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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Erdogan Bertikam Lidah Dengan Yahudi di Davos

Benar cerita ini. Erdogan telah bertikam lidah secara terbuka dengan Presiden Israel di Forum Ekonomi Dunia di Davos Swizerland.

Mengikut laporan agensi pro Zionis, BBC, Erdogan telah bercakap dengan nada yang keras mempertahankan hak rakyat Palestin dan mengecam tindakan Israel. Shimon Peres pula juga berhujjah dengan agak emosional mempertahankan hak Israel.

Erdogan pula telah mengambil sikap meninggalkan debat tersebut lebih awal kerana sikap pengerusi forum, kolumnis akhbar "Washington Post" bernama David Ignatius, yang berat sebelah dan hanya memberikan Erdogan 12 minit berhujjah berbanding Shimon Peres yang mendapat 25 minit.

Erdogan juga mengecam sikap hadirin yang memberikan tepukan dan sokongan yang kuat kepada ucapan Shimon Peres dengan berkata "saya rasa sedih mereka memberi tepukan kepada ucapan awak (Peres). Awak telah membunuh orang dan ianya adalah tindakan yang sangat salah".

Laporan imi boleh dibaca di website BBC bertajuk "Turkish PM storms off in Gaza row".

Sekembali Erdogan ke Turki beliau telah diberikan sambutan "wira negara" oleh ribuan rakyat Turki. Laporan tersebut boleh dibaca di sini..

Seingat saya, Erdogan adalah pemimpin gerakan Islam yang berjaya memalukan pemimpin Israel di khalayak dunia. Saya rasa mana-mana aktivis Islam wajib merasa bangga terhadap tindakan Erdogan ini kerana tindakan Erdogan merupakan tindakan yang amat membanggakan kepada semua ahli harakah Islamiyyah sedunia.

Tulang Besi

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Real Enemy of FEMINISM is Not Discrimination. It's Patriachy

Many are fooled by western liberal propaganda that feminism represents a struggle to equality and fairness. In truth, it is anything but that. Their real agenda is the destruction of the family institution. In Malaysia, to confuse the Muslims, Feminists hide behind the name of Islam and call themselves with names such as "Sisters in Islam".

We see in the West, when feminists policies are infused into their family laws and legal system, it has resulted in catastrophic increase of divorce rates and a total breakdown of the family institutions.

They claim they are fighting for equality of women at workplace when what they are doing is trying to make labor cheap for the major corporations in Western countries. Now that the economy has faltered, many women has discovered that they've lost both their careers and their families. The real winners are the major corporations which has benefited from the cheap labor women has provided them.

Many women now lived their old life in nursing homes alone and neglected. None of their children wants to care for them because their mothers were more concerned about their work at office compared to their children.

So, now the tables are turned. I guess the saying "you reap what you sow" is a very realistic sayings. Women liberation has resulted in women losing everything: their careers, their children, thei families and their lives. They are no more that an instrument to make major corporations rich helped by feminists which in turn are funded by major corporations.

Below is an article related to the true nature of feminsim entitled "ELIMINATION OF THE FAMILY"


All groupings have an authority from which all direction emanates.

This truism applies to insects, fish, flora, mammals, and humans. It also applies to what we refer to as inanimate life such as planets and suns, and atoms and molecules.

All organizations such as clubs, teams, businesses, and religions have their authoritative heads. Community, fraternal, educational, governmental, and social groupings have their top authority. This authority might be elected, appointed, inherited or just agreed upon by its members and might be called, chief, chairman, president, manger, coach, captain, priest, rabbi, imam, pastor, or leader.

Every grouping contains a directing influence that guides it to its collective destination, or at the least, helps to preserve it. This structure and activity is a manifestation of the universal principle of gender; the assertive masculine influence providing the environment and direction for the receptive feminine entity. No action can take place in the universe without the interplay of gender.

The largest celestial groupings known as galaxies consist of millions of stars and planets held together gravitationally and moving collectively in the same direction through space. A subcomponent of a galaxy is a solar system. All the planets within the system move in the same direction as the Sun and are completely under its control. In the atom the electrons—the feminine principle of electricity—rotate about the nucleus. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy the unseen power of the masculine principle provides the direction and structure of the grouping.

Every flock of chickens has a rooster at its head and every gaggle of geese has its gander. Every herd of deer and cows has it stag or bull to lead it. The male lion heads the pride. No group can survive without a head, leader, or final authority. We all know this.

Why then has society removed the head of the family?

There are those who say that the family has become obsolete. It hasn’t become obsolete; it has been eliminated. Removing the man as its head had the same effect as removing the Sun from the solar system, it would collapse and cease to be. We have removed the man, family has collapsed and ceased be. We have produced a generation that believes in government as the provider of its well-being. It has no choice; the family has been eliminated.

The elimination of the family has been accepted on a national basis. None of the presidential candidates mentioned family in presidential primaries, neither party mentioned it in their platforms, and the inaugural address made no mention of it. The psyche of the nation no longer focuses on family.

The philosophy of Plato—which called for the turning over of children to the state—has now become a reality. Mothers actually brag at how early they have entered their children into pre school programs. We insist on schools feeding our children instead of parents preparing their lunches at home. We have eliminated home taught ethics and the resultant moral behavior and substituted it with after school indoctrination of legal and illegal. We have become a nation of automaton workers and programmed consumers—jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production—while the government controls every aspect of our lives. We brag about that condition as though it were an enlightened way of life.

We ask the government to provide health care, economic well-being, and educational opportunities. Government has been made into a God upon whom our very lives depend.
Accordingly, we worship this God and the priesthood that carries out its instructions.

Let me be clear—the family has been destroyed by ignorance of the universal principle of gender. No amount of legislation or government tinkering can re-establish the family as a viable grouping. Government destroyed the family; how could it possibly re-establish it? Re-establishment of the family can only occur by working outside of the government, outside of the system, and by realizing that a family must have its head and that head is man.

The function of all life is to propagate and preserve itself so that we can grow spiritually. The masculine principle provides the environment and the means for the feminine principle to bring forth life and nurture it. It does this through organization, structure, and ethics. The traits and characteristics of each gender become the attributes that enable the propagation and preservation of the species.

Family is an organization. Like all organizations it requires leadership. The male is designed for that role. There is no substitute.

If you understand that family is the only viable structure for human kind and want to do something about it, then become involved in Men’s Action. We have a message. We understand the universal principle of gender and know that society can only function properly with the natural interplay of gender called patriarchy. Patriarchy is family.

Our mission statement: To Foster a Natural Way of Life for Humankind, is patriarchy.

Men make families. The state makes slaves. You have two options and one choice. Which will it be, the rule of men or the rule of the state?


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Perak Defections Signals UMNO Disintegration? Some Inside Information

A source from inside UMNO Perak is telling me that the mood in Perak UMNO is very depressing. Everyone is not speaking and anyone showing any signs of being cheerful will be a turncoat suspect. One will have to enter the UMNO building in Ipoh with a noticable frown to escape suspicion.

The depressed mood is understandable. For the last couple of months, the mood was confident of a change in government. Everyone in UMNO Perak has been talking about a defection to UMNO. In fact, the common tone is that the defection to UMNO is as sure as the sun rising up in the East.

However, such confidence is killing UMNO. Since UMNO Perak's confidence of a change in government is at an all time high, the UMNO elections is being used as a golden opportunity by state leaders to rid of certain individuals in the party heirachy. So concerted efforts were made by a certain liason chief to end the political career of certain leaders whom is deemed as "non aligned".

The clean up effort was done aggresively and with vigour. After all, with the impending formation of a new state government, it will make the control of the new MB more absolute.

Steps that was taken is deemed to be brutal up to a point that many of the victims saw it as an act of utter disrespect. The act is seen as a bridge burning act and the animosity between the UMNO factions has reached a point of no return.

High Confidence Level Had Worked Against UMNO Perak

These victims whom have been offended and embarassed by the certain state liason chief have decided to return the favor. One of them, Bota assemblyman, decided to cross over as a sign of utter disrespect. Plus, there is nothing left for him in politics should he remain in UMNO, anyways.

He'd be better off serving the people in Pakatan Rakyat. And he is sure to earn respect and admiration from PR members and supporters.

Najib Has Had To Come To The Rescue

Word on the Ipoh streets are saying that Tajol Rosli will be dropped like a last semester French.

Najib will come in and manage Perak directly from Putrajaya and PWTC. Disenchanted UMNO leaders had to be wooded to remain in UMNO's fold. Tajol had to be villfied by Najib and Najib has to apologized for Tajol's sin.

Tajol Rosli on the other hand has no explanation for the tragedy. What was once so close now has become so very far.

Tajol probably will have to find another job come next election because what I've heard from UMNO's grapevines, Najib is putting the blame solely on Tajol's shoulders.

PR Perak Is An Examplary Model for All Pakatan Rakyat Governments

We must tip our hats to Pakatan Rakyat's government in PErak. They discussed everything at the PR level before reaching any decisions. They compromise between each other and they understand each other.

As a result, friction between the parties is minimized. And it makes administrating the state much easier than other states.

It's also not a surprise that the first state to register a defection is Perak. Since the Perak government is so examplary and stable, it makes every UMNO assemblymen long for the serenity enjoyed by Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen.

This is not a case of "grass is greener on the other side". In this case, the grass is truly greener on the other side. And UMNO assemblymen knows that.

Tulang Besi

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UMNO Perak Dalam Kemurungan Angkara Lompat Parti

Sahabat saya memberitahu bahawa keseluruhan UMNO Perak dalam keadaan kemurungan yang serius kerana peristiwa lompat parti ADUN Bota, Nasaruddin Ahmad. Mereka selama ini sangat konfiden akan mampu menarik sekurang-kurangnya 2 ADUN PR ke UMNO/BN tetapi akhirnya orang mereka yang melompat. Memang lah ini tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah SWT

Dari maklumat yang didapati dari Perak Express, yakni maklumat dalaman PKR Perak, adalah seperti berikut:

"Sekitar Kongres PKR bulan November lepas, Nasrudin Hashim telah dibawa berjumpa Anwar di KL. Dan orang yang bawa dia berjumpa Anwar ialah Hj. Ismail, Mantan Pengerusi Perhubungan PKR Perak. Selepas saja berjumpa Anwar, SB dapat tahu dan bagi tau kat Najib. Najib telah memanggil Nasruddin dan pada mulanya cuba memujuk Nasruddin…tapi bila dia tengok Nasrudin memang dah tak boleh dipujuk, Najib mengugut Nasrudin.Tu pasai benda ni diam seketika, sebab keselamatan Nasrudin perlu dijaga."

Dan mengikut Mat Saman Kati, ada 3 orang lagi yang akan beralih parti dalam masa terdekat ini.

Saya teringat solat hajat perdana PAS Perak tidak berapa lama dahulu yang mendoakan kegagalan projek UMNO untuk membeli ADUN PR. Nampaknya solat hajat perdana di Stadium PErak itu berjaya. Bukan sahaja perancangan jahat UMNO gagal, tapi UMNO pula yang terburai.

Saya dapat maklumat, UMNO telah menawarkan jumlah RM5 juta untuk satu ADUN dan UMNO sanggup berbuat demikian demi mencapai cita-cita mereka untuk merampas tampuk pemerintahan Perak.

Namun, ADUN PR tetap gagah dan istiqamah dan sedikit sebanyak berkat solat hajat perdana tersebut.

ADUN UMNO Tidak Tahan Jadi Pembangkang

Pada pendapat saya, ramai ADUN UMNO sudah tidak tahan menjadi pembangkang lagi. Budaya UMNO yang melatih orang Melayu mendapat duit mudah tanpa kerja nampaknya sekarang ini makan tuan.

Biasanya wakil rakyat UMNO akan bawa wang seguni setiap kali turun padang untuk disebarkan kepada rakyat jelata. Dengan menyebarkan wang sebegini mudah, orang Melayu jadi lemah dan tidak mahu berusaha. Sampai nak renew road tax pun mintak kat wakil rakyat.

Padahal orang Cina dgn wakil rakyat mereka, malu nak mintak duit. Mereka minta benda yang besar2 mcm pendidikan, geran tanah, lesen perniagaan dsbnya. UMNO melatih orang melayu jadi pemalas dengan menyebarkan wang mudah pada semua orang yang menyokong UMNO. Hasilnya, orang Melayu lemah berusaha dan ketinggalan di negara sendiri.

Bila dah takda kerajaan, alamat bengkokla wakil2 rakyat UMNO ni semua. Orang masih dtg kat diorang tapi sekarang ni semua projek pakai tender terbuka. Takda ruang untuk "masyuk". Alamatnya takda la duit nak hulur kat semua orang kampung.

Nampaknya tak sampai setahun semua dah panas. Duit dah kering lepas tu org kampung terutama org UMNO masih dtg mintak duit.

Dah tak tahan sangat semua masuk la Pakatan Rakyat. Inshaalah, UMNO akan ruyup akibat perangkap makan tuan. Dulu diorang guna duit untuk beli sokongan. Sekarang bila dah takda duit, perangkap tu makan tuan.

Fraksi UMNO Gagal Juga

Puak Fraksi UMNO dalam PAS berenti la buat kerja kotor. Orang sekarang nak lari dari UMNO, korang berenti la nak bawa PAS masuk BN.

Inshaalah saya akan dedah lagi konspirasi fraksi UMNO ni keseluruhannya selepas ini.

Tulang Besi

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Friday, January 23, 2009

GERAK Sekarang Jadi Barua UMNO/Ezam/Khir Toyo

Apa masaalahnya kalau MB Selangor meminta anak syarikat Kerajaan Negeri Selangor menderma lembu ke kawasan parlimen MB? Adakah MB Selangor mendapat untung atau "masyuk" dengan pemberian lembu itu? Adakah MB Selangor menyalahguna kuasa beliau di dalam memastikan lembu diberikan? Kalau saya MB pun saya ada hak untuk memohon mana-mana syarikat MENDERMA apa-apa sahaja kepada mana2 kawasan dalam Malaysia.

Selama ini UMNO menderma lembu kepada semua orang dengan menggunakan duit syarikat, takda pun orang marah?

Hakikatnya, ia bukan korupsi kerana:

a. MB Selangor membuat permintaan kepada syarikat tersebut.

b. Lembu tersebut pergi kepada "rakyat" dan bukannya lembu tersebut digunakan untuk kegunaan beliau dan anak sedara beliau.

c. MB Selangor tak dapat apa-apa laba dan keuntungan dari transaksi tersebut.

d. Yang untung adalah rakyat.

e. Lembu-lembu tersebut adalah atas permintaan dari PKR Bahagian Bandar Tun Razak. Bukan MB Selangor.

Jadi apa masaalahnya?

Penubuh GERAK adalah Ezam dan Ezam Mat Nor adalah sekarang ini barua rasmi UMNO. Ada punya banyak kes rasuah dlm UMNO namun kenapa isu tak signifikan ini dinaikkan?

Setelah Ezam Mat Nor telah gagal di dalam usaha beliau untuk mmelemahkan pengaruh Anwar, terpaksa la beliau melakukan perkara lain untuk "cari makan".

Malulah kamu wahai Ezam Mat Nor, Kau adalah pelacur politik sedang melacurkan diri kau untuk kepentingan pribadi dan perut kau.

Tulang Besi

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Jangan Beri Derma Palestin Pada UMNO dan Seangkatan Dengannya

UMNO parti hipokrit. Segala derma akan disalurkan kepada Duta Palestine di Malaysia. Duta Palestine ini adalah Duta haram (jadah). Kenapa? Beliau mewakili parti yang telah kalah dalam pilihanraya Palaestine, yakni Fatah. Lagi pula, Fatah adalah agen yahudi dan pemimpin Fatah telah terbukti menjadi barua dan balachi Israel/Yahudi.

Kita jangan lupa fakta-fakta ini:

a. UMNO memang anti kepada Parti Islam. UMNO dengan Fatah dengan Yahudi adalah adik beradik mak sama, tapi bapak lain. UMNO memperjuangkan sekularisma dan sekularisma adalah ajaran yang dipaksa oleh Yahudi ke atas umat Islam. UMNO itu sendiri agen Yahudi.

b. Sewaktu Menteri Luar Palestine yang sah, dari Hamas, datang ke Malaysia untuk menghadiri Persidangan OIC. Namun UMNO telah tunduk kepada permintaan Yahudi dan tidak mengiktiraf kerajaan Duta Hamas tersebut. UMNO telah mengizinkan wakil haram dari Fath untuk mewakili Palestine.

c. Dr. Mahathir dan UMNO seluruh Malaysia telah menyokong George Bush pada 2000 dahulu.

d. Sehingga sekarang, UMNO tidak mengiktiraf HAMAS sebagai kerajaan yang sah. UMNO lebih suka tunduk kepada arahan Yahudi dan mengiktiraf hanya Fath kerana Fath adalah agen Yahudi.

f. Pemimpin UMNO ramai yang perangai macam Yahudi pun, anti Islam dan sebagainya.

Semua duit yang kita derma pada UMNO kelak akan diserahkan kepada Fath dan Fath akan menggunakan duit tersebut untuk menindas serta menghancurkan Islam. Fath adalah antara sebab pembantaian umat Islam di Palestine berlaku. Fath adalah balachi serta agen Israel. Sama sahaja Fath dengan Israel.

Tulang Besi

And here is the rest of it.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gambar2 Tulang Besi Semasa PRK Kuala Terengganu

Saya bercadang untuk menulis beberapa analisa berkaitan dengan kemenangan PAS di PRU Kuala Terengganu. Namun masa tidak mengizinkan. Buat permulaan saya ingin mengepilkan beberapa gambar yang saya ambil sewaktu saya di sana berkempen untuk calon PAS.

Saya telah menyertai rombongan PAS PJ Utara dan Selangor. PAS Selangor telah ditugaskan untuk menjaga keseluruhan DUN Ladang, DUN yang paling liat dan kuat UMNO.
Tetapi dari apa yang saya lihat, PAS Selangor telah berjaya melaksanakan amanah mereka dengan jayanya. Mereka penuh dedikasi dan disiplin. Syabas kepada JPN Negeri Selangor.

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim berceramah di UPU yang dikendalikan oleh PAS Wilayah.

Di Pos Batas Baru dalam DUN Ladang

Gambar petugas PAS menyediakan poster di Pos Batas Baru

Suasana kempen

Menaikkan Poster lagi

Kenderaan Penerangan PAS PJ Utara

Demonstrasi Palestin Sewaktu Kempen

Dr Lo Lo Ghazali di Demonstrasi Palestin

Ustaz Azman Syafawi Berucap di Demonstrasi Palestin

Ucapan Dr Lo Lo di Demonstrasi Palestine

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


The result is out. PAS has captured the Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary seat by a majority of 2631 votes. It was a hard fought battle and PAS managed to come up tops.
There are many things that can be said about the hard-fought victory and I don't know where to begin

Young Voters Carried PAS

Yes, that's the reason why BN lost. During my stay there and talking to the PAS machinery, they saw how young voter's level of support. It was telling.

For one, if we measure the number of motorcycle parade, which is usually done by young motorcyclists, the number for BN motorcycle parades were too few and too far in between.

The number of young voters flocking the BN centers was also another factor. The local young voters are not very much seen during BN activities and venues. In fact, the PAS activist I met told me that he did his own survey in a few "kampung"s and he discovered that 80% of young voters are on the PAS side.

Not to mention outside young voters who came back to vote. I estimate that at least 80% of them who came back voted for PAS. The Terengganu young voters who live in the big cities has seen the true face of UMNO and Barisan Nasional. They don't like what they saw.

And I think this is the trend for the entire of Malaysia. Young Malay voters are getting more interested in politics and less and less interested in UMNO/BN. Their default choice is Pakatan Rakyat and nothing else.

Incidently, the "makcik" who sat beside me on the plane told me she was going back to vote for "Wang Farid". So that depicts the Barisan Nasional support base: the old people.

Chinese Voters Was a Letdown but Not For Reasons You Think

They didn't come out in numbers to vote because at least 3000 of them lives outside the state.

And they could not come back because Chinese New Year is only a week away. So, coming back now just to vote is not practical. So, that explains why MCA still managed to deliver some degree of respect for Barisan Nasional.

It's Not Just a PAS Victory but a Pakatan Rakyat Victory

For reasons i am not at liberty to say, i just want to say that if it wouldn't for Pakatan Rakyat machinery, PAS would not have been able to come close to winning the seat.

Anwar Ibrahim was a major factor. He was the main puller of young voters in Kuala Terengganu. His decision to stay and campaign in Kuala Terengganu for the last 3 days of regulation campaign period was the deciding factor. He appealed to all walks of lives in Kuala Terengganu. His message was immaculate. He was convincing and he made the Barisan Nasional especially Najib look kids-like.

Campaigning Was Very Relaxed, Surprisingly

Surprisingly, local campaigning was very relaxed. It was not as hectic and highly pressured atmosphere at all. Everything happened at a relaxed pace and everybody was operating at their own pace.

In short, there was no pressure at all. For one, i think even the Barisan Nasional machinery was moving at a relaxed pace. It was almost as if both side was not interested to win, at least at the grass root level.

Pakatan Rakyat Workers Outnumber BN 3 to 1 Everywhere

That could be one reason why things were so relaxed. There was just too many workers. For each job, we had 4 workers.

But, they were working hard all day. They went to just about each house. At the UPU I was assigned to, each house in the area was visited at least twice. They distributed leaflets like nobody's business.

They work real hard even though they are from outside states like Pahang and Selangor. They drove all the way to Kuala Terengganu just to run a systematic and hard fought campaign.

BArisan Nasional is Slipping Down a Slippery Slope

With this victory, Pakatan Rakyat has stemmed itself as a bona fide alternative to Barisan Nasional.

And Barisan Nasional is slowly becoming irrelevant to the average Malaysian life. It has lost it's high and mighty image in the minds of Malaysians.

The future is bright for Pakatan Rakyat and it is really bleak for Barisan Nasional, with or without Najib.

They need to get rid of all their leaders and replaced with new and clean faces. Otherwise the BN fall will be inevitable.

Tulang Besi

The Food in Kuala Terengganu is Nice

The nasi dagang is fantastic. It's to die for. I think Terengganu dishes is very much to my taste buds.

And here is the rest of it.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Malays Are Generally Discriminated In Multinationals In Malaysia

My cousin told me that his contract is being terminated by his company. In his team, he is the only Malay and he is the only one that is recording any sort of sales. The other member of his team are non malays and so far this year they have not recorded any sales at all. But they are not singled out to be terminated. It's the Malay sales person that has actually made his quota that is being let go.

My cousin works for a Multinational and his superior that is letting him go is, of course, non malay. It seems all multinationals in Malaysia fills up their management positions with non Malays. And his crime, is that he is born a Malay.

Malays are not seen as fit despite being able to deliver or perform with empirical evidence. But to me, it's much more than that.

Almost all multinationals in Malaysia have their regional headquarters in Singapore. And, in Singapore discrimination on Malays is an official policy.

I mean despite being 30% of the Singaporean population, Malay representation in the Singaporean Cabinet, senior civil service, senior ranking army officers, senior corporate executives are pathetic. Singaporean government has made it a point to ensure Malays are never allowed to climb the Singaporean corporate or government ladders.

So, having their regional headquarters in Singapore, these various multinationals have adopted Lee Kuan Yew's anti-Malay policies down to the last letter. They ensured that their management positions in Malaysia are Malay free just like in Singapore.

Lee Kuan Yew is Anti Malay and British Stooge

History has shown that Lee Kuan Yew's utter contempt to the Social Contract has led him to push for the Malaysian Malaysia policy thus provoking the anger of the Malay population.

Moreover, the Lee Kuan Yew policy has resulted in two race riots in Singapore in 1964. Lee Kuan Yew is well aware of the arrangement and agreement made between the two races before Merdeka yet he chose to disrespect the agreement and push for his racists policies.

Discrimination of Malays is Lee Kuan Yew's Mission in Life

He masks it as "meritocracy" but in truth if Lee Hsien Loong is not his son, he wouldn't have a chance in hell of becoming Singapore's Prime Minister. So, all the talk about meritocracy is a blatant lie and used as an excuse to keep the Malays from important positions in Singapore be it in public or private sector.

Meritocracy is a code word for "discrimination of Malays". That's the God's honest truth.

Not All Chinese are Racists

Right after the end of World War 2, the Malays were subjected to a torturous time called the "Bintang Tiga Incident". Recent historical data has shown that the incident were the handiwork of the Koumintang Chinese in Malaya.

During the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, the Chinese resistance to the Japanese were undertaken by both the Communists and the Koumintang. Unfortunately to the Malays, they cannot tell the difference between the Koumintang and the Communists factions.

The Koumintang was instrumental in stopping the Malays from emulating the resistance against the Dutch in Indonesia. In which, the Indonesians managed to drive out the Dutch by using weapons left behind by the Japanese.

The Koumintang managed to keep the Malays at bay and prevented the Malays in Malaya from openly fighting the British. As a reward, many economic opportunities were given to the Koumintang leaders.

The Communists on the other hand wanted to drive the British out of Malaya and started to attack British interests across Malaya. For that the British declared state of Emergency and used Malays to fight the Communists.

These Koumintang then put down their weapons and registered a political party called the M.C.A. They concentrated their efforts mostly on capitalizing the new economic opportunities from the British.

I believe Lee Kuan Yew is comes from the Koumintang factions seeing how he is such a subservient servant to the British colonialist agenda, much like Chiang Kai Shek.

Racial Segregation Is A British Legacy to Protect British Interest

To make long story short, UMNO, MCA and MIC are all created by the British. When all political parties are banned (especially those formed by true independence fighters like PKMM and Hizbul Muslimin) these parties are allowed to be formed and thrived.

This is because, if one looked at the plan made by the real independence fighters, they wanted to consider Malaysian Chinese and Indians as Malays. One need only to look at one of Putra-AMCJA manifesto to see that that is the real plan.

The British on the other hand wanted Malaya to remain divided among racial lines while enriching the Koumintang Chinese in Malaysia. This is to ensure Malaya/Malaysia remain weak and underdevelop. I strongly believe that one of their main stooge is Lee Kuan Yew seeing that Tunku had to let go of Singapore at the behest of the British.

Furthermore, more than once, Tun Ismail wanted to arrest Lee Kuan Yew under ISA but always prevented thanks to intervention by the British.

So, with the creation of Perikatan and all the racial parties, the country continues to be divided along racial lines.

And after Independence, both MCA and Lee Kuan Yew openly disrespect the social contract and broke their promise to the Malays in exchange for the Chinese's citizenship.

The Malays also adopted the racial mentality thinking that they too will suffer the discrimination currently being enjoyed by their Malay counterparts in Singapore.

These fear tactics are British handiwork and policies in order to protect British interest in Malaya/Malaysia.

During 13th May incident, it is dicovered that 80% of the equity in Malaysia was owned by the BRitish, while the Chinese only controlled 20%. But the bulk of the effect of the 13th May riots were beared by the Chinese in Malaya/Malaysia even though most of the victims are as poor as the Malays themselves.

If i were a Chinese I would sue the British government for the 13th May incident. I will also sue Lee Kuan Yew for being a British stooge.

As Long As Singapore Discriminate Against Malays, We Will Continue to Remain Divided

Singapore will continue to push all these Multinationals to continue adopting Singapore's anti Malay policies. Which means, all Multinationals in Malaysia will continue discriminating Malays on regular basis.

My own experience working in a MNC in Malaysia shows that I had to report to an imbecile Program manager who knows next to nothing about Project Management. But he is made a Program Manager because he is of the right skin color. The project was failing and I was employed to save the face of an imbecile who was appointed to the position because of his skin color.

And my cousin, will be out of a job this coming February simply because he is of not the right skin color. And in spite of him being the only one in his team that has actually delivered.

As long as Singapore is not destroyed, no Malays in their right mind will support meritocracy. To Malays like me, meritocracy means Malays being discriminated on systemic basis.

Tulang Besi

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Against HIV Testing, Malaysian AIDS Council Must Be Out of Their Minds

There is a new requirement for all Muslims newly weds, and that is for them to conduct HIV testing before their marriage takes place. The suggestion seems to provoke negative comments from many liberal organization in Malaysia namely the Malaysian AIds Council.

Reading most of comments coming from Sisters in Islam, Irene Fernendez, MAC, Ivy Josiah etc, their main contention is that the ruling is against one's "human rights"(???).

In other words, the human rights reason was invoke, as usual, when resisting such ruling made by religous authorities. It doesn't surprise me considering all human rights activists view religion as a inhibitors to one's practicing their entire humans rights.

But my other question would be, what about the human rights of those not infected by HIV of their future's spouse's HIV condition? Isn't it within my basic human rights to know what type of virus I might be infected with when I marry my possible spouse?

What's even scarier is that reasons like "HIV patients can also live their lives like normal people could live" is also cited right after the the human rights reason is mentioned by these NGOs

So, here is my understanding of their policy:

a. HIV testing is against a person's basic human rights
b. Secrecy is the best policy when it comes to HIV infection. Even if one is infected, it shouldn't be informed to others even their possible spouse.
c. It's OK to contract HIV because HIV sufferers can still live their lives normally.

So, in other words, we must keep HIV information about a person secret from their future spouses because even if their spouse contracts HIV they can still live a normal life.

I don't know about you, but this type of policy sounds completely loony".

In other words, NGO's like MAC, SIS and others are not really interested in stopping and stemming the spread of the HIV virus. They're only interested in protecting the rights of people already diagnosed with HIV. The fact that the HIV carriers are spreading their virus inhibited is not an issue and any move towards stopping these people from spreading the virus is an act against human rights.

No wonder the Malaysian AIDS Council, despite getting millions in terms of grants from tax payers, have yet to come up with anything concrete towards eradicating and stopping the spread of HIV and AIDS in the soceity.

Based on their press statement here, the MAC specifically mentions that secrecy must be maintained for HIV testing, and I quote:

"Confidentiality – HIV testing should only occur when confidentiality of results can beguaranteed."

One can easily see how screwed up this policy is and it doesn't take someone with a Phd to see it's stupidity. MAC supports secrecy so that those with HIV can continue spreading the virus inhibited.

So as long as HIV carriers remains unflagged, how does MAC suggest the virus be stopped from spreading?

MAC is Only Interested In Protecting Drug Abusers, Fornicators, Adulterers, Homosexuals From Being Flagged

The real motive behind these liberal's resistance to the idea is their commitment towards protecting the practice of homosexuality, drug abuse and promiscous sex.

They believe that the disease can be stopped with the use of a rubber that is not even one inch thick. They are merely promoting solutions already proven a failure in the Western world.

They know that what the Religous Authority of Malaysia is doing is the correct approach towards permenant solution towards the spread of the virus. But, because of their liberal ideology that promotes and supports the practice of promiscous and homosexual sex, they must resist such policy.

So to all Malaysians, stop listening to NGO that has no other agenda but to promote their proven fail policies in the name of protecting liberal ideology of the West. At what expense, may I ask? At the expense of innocent women and men ( and children) contracting HIV virus in the name of secrecy.

I for one do not want my daugthers and sisters contracting HIV simply because a bunch of insecure NGO thinks that the move is wrong. I mean it's not MAC that will be trying to solve problems of people contracting HIV anyways. They won't be there providing families with material or even emotional support. We are the ones that have to watch our families die in front of our eyes and not them. So, stop listening to people who are trying to do nothing but export their stupid liberal ideology.

Tulang Besi

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tulang Besi Mahu PAS Menang Di Kuala Terengganu

Ramai yang salah sangka berkaitan dengan posting saya sebelum ini. Mereka ingat bahawa Tulang Besi tidak mahu PAS menang dalam PRK Kuala Terengganu. Itu adalah anggapan yang teramat salah.

Tulang Besi cuma melahirkan rasa sedih dan kecewa kerana di bawah ahli2 dan aktivis berhempas pulas berusaha memenangkan PAS, di peringkat atasan PAS mereka tidak bertindak sedemikian.

Mereka ambil calon yang menggembirakan UMNO. Sebaik sahaja PAS mengisytiharkan calon, UMNO rata-rata melahirkan perasaan lega mereka kerana Syed Azman tidak dipilih.

Buat masa sekarang, marilah kita ahli2 dan penyokong PR berusaha sedaya upaya memenangkan PAS/PR di Kuala Terengganu. Selepas menang nanti, kita harus berusaha sedaya upaya membersihkan PAS dari Fraksi UMNO.

Di kawasan saya sendiri, PJ Utara, ada jugak Fraksi UMNO ni tapi setakat ni mereka tak berapa popular sangat.

Tulang Besi

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HAMAS Rocket Attacks Are Justified

Some Israel sympathizers have written a letter to Malaysiakini justifying the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Their main justification is that is is a direct response to HAMAS rocket attacks into Israel. But, as usual with Israeli sympathizers, they chose not to highlight the entire story.

The entire rocket attacks is meant to respond to the total blockade of a free and sovereign entity of Gaza. A total blockade of any nation is an act of war and thus must be accorded with acts of aggrression.

HAMAS has actually accepted an Egypt peace plans and declared truce with Israel last summer. But the entire peace process is a total shenanigan and the blockade of Gaza remains. HAMAS was made to appear like a fool.

So, they decided to unblock GAZA so that the people of Gaza can operate freely like normal human beings.

America being a hypocrite they are kept raising the rocket attacks issue while totally being silent on the total economic blockade of Gaza.

The rocket attacks will stop if the unlawful and illegal blockade of Gaza is lifted. Palestinians democratic rights must be respected. They voted HAMAS and let HAMAS rule naturally. If any, the Palestinians themselves will remove HAMAS is they do not perform accordingly.

We all MUST do our part starting with total boycott of American products. As many as possible.

Tulang Besi
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Usaha Fraki UMNO Membuah Kejayaan di Kuala Terengganu

Sejak dari kematian mantan Ahli Parlimen Kuala Terengganu, kita telah mendengar gagasan Fraksi UMNO di Kuala Terengganu bahawa mereka akan menyokong siapa sahaja calon selain Syed Azman.

Dan terbukti dalam mesyuarat pertama AJK PAS Pusat di Kuala Terengganu pada 21 Disember 2008, 4 nama telah diberikan oleh Perhubungan PAS Terengganu. Yang mewakili Perhubungan PAS Terengganu pada masa itu adalah Ustaz Harun Taib sebagai mewakili Lujnah Politik Negeri.

Yang menghairankan 4 nama tersebut, Dr Khazani, Mustafa Ali, Wan Muthalib Embong dan Ariffin Deraman, tidak ada langsung nama Dr Syed Azman disenaraikan. Walaupun Harun Taib menyedari bahawa PAS Kawasan Kuala Terengganu bersama keempat-empat MTD/DUN sebulat suara mencalonkan Dr Syed Azman sebagai calon.

Akibatnya telah berlaku perbahasan yang hangat dimana keputusan kajian Badan Bebas telah dibentangkan dan terbukti Dr Syed Azman adalah calon yang paling anggun dan mampu untuk memenangi kerusi Kuala Terengganu.

Harun Taib pula, apabila ditanya mengapa nama Syed Azman tidak dicalonkan, telah menggunakan alasan-alasan dangkal dan tidak berasas di mana beliau memburukkan nama Dr Syed Azman dalam mesyuarat tersebut.

Kononnya Syed Azman tidak menjaga DUN yang beliau wakili dan orang kampung mengeluh tidak pernah melihat Syed Azman di kawasan. Harun Taib juga menggunakan alasan kononnya isteri Wan Muthalib Embong lebih dikenali dan lebih aktif dalam DUN tersebut berbanding Syed Azman.

Ini taktik biasa Harun Taib apabila beliau tidak suka kepada seseorang beliau akan menggunakan alasan-alasan tidak berasas sebegini. Yang saya hendak persoalkan adalah siapakah yang lebih mengetahui DUN Batu Burok, Harun Taib atau MTD DUN Batu Burok? Sedangkan MTD DUN Batu Burok telah mencalonkan Dr Syed Azman sebagai calon. Kalau benar isteri Wan Muthalib lebih popular, sepatutnya Isteri Wan Muthalib lah yang dicalonkan oleh MTD/DUN Batu Burok.

Nampak sangat dalam mesyuarat tersebut, Harun Taib seperti orang bodoh di dalam usaha beliau menghalang Syed Azman sebagai calon. Malangnya, Harun Taib terpaksa berbuat begitu kerana Fraksi UMNO yang beliau adalah anggotanya tidak boleh mengizinkan Syed Azman naik dan mampu memenangi kerusi tersebut.
Yang lebih menghairankan, Harun Taib tetap menyenaraikan nama Dr Khazani Abdullah sedangkan Dr Khazani telah menolak tawaran menjadi calon dua minggu sebelum mesyuarat 21 hb Disember. Taktiknya adalah sekiranya Dr Khazani menolak, maka calon seterusnya adalah Mustafa Ali atau Wan Muthalib Embong. Namun, kehendak”secondary” mereka adalah Mustafa Ali. Objektif utama (primary) pula adalah menghalang Dr Syed Azman sebagai calon PAS.

Hasilnya, mesyuarat tersebut tidak dapat membuat keputusan siapa calon. Tuan Guru Presiden pula dilaporkan berkata:

"Kita sudah ada calon...dalam poket saya, Insya-Allah...tunggu 1 Januari depan (kita umumkan)," katanya selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat khas Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat di Pusat Tarbiyah PAS Kuala Terengganu hari ini.”

HAkikat sebenarnya pada masa itu calon masih lagi ditentukan akibat mesyuarat pada masa itu tidak mampu membuahkan kata putus.

Walaupun suara Fraksi UMNO adalah minoriti, yakni Mustafa Ali, Harun Taib dan Nasaruddin, tapi mereka dapat mempengaruhi Presiden PAS pada masa itu. Suara dalam mesyuarat yang mahukan Syed Azman jauh lebih ramai namun Presiden PAS lebih mahu mendengar ckp2 Mustafa Ali dan Fraksi UMNO. Akibatnya, keputusan tidak dapat dicapai pada mesyuarat 21 hb Disember 2008 tersebut.

Muhammad Wahid Endut Adalah Cadangan “Desperate” Dari Fraksi UMNO

Kalau kita lihat, senarai asal Harun Taib tidak ada nama Muhammad Wahid Endut. Ini kerana Wahid Endut dilihat sebagai seorang yang mempunyai pendirian dan tidak boleh diperkudakan dengan mudah. Namun, apabila dilihat percubaan mereka semakin tidak menjadi dan gagal, mereka terpaksa juga mencalonkan Wahid Endut.
Sekiranya Wahid Endut tidak dicalonkan ada kemungkinan berlaku pemberontakan PAS KAwasan Kuala Terengganu di dalam PRK ini.

Sekiranya saya menjadi Mohd Wahid Endut saya akan menarik diri secara terhormat kerana dalam kes ini pemilihan Mohd Wahid Endut bukanlah kehendak utama mereka. Mereka hanya mahu menghalang Dr Syed Azman sebagai calon kerana Dr Syed Azman adalah calon yang amat bahaya bagi UMNO/BN.

Sudah tentulah Fraksi UMNO akan berusaha menguntungkan UMNO dan bukannnya menguntungkan PAS.

Tiada Alasan Menolak Syed Azman Sebagai Calon

Presiden PAS tidak mempunyai apa-apa alasan konkrit untuk menolak pencalonan Dr Syed Azman. Dari segi kajian-kaijan pihak bebas yang saintifik, kesemuanya menunjukkan Dr Syed Azman sebagai calon yang paling sesuai.
Kajian sebuah badan bebas menunjukkan bahawa hanya Dr Syed Azman seorang sahaja yang mampu menarik penyokong-penyokong UMNO (yang lemah) untuk mengundi PAS. Calon lain tidak mampu melakukan demikian.

Juga, mengikut kesemua MTD/DUN di Kuala Terengganu (yakni Bandar, Batu Burok, Wakaf Mempelam dan Ladang) kesemuanya sebulat suara mencalonkan Dr Syed Azman.
Dengan kata lain, kelayakan Dr Syed Azman sebagai calon tidak ada walau sedikit pun keraguan.

Jadi mengapa Dr Syed Azman tidak menjadi calon? Tiada sebab lain melainkan Tuan Guru Presiden masih mudah dipengaruhi oleh Fraksi UMNO seperti Harun Taib dan Mustafa Ali.

Dengan kata lain, Mustafa Ali dan Harun Taib lebih berpengaruh berbanding dengan suara ramai ahli-ahli PAS di kawasan dan cawangan.

Proses Pembersihan Akan Berterusan

Oleh kerana Fraksi UMNO mudah mempengaruhi Tuan Guru Presiden, maka pengaruh ini akan digunakan oleh mereka untuk membersihkan PAS dari semua unsur yang menolak kerjasama PAS-UMNO.

Juga, selepas ini semua keputusan PAS hanya akan menguntungkan UMNO seperti yang berlaku di dalam pemilihan calon bagi PRK Kuala Terengganu. Pencalonan Syed Azman akan merugikan UMNO 100%. Oleh sebab itu, Fraksi UMNO harus memastikan calon yang menguntungkan PAS dihalang.

Selepas ini, dengan pengaruh mereka terhadap Presiden, mereka akan membuang semua yang tidak mahu mengikut arah tuju mereka.

Hakikatnya, orang seperti Harun Taib ini adalah seperti “ubat yang telah basi”(expire medicine). Mereka memerlukan pengaruh mereka ke atas Presiden untuk memastikan jangkahayat politik mereka berterusan. Sebelum ini, usaha mereka membawa PAS masuk BN juga adalah salah satu langkah desperado mereka untuk menyelamatkan karier politik mereka yang sudah malap.

Harun Taib ni sepatutnya sudah tidak releven lagi di Terengganu. Banyak cerita saya boleh cerita tapi itu untuk sessi yang lain.

Saya ada kawan orang Terengganu yang memberitahu saya bahawa cerita pasal Harun Taib ni dalam poket beliau sahaja.
Inilah pendedahan yang saya mampu setakat ini. Saya memang nak PAS menang di Kuala Terengganu, tetapi sekiranya PAS Pusat sendiri “mensabotaj” usaha memenangi kerusi tersebut, bagaimanakah kita yang kecil ini mampu membantu.

Saya sendiri akan cuba berdoa di depan Kaabah semoga para pensabotaj ini akan didedahkan oleh Allah dan segala perancangan mereka digagalkan oleh ALLAH SWT.

Saya sedih Tuan Guru Presiden lebih mengutamakan suara beberapa orang yang telah basi dalam politik berbanding dengan “grass-root” yang lebih memahami waqi’ di tempat PRK akan berlaku


Tulang Besi

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