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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Purchase of IJN Prelude to Malaysia Healthcare Privatization

Sime Darby was given the inital OK to take over National Heart Institute. It is a shock how the government can come up with such decision in the first place. I mean what is really going through their minds when they reached this decision. Don't they know that privatized medicine is a spell for disaster for any nation? DO we want to import the horrors of the American HealthCare system into our borders?

It's a fact, according to WHO that France has the best healthcare system in the world and France has a 100% socialized healthcare system. The theory is that privatized medicine is supposed to provide the best medicine for a citizen of a country by practicing mean testing routine/

In other words, by limiting the number of people who can have access to healthcare, there will be more money to spend on better quality healthcare apparatus and personel.

This system is practiced in totality in America and in fact ever American is supposed to be proud of this system. Yet, WHO rates the American healthcare system at no 37 and Cuba at no 39.

So, the entire mean-testing theory is blown to apart. It's proven that such system only benefits the big corporations related to healthcare i.e. insurance companies, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals etc.

For example, Michael B McAllister earned $3.33 million in compensation as CEO of Humana. "Forbes 2006 Executive Pay list," April 20, 2006.

In America, average spending of healthcare per person is about USD 7400 per person. And, most of the money goes to making insurance companies, litigation lawyers, politicians, doctors rich.

At the same time, about 60 million Americans are without insurance or healthcare.

Who is Musa Hitam Trying to Kid

Musa Hitam is quoted as saying that poor people will not be effected by the privatization of IJN and that their fees will be guaranteed in terms of it's rate.

At the same time, he says the move in necessary because it will mean IJN can pay better salaries, buy better equipment, install better system and many more. My question to Musa Hitam is, will Sime Darby spend all this money and incurr all these losses out of the good of their hearts?

Our understanding of how corporations work is that every single cent they spend must generate profits in the shortest time possible. So, my other question to Musa Hitam is: had Sime Darby undergone a major behavioral change?

The reason for our public healthcare not up to par with private providers in Malaysia is because the government is not spending enough money on them. Money instead is spent on making cronies rich.

If France can provide world class healthcare system to it's citizen while maintaining the healthcare system 100% public, why can't Malaysia? That's my question to BN.

As for me, privatizing IJN is the first move towards privatizing our entire healthcare so that govt will have more money to make cronies richer.

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1 comment:

  1. These corrupted people are scared to death. In selfishness, they want IJN's services to take precedence on them. They do not care enough about what happens to the ordinary citizens of Malaysia.

    Best Regards.........


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