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Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Has PKNS Done For Malays Anyways?

The recent Madam Low’s appointment was a firestorm for all parties in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional. There is many dimension to the issue that can be commented upon. My take on this issue is from the claim that PKNS is a tool to help Bumiputra as such it must be led by a Bumiputra.

A check with my source in SUK of Selangor revealed to me that PKNS lately has been doing everything except helping the Bumiputra/Malays. My source cited the Kota Damansara development project as a prime example.

In which, all of the prime development areas in Kota Damansara were given to non bumi contractors and bumi contractors were stuck with low cost housings and problematic areas. This is a well documented fact and it cannot be denied.

Bear in mind that all these are done while PKNS was under the leadership and tutelage of a Malay Executive Director which answered directly to a Malay Menteri BEsar from a dominant Malay ruling party of Selangor.

In fact, according to my source, 75% of PKNS current list of contractors are non-bumis while Bumiputra contractors are stuck with low quality projects and bad areas. In short, PKNS has become a body that has deviated from it’s original intended purpose, that is, to develop among others Malay entrepeneurialship.

Under UMNO, it has become a tool to enrich certain Malay leaders with the help of a fleet of Non Bumi contractors. Of course, the entire “benefits” is translated into the prices of the houses sold by PKNS. Otherwise, minus the corruption, we Selangorian should be buying our houses at least 30% less than what we bought from PKNS. But, the 30% mark-up (at least) is needed to make certain Bumiputra and Non Bumi contractors richer beyond their wildest dream.

Where is the protest from UMNO Selangor for this gross mistreament of Bumiputra contractors by PKNS for the Kota Damansara project? Why dont we see the liar Khir Toyo making a fuss out of this? or Rahman Palil or Satim Diman making major noises out of this?

In a way, the Kedah move to increase the Bumi quota for housing project makes sense. One may argue that the method is abrasive and radical, but at the heart of it, it’s meant to prevent wild profit takings by unscrupulous developers.

In fact, I believe if Madam Low was made Executive Director before, more Bumi contractors would have been given better contracts for project like Kota Damansara or others. I believe people like Madam Low can help the Bumiputra businesses in Selangor compared to Malays from UMNO whom are only interested in making themselves rich.

In fact I was told that Tan Sri Khalid made the decision based on merit. When Tan Sri met with PKNS high ranking executives, only Madam Low was able to answer Tan Sri Khalid’s questions. The rest of the Malay senior executives can only smile and keep very quiet. Naturally they had a lot to hide and talking puts them in jeopardy. Not to mention, only Madam Low seems to not to have equities in PKNS’s subsidiaries.

Clarification on PAS’s Stand
The truth is PAS’s disagreement with Madam Low’s appointment has nothing to do with race. PAS feels that Madam Low is also tainted considering she was part of the system for 30 years. Selangor State Government must appoint an Executive Director from outside the organization to expedite cleaning up.
And the 1 year period is a long time to wait considering the current government term is 4 years. So a radical change must be made now in PKNS and a major clean-up must start right away. The faster the clean-up is done, the faster Selangor residents will be able to enjoy cheap and quality housings.
Unfortunately, the mainstream media chose to highlight statements from Selangor PAS leaders which has links with the “Fraksi UMNO”. Leaders like Hj Yusuf Ludin and Ustaz Solehin Mukhyi are Selangor leaders linked with Fraksi UMNO. Sallehin Mukhyi was responsible in spreading the lies about Local Government councils having only 30% Malay membership.

So, it seems that PAS is rejecting the appointment based on race by statements made by local leaders of PAS which has always been linked with UMNO.

In conclusion, the Madam Low issue is a classic example of how corruption is being covered up by invoking racial sentiment.

Tulang Besi
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  1. u sahaja lah yang betul tulang besi.. UMNO salah, fraksi UMNO pun salah.. Low pun tak kena.. roslan sms tak kena, semua tak kena.. you sahaja betul..

    pemuja tulang besi

  2. Tulang Besi,
    if the fraksi UMNO in PAS has made a statement so contradicting with the Party stance, why there has been no disciplinary actions against these fraksi UMNO?
    Why there hasn't been high ranking PAS leader (National level) to clarify PAS stance on this issue?
    This should be done to clear the minds of the masses, especially those who voted PAS with the hope that PAS will honour the "People declaration" they signed before 2008 GE.

  3. dear anon November 2, 2008 7:27 AM,

    PAS is a complicated party simply because it is too democratic.

    The issue is deemed as a "local issue" as such it can only be handled by local party leaders.

    the highest local party leader is Hasan Ali and he is making all the statements.

    I believe he will issue a formal statement soon.

  4. mr tulangbesi pls keep up the gud work lillahi Taa'ala d sarankan sentiasa berhemah mengharungi apa jua kritikan yang datang.

  5. Alhamdulillah,terjawab juga kemusykilan saya tentang isu ini.Terima kasih saudara Tulang Besi kerana info diberikan.Keep up the good work.

  6. If we read postings by Tulang Besi, they are always more rational and Malaysian in content while Roslan sms is full of racial and religious tones. Read and tell me that I am wrong!

  7. I am glad there are people like you, Tulang Besi. Well, I guest you can called yourself a MUSLIM.There are plenty of peole claim to be MUSLIM but are fighting for something that is prohobited by ISLAM. For example, racism dan discrimination. Sad to note that recent event had shown quite a number of PAS leadership is in this group.THese people do not understand that if you tried to 'Halalkan" something that is prohibited in ISLAM, then the end result will never be a good one. How can you be more powerful then the ALL MIGHTY ALLAH?.

  8. Sudah sampai masanya kita kembali kepada ajaran Islam yang sebenar, Islam yang memandang tinggi kepada keadilan.

    Islam yang dibawa oleh Nabi tidak pernah membezakan warna kulit dan suku-suku. Islam tidak pernah mengajarkan diskriminasi. Pemilihan untuk suatu jawatan ditentukan oleh meritokrasi berdasarkan kebolehan dan kepakaran seseorang.

    Yang patut dipersoalakan di sini ialah adakah Low mampu menjalankan kerja-kerja yang diamanahkan kepadanya dengan baik dan dapat memajukan PKNS. Bukannya warna kulit Low yang patut dipersoalkan.

    Tapi yang sedihnya, orang yang mempersoalkan warna kulit Low ini adalah orang yang dipandang mempunyai authority untuk bercakap pasal Islam, serbannya pun tak kurang besarnya.

  9. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته!
    Thanks for the info but what say you on this statement:
    He(Dr Hassan Ali) said Pas would hold a meeting soon to look at the list of party members who could take PKNS to greater heights.

    - The Malaysian Insider


  10. Salam Bro Tulang Besi.
    As usual,ur timely "revelations" give a clearer picture to this affair.Tahniah!!

  11. A fair observation from you. I agree that the protest on her appointment is not just about race or competency here. They want to appoint someone to continue with the gross abuse of power and greed to their advantage. I know what you are talking about regarding awarding jobs to non-bumi contractors.. my company has indirect dealings with PKNS through some developers. If PAS' reason in rejecting is because of not wanting the old PKNS culture to be continued and abused through a person who may have been tainted by her experience in the company, then I agree that PKNS should appoint someone from the outside.
    Let's look at this ethically and professionally. Do not drag in race and gender into this.

  12. Tulang Besi;

    Glad you have given us the inside workings of PKNS. I am very positive, non-bumi contractors will be just too happy to have a Malay head...the monkey business can continue. This is the same old tune, using the pretense of uplifting of malay entrepreneurs for UMNO leaders personal gains. Having a non-bumi to lead PKNS, will definitely, have a discouraging impact on this practice.
    Low will not like to be seen as favoring the Chinese contractors and more emphasis will to given to the purpose of PKNS establishment.
    As for PAS argument, it does not hold water. If the reason of house cleaning of all the depts of the land, it will take another half a century...that too is doubting.

  13. Saudara IbnAbdHalim,
    I quote your comment
    "He(Dr Hassan Ali) said Pas would hold a meeting soon to look at the list of party members who could take PKNS to greater heights."

    This makes one wonders:
    - Kenapa hanya dari PAS member?
    - Orang bukan PAS tidak berupaya ka?


  14. Tulang Besi,
    You said PAS people rejected Madam Low because they didn't want the culture of old to continue. But they rejected her using race as an excuse and moreover they questioned why two other Malay Deputy GM were passed over. I think this argument does not hold water. PAS Selangor in my opinion are people with UMNO's mindset, I regreted very much to vote for them. The very least PAS at Federal level should do is to come out and clarify their stand on this but they didn't means they have given their tacit approval.
    They give one the impression they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

    Tulang Batu

  15. UMNO ni anak haram yang paling hina sekali. Mereka ni lebih kejam daripada Zoinist plus Nazi plus KKK put together.

    UMNO ni sebenarnya iblis anak shaitan yang di lepas oleh Allah ke dunia.

    Sesiapa ikut UMNO atau sokong UMNO ada penganut ugama shaitan sebab mereka ni sembab tuhan shaitan ia-tu anak keling pariah pundek Madhatir s/o Iskandar Kutty dan anak beranak, Najis permain puki Altantuya, Botak arab anak haram, Krismudin hompomg muka macham anak sial, Bodohwi haiwan yang paling bodoh, dan lain sial dari UMNO.

  16. this what NEP of corrupted rejim racist umno is all abt.

    kononnya demi agama, bangsa & negara, rejim umno merompak, merogol & sodomise economy, wang & khazanah negara atas alasan NEP bantu melayu/bumi.

    salah laku rejim umno dihalalkan oleh JUNGLE LAW of OSA, PPP Act, Sedition Act & finally ISA dgn bantuan 'korek korek gomen machineries' ... polis, CAC, AG & hakim.

  17. I have high regards for your stand on truth, justice and morality as an exemplary Muslim. Well done.
    Regarding PAS objections to a Chinese heading PKNS, I am not fully convinced with latest statement from Hassan Ali that race was not a factor.
    In fact he had questioned why two other Malays were not chosen and that he was looking for other qualified MALAYS to take over the post.
    May I ask way Hassan did not admonish the senior executive of PKNS who has protested against Ms Low appointment?

    This was my take on the issue which appeared in Malaysia Today.

    s PAS running with Pakatan and hunting with UMNO?

    There are visibly two distinct groups in the party, both with different raison d'ētres. One group is holding religion as its forte. The other is neither here nor there – with a propensity to race based (pro-Malay) ideologies.

    The former is led by no other than its spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat with a strong following of forward-looking young Turks in the form of Husam Musa, Kamaruddin Jaafar, Khalid Samad and the like.

    The latter is a motley representation of leaders from all levels of the party- Mustapha Ali, Nasaruddin Mat Isa, Hassan Ali and Sallehudin Ayub with subtle support from party President Abdul Hadi Awang.

    To this group, Islam seems to be only a façade. Deep down within this group, it is Malay. It is more Malay than Muslim. We saw its face immediately after the March 8 general elections when it almost betrayed Pakatan and the voters by aligning itself with UMNO to form the Selangor State Government.

    The group is rearing its ugly head again and unashamedly so.

    Recently, Hadi Awang said that he would not accept a Pakatan Federal Government if Malay MPs are in the minority. Now, Selangor PAS Chief, Hassan Ali expressed his disappointment and objection to the appointed of a Chinese as head of PKNS. Sallehuddin is now defending the much abused NEP even though he is aware that it had been used by UMNO to enrich its leaders when the Malay poor had benefited nothing from it.

    If the party can object to the appointment of a non-Malay to a relatively lowly position of head of PKNS, how much more would it abhor a non-Malay heading more senior positions in the government in future? If they can betray the non-Malays even before it has won control of the Federal Government, I shudder to think what it will do to the non-Malays, when it eventually does.

    All PAS wants from the non-Malays is their vote! It's all about attaining power. Can we trust PAS to defend our cause, our hopes, our rights and our future? Is PAS any different from UMNO?

    This party is presently clinging and riding high on Anwar's charisma with sinister motives.

    A time may come when this party will desert Pakatan and Anwar. This group's present stance, which is coming to the fore , is diametrically in conflict with Anwar pronouncements of "the best from all races will be chosen for the job", "the NEP will be modified to help the needy regardless of race", "anak Melayu, anak Cina, anak India, anak Khadazan, anak Iban, anak saya".

    I am wary of PAS. If and when the party has won over majority Malay support and assumes the Corridors of Power ,it will abandon the non-Malays like an unwanted child.

    Unless the PAS leadership puts this group in its proper place and gets it to abide by Pakatan's manifesto, non-Malays should shun them.

    Should non-Malays lend support to the creation of a Frankenstein, a monster, that will ultimately destroy us?

  18. Ikrak ... ur summation of UMNO is one of the most expressive I've heard in a long time. I love listening to expressive people hve their say. I bet a lot of poeple agree with you.

  19. I beg to differ. Whats wrong with a non malay appointment? Why the big fuss? Malays were the one that put her to the earlier position. She must have merit to be chosen. If she is a corrupt employee its also the malays who gv her space to become one. I am also a Muslim malay. Halo frens.. dont be emotional lah.

    To my Selangor PAS frens:

    Kenapa tak buka kelas tusyen tak kisah lah kelas upsr ke pmr spm ke kelas bahasa inggeris ke kelas masakan jahitan muqaddam ke apa apa aja lah secara sukarela di kawasan tuan-tuan? Ikut kebolehan masing-masing tak kisah tuan doktor ke jurutera ke ikut kepakaran tuan-tuan lah buat kerja-kerja kebajikan.
    Buat apa nak kecoh-kecoh tentang jawatan di PKNS tu?

    Saya rasa tuan-tuan insan terpilih jd teruskanlah perjuangan dengan ikhlas dan berdedikasi.

    Maaf ye

  20. TB,

    saya memang menunggu komen dari saudara. Saya perhatikan pas sejak kebelakangan nie mentaliti mereka lebih kurang umno sahaja.

    Sebelum pilihanraya, islam,islam dan islam...tetapi sekarang lebih kepada melayu.

    Saudara tidak boleh menegur salehan mokhyi ke? dia tu kadang-kadang lebih sudu dari kuah!

  21. Mdm Low forget it jusssssssst decline the offer, afterall you dont need this job which comes with tones of idiotism. Let the corrupts continue to swindle their own people which is legitimate. Your help is not wanted, however good it is. Just go and do so shopping, cafe coffee, movie and dont give a damn.

  22. PAS is begining to prove that we had made the wrong choice by voting and placing our trust in them?! Lets see the real PAS by yearend and we can then conclude whether we made a horrible mistake
    which can never be repeated again

  23. I am interested at your comment that the other aspiring CEOs can't perform well in the interview. It does correspond with Teresa's observation that Low have everything under her fingertips. If PKNS does not want her, i think other companies will.

    ON the PAS statement on her, I do encourage PAS to muzakarah first before talking. They have been shooting themselves on the foot to often.

  24. No matter who head the PKNS .. as long as he/she can make PKNS a world class company why not ..

    Look at japan ..

    NISSAN CEO - Carlos Ghosn (Brazilian)
    SONY CEO - Sir Howard Stringer (English/Wales)

    And lots of big companies in US and EUROPE is leads by foreigner ..

  25. Dear Tulang Besi,
    Your title here is erroneous.Not only PKNS but the govt on the whole has done a lot for the malays,since the advent of the NEP,despite their practises of cronyism,nepotism etc, even merit and aptitude have been constantly overlooked in their quest to aid the malays.The malays have only themselves to blame if they cant make it.Many of these malay contractors like to sub let their contracts to chinese main contractors and are quite contended to get some meagre sum and enjoy themsleves,they just do not want to dirty their hands by taking those jobs on themselves and always find easy ways out instead of working hard.These malays just never seem to realize how lucky they are to be considered bumi and given those contracts at the expense of many other individuals who are not so lucky to born as or known as bumiputers though these people might be a 3rd generation proud malaysians who even prepared to work day and night by even camping by the project sites just to complete their job by the stipulated time.

    A point in case,as I heard first hand from at least 3 residents near Taman Mutiara Rini,close to the army training field in Skudai,Johor.About 3 yrs ago,a new stretch of road was constructed.What I noticed was part of the road was so poorly done,when I asked these residents ,they told me that,the bad part of the road was built by a bumi contractor and the other part by another contractor who is an Indian(no pun intended),I am merely highlighting this point just to share what was told to me by those residents,hence this could be the reason why the previous Selangor state govt could have given 75% of the contracts to the(most likely chinese)non-bumi contractors,because of their efficiency and reasonably good workmanship though they are notorious for fleecing their clients.Now when a qualified person is appointed to lead an organization which would only benefit the state in particular and the nation in general,there are so much of hue and cry,why?That too this appointment is only on a temporary basis until a suitable malay candidate is found.Why so much of fear and lose credibilty?We are all now living in a borderless world in a digital age,is this the way to behave?Aren't we all Malaysians,striving to take our beloved nation to greater heights?Let us all Malaysians help each other and not have a tunnel vision lest we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  26. What the country needs now are good and honest leaders, at times like this, when the economy is going to get worst. What we need are people with integrity, who can do proper job. We are now trapped in a time warp created by BN, that there is not one person at this moment who show any promise of doing the best for the country.The future Pm is embroiled in his own dilemma as he has come out clean on the murder case and the heli deal. People are losing faith in the system of governance and the feeling of apathy is creeping in daily.We all need GOD's guidence now.

  27. You are right, TB.

    Best Rergards.........

  28. Madam Low, please reject the offer and save the country from less politics....the world economy tsunami is already at our doorsteps and all our politicians are still focussing on who what to lead PKNS. who what wins UMNO president,UMNO youth, next MIC president,Soi Lek's post, signage languages can or cant, and a lot more kids stuff.The economy? NOBODY 's sure who is taking care of!


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