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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Addressing RPK's Concern with Islamic Penal Code/Hudud

Raja Petra Kamaruddin wrote a piece on the recent hudud controversy. Surprisingly he is not against “hudud” outright like most liberals do. (The piece is entitled THE HYPOCRISY IN MAN)

I especially agree to this particular suggestion from Raja Petra:

“Run a referendum. 10 million Malaysians are minors. 16 million Malaysians are of voting age. Get the 16 million Malaysians to decide. And let that referendum of 75% tell us what they want. And if 12 million Malaysians, representing 75% of eligible voters, vote in favour of Hudud, then let this be the law of the land. If not, forever hold your tongue and let the matter be given a decent burial.”
I am all for a referendum. Let all Malaysians decide whether they want the Islamic shariah laws or not. If they agrees, then the implementation of the law can be carried out without any noise being made by anyone after that. It’s a law that is specifically agreed upon by Malaysians.
However, there are a few concerns raised by Raja Petra in the article. Here, I will try to address them with historical facts.
Raja says:

“No, Hudud is not evil. Hudud is better than what we have now. But it can be worse if we want to make it so. And chances are the evil in man will make it worse. That is what makes the matter dicey.”
“Hudud” has been in practiced for 1400 years. From the first time it was first implemented by the Prophet, it has never stopped from being practiced until today.
My argument is simple. If Hudud is open to abuse and prone to evil in man, why hasn’t hudud been rejected by Muslims throughout the entire 1400 years?
If Hudud is easy to be abused, then it would not even last for more than 5 years after it was first implemented.
But it is an estadblished historical fact that “hudud” was removed from daily Muslim lives by colonial powers who invaded Muslim lands. Colonial powers like the British, French, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch etc. In fact these colonial powers used to execute and massacare Muslims for resisting their effort to replace “hudud’ with secular laws.
After independence, Muslim lands were ruled by secular elites created by the colonial powers from among the Muslims. These secular elites of the Muslims continued the Colonial anti Islamic law policies. And they are as vicious (if not more) as their former colonial masters. Not to mention more determined and motivated.
Power was always divided between the Ulama and the secular leaders. Power was never concentrated to the executive alone thanks to Shariah.

Muslim Secular Elites Are More Motivated In Preventing Hudud Than Their Colonial Masters

Now, why are the secular elites of the Muslims more motivated? Shariah has been the sole factor in preventing totalitarianism in the various Islamic Caliphates and Governments throughout the 1400 years of Islamic polity.
Throughout the 1400 years, various Muslim rulers are denied total control of their respective government through the implementation of Shariah.
Shariah is always the domain of the Islamic scholars (ulama) and as such Muslim rulers cannot pass laws and regulations as they please.
At the same time, the various Muslim rulers have their rule checked by the Ulama institutions and their movement are always limited.
When secularism is introduced in Muslim lands, the various secular Muslim rulers are aware of the threat that Shariah possess. They know that their total dominance can be compromised the day Shariah is introduced.

So, secular Muslims work overtime to prevent Shariah from being implemented in their respective “countries”. And the former colonial masters knows this and has properly briefed these secular elites of the threat that Shariah holds against their rule.
As a result we hear countless and repeated stories of islamists being jailed, murdered, raped, incarcerated, slandered, detained without trial and many more. Shariah is a threat to the dictatorial rule of various Muslim secular elites of the world. Therefore, Shariah must be prevented or these secular muslim rulers must be subjected to the same fate of the Muslim rulers before them.

Another historical fact that Muslim secular elites are very well aware of is the fact that despite the many times Muslim rulers and government have been toppled in the last 1400 years, the ulama rule was never touched or protested by the Muslim population. Despite the change in government, the same ulama running the shariah remains. The same institution is maintained and the same system is defended.
When the Colonials invaded Muslim lands, the first institution they destroyed was the ulama institution among the Muslim relegating the ulama to the role of mere teachers of Islam and nothing more.

Again, rule of Ulama on the Muslims is the direct handiwork of Western colonial powers who had invaded Muslim lands. Not a move taken by Muslims.
So, non Muslims should not be worried about Hudud or Shariah. It is a tried and tested system and not open to abuse. It’s proven beyond any doubt of it’s ability to deliver justice and to promote security and peace.

Tulang Besi
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When Israel Bombs and Kills Civilians, It's Not Terrorism?

Gaza is now under-siege and under constant barrage of Israeli artillery and heavy weapon fire. Not to mention lethal and indiscriminate airstrikes which almost surely will claim and already claimed numerous innocent lives. And the world just sits and watch as Israel release their massive firepower (courtesy of USA military industrial complex) on innocent women and children.

The sad thing is, and it's more of a double standard if you ask me, the world and especially Malaysians, was more voiceferous during the Mumbai terrorist strike as compared to what the Israelis are doing right now. There is very little condemnation coming from the various Human Rights groups as well. In fact there is hardly any worth mentioning.

The various liberal and human right and feminists group based in Washington DC and New York has remained silent in the wake of civilian massacare currently undertaken by the Israelis. I guess when it comes to Israel, the Human Rights charters does not apply. But when it comes to scholars of Islam, the full letter of the Human Rights charter is relevant.

The other sad part is anyone who highlights this fact is also deemed as sympathizers of terrorism. In order to avoid being labeled a terrorist sympathizer, one must remain silent to atrocities committed by the Western powers and not to mention Israel.

One must remain a constant hater of Muslims trying to defend themselves form israeli atrocities just to avoid being accused of being a terrorist sympathizer.

Israel is Very Good At Raising Sympathy

The average public is not to be blamed either for having such double standard in their view of terrorism. The reason for being so, is that Israel is good at raising sympathies.

For example, back in the 1970s there was a Neo Nazi rally held in Chicago that had sparked a lot of sympathy for Israel in America. After 20 years it turned out the leader of the Neo Nazi plus organizer was himself of Jewish decendent. He is so Jewish that he qualifies to receive Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.

Another is the story of 6 million Jews being killed by the Nazis. The trouble with this story is that more people died in the hands of the Russians as compared to the Jews. Yet, to date people only remembered the Jews and no one cares about the Ukrainian, Azeris, Chechens, Cossacks etc whom was massacared by the Russians.

Another example is their story of Palestine being their land and that they have been denied of a state for thousands of years. What is never mentioned is that the Jewish people have abandoned Israel since they were enslaved by the Nebucenassar. Twice they had the chance to return to Israel but they refused.

Plus, 90% of Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi which means they originated from Khazaria, an area in Georgia. They have no relations to the Jews mentioned in the Bible or the Quran. They are totally different people altogether.

They also go around the world saying that they are discriminated. But in truth Israel is the most racist state in the world. They are the last Apartheid state still in existence.

They are the most racists people on earth but they make racism a crime to others that is not of Jewish blood.

So there are so many inconsistencies and double standard when it comes to sympathizing with them.

But, we all tend to forget that.

Tulang Besi

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Khairy tu Sokong Hudud Sangat Ke?

Semenjak dua menjak ni, giat sangat Khairy Jamaluddin berkokok seluruh kampung kononya PAS dan Husam Musa berdolak dalik dalam isu hudud. Nasihat saya kepada Khairy Jamaluddin, jangan mengata dulang paku serpih. Sebelum nak nasihatkan Husam Musa nasihat dulu bini sendiri.

Bukan ke bini Khairy tu ahli Sisters in Islam. Dan bukankah Sisters in Islam ini musuh hudud dan islam nombor wahid di Malaysia? Kalau Khairy sayang sangat hudud, cuba ubah bini sendiri dulu, baru pikir nak ubah negara. Jangan jadi mengata orang dia yang lebih.

UMNO Itu Sendiri Anti Hudud

Logik nya cukup mudah. Sekiranya esok UMNO isytihar hendak laksana hudud, siapa yang boleh menentang?

Fakta sebenar adalah penghalang terbesar kepada perlaksanaan hukum Jenayah Islam adalah UMNO dan tiada orang lain.

Berkenaan dengan penentangan orang bukan islam, saya jamin mereka tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa sekiranya orang islam dan Melayu bersatu hati di dalam melaksanakan hukum hudud ini.

Hakikatnya, orang bukan Islam tiada sebab untuk menghalang perlaksanaan hukum jenayah syariah islam ini langsung.

Akhir kata, memang UMNO adalah parti yang bertanggungjawab menghalang perlaksanaan hukum syariah Islam di Malaysia, dan bukannya orang bukan Islam.

Sama je UMNO dengan orang bukan ISlam dalam isu hudud ini.

Tulang Besi

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Friday, December 26, 2008

MCA Trying to Capitalize on Hudud Issue Out of Desperation

MCA is really going to town on the Hudud issue. Funny, we never saw MCA doing the same thing during the various body snatching incidences?

For the life of me, why is MCA not questioning other Islamic practices in Malaysia, if they are so much in opposition to Hudud?

It seems they are really out to create feelings of uneasiness among the Pakatan Rakyat component parties. After their massive rejection during the 2008 elections, they are desperate to gain relevance yet again.

Trying to appeal to the fears of the non muslim community in Malaysia is the only thing MCA is capable is doing to save themselves.

Where Was MCA?

There were other inter-religous issue occuring before this courtesy of UMNO. Where was MCA then?

Where was MCA during the body snatching incidences? Where was MCA when UMNO made statements with regards to the status of non Malays in Malaysia?

Where were they? Why didn't they come down and demonstrate then? Is it because they agreed to UMNO's stand on Malay supremacy?

Hudud is a Non Issue

Again, let me remind all that Hudud is a non issue. For one, it will only be applied to MUSLIMS and therefore ALL NON MUSLIMS will be exempted.

Second, to deny Hudud is to deny Muslims from practicing their own religion. This is because Hudud and Qisas is part of Islam just like prayers and fasting.

If MCA claims to believe in freedom of religion, why do they resist the implementation of hudud? When prevented, Muslims are unable to practice their religion in totality. Is that a sign of MCA's support for freedom of religion?

MCA Wants Muslims To Continue With British COlonial Legacy

My other question to MCA is: does MCA wishes to prolonged the British colonial policy of the replacement of Islamic laws with common law, which was imposed upon Muslims in Malaysia during the British occupation of Malaya?

MCA must be made aware that the law of this land is hudud before the coming of British. In fact, the Chinese in Melaka, Kelantan, Terengganu was all living under hudud law long before the British came.

MCA's sudden resistance to hudud is a sign that they are nothing but a British lackey committed to continue British legacy in Malaysia.

At the end of the day, Muslims only want what is rightfully theirs, to practice their religion in totality.

Is that too much to ask?

Tulang Besi

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Purchase of IJN Prelude to Malaysia Healthcare Privatization

Sime Darby was given the inital OK to take over National Heart Institute. It is a shock how the government can come up with such decision in the first place. I mean what is really going through their minds when they reached this decision. Don't they know that privatized medicine is a spell for disaster for any nation? DO we want to import the horrors of the American HealthCare system into our borders?

It's a fact, according to WHO that France has the best healthcare system in the world and France has a 100% socialized healthcare system. The theory is that privatized medicine is supposed to provide the best medicine for a citizen of a country by practicing mean testing routine/

In other words, by limiting the number of people who can have access to healthcare, there will be more money to spend on better quality healthcare apparatus and personel.

This system is practiced in totality in America and in fact ever American is supposed to be proud of this system. Yet, WHO rates the American healthcare system at no 37 and Cuba at no 39.

So, the entire mean-testing theory is blown to apart. It's proven that such system only benefits the big corporations related to healthcare i.e. insurance companies, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals etc.

For example, Michael B McAllister earned $3.33 million in compensation as CEO of Humana. "Forbes 2006 Executive Pay list," April 20, 2006.

In America, average spending of healthcare per person is about USD 7400 per person. And, most of the money goes to making insurance companies, litigation lawyers, politicians, doctors rich.

At the same time, about 60 million Americans are without insurance or healthcare.

Who is Musa Hitam Trying to Kid

Musa Hitam is quoted as saying that poor people will not be effected by the privatization of IJN and that their fees will be guaranteed in terms of it's rate.

At the same time, he says the move in necessary because it will mean IJN can pay better salaries, buy better equipment, install better system and many more. My question to Musa Hitam is, will Sime Darby spend all this money and incurr all these losses out of the good of their hearts?

Our understanding of how corporations work is that every single cent they spend must generate profits in the shortest time possible. So, my other question to Musa Hitam is: had Sime Darby undergone a major behavioral change?

The reason for our public healthcare not up to par with private providers in Malaysia is because the government is not spending enough money on them. Money instead is spent on making cronies rich.

If France can provide world class healthcare system to it's citizen while maintaining the healthcare system 100% public, why can't Malaysia? That's my question to BN.

As for me, privatizing IJN is the first move towards privatizing our entire healthcare so that govt will have more money to make cronies richer.

Tulang Besi

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UMNO yang Tolak Hudud, Bukan PAS.

Kenapa Dato' Najib nak marah-marah pasal kenyataan Husam Musa pasal Hudud. kenapa yang Timbalan Presiden UMNO itu hendak terasa. Orang kata kalau takda angin masakan pokok bergoyang.

Hakikatnya, sejak dari merdeka UMNO lah penghalang perlaksanaan undang-undang shariah di Malaysia. Sejak dari meredka lagi, UMNO melekeh-lekehkan Undang-Undang shariah dan membuat seribu satu alasan serta tindakan menghalang perlaksanaan undang-undang shariah di Malaysia.

Saya nak tanya, sekiranya UMNO bersetuju melaksanakan undang-undang shariah di Malaysia, siapakah yang boleh menghalang?

Kelantan telah meluluskan Enakmen Syariah mereka yang membenarkan perlaksanaan Hukum Jenayah Syariah di Kelantan. Apa yang diperlukan hanyalah kelulusan di Parlimen sahaja bagi mengizinkan perlaksanaan tersebut.

Saya sudah lupa mekanisme yang sebenar tetapi apa yang saya ingat hanya diperlukan pindaan kepada Undang Undang Jenayah sahaja di Pusat bagi mengizinkan perlaksanaan Shariah di Kelantan secara total. Ia hanya memerlukan majoriti mudah di Parlimen, bermaksud ia memerlukan sokongan Ahli2 Parlimen dari UMNO.

Soalnya sekarang, adakah ahli2 Parlimen UMNO sanggup menyokong pindaan ini di Parlimen. Jawab Dato Najib jawab.

Tak payahlah nak cabar mencabar. Perkara ini telahpun dinyatakan kepada kepimpinan UMNO sebelum ini dengan jelas dan terang. Malangnya, kepimpinan UMNO tidak mahu memberi apa-apa kerjasama yang bermakna.

Menitis air mata saya apabila saya mengikatkan kata-kata Tok Guru Nik Aziz sewaktu berjumpa Dr. Mahathir semasa Enakmen Syariah Kelantan diluluskan satu masa dahulu. Beliau berkata bahawa tugas perlaksaan hukum syariah ini bukan isu politik. Ini adalah kewajiban setiap orang Islam terhadap Pencipta. Tok Guru tidak mahu mempolitikan isu ini sama sekali dan mahu bekerjasama dengan UMNO dalam perlaksanaan hukum ini.

Apabila dituduh Enakmen tersebut adalah "hudud PAS", pantas Tok Guru menjawab bahawa PAS mengalu-alukan hudud UMNO sekiranya mereka tidak gembira dengan enakmen yang diluluskan di Kelantan pada masa itu.

Soalnya sekarang, apa yang telah dilakukan oleh UMNO untuk memastikan perlaksaaan hukum jenayah syariah Islam di Malaysia?

Sekiranya UMNO Setuju, Tiada Halangan Walau Sedikit Pun Bagi Perlaksanaan Hukum Tersebut

Sila jawab wahai ahli2 UMNO sekelian. Sekiranya pimpinan UMNO setuju berganding bahu dengan PAS membenarkan perlaksanaan hukum jenayah syariah Islam, siapa di dalam Malaysia yang mampu menghalang?

Jawab wahai Dato Najib, Hisamuddin Tun Hussien, Khairy Jamaluddin, Isa Samad, Mohd Mohd Taib, Dr Mahathir Mohammad Iskandar Kutty dsbnya. Jawab jangan tak jawab.

Saya juga nak ingatkan semua ahli UMNO bahawa ANDA BERTANGGUNGJAWAB di atas ke tidak perlaksaaan hukum jenayah Islam di Malaysia ini. Anda SEMUA MEMPUNYAI SAHAM dan ANDA SEMUA KENA MENJAWAB DI AKHIRAT KELAK.

Saya tahu pada satu masa dahulu, Zainal Abidin Sakom telah disergah oleh Ketua2 Biro Agama UMNO seluruh Selangor tentang bilakah hendak dilaksanakan hukuman Syariah Islam di Malaysia? Forum tersebut bertujuan untuk menyerang Enakmen Syariah PAS di Terengganu telah bertukar menjadi majlis mencabar UMNO Selangor tentang bilakah perlaksanaan hukum ini akan berlaku. Saya mendapat tahu, Zainal Abidin Sakom terpaksa meninggalkan majlis lama sebelum majlis tamat. Kesian sungguh Zainal Sakom dan syabas Ketua2 Biro Agama UMNO yang hadzir pada masa itu.

Bagi saya, hukum Jenayah Syariah bukan isu politik. Ia tanggungjawab semua umat Islam dan kita mesti berganding bahu melaksanakannya bersama.


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CAUTION: MCA and BN Using The Hudud Issue to Break Up Pakatan Rakyat

I am seeing with my own eyes that NST and The Star is using the Hudud issue to the maximum. They want to play the issue up to strike fear factor among the Non Muslims, thus sowing seeds of doubt among Non Muslims voters of Pakatan Rakyat.
I also notice that minimum coverage is afforded by the Malay newspaper of the issue. This is understandable considering hudud is a good issue for PAS among the Malays. At the end of the day, the real reason why Hudud is not in practice in Malaysia is because of UMNO’s refusal to accord their full support.

The last time PAS and UMNO was united in pushing a program, it was the NEP. At that time, due to the united stand, the NEP was pushed through with relative ease. If UMNO wanted Hudud (aka Islamic Penal Code or IPC), their support would’ve ensured that.

Is Hudud A Real Issue for Non Muslims?

I fail to see how this issue is a bona fide issue for Non Muslims. Why??? Because the various shariah enactments approved in Kelantan and Terengganu states specifically that the Islamic Penal Code APPLIES ONLY TO MUSLIMS. Non Muslims are excluded altogether.

But, we look at how NST and The Star playing up the issue as if the law will be passed and applied to Non Muslims as well. Not one of the newspaper mentions the fact that the IPC will not be applied to Non Muslims.

Hudud (Islamic Penal Code) is Part of Islam Just Like Prayers and Fasting

Hudud (IPC) is never a political issue for Muslims. It is an obligation by all Muslims to be applied in their daily live as it is part of the Islam.

For Muslims demanding Islamic Penal Code is merely an act of demanding the right to practice their religion in it’s entirety. I believe all Non Muslims in this country are willing to respect the rights of Muslims to practice their religion completely.
Furthermore, the Islamic Penal Code has been in practiced in this land for the last 600 years preceeding the Malaysian Constitution. In fact, if it wasn’t for British Colonialism, the Islamic Penal Code will still be in practice here in Malaysia.

The British has a policy of changing existing Islamic laws of lands they conquered with their Common Law. As a result, they actually introduced more injustice and confusion into the Muslim community. For example, the Shariah has guaranteed inheritance to women for hundreds of years. But all this disappeared when the British came and replaced the Islamic Shariah with their Common Law.

The Islamic enactments we have today in Malaysia precedes our country’s constitution which means that it is not ultra-vires with our Constitution.

Islamic Penal Code Has Been in Practice for 1400 Years and Hasn't Ceased

Ever since the Islamic Penal Code has been enacted by The Prophet pbuh, it has never ceased from practice. It’s been 1400 years and yet until today it is still in practice.

In this day and age, we see various attempts by detractors to spread doubts about the law. But, in spite of all their efforts, the Muslims whose behind the law is in the majority. As we speak, the number of Muslims supporting Shariah and Islamic Penal Code is increasing.

This sole fact negates the notion that Islamic Penal Code is cruel and not in touch with time.

Some Twisted Accusations Against Islamic Penal Code

I shall try to highlight three most common accusations leveled against the Islamic Penal Code

1.0 IPC is barbaric and not in tune with time

REPLY: I agree considering the crime they are prescribed to is equally barbaric and cruel. I mean, adultery, fornication, intoxication, robbery etc are crimes practiced by barbarians.

The fact that modern men continue to practice them shows that elements of barbarianism still exists until now. Therefore, the “barbaric” punishment is still needed.

2.0 Islamic Penal Code is Unfair to Women

REPLY: So far, such accusation has remained a rhetoric. To date we are still waiting for hard evidence supporting this accusation

3.0 Islamic Penal Code Contradicts Human Rights

It's hard for this accusation to stand considering the existence of due process before sentence is passed.

How can human rights be violated when due process is given to those accused.
Plus all convictions are done without a shadow of doubt (not beyond any reasonable doubt).

Majority Of Muslim Detractors Against Islamic Penal Code Has Never Lived Under Islamic Penal Code

I dare make this statement. People like Sisters in Islam etc has never lived under rule of Islamic Penal Code.
I have experienced living under Islamic Penal Code for a lengthy period of time. Since I am not an adulterer, fornicator, thief, robber etc, I was never in trouble or effected.

In fact, life is peaceful and secured. You have one less worry in your mind. You don’t have to worry about the security of you life, your belongings, your family’s security etc. You basically live your life in tranquility and peace.
But when I came back to Malaysia, the first thing I read in the paper are reports on robbery, murder etc. Three days after I arrived in Malaysia, my friend’s office was robbed by 5 men with Parangs.

It’s funny that two weeks before I came back, two men was executed in public for the same crime. And robberies are like rare and very few in between and mostly committed by outsiders new to the country’s rule and regulations.

I also got to know that my aunty had her handbag snatched twice already in the last 3 months. This is the beauty of Common Law practiced in Malaysia. It benefits the criminals.

BN is Desperate. They Need to Break Up Pakatan Rakyat

Husam Musa said clearly that any move towards implementing the Islamic Penal Code (for Muslims only) will be done with the agreement of all parties in Pakatan Rakyat.
So what is the issue now? It will not be done unilaterally. It will be done with full consultation. But, it’s clear MCA and their talking heads like Wong Chun Wai needs to capitalize on this issue for their own survival.

But we should not allow them to benefit from this. This is an issue we can settle between us and we do not need outside hands from the BN to show us what is right.

Tulang Besi
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bush's War on Terror Been Given the Shoe

What can I say. George W Bush had one shoe thrown at him at a Press conference in Baghdad this week. He sent his army to Iraq to free Iraq from the dictator Saddam Hussein. On the day of the fall of Baghdad, there were footage of Saddam's statue being thrown with shoes. Now, on the eve of Bush's decension from power, he's got what Saddam's statue got. In fact, shoes were thrown only at Saddam's statue, not at Saddam himself. Not like Bush.

What Went Wrong With the War on Terror

Well, to start off with,it was never a war on terror. Countless innocent lives was lost due to American and Israeli indiscriminate bombings (aka surgical strikes) so much so that in the hearts of Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Labenese and the entire muslim world, the real terrorists are the Americans and Israelis.

To make things worse, the State Deparment decided to list legitimate and bona fide freedom fighters like Hizbullah, Hamas, Kashmiri Mujahideen etc as terrorist organizations.

Branding a group that has solid support from their people is a direct insult to the people themselve. For instance, HAMAS to average Palestinians are seen as heroes. Therefore, there is no reason for Hamas to be branded as terrorists when HAMAS has been so helpful to the average Palestinians.

Another Hizbullah. If it wasn't for Hibullah, Lubnan would be another Israeli state by now. THeir resolve and discipline plus perseverence in pursuing a guerilla warfare against the Israeli managed to drive the Isreali out of Lebanon. Yet, the state department labelled them as terrorist organization when the Speaker of Lebanon's legislature is from the Hizbullah.

At the same time, America have been inviting Sein Fein/IRA leaders to their Boston St Patrick Day's parade for the last 30 years. I think America should be branded as a terrorist state for their sympathy and support of the IRA all these years.

Bush's Liberation of Iraq is Only Worth One Shoe to Iraqis

Yup, much of what Bush have done for Iraq and Islam is seen to be worth not more than a shoe.

Ever since he launched his war on terror, Muslims have been villified, oppressed, lied upon, profiled, discriminated and many more.

And as Obama puts it so eloquently, if Bush was really interested in fighting terror, he would have stayed in Afghanistan until Osama Ben Laden is captured or killed.

In truth, the Afghan war is nothing more than a scheme to make DIck Chaney richer. The entire war is to allow Dick Chaney/Haliburton oil pipeline to be built from the Caspian down to Gulf of Bengal.

It's not a surprise that the American puppet, Hamid Karzai is a former Haliburton employee. Now he's a puppet president of Afghanistan.

And what about the entire line about bringing freedom to women in Afghanistan. Well, it seems that women are still oppressed in Afghanistan despite the absence of Taleban. In fact, women were better off under the Taleban because the Taleban instituted the Shariah courts which allowed inheritence to be given to women.

The current practice, which was there even during the time of King Zahir Shah rule, is that inheritence is never allowed to be given to daughters. There is a code that is practiced by the local Pusthuns called Pushtunwali which forbids such practice.

The Taleban on the other hand did not recognize PusthunWali and instead insitituted the Shariah court. And for once in about a couple of hundred years, women began to get inheritence from their fathers.

That is also the practice in Saudi. Even though women are not allowed to work, except as teachers and nurses, 40% of business in SAudi Arabia are owned by women.

But when the Americans came and toppled the Taleban for Dick Cheney's oil, women in AFghanistan was thrown back to their dark ages in a blink of an eye. The Pushtunwali was resurrected.

And I haven't begun to talk about Bush's War-on-Terror contribution to world's supply of heroin. The Taleban actually prohibited the planting of poppy. So, during their rule, all of the poppy crops in Afghanistan was destroyed, resulting in the reduction of supply of heroin in the world's market by 90%. This is understandable considering 90% of world's heroin comes from Afghanistan.

So, Bush is very instrumental in rescuing the supply of heroin in the world's market thru his war on terror programs. Next time u see a guy die from overdose of heroin, think of George Bush and his war on terror.

Bush Destruction of American Economy is Pale in Comparison to 911

Then again, what Bush has done to the American economy is pale in comparison to the 911 incident.

It will take 20 9-11 to match what Bush has done to the American financial sector. In fact, Osama is stupid. He should've just waited for George Bush to destroy his own country with his bare hands.

I mean, the Republican's small government policies are only effective among Americans. I mean Americans love to pay for their medical expenses through their noses. Plus, they don't mind going into bankruptcy each time they get some serious illness. And they do not mind their tax money being used to fight illegal wars abroad just to make their elites rich beyond their wildest dream.

So, the whole "war on terror" shenanigan. It's more like a smoke screen to allow Bush and his cabal to plunder America and the world. Not to mention villifying Islam to the maximum. And to ensure supply of heroin is restored.

And is the Taleban still alive? Yes. Osama is still free? Yes. Oil in Iraq is not flowing out? No. Democracy in Iraq? Only in the name.

So, what is so good about "War on Terror"? Nothing except you can get free shoes thrown at you.

Tulang Besi

And here is the rest of it.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reply to Aloysious Article in MalaysiaToday

Aloysius has responded to Khalid Samad’s earlier article with great haste. It can be read here. Khalid Samad took the trouble to reply as well and it can be read here.

I myself wish to undertake some of the points raise by Aloysius to bring more light to the issue. I shall pick and choose the some of the points raised by the article and rebut.

1.0 In so many words, Aloysius tries to paint a picture that the Medina Charter does not recognize the existence and rights of Polytheists which is very much in existence during the writing of the Medina Charter. Why? Because the name of the Polytheists tribes are not mentioned explicitly in the Medina Charter.

There is no mention because in the opening of the Charter the Polytheists are already referred to in the opening of the Charter:

"This is a document from Muhammad the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), governing relations between the Believers i.e. Muslims of Quraysh and Yathrib and those who followed them and worked hard with them. They form one nation -- Ummah.]

It’s only natural for the Poltheists Arab tribes not mention in it’s name because the Yathrib’s Muslims are also from the same tribe as the Yathrib polytheists. To distinguish them at that point of time would be a sign of disrespect for the Polytheist tribes who are hosting the Prophet at that time.So instead, the Polytheist tribes are mentioned by their function and roles at the time, and that is “those who followed them and work hard with them”.

This is normal in the Arabic language and the Arabic culture. That is why it is most important to understand the Medina Charter in it’s original language.Even Montgomery Watt agrees that the Medina Charter covers Polytheists tribe of Yathrib.

2.0 Aloysius says:
“The Muslim legal scholars are consistent in treating the payment of jizya as an act of humiliation and punishment for the ahl al-kitab.”:

He also cites an example:
“This function of the jizya is highlighted by the famous (to those who bother to study early Islamic history) case of the Banu Taghlib, a powerful Arab Christian tribe that refused to pay jizya because they were keenly aware of the humiliation this represented.”

REPLY: The truth is humiliation prescribed to People of the Book are for those tribes whom are recaltirant or aggressive against the Islamic rule. The humiliation treatment is a prescription made out of “ijtihad” (not from Al quran or Sunnah) with the objective of subduing Ahlul Kitab tribes into not rebelling against the Muslim rulers. It is a better treatment than the alternative, that is open war against rebellious tribes. A nation cannot survive if it’s subject are treacherous and traitorous.Notice also Aloysious failure to mention the fact that such “ijtihad” is only found in the works of later scholars. And there is no examples from the Prophet or the Companions to support such practice. Which means it is merely an opinion of the Scholars and not binding in terms of it’s rule. This is because during the time of the Prophet and Companions, the non-muslim tribes are less treacherous as the government was seen as stronger and in control.

3.0 Aloysius makes reference to the Treaty of Umar repeatedly and he cited examples of a Al Azhar scholars referring to the treaty in one of their edicts:

“Take for instance the fatwa produced by Sheikh Damanhuri of the al-Azhar in 1739, which can be found in his tract, Iqamat al-hujja al-bahira ‘ala kana’is Misr wa’l-Qahira. The Sheikh declares that all Christian churches should be either be destroyed or be allowed to fall into ruin. He cites Ibn Hibban’s version of the Pact of Umar, and says, “It follows that the practice of men who knew what is proper was to forbid the erection of new churches and to prevent the repair of old ones”

REPLY: First of all, the authenticity of the Treaty of Umar is now seriously in question even by Western scholars. A reference to Wikipedia says on the treaty of Umar says:

Western orientalists doubt the authenticity of the Pact, arguing that it is usually the victors, not the vanquished, who propose, or rather impose, the terms of peace, and that it is highly unlikely that the people who spoke no Arabic and knew nothing of Islam could draft such a document. Academic historians believe that the Pact of Umar in the form it is known today was a product of later jurists who attributed it to the venerated caliph Umar I in order to lend greater authority to their own opinions. The striking similarities between the Pact of Umar and the Theodesian and Justinian Codes suggest that perhaps much of the Pact of Umar was borrowed from these earlier codes by later Islamic jurists. At least some of the clauses of the pact mirror the measures first introduced by the Umayyad caliph Umar II or by the early Abbasid caliphs.[1]

And trust me, Ibnu Hibban is not a source that is replied upon for 100% authenticity. Why do you think “As Sahih Ibnu Hibban” is not ranked the same as “As Majmu As Sahih” of Al Bukhari?

And, the rest Khalid Samad has effectively rebutted in his article. Please remember that there is always another side of the coin when it comes to Islamic literature.

Al Qardhawi has highlighted one very important point when dealing with Orientalist. That is, their deficiency in the Arabic language. They are mostly lacking and found wanting when trying to read classical Islamic text due to their deficient command of Classical Arabic.

Al Qardhawi has highlighted so many misunderstanding of Orientalist due to their inability to understand Classical Islamic text which is written in Classical Arabic.

There are so many lies being floated by enemies of Islam in the cyberworld. Mostly these lies are concocted by orientalist with deficient command of Classical Arabic. Most of them studies the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and tries to read classical Islamic text. In short, they are not trained to read classical Islamic text.

I have seen with my own eyes how pupils are trained in Classical Arabic and these pupils started their Arabic training since they are 9 years old. These Orientalists only studies Arabic in matters of 2-3 years. It’s no wonder that they keep making mistakes after mistakes.

Tulang Besi

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Menjawab Beberapa Tuduhan Liar Terhadap Saya

Ada beberapa tuduhan liar yang saya baca dalam blog saya dari respon pembaca. Saya akan cuba menjawab sedaya yang mungkin:

Ada beberapa tuduhan liar yang saya baca dalam blog saya dari respon pembaca. Saya akan cuba menjawab sedaya yang mungkin:

1.0 AnonymousDagang said...

Siapa yg membocorkan rahsia mesyuarat di Langkawi tu adalah orang yg buruk akhlaknya, sbb membocorkan rahsia jemaah kepada umum termasuk TB. buat apa nk kecoh2,H.Ali adalah ketua,terimala keputusan dia.tak puas hati pasai apa?Melayu adalah islam lg , dan ramai miskin,kuatkan teras melayu,atau PASkan UMNO bkn masuk UMNO!jgn terlalu beri kepercayaan 100% sgt kpd Pakatan, sbb masing2 ada ideologi berlainan. aku setuju tindakan H.Ali, sbb dia lebih mirip sayang pd PAS dan melayu.

Jawapan: Saudara Dagang. UMNO tu bukan ideologi lain dari PAS ke? Kalau diorang ideologi sama dengan PAS dah lama PAS dgn UMNO bersatu, betul tak?

Juga memang betul Melayu adalah Islam tapi Islam mcmna? Melayu UMNO menghalang perlaksanaan Islam di Malaysia.

Orang bukan Islam pula tak marah Islam dijalankan asalkan tidak kena pada mereka. Jadi sapa yang lebih buruk?

Jgn marah saya kerana mempertahankan Pakatan Rakyat, marahlah juga Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Saya mengikut aje.

2.0 AnonymousPAS Sijangkang said...

Ana setuju comment Booti & Pinggiran.

Tak silap ana, Tulang Besi@Rahman Talib ni dulu masa PRU yang lepas duk bantu pimpinan PAS Sngor bersama Amin(ex GM KFC Holding).Tp Amin dah duk selesa dlm company UMNO. Tak terkejut tulisan anta(TB) saling tak tumpah ketua bahagian UMNO.

TB, kalau betul anta ahli PAS, kita ada saluran utk merungkai segala permasalahan.

PAS Sijangkang, berenti la buat fitnah. PRU dahulu saya kat Mesir. Mcmna nak tolong PAS Selangor.

Dan harus diingat, sewaktu Amin menjadi GM KFC Holdings, beliau kerap bermesyuarat dengan Presiden PAS dan AJK PAS Pusat kerana ofis beliau hampir dengan ofis Presiden PAS. Malahan Presiden PAS amat mengenali Amin.

Inilah dia sifat orang yang berakal tertutup lagi sempit. Sampai nak buat fitnah pun tak menjadi.

PAS Sijangkang, awak tu berapa lama jadi ahli PAS? Sijil ahli awak sapa tandatangan? No ahli awak mula dengan 3 ke?

Tak payah lah nak tuduh orang jadi mcm Ketua Bahagian UMNO. Aku masuk PAS masa kau berhingus lagi.

3.0 bnkterengganu said...

En.Rahman syabas anda telah banyak membantu kami membongkar cerita disebalik tabir.
Kami akan kutip satu-persatu tulisan tuan yang boleh digunapakai untuk PRK Kuala Terengganu.Kalau tuan sudi ayuh menulis dilaman kami

Jawapan: Pertamanya tak payahlah nak ucap tahniah kerana saya mendedahkan usaha puak-puak yang cuba membawa PAS masuk UMNO. Jadi usaha saya ini sebenarnya merugikan UMNO.

Bukan si Roslan SMS ni yang mengilhamkan penubuhan kerajaan PAS-UMNO di Selangor atas dasar perpaduan melayu?

4.0 Anonymous said...


Artikel ni mungkin betul, mungkin tidak sebab si penulis bukanlah ahli perhubungan PAS Selangor, bukan juga Jawatankuasa Harian Selangor, bukan juga pimpinan PAS Kawasan.

Bagaimana segala perjalanan yang berlaku di Langkawi, mesyuarat perhubungan, mesyuarat harian boleh diketahui. Sedangkan mesyuarat2 ini mempunyai kerahsiaan yang tersendiri sehinggakan minit mesyuarat pun tidak dibenarkan di bawa balik. Kalau benar maklumat yang diperkatakan, ini bermakna ada dikalangan ahli mesyuarat yang dgn sengaja menyalurkan maklumat secara diam.

Kalau betul yang diperkatakan, bertemu dgn pimpinan adalah yang terbaik bagi merungkai segala persoalaan.


Jawapan: Setakat yang saya baca dalam laporan Malaysiakini, tiada penafian dari mana-mana pemimpin PAS terhadap penafian saya ini. Saya mendapat maklumat dari sumber-sumber yang berada di Langkawi dan menghadiri mesyuarat Harian Selangor-PAS Pusat. Ertinya maklumat saya ini benar.

5.0 Anonymous said...


info ni ada juga betulnye..tapi saya rasa Khalid Samad dan Saari Sungib pun perlu diperhatikan juga.Latarbelakang 'mereka' berdua ni bagaimana pada awalnya.

Setelah kumpulan mereka ini berjaya mengharu-birukan Parti Keadilan Nasional, maka, ramai dikalangan mereka ini lompat masuk ke dalam PAS.

Untuk pengetahuan tuan, Khalid Samad sewaktu di England dulu adalah pengikut kumpulan Suara Al Islam. Kumpulan ini berlawan hebat dengan kumpulan IRC yang ditubuhkan oleh Saari Sungib dan kawan2.

Sekembalinya Khalid ke tanah air, terus beliau masuk PAS dan aktif dalam PAS. Saya ingat ceramah PAS pertama yang saya dengar adalah ceramah saudara Khalid Samad di Markaz Tarbiyyah Taman Melewar yang pada masa itu belum siap lagi. Kami semua mendengar ceramah sambil duduk di celah-celah bangunan Tmn Melewar yang belum siap.

Jadi tuduhan ini juga tidak benar.

6.0 Anonymous December 12, 2008 7:36 PM says:

Anta ni ahli jemaah Islam ke ni ? Tak reti adab dan displin jemaah, aku pun tak setuju jugak muzarakah dengan UMNO, dan aku juga pro Pakatan Rakyat dan menyokong pandangan Pak Khalid. Cuma cara Pak Khalid dan cara nta ni yang tak betul, dok dedah rahsia, dan masalah dalaman parti di Medan Terbuka.”

Jawapan: Abih nak buat camana. Pemecatan Khalid tu ada kena mengena dengan perbincangan di Langkawi. Kalau tak cerita kang, orang susah nak faham.

Saya berbelah bagi jugak nak bagitau tapi kalau tak bagitau orang tak tau cerita hujung pangkal.

Kita perlu ingat, Dato Hasan Ali telah melanggar keputusan Muktamar, PAS PUsat dengan Retreat di Langkawi dengan memecat Khalid Samad. Jadi, saya rasa tak salah saya dedahkan sikit berkaitan Langkawi tempohari.

Jangan takut sebab, selain dari pembentangan Dato Hasan Ali, semuanya berjalan dengan harmoni dan lancar. Takda apa-apa yang negatif berlaku di Langkawi selain dari perbincangan.

Banyak lagi benda lain yang dibincangkan di Langkawi tapi saya tak dedahkan langsung. Benda ni je saya terpaksa dedah.

Minta maaflah kalau saudara tersinggung. Dan komen ini tersiar dengan secara otomatik.

7.0 Tulang Manusia said...

Tulang Besi ni pun cerita bukan semua fakta dan betul. Ada juga tambah perasa lebih2 nak kasi sedap.

Sikit2 nak salahkan parti lain sbb masalah dalaman parti sendiri, mcm pondan dan budak kecik. Asyik2 nak salahkan UMNO le, parti itu ler...Bila nak maju tah.

Kalau suka sgt DAP pegi la peluk cium diaorg. Bodoh!

Jawapan: Orang UMNO marah kat saya kerana saya memerangi Fraksi UMNO dalam PAS. Hmmm tak boleh lah saya ni digelar agen UMNO ye?

8.0 AnonymousAnonymous said...

tulang besi2 artikel ko ni macam hampas...satu artikel yg penuh dgn hasad dengki yg x terpadam lagi....bila lah ko ni nak insaf tak payah berpura2 la yg ko ni sokong pas...hehehe...

Jawapan: Heran la komen ni. Mula-mula marah sampai maki-maki. Tapi last last boleh tergelak, tersengeh.

Ni nak marah ke nak bergurau????

9.0 Atas Pagar said...

Pasal Komen kau tu aku pertimbangkan base on respond from Dr Hasan..

Kalau ye pon buanglah Iklan Aidilfitri kat sebelah atas tu!! Syawal dah habis .. Aidiladha pon dah habis.. tak lama lagi dah nak Awal Muharram dah ahaha.

Jawapan: Atas nasihat saudara, saya telah membuang iklan Aidilfitri. Bukan tak nak buang awal tapi iklan tu cantik. Sedap mata memandang.

10.0 Anonymous said...

Encik Ab Rahman (Tulang), ada ofer untuk kau jadi Setiausaha sulit Khir Toyo. Kau kena pergi sendirilah di rumah dia dekat Glenmarie. Jawatan tu sesuai dengan kau.

Jawapan: Aikk dia nak amik ke aku kerja dengan dia lepas aku dedahkan penipuan dia dalam isu azan kat Masjid Kota Damansara tempohari?

Tu tak masuk berbakul-bakul aku dah kutuk kat batang hidung dia. Dalam Malaysiawaves, aku panggil dia Khir Toyo si Penipu. Dia masih nak amik aku kerja dengan dia ke?

Rumah kat Glenmarie? Mana dia cekau duit beli rumah dekat kelab golf? Poohhh loaded gile Khir Toyo ni ye.

Gaji aku lebih tinggi dari gaji MB Khir Toyo tapi rumah teres dua tingkat intermediate aku tu tak habis bayar lagi. Tak mampu.


Last sekali ada juga komen mcm di bawah ni:
“Anonymous said...

Sdr Rahman-Tulang, kau ni memang tak habis2 jadi 'Batu Api'. Seronok sangat kau tengok Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor porak peranda angkara kau. Apa yang kau cemburu sangat dengan Roslan tu. Dia ada hutang dengan kau? Setahu aku semua ahli Pas adalah pendukung Pas. Tiada fraksi UMNO kecuali kau sendiri Tulang yang jadi ejen umno sejak sekian lama.
Sepatutnya musuh kau ialah umno/BN. Ini tidak, musuh kau ialah jemaah Pas, pimpinan Pas. Apa punya manusia kau ni? Mengaku ahli jemaah Pas tapi tak habis2 mengadu domba, memfitnah, dengki khianat dan memecahbelahkan pimpinan. Halo bro, dah tak ada duit ke? Dah tak ada kerja ke? Bro Tulang, puak2 umno/BN sangat gembira dengan artikel kau yang berjaya memporak perandakan pentadbiran PAS Selangor.
Bro Tulang, kau masuk umno lagi baik! Kau dan artikel kau memang hampas!!

December 10, 2008 12:21 PM”

Yang ni saya tak tau nak jawab mcmna sebab ia lebih merupakan melepas perasaan yang dipendam sekian lama. Biarlah saudara melepaskan perasaan mcm ni sebab kalau biar tersimpan nanti boleh kena migraine lepas tu masuk spital. Tak nak pula menggangu kesihatan saudara.

Tulang Besi

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Monday, December 15, 2008

It's About Time Someone Stands Up to Proton

It seems Pakatan Rakyat state governments are standing up to Proton. So far, Perak, Selangor, Kedah and Penang has expressed their utmost desire to change their official cars from Proton to another brand. Selangor feels that they should change to a 4x4 while Kedah wants to change to Toyota Camry. They all agree. Proton gives them lousy cars that breaks down all too often and it costs them an arm and a leg to repair the cars each time they break down. But then again, it's what most Malaysians have experienced through and through.

Proton:The Failed Experiment of Dr. M and UMNO

According to most economists, for a car manufacturer to break even and reach Economies of Scale, they must be able to produce at least 1m cars per year.

Proton, at it's peak when it controls 65% of Malaysian domestic market only managed to produce 227,000 cars. And to make matters worse, Proton has never exported more than 20k cars per year.

So, it has now become a white elephant. It itself is a drain on our economy.

The funny thing is that Dr Mahathir was warned of Proton's impending failure back when the project was about to start. The consultants warned him that Malaysia just doesn't have a population big enough to provide a domestic market large enough to sustain Proton into a profitable entity.

According to them, a car manufacturing nation must have a population of at least 40m people. In fact, countries like Indonesia and Thailand would make a better country to have a national car.

Proton Cons Malaysians Just to Survive
According to a study conducted by JD Powers and Associates, Proton has the worst quality among all cars in the Malaysian market. It doesn't take a consultancy like JD Powers to convince average Malaysians about how "crappy" Proton is. I mean, a Toyota Corrolla 1979 is more reliable in terms of quality then a Proton Wira.

We've all had experience with Proton Wira. After using them for 3 years, we've probably changed at least 20% of all the parts in the car. The same goes story with Iswara and Waja.

In short, it's a crappy car and it's quality is non-existent.

But then again, there's nothing wrong with a low quality car. What's criminal is when the low quality car is sold at medium quality price range. Recall that for a Proton Wira 1.3 was sold at RM45-50k. The loan period is usually 5 years and one have to pay at least RM500 and above for it's installment.

For someone earning RM3k a month, that's almost 17% of one's income per month. Adding maintenance cost per month plus tol and gasoline, the total cost for maintaining a car runs to about 25% of one's income.

Then we have not even begun to talk about the price of Proton's spare parts. It's another area where Proton makes a killing and the spare parts rarely last more than 2 years anyways.

Isn't that criminal? A Proton Wira with the quality Malaysians are familiar with should be sold at not more than RM20k all in. In other words, Proton is making more than 100% profit above it's supposedly value. Plus they're making a killing out of services and spare parts.

In some countries, for RM50k you can actually buy a high quality Sedan like Hyundai Sonata.

How Does Proton Gets Away with Murder

Simple. What Dr Mahathir did was he jacked up the import duties of all other cars between 40%-300% range. Thus making other brands much more expensive to buy. So, that way, even if the price of Proton is doubled from it's true value, people will still feel it is cheaper to buy a Proton.

This made Proton uncompetitive. They are shielded and protected. They know they can come up with a wreck to sell and Malaysians will be forced to sell it. Kindda like car companies under the former Communist countries like Yugo and Skoda.

But since this is a Dr. Mahathir white elephant and so call national pride, none can say anything about it. Malaysians just have to bear the sufferings of owning a Proton and having to pay through their noses for a car that's so bad in quality.

Proton Prevented Malaysia from Becoming Asia's Automotive Hub

Because of Malaysia's refusal to liberalize the Malaysia's car market in order to protect Proton, major car manufacturers of the world like BMW and Mercedes chose Thailand instead of Malaysia to set up their Asia hub.

Now instead of Malaysia, Thailand is known as "the Detroit of Asia". Think of how much opportunities could have been created if Malaysia was chosen instead of Thailand?

Think of the amount of technology transferred, the number of jobs created, the amount of capital inflow into Malaysia, the hike in Malaysia's GDP. Think of how much good it will do to Malaysia.

And Proton workers will be the biggest beneficiary of all. Suddenly they will find vast job market for them work in. If they use to be a engineer in Proton, they could easily be chief engineer in some other plants and so on.

But because we want to protect Proton, we do away with all these opportunities just to protect the ego of one man name Dr Mahathir Mohammad Iskandar Kutty.

And let's take a peek at what Dr Mahathir's ego has prevented Malaysia from getting in terms of investment:

"Investment is pouring in. Last year(2003), Ford unveiled plans to spend $500m to expand production. Nissan, having forked out $190m to increase its stake in its local joint venture, is now investing another $250m on new assembly lines. Toyota will spend $750m, both to increase capacity and to set up a research and development facility. Even Mitsubishi, which is struggling elsewhere, has found $525m to invest in its booming Thai operations."

Proton Have Lousy Parts Manufacturers Too

The Proton Suppliers and Parts Manufacturers are also lousy. One of them is Ingress owned by Rameli Musa.

The guy tried to expand his business to Thailand and Indonesia but to no avail his effort have failed so far. So, he is reliant on Proton for the core of his business because of the monopolistic nature of his business.

So, when there is a potential regime change in Malaysia to Pakatan Rakyat, he started to panicked. He then influenced PAS leaders to form unholy alliance with UMNO in the spirit of Malay supremacy and unity.

The real reason for this is because he knows PAkatan Rakyat will favor liberalization of auto market and removal of protection for Proton. In an open market Ingress will fail just like it's failing in Thailand and Indonesia. So, whatever the means he must make sure BN will not fall.

All the story about Malay Supremacy and Malay dominance is nothing but hot air. The truth is he wants to protect his bread basket. So, let the corruption continue for all he care.

The story of Rameli Musa's involvement in bringing PAS to BN is told to us by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, if one were to recall. It's another example of a Malay entrepeneur being afraid to compete in the real world.

It's Time for Proton to Stop Conning Malaysians

As one article from The Economist puts it:

"Proton represents all that was wrong with Dr Mahathir's Malaysia: a firm born of nationalist ideals not commercial rationale, protected by old-style cronyism and never exposed to real competition. Like its creator, the best thing may be to let it go gently into retirement."


I am glad someone is standing up to Proton. Let Proton learn their lesson and realize that their bullying of Malaysian days are over. It's time for them to wake up and smell the coffee.

Go ahead Pakatan states. Go and buy Toyota Camrys, Toyota Harriers, Range Rovers etc. Just stop buying Protons. Lets teach them a lesson they will never forget.

Tulang Besi

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Clarification on my Article on the Mumbai Incident

The truth is no one supports the action taken by terrorist in Mumbai. Islam prohibits the killing and hurting of innocent human beings. In fact, Islam prohibits the killing or hurting of any living beings. There is a hadeeth in Sahih Bukhari of a women being sent to hell because she torchered her cat and a man sent to heaven because he gave a thirsty dog water. The man took the trouble to climb down a well and use his shoes to carry water up the well so the the dog can drink. For that the man is given passage to Heaven.

My entire article questions the double standard stand taken by most people when it comes to terrorism.

When it is oppressed Muslims who commits them, everyone will shout at the top of their voice condemning it.

But when the terrorists are the US Army or the Israeli Defence forces, who killed innocent women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan,Palestine etc, we hardly hear a whimper.

Even Aryn Baker of the Times magazine beliefs that Mumbai incident has it's roots in the discrimination and oppression the Muslims in India felt all this while. One can read her article below:

Or where are these voices when innocent Muslims are massacared in kashmir, Southern Thailand, Burma, India (gujurat), Lebanon, Maluku etc.

There is just deafening silence from the same people who comes out in arms protesting islamic terrorism.

This to me is double standard of the highest degree and such hypocrisy deserves utmost condemnation.

Are innocent Muslim blood means lesser than non Muslims

The Mumbai incident is a tit for tat for all the atrocities committed by the Indian army in kashmir.

Nonetheless, the average Indians in Mumbai are innocent and should not be subjected to the revene sought by the Mumbai perpetrators.

But, then again, desperate people will resort to desperate measure.

Put ourselves in their shoes. Would we resort to such acts if our sisters, mothers, daugthers are raped right in front of our eyes? would we do such thing if our children are shot in cold blood.

That's also the reason why some of the Palestinian suicide bombers are Christians.

At the end of the day, it's not about terrorism. It's merely an act of revenge.

Tulang Besi

Behind the Mumbai Massacre: India's Muslims in Crisis [in-depth]

By Aryn Baker

The disembodied voice was chilling in its rage. A gunman, holed up in Mumbai's Oberoi Trident hotel where some 40 people had been taken hostage, told an Indian news channel that the attacks were revenge for the persecution of Muslims in India. "We love this as our country but when our mothers and sisters were being killed, where was everybody?" he asked via telephone. No answer came. But then he probably wasn't expecting one.

The roots of Muslim rage run deep in India, nourished by a long-held sense of injustice over what many Indian Muslims believe is institutionalized discrimination against the country's largest minority group. The disparities between Muslims, which make up 13.4% of the population, and India's Hindu population, which hovers around 80%, are striking. There are exceptions, of course, but generally speaking Muslim Indians have shorter life spans, worse health, lower literacy levels, and lower-paying jobs. Add to that toxic brew the lingering resentment over 2002's anti-Muslim riots in the state of Gujarat. The riots, instigated by Hindu nationalists, killed some 2000 people, most of them Muslim. To this day, few of the perpetrators have been convicted. See pictures of the terrorist shootings in Mumbai.

The huge gap between Muslims and Hindus will continue to haunt India's, and neighboring Pakistan's, progress towards peace and prosperity. But before inter-communal relations can improve there is an even bigger problem that must first be worked out: the schism in subcontinental Islam, and the religion's place and role in modern India and Pakistan. It is a crisis 150 years in the making.

The Beginning of the Problem
On the afternoon of March 29, 1857, Mangal Pandey, a handsome, mustachioed soldier in the East India Company's native regiment, attacked his British lieutenant. His hanging a week later sparked a subcontinental revolt known to Indians as the first war of independence and to the British as the Sepoy Mutiny. Retribution was swift, and though Pandey was a Hindu, it was the subcontinent's Muslims, whose Mughal King nominally held power in Delhi, who bore the brunt of British rage. The remnants of the Mughal Empire were dismantled, and five hundred years of Muslim supremacy on the subcontinent was brought to a halt.

Muslim society in India collapsed. The British imposed English as the official language. The impact was cataclysmic. Muslims went from near 100% literacy to 20% within a half-century. The country's educated Muslim √©lite was effectively blocked from administrative jobs in the government. Between 1858 and 1878, only 57 out of 3,100 graduates of Calcutta University — then the center of South Asian education — were Muslim. While discrimination by both Hindus and the British played a role, it was as if the whole of Muslim society had retreated to lick its collective wounds.

From this period of introspection two rival movements emerged to foster an Islamic ascendancy. Revivalist groups blamed the collapse of their empire on a society that had strayed too far from the teachings of the Koran. They promoted a return to a more pure form of Islam, modeled on the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Others embraced the modern ways of their new rulers, seeking Muslim advancement through the pursuit of Western sciences, culture and law. From these movements two great Islamic institutions were born: Darul Uloom Deoband in northern India, rivaled only by al-Azhar University in Cairo for its teaching of Islam, and Aligarh Muslim University, a secular institution that promoted Muslim culture, philosophy and languages, but left religion to the mosque. These two schools embody the fundamental split that continues to divide Islam in the subcontinent today. "You could say that Deoband and Aligarh are husband and wife, born from the same historical events," says Adil Siddiqui, information coordinator for Deoband. "But they live at daggers drawn."

The campus at Deoband is only a three-hour drive from New Delhi through the modern megasuburb of Noida. Strip malls and monster shopping complexes have consumed many of the mango groves that once framed the road to Deoband, but the contemporary world stops at the gate. The courtyards are packed with bearded young men wearing long, collared shirts and white caps. The air thrums with the voices of hundreds of students reciting the Koran from open-door classrooms.
Founded in 1866, the Deoband School quickly set itself apart from other traditional madrasahs, which were usually based in the home of the village mosque's prayer leader. Deoband's founders, a group of Muslim scholars from New Delhi, instituted a regimented system of classrooms, coursework, texts and exams. Instruction is in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, and the curriculum closely follows the teachings of the 18th century Indian Islamic scholar Mullah Nizamuddin Sehalvi. Graduates go on to study at Cairo's al-Azhar and Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia, or found their own Deobandi institutions.

Today, more than 9,000 Deobandi madrasahs are scattered throughout India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, most infamously the Dara-ul-Uloom Haqaniya Akora Khattak, near Peshawar, where Mullah Mohammed Omar, and several other leaders of Afghanistan's Taliban first tasted a life lived in accordance with Shari'a. Siddiqui visibly stiffens when those names are brought up. They have become synonymous with Islamic radicalism, and Siddiqui is careful to disassociate his institution from those that carry on its traditions, without actually condemning their actions. "Our books are being taught there," he says. "They have the same system and rules. But if someone is following the path of terrorism, it is because of local compulsions and local politics."

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of the Anglo-Mohammedan Oriental College at Aligarh in 1877, studied under the same teachers as the founders of Deoband. But he believed that the downfall of India's Muslims was due to their unwillingness to embrace modern ways. He decoupled religion from education, and in his school sought to emulate the culture and training of India's new colonial masters. Islamic culture was part of the curriculum, but so were the latest advances in sciences, medicine and Western philosophy. The medium was English, the better to prepare students for civil-service jobs. He called his school the Oxford of the East. In architecture alone, the campus lives up to that name. A euphoric blend of clock towers, crenellated battlements, Mughal arches, domes and the staid red brick of Victorian institutions that only India's enthusiastic embrace of all things European could produce, the central campus of Aligarh today is haven to a diverse crowd of male, female, Hindu and Muslim students. Its law and medicine schools are among the top-ranked in India, but so are its arts faculty and Quranic Studies Centre. "With all this diversity, language, culture, secularism was the only way to go forward as a nation," says Aligarh's vice-chancellor, P.K. Abdul Azis. "It was the new religion."

This fracture in religious doctrine — whether Islam should embrace the modern or revert to its fundamental origins — between two schools less than a day's donkey ride apart when they were founded, was barely remarked upon at the time. But over the course of the next 100 years, that tiny crack would split Islam into two warring ideologies with repercussions that reverberate around the world to this day. Before the split manifested into crisis, however, the founders of both the Deoband and Aligarh universities shared the common goal of an independent India. Pedagogical leanings were overlooked as students and staff of both institutions joined with Hindus across the subcontinent to remove the yoke of colonial rule in the early decades of the 20th century.

Two Faiths, Two Nations
But nationalistic trends were pulling at the fragile alliance, and India began to splinter along ethnic and religious lines. Following World War I, a populist Muslim poet-philosopher by the name of Muhammad Iqbal framed the Islamic zeitgeist when he questioned the position of minority Muslims in a future, independent India. The solution, Iqbal proposed, was an independent state for Muslim-majority provinces in northwestern India, a separate country where Muslims would rule themselves. The idea of Pakistan was born.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Savile Row-suited lawyer who midwifed Pakistan into existence on Aug. 14, 1947, was notoriously ambiguous about how he envisioned the country once it became an independent state. Both he and Iqbal, who were friends until the poet's death in 1938, had repeatedly stated their dream for a "modern, moderate and very enlightened Pakistan," says Sharifuddin Pirzada, Jinnah's personal secretary. Jinnah's own wish was that the Pakistani people, as members of a new, modern and democratic nation, would decide the country's direction.

But rarely in Pakistan's history have its people lived Jinnah's vision for a modern Muslim democracy. Only three times in its 62-year history has Pakistan seen a peaceful, democratic transition of power. With four disparate provinces, over a dozen languages and dialects, and powerful neighbors, leaders — be they Presidents, Prime Ministers or army chiefs — have been forced to knit the nation together with the only thing Pakistanis have in common: religion.

Following the 1971 civil war, when East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, broke away, the populist Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto embarked on a Muslim identity program to prevent the country from fracturing further. General Mohammed Zia ul-Haq continued the Islamization campaign when he overthrew Bhutto in 1977, hoping to garner favor with the religious parties, the only constituency available to a military dictator. He instituted Shari'a courts, made blasphemy illegal, and established laws that punished fornicators with lashes and held that rape victims could be convicted of adultery. When the Soviet Union invaded neighboring Afghanistan in December 1979, Pakistan was already poised for its own Islamic revolution.

Almost overnight, thousands of refugees poured over the border into Pakistan. Camps mushroomed, and so did madrasahs. Ostensibly created to educate the refugees, they provided the ideal recruiting ground for a new breed of soldier: mujahedin, or holy warriors, trained to vanquish the infidel invaders in America's proxy war with the Soviet Union. Thousands of Pakistanis joined fellow Muslims from across the world to fight the Soviets. As far away as Karachi, high-school kids started wearing "jihadi jackets," the pocketed vests popular with the mujahedin. Says Hamid Gul, then head of the Pakistan intelligence agency charged with arming and training the mujahedin: "In the 1980s, the world watched the people of Afghanistan stand up to tyranny, oppression and slavery. The spirit of jihad was rekindled, and it gave a new vision to the youth of Pakistan."

But jihad, as it is described in the Koran, does not end merely with political gain. It ends in a perfect Islamic state. The West's, and Pakistan's, cynical resurrection of something so profoundly powerful and complex unleashed a force whose roots can be found in al-Qaeda's rage, the Taliban's dream of an Islamic utopia in Afghanistan, and in the dozens of radical Islamic groups rapidly replicating themselves in India and around the world today. "The promise of jihad was never fulfilled," says Gul. "Is it any wonder the fighting continues to this day?" Religion may have been used to unite Pakistan, but it is also tearing it apart.

India Today
In India, Islam is, in contrast, the other — purged by the British, denigrated by the Hindu right, mistrusted by the majority, marginalized by society. India has nearly as many Muslims as all of Pakistan, but in a nation of more than a billion, they are still a minority, with all the burdens that minorities anywhere carry. Government surveys show that Muslims live shorter, poorer and unhealthier lives than Hindus and are often excluded from the better jobs. To be sure, there are Muslim success stories in the booming economy. Azim Premji, the founder of the outsourcing giant Wipro, is one of the richest individuals in India. But, for many Muslims, the inequality of the boom has reinforced their exclusion.

Kashmir, a Muslim-dominated state whose fate had been left undecided in the chaos that led up to partition, remains a suppurating wound in India's Muslim psyche. As the cause of three wars between India and Pakistan — one of which nearly went nuclear in 1999 — Kashmir has become a symbol of profound injustice to Indian Muslims who believe that their government cares little for Kashmir's claim of independence, which is based upon a 1948 U.N. resolution promising a plebiscite to determine the Kashmiri people's future. That frustration has spilled into the rest of India in the form of several devastating terrorist attacks that have made Indian Muslims both perpetrators and victims.

A mounting sense of persecution, fueled by the government's seeming reluctance to address the brutal anti-Muslim riots that killed more than 2,000 in the state of Gujarat in 2002, has aided the cause of homegrown militant groups. They include the banned Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), which was accused of detonating nine bombs in Bombay during the course of 2003, killing close to 80. The 2006 terrorist attacks on the Bombay commuter rail system that killed 183 people were also blamed on SIMI, as well as the pro-Kashmir Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT). Those incidents exposed the all-too-common Hindu belief that Muslims aren't really Indian. "LeT, SIMI, it doesn't matter who was behind these attacks. They are all children of [Pervez] Musharraf," sneered Manish Shah, a Mumbai resident who lost his best friend in the explosions, referring to the then president of Pakistan. In India, unlike Pakistan, Islam does not unify, but divide.

Still, many South Asian Muslims insist Islam is the one and only force that can bring the subcontinent together and return it to preeminence as a single whole. "We [Muslims] were the legal rulers of India, and in 1857 the British took that away from us," says Tarik Jan, a gentle-mannered scholar at Islamabad's Institute of Policy Studies. "In 1947 they should have given that back to the Muslims." Jan is no militant, but he pines for the golden era of the Mughal period in the 1700s, and has a fervent desire to see India, Pakistan and Bangladesh reunited under Islamic rule.

That sense of injustice is at the root of Muslim identity today. It has permeated every aspect of society, and forms the basis of rising Islamic radicalism on the subcontinent. "People are hungry for justice," says Ahmed Rashid, Pakistani journalist and author of the new book Descent Into Chaos. "It is perceived to be the fundamental promise of the Koran." These twin phenomena — the longing many Muslims have to see their religion restored as the subcontinent's core, and the marks of both piety and extremism Islam bears — reflect the lack of strong political and civic institutions in the region for people to have faith in. If the subcontinent's governments can't provide those institutions, then terrorists such as the Trident's mysterious caller, will continue asking questions. And providing their own answers.

With reporting by Jyoti Thottam / Mumbai and Ershad Mahmud / Islamabad

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