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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Latest From Perak 2/ Terbaru Dari Perak 2

Here are some more new developments:

a. MB Nijar has met the Sultan. Apparently, the Sultan did not outrightly rejected Nizar's request. He wanted time to think the issue over. For those who sees the glass half-full, this would be good. But for those who sees the glass half empty, such development should be seen as outright wrong.

b. As far as Pakatan Rakyat is concerned, the government is still legal. Until and when the MB is voted out of office in the Assembly, he is still the standing Menteri BEsar and PR is still the government of the day.

c. But, Tuanku can always sack Nizar and appoint anyone else that he deemed can survive a vote of no confidence in the Dewan.

d. All we can do now is pray. Tuanku is meeting Najib in the next one or two days and only then can we know what the outcome would be.

e. For me personally, i see the glass as half empty on this one. Recently, GAMUDA spent 400k on his birthday party. Indebtedness is a very strong ally to any politician.
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Anonymous said...

MB Perak perjelas situasi di Perak
Saya dalam perjalanan hendak ke Istana, bahawa saya sebagai Ketua Kerajaan memohon Perkenan Tuanku supaya DUN dibubarkan serta merta. Ini disebabkan keadaan tidak menentu dan bagi mendapat persetujuan dan mandat baru dari rakyat. Demikian antara kenyataan awal YAB Menteri Besar Perak, Ir. Muhammad Nizar Jamaluddin dalam sidang akhbar khusus berkenaan isu tersebut sekitar jam 3.00 petang tadi di Pejabatnya di sini.

Beliau menjelaskan perkara ini berlaku dalam keadaan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat yang berpegang atas prinsip-prinsip yang baik namun gangguan dari UMNO yang hendak merompak hak rakyat, oleh itu katanya "saya terpaksa menggunakan kuasa yang diperuntukkan untuk memohon dari Tuanku supaya DUN dibubarkan ".

"Hari ini seramai 29 ADUN telah bersetuju DUN di bubarkan, IsyaAllah kita akan berhadapan dengan PR keseluruhannya. Dengan itu ikatan 3 parti lebih kukuh dan tidak diganggu gugat " katanya dalam kenyataan itu.

"Saya juga nak bagi tahu ini adalah kerja jahat BN, mereka masih terima 2 bekas exco untuk tubuh kerajaan jadi jelas mereka lemah". kata Nizar.

Nizar juga mengesahkan bahawa ADUN Bota, Dato' Nasaruddin Hashim sebagaimana beliau baru mendapat talipon dari anwar ibrahim bahawa dia telah di ambil oleh ADUN Pengkalan Baru, Dato' Hamdi dan ADUN Lintang,Pakeh Adam dengan alasan Raja Muda menjemput ke Istana, tetapi mereka telah dibawa ke Putrajaya bertemu dengan Najib petang ini.

"kalau ada unsur paksaan ini adalah satu kezaliman," kata Nizar.

Sementara itu selepas selesainya sidang akhbar itu, YAB Menteri besar telah masuk ke dalam pejabatnya sambil diikuti oleh semua ADUN dan berangkat ke Istana Kinta sekitar jam 3.40 petang bagi memohon Perkenan Sultan Perak.

Oleh: Drs Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah (ADUN Titi Serong)

Mr. Smith said...

It's unthinkable, preposterous for the Sultan to accede to Najib request to form the new Perak Government for the following reasons.

1. The BN is strictly a Malay government with only 2 Chinese rep and zero Indians. This is unhealthy for Malaysian politics.

2. Jamaludin and Osman are no more state assemblymen as their seats have been declared vacant by the Speaker. Now who has the power to reinstate them and over rule the speakers decision. They are of no use to UMNO as have legally resigned. This means there are only 27 seats left in the assembly.

3. Let's forget about No 2 above for a moment for the sake of this argument. Then BN will have a majority of one - 30 to 29. Now this is untenable of we look the political scenario in Perak.

4. Now the RM 50 million ringgit question. Why did these rep cross over to BN and why did Nasaruddin made a U turn? Were they bought?

I predict the following.
The Sultan wants to be seen to be neutral and so he will allow Najib to present his case. Most likely the sultan will have to speak to the 'frogs' individually to determine if there was any for inducement.

I am sure he not going to be very convinced with BN's arguments.

Having spoken to both sides he will then make a decision : "To dissolve the Assembly".
That's the Hobson's Choice for the Sultan.

Anonymous said...

I for one will not thrust our monarchy to support the rakyat calls on this.Only god can save us now.

Anonymous said...

I don't have good feelings about this. All the royalty are aligned to UMNO...

Anonymous said...

Just watch the TV3 8pm news and as expected it really sucked.They try to picture that "rakyat" Perak not happy with pakatan rakyat Perak.So,prove it by dissolving the DUN Perak and let the rakyat decide.Don't decide for rakyat and you will regret for doing this.

Anonymous said...

Let's pray for"rakyat Perak and Pakatan Rakyat.May God bless and protect them.Such a dirty politic.

Anonymous said...

I shared the same view as tulang besi as I see the glass as half empty.As for the royalty the have to be aligned with UMNO..we all know why do we??

Anonymous said...

Let me as the Rakyat to perform my duty, please.

Farhan Kaninchen said...

Tidak hairan jika Sultan Perak bersekongkol dengan UMNO/BN dalam hal ini.. Ini kerana segala elaun dan wang sara utk sultan-sultan di Malaysia dikawal oleh kerajaan dan kebanyakan sultan-sultan di Malaysia memang bergantung sepenuhnya kepada sumber ini memandangkan mereka tidak mempunyai gaji dan pendapatan sendiri.. Ini menjadikan suara mereka tersekat dan takut utk membuat keputusan sendiri.. Namun begitu, jika Sultan Perak benar-benar sayang akan rakyatnya dan masih mempunyai harga diri yang tinggi maka dilucutkan daripada takhta pun dia akan sanggup..Malahan, keluar dari istana dan tinggal di rumah papan pun tidak menjadi masalah.. Sayangnya, tidak ramai sultan-sultan di Malaysia yang mempunyai semangat dan sifat yang begitu skrg.. Amat memalukan..

Anonymous said...

Eh, how can Najib seek an audience with the Perak Sultan when he is not a Perak assemblyman?? In what capacity ah??? Suka-suka boleh pergi istana kah?? I thought only those ADUNs who enjoy the support of the majority of the fellow ADUNs can see the Sultan to inform him and seek approval to form a govt?? No??

Senang sangat si Najib nak pi jumpa Sultan??


Anonymous said...

Harap harap Sultan Perak halau Si Najib ni daripada perak.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that tommorrow perak will have a new government.

Sultan Perak is well verse in law unlike his highness bretherens. It is not difficult for him to understand the issues involved and make a decision on the matter.

When His Royal Highness postponed the decision, it is apparently clear as what is His Royal Highness
decision. l am sure His Royal Highness has made the decision, only awaiting an apportune time to give the official decision.

Why is the delay? Is His Royal Highness awaiting for someone out of state to arrive so that His Royal Highness can make the pronouncement? just thinking aloud!


Kulindod said...

Untuk Tatapan DYMM Sultan Perak,

Ingat pada Yang Mahaesa, Ingat apa yang terjadi pada TYT Sabah selepas merestui Rampasan Kuasa oleh UMNO, Hukum Tuhan perlu difikirkan.

Anonymous said...

Ampun Tuanku
Semuga Tuanku dapat petunjuk dari Allah yang maha esa semasa membuat keputusan.Dan kembalikan kepad rakyat untuk membuat keputusan memilih kerajaan di negeri Perak Darul Redzuan.

Ishak ateng

Malaysian said...

Marilah Kita Memberitahu Hasrat Rakyat Perak!

Kita Sokong Segala Keputusan Yang Dibuat Oleh DYMM Sultan Perak!

Go To And Click Buku Pelawat


Go To To Sign

Harap semua sebar maklumat ini...

saya telah menjadi orang pertama!!!

dragsuperstar said...

Pengumuman Penting Buat Pakatan Rakyat Di Perak

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


While some politicians play their games like 'ghosts'
The ordinary folks are the people who suffer the most
Does it matter now which party is playing the 'host'
When ultimately everybody needs to consider the cost

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040209
Wed. 4th Feb. 2009.

muni said...

2moro is D day for Perak and Malaysia.2moro,we shall know wheter or not,The Sultan has the courage and the wisdom to go against barisan puaka who thinks they are above the law,can do whatever they like.

ahli pkr said...

Harapan aku tipis,sama seperti tulang besi.tapi semangat aku tetap kental dan akan meneruskan perjuangan sehingga p.raya yg akan datang.Sekali ini aku bersedia utk menang,ertinya tidak ada lagi individu yg meragukan seperti jamal dan osman bersama PR.

Anonymous said...

(The Malaysian Insider) IPOH, Feb 4
— Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is planning a mammoth public gathering in front of the Perak mentri besar’s residence tomorrow

Anonymous said...

heyaa!!ordinary people have been suffering for long timelah sir..we r aah,immune to's barisan najis who r scared sh!t of earning a decent livinglah..dats whylah these pariah nyaees r going all out,like those brown shirt wearing goose stepperslah to rampas kuasa..kahkahkah..most of BEnd pariahs talak hotak meh..dey only know how to rob,extort, and cakap"duit harta adalah hak kepunyaan puak pariah selama lamanya"..kihkihkih..janji hari hari enjoy kat disco,dangdut,pub n bistro,kalok..taroh bohsia,indon,and macam macm type of pussies..aah,kan seronok merompak dan merogol!!

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Insider) IPOH, Feb 4
— Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is planning a mammoth public gathering in front of the Perak mentri besar’s residence tomorrow

jam 7 petang kot?

Anonymous said...

if barisan pariah tak buat macam ni,howlah to buy lolex in hong kong?kahkahkah

Anonymous said...

"lacun di tangan kanan mu..madu di tangan kili mu"..kahkahkah..sikarang puak pariah sedang telan lacun..tak blh tahan dah..dengar kaboq angin,BEnd sedang berpeta and berteriak "KITA KAYA SEMULA!!"..kahkahkah..

Anonymous said...

Besok kita akan taulah sama ada iblis rulez or justice rulez..hahaha

Anonymous said...

if the palace would not stay above the fray, I am most disappointed. What did Nazrin say a couple of days ago? Let the people decide, PERIOD.

peng said...

Tulang Besi, I just hope you are wrong this time.

lisalise said...

I think you are wrong... see this

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