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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Perak Defections Signals UMNO Disintegration? Some Inside Information

A source from inside UMNO Perak is telling me that the mood in Perak UMNO is very depressing. Everyone is not speaking and anyone showing any signs of being cheerful will be a turncoat suspect. One will have to enter the UMNO building in Ipoh with a noticable frown to escape suspicion.

The depressed mood is understandable. For the last couple of months, the mood was confident of a change in government. Everyone in UMNO Perak has been talking about a defection to UMNO. In fact, the common tone is that the defection to UMNO is as sure as the sun rising up in the East.

However, such confidence is killing UMNO. Since UMNO Perak's confidence of a change in government is at an all time high, the UMNO elections is being used as a golden opportunity by state leaders to rid of certain individuals in the party heirachy. So concerted efforts were made by a certain liason chief to end the political career of certain leaders whom is deemed as "non aligned".

The clean up effort was done aggresively and with vigour. After all, with the impending formation of a new state government, it will make the control of the new MB more absolute.

Steps that was taken is deemed to be brutal up to a point that many of the victims saw it as an act of utter disrespect. The act is seen as a bridge burning act and the animosity between the UMNO factions has reached a point of no return.

High Confidence Level Had Worked Against UMNO Perak

These victims whom have been offended and embarassed by the certain state liason chief have decided to return the favor. One of them, Bota assemblyman, decided to cross over as a sign of utter disrespect. Plus, there is nothing left for him in politics should he remain in UMNO, anyways.

He'd be better off serving the people in Pakatan Rakyat. And he is sure to earn respect and admiration from PR members and supporters.

Najib Has Had To Come To The Rescue

Word on the Ipoh streets are saying that Tajol Rosli will be dropped like a last semester French.

Najib will come in and manage Perak directly from Putrajaya and PWTC. Disenchanted UMNO leaders had to be wooded to remain in UMNO's fold. Tajol had to be villfied by Najib and Najib has to apologized for Tajol's sin.

Tajol Rosli on the other hand has no explanation for the tragedy. What was once so close now has become so very far.

Tajol probably will have to find another job come next election because what I've heard from UMNO's grapevines, Najib is putting the blame solely on Tajol's shoulders.

PR Perak Is An Examplary Model for All Pakatan Rakyat Governments

We must tip our hats to Pakatan Rakyat's government in PErak. They discussed everything at the PR level before reaching any decisions. They compromise between each other and they understand each other.

As a result, friction between the parties is minimized. And it makes administrating the state much easier than other states.

It's also not a surprise that the first state to register a defection is Perak. Since the Perak government is so examplary and stable, it makes every UMNO assemblymen long for the serenity enjoyed by Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen.

This is not a case of "grass is greener on the other side". In this case, the grass is truly greener on the other side. And UMNO assemblymen knows that.

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  1. Salam TB,

    ade maklumat dalaman pasal jangkaan 3 lagi ADUN Umno Perak seberang ker Pakatan Rakyat?


  2. Ada, memang sebelum Najib turun, sudah ada 3 orang yang bersedia untuk melompat.

    Tapi lepas Najib turun ni tak tau nak kata.

    tengok la dua tiga hari ni

  3. salam TB,

    since the general himself has to come down to the battle field to *micro*manage things; it speaks volume of the dire straits of UMNO's affairs at perak...

    whether the incoming 2-3 ADUN at Perak will cross over to PR is no longer important because the moral battle has already lost when the general himself has to personally micro manage the faltering team/armistice



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