also clean from corruption. Since politicians are barred from becoming members of the tender committees, only government officials are allowed to sit in it. Unfortunately, the current crop of government employees that Selangor has are remnants from the BN days. They too benefited from the corrupt practices of UMNO and thus their decisions even today follow along the lines of what they were used to.

In other words, contracts and projects are still being awarded to UMNO cronies and UMNO machinery by the current crop of government employees whom have been passing projects to these people all the while. As a result, the UMNO rank and file are still siphoning money from the Pakatan Rakyat state government to oil the political machinery at the grassroot levels.

At the same time, because of this policy, the government employees have absolutely no respect to elected officials. Elected Pakatan Rakyat representative basically have to beg state employees to get anything done for the people. And these state employees are basically UMNO apparatii in the State government of Selangor.

As of now, UMNO is enjoying the system. They get to continue their corrupt practices while not being blamed for it. And they get to do it right under the noses of Pakatan Rakyat government.

Land Distribution is Still Done the UMNO Way

Even award of land is done like the time when UMNO was in power. Why? Because the land awarding committee are the same people that was part of the UMNO corrupt ways back then. So, lands are only awarded to UMNO people and also cronies.
All this is done right under the Pakatan Rakyat’s noses

Ramification of Such Practice, if Not Curbed

There are several right from the top of my head:
a. It will make Pakatan Rakyat’s commitment to curb corruption a mockery and a joke among the people
b. UMNO will maintain their strength in facing the next General Election. They will not be weaken as they can still siphon the Selangor state’s resources to fund their activities.
c. The rural areas (kampung) in Selangor will be UMNO’s impenetrable bastion and UMNO will only have to think about launching an offensive in the urban areas without worrying a tad bit about their base.
d. Pakatan Rakyat will continue to lose Malay support in Selangor. From 2008 General Election Results, it is estimated that in Kampung areas, Pakatan Rakyat only managed to garner not more than 40% of the votes. And kampung areas are predominantly Malay inhabited. Such trend will not be buckled under the current Pakatan Rakyat policy.

Short Analysis Of 2008 Election Result of Selangor

One will notice that seats won by UMNO ( barring Satim Diman’s state seat of Seri Serdang) are seats where Malays live in traditional kampongs. Seats like Taman Templer, Sungai Air Tawar, Sungai Burong, Permatang, Paya Jaras has Malays predominantly living in Kampung.

Notice seats where PR won has Malays living in urban settings like Kota Damansara, Taman Medan, Kota Anggerik, Batu Tiga, Gombak Setia, Hulu Kelang etc.

In other words, from my own analysis and estimation, Malays living in urban setting voted for Pakatan Rakyat in the 50% range. While Malays living in Kampung setting voted for Pakatan Rakyat in the 40% range. Since more Malays in Selangor live in Kampong as opposed to Urban areas, UMNO is able to corner the Malay votes and delivered them with 20 seats in the Selangor State Assembly.

If this trend is not curbed, UMNO will continue to dominate the Malay voters in Selangor by using money siphoned from Pakatan Rakyat’s government.

Proposed Solution

If Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor still insists on maintaining the same policy, then I proposed non elected Pakatan Rakyat’s representatives are appointed into the tender committees to check for any corrupt practices on the part of the State government employees. Such move is not unprecedented and has been done before by many governments.

Or perhaps Pakatan Rakyat of Selangor can think of a better mechanism to curb this problem. But this problem must be settled soon and fast. 4 years is a very short time and we have very little time to lose.

Tulang Besi

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  1. It is good that someone has the guts and fortitude to be upfront and honest about things that the pakatan rakyat representatives, may not have been aware about. thank you on this TK, this must be nipped in the bud immediatly. This was noticed when mpsj bought the laptops for the executive councillars, we all need to work together to stop all this nonsense. we have the phone nos. and e-mail addresses of the reps, so we can inform them from the ground. Another thing which would be good would be a rakyat complaints bureau, this is for the rakyat to inform the pakatan govt., of demands of moneys by state officias. THE PAKATAN GOVT. have to send a nomber of them to jail before they i.e. the state employees will learn. but the best would be to dismiss them from their services.

  2. Sometimes dismissing them is a problem because the process is long.

    What can be done is transferring them to doing garbage collection duties without touching their pay or rank.

    You'll find former DO collecting your garbage next time you look.

    Or an ex head of department cleaning toilets in Taman Templer

  3. M'sian are generally very forgiving to a fault and not that I want my pound of flesh but there is no stronger deterrent as when remnant of UMNO's civil service in State agencies be brought to book.

    Weeks turn into months and yet it is inconceivable there is no dirt on Toyol' s govt !

    Keep on pushing tb and as I often say to msk, rajin-rajin asah parang - it is difficult to stay on top of everything but hit them hard (UMN0) as well as keep an hawks eye on current PR lot.

  4. Face facts it is also pr supporters trying to grab contracts like what is happening in klang.As for civil servants it is a open secret what and who the SS,STATE FINANCIAL OFF are all crooks of the past regime.We thought with pr in things will change sadly i think they have become worse.The civil service will always be the same when you have a 90+ percent bumi quota afterall like they say kan orang kita depa buat silap tak buat salah.Face the reality.klangman

  5. "then I proposed non elected Pakatan Rakyat’s representatives are appointed into the tender committees to check for any corrupt practices on the part of the State government employees. Such move is not unprecedented and has been done before by many governments"


    Setuju!!Drastic action needs to be done,the sooner the better.For the time being,lets forget about winning the next GE.What needs to be done urgently is massive house cleaning..UMNO 's tentacles r everywhere,and those tentacles need to be cut!!

  6. Orang Melayu telah sedar. Kesilapan pada GE 12 tidak akan berulang lain. Orang melayu tidak perlu peristiwa 13 Mei untuk diberi kesedaran untuk bersatu. Apa yang berlaku kebelakangan ini sudah mencukupi. Hanya jika Melayu bersatu dan kuat dari segi politik, isu seperti babi, quota bumiputra, biasiswa, UITM, DEB, pemberian tanah, Kuil yang merata-rata, RPK, penghinaan Islam, perlekehan terhadap orang melayu dan sebagainya tidak akan berlaku. Orang Melayu sedar PAS sudah tersasar jauh dari motif perjuangan. Nak tubuh negara Islam konon, tetapi berpakat dengan orang yang terang-terang anti negara Islam.

  7. There will be one expected problem and expected retaliation if the PR govt follows your suggestion. The BN would immediately that PR is doing collective punishment to those who supported BN and will retaliate by kicking out pro-PR staff at their states. If I remember correctly, this is what the Terengganu PAS govt did.

    Dan orang Islam perlu sedar bahawa Islam sudah tergadai walaupun masa BN mendapat mandat besar. Isu-isu seperti murtadnya Nor Aishah Bukhari, Pertubuhan Artikel 11, permintaan dari pemimpin bukan Islam BN supaya mufti meletakkan jawatan, perjanjian perdagangan bebas dengan Amerika Syarikat, berlabuhnya kapal pengangkut Amerika di Pelabuhan Kelang dan pelbagai isu lagi, menunjukkan bahawa tiada gunanya memberi mandat kepada UMNO yang sanggup menggadaikan bukan sahaja agama tapi kedaulatan negara. Demi agama, bangsa dan negara konon tetapi lebih berminat memenuhkan poket dan perut sendiri, kroni, anak dan bini.


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