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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why I Support PAS Candidate For Bukit Selambau

Malaysiakini reported that all 3 Pakatan parties are interested to put up their candidate for the Bukit Selambau state seat.

It’s simple. The 3 ADUN who jumped came from DAP and PRK. So, to be on the safe side, PAS feels that the candidate for Bukit Selambau must come from PAS. To date, Pas has been free from “jumpers”.

To ensure that no more of jumping from happening, PAS feels that the candidate should come from PAS.

And it’s not like PAS is going to nominate a Malay. PAS is planning to nominate their PAS Supporter Club President who is Indian as candidate.

I think PAS has a point for nominating their candidate. At least for the next 3 years, Kedah wont have to struggle with the problem of party hopping as their candidate is always able to withstand such test, so far.

So, for the long term benefit of the the government, I think PAS candidate should be the candidate for Bukit Selambau

Chance for “Mia Culpa” for Both DAP and PKR

It’s also a perfect opportunity for both PKR and DAP to demonstrate their mia culpa for the loss of Perak State Government.

Plus, it will demonstrate the humbleness of PKR and DAP in the eyes of the public and their willingness to take responsibility of their mistakes and actions.

It’s a great PR move, trust me.

Meritocracy in Effect

Another reason why I like this move because it shows meritocracy in Pakatan Rakyat is well and alive.

Since PAS is the only party that has no reps jumping, therefore they must be rewarded.

DAP of all people should support this.

Tulang Besi

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  1. I'm a PAS member and activist. I don't agree with your suggestion. I think as a matter of principle, PAS should not take credit for the mistake of others. PAS should only take credit for what it stands for and for what it does to the people and the nation. In long term, this is the only thing that would pay off.

  2. Kalau ikutkan memang calon PAS sesuai di situ memandangkan ramai orang Melayu di kawasan itu. Tetapi kita kena mengambil pertimbangan lain juga.
    Kedah mempunyai tiga kaum terbesar iaitu Melayu, Cina dan India. Kita tidak boleh terlalu tamak dan mementingkan kaum kita saja. Sekurang-kurangnya kalau diberi kepada keturunan India sebagai calon, sudah tentu kalau menang beliau dapat mewakili kaum India bukan ditempat itu saja tapi mungkin untuk seluruh Kedah.
    Sebelum inipun YB Arumugam adalah ahli mesyuarat exco kerajaan Kedah, yang mungkin wakil tunggal kaum India.
    Yang paling tepat untuk menjadi calon di sana tentulah keturunan India dari parti PKR.
    Sudah tentu BN akan meletakkan calon UMNO di kawasan itu kerana kalau kalah pun tidak akan mengubah kedudukan BN di negeri itu.

  3. Just because a PAS candidate is given an opportunity to contest does not, in itself, constitute "meritocracy."

    You say that PAS has been free from 'jumpers,' but at the same time, there have been contacts between their members (referring particularly to high level ones) and the ruling party. In PAS's history, going back one year or several decades, this is not new or novel.

    A candidate should be well-educated, congenial, and for the benefit of Kedah politics, provide a counterbalance to the dominant party in the state legislature (i.e., PAS).

    And, by the way, the correct spelling in Latin for "my fault" is "mea culpa," not "Mia Culpa"

    To conclude: avoid a homogeneous political environment and don't place that much faith in loyalties of PAS members.


  4. Is president of PAS Support Club a PAS member? I remember I read somewhere that those members of your supporter club are not PAS member, and non Muslim.
    If that's the case, how can PAS field such candidate? Wouldn't the candidate be rejected and giving a walkover to those ROBBERS?

  5. To be safe and fair for all. Let's maintain status quo. Let give it to PKR.

  6. saya minta PAS meletakkan calon melayu islam untuk Bukit Selambau kerana majority penduduknya adalah org melayu islam.. ada juga pihak yg mengatakan kita tidak perlu tamak dan minta beri peluang kepada bangsa cina atau india untuk kerusi tersebut.. tolonglah PAS jangan tunduk dgn desakan2 ini.. cuba lihat mcm mana tamaknya DAP membolot kerusi exco perak masa PR memerintah negeri itu dulu..dan lihat juga ketamakan DAP dlm exco pulau pinang.. org melayu sedarlah...

  7. @anon 10:18

    la ni adun melayu di Kedah ada berapa persen? sapa jadi tamak? Hang saja reti kata kat orang lain pulaq!


  8. Aku pun setuju klu di Bkt Selambau kita letak org melayu sebab majority melayu kat sana.aku tidak beranggapan kita tamak tp lebih kpd sensitiviti org2 melayu kat sana sgt tebal.

  9. orang melayu bukit selambau bukan nak calon melayu. itu pendapat orang luaq yang kerap main isu perkauman.

    orang melayu bukit selambau hanya nak calon yg. adil, jujur.

    mai laaa. bagi duit sudah, 'pas tu balik.

    orang sana

  10. dis time i dont quite agree with bro TB..first all there r no guarantess that PAS is katak free..2nd,PKR..if they wanted,could have fielded their own candidate in terengganu..3rd the fisaco@coup d etat in perak has little got to do with has more got to do with the palace kau timing with najib,and the 2 pkr hoppers fell into umno's trap many months ago..and the situation is a stalemate..4thly.. bkt gantang's saet is definately going to b the bkt selambau shld go to either pkr,or dap..btw bro,the idea of a indian candidate frm kelab penyokong pas is actually excellent..

  11. bkt selamabau has got to be an indian..and this has lil got to do with malay majoriti,indian only 29.5%,bla bla..for some time now,samy vellu n his goons have been trying(vainly) to swing indian people back to mic's camp..and now,global economy is tanking,and mic,just like bn haprak,is trying to seduce indians by giving lot's of $$$..the usual sh!tlah..indian r aware of statements frm tok guru nik aziz n others appreciating arumugam..and also we must's 2 malays n a chinese that have rolled out thier tongues for $$ n hopped..normally indians lah will be easy targets when it come $$ but things have changed quite dramatically for indians..n they r resisting the temptation of making quick let it be an indian candidate..

  12. anonymous 12:09

    "normally indians lah will be easy targets when it come $$"

    what the f@#$k kind of bullsh#$t comment is this?

    Rude, stereotypical, and negates that Indians are usually the last in line when it comes to corruption.

    How sick are you to say this?

  13. I'm a 'futur' PAS member and I would like to agree with your suggestion while keeping the options open for an Indian candidate from PKR.

    1- To maintain the level of representation of the Indian community in Kedah govt

    2- Indians from PKR have yet to be proven that they can be bought. Unfortunately, the Malays from PKR can :(

    3- Should the 'buy'-election of Bukit Gantang runs concurrently with Bukit Selambau's, any racist propaganda at Bukit Gantang can be used as campaign material in Bukit Selambau.

    PAS has proven that its members cannot be bought with money but has to be bought by means of 'Jedi mind tricks' which also do not work on its leaders anymore. Having an Indian member from Kelab Penyokong PAS as a candidate may also trigger racist propaganda in the mainstream media that will backfire BN in general.

    To summarize, there can be 2 options for the candidate:
    1- An Indian from PKR
    2- An Indian from Kelab Penyokong PAS

    I would like to disagree to have DAP candidate for Bukit Selambau because it may be used as an issue for Bukit Gantang that PAS specifically is selling the Malays to DAP.

  14. UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi

    mengapa tak puas hati?

    UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi

    mengapa sokong lagi?

    UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi

    Bukit Gantang menanti, Bukit Selembau menyeri

    UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi

    adun Kedah rapi, adun Kelantan sepi,

    UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi

    adun selangor jampi, adun penang menari

    UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi

    berkali-kali, acap kali, selepas ini...

    UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi UMNO kalah lagi

    tiada yang rugi, tiada siapa yang rugi

    UMNO kalah lagi, kerajaan pusat berganti

  15. "normally indians lah will be easy targets when it come $$"

    what the f@#$k kind of bullsh#$t comment is this?

    Rude, stereotypical, and negates that Indians are usually the last in line when it comes to corruption.

    How sick are you to say this?

    kahkahkah..helo jack u understnd the dynamics of a capitalist society?look man,for over 50 years indians blindly supported mic .....and on election day,lots of money r thrown to indians to swing the vote towards mic candidates..tak caya?go n asklah any indian dominated kampungs,tamans,etc etc..but now..after HINDRAF rally..some sort of awakening have taken we see,lot's of indian wakil parlimen,n aduns frm pakatan..n they r resisting all the efforts of barisan haprak!!but the dangers r still there..and lot's of mic linked cronies,biznizmen are involved in propoganda to fool the indian community.."look lah at anwar..seelah the pakatan candidates..they r same sh!t like us"..kahkahkah..

  16. Salam,The most simplistic view from you TB.Pls look at the composition of the voters,the party that occupied the seat previously etc. What if later on PAS rep lompat juga....jangan cepat bangga diri friend.after all we are all human being...jangan lupa sejarah perang uhud...sahabat nabi pun ada tergoda dengan rampasan perang beb

  17. PR Supporter

    I am advocating meritocracy.

    Now how is that wrong?

    Oh the 50% malays will be more willing to vote PAS rather than DAP or PKR.

    Trust me on this

  18. Indian leaders must acquire the knowledge of governing the right way..becos..for far too long..the mic , mafia,capitalist "nakamuka" ways of doing things have crippled the indian community..indians feel so lost..this race group have lot's of energy,lots of compassion in thier hearts,but they have been terribly let down by thier own leaders and a result,the coummnity is wayward and vulnerable..and pakatan must not just win the hearts and minds by using political methods..true feelings of brotherhood is oredi in our's just that,under the impact of modern lifestyle,this feeling of brotherhood has been veild.. almost other word,less politics,more on true,genuine feeling of brotherhood(which r the alpha omegas atrributes of the supreme,the self) shld be the principle of pakatan rakyat,which they oredi have..

  19. I am advocating meritocracy.

    Now how is that wrong?

    Oh the 50% malays will be more willing to vote PAS rather than DAP or PKR.

    Trust me on this

    why?is it a popularity contest now?If this is the sentiment..then in the long run..habislah..tribal mentality will prevail,and islam=melayu will be rock solid as ever..imo,there is no use in winning an election based on tribal sentiments becos it will defeat the true purpose of equality beyond race and religion..

  20. nobody is an must not expect dramtic transformation!!even yogis cant do that overnight!!the challenges facing pkr is immense becos it is more incluse,and liberal then the DAP and even PAS..and there is the Anwar factor,the chief archiect of Pakatan n UMNO dustBiN's enemy no1..Karpal is an indivuidual nutter..but there are also racist shitheads frm the malay community..the focus shld be long term.. integrating all the communites based on brotherhood and solving variety of socio economic problems afflicting everyone,tak kira ras,kaum, warna kulit shld be pakatan main agenda..

  21. By Wong Choon Mei

    The Election Commission has fixed by-elections for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat in Perak and the Bukit Selambau seat in Kedah to be held on April 7, in a move seen as favouring the Umno-Barisan Nasional at the expense of other candidates.

    The far-off polling date is at the tail-end of the 60-days period the EC is given by law to do so.

    Nominations will be held on March 29, a day after the Umno general assembly and internal party election ends on March 28.

    Polling will then take place after Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak safely succeeds Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on April 1.

    “The trend is becoming more apparent and it is really a cause for worry. No doubt, it is still within the legal time frame, but why not somewhere in the middle. There is no national event in between, so quite obviously, this is a move to allow the Umno more time to get ready,” said a political observer.

    “It looks like the EC wants to avoid Najib being embarassed before the transition of power. Najib wants to use his new premiership to fight the battle. However, he might lose even worse,” said KeADILan information chief Tian Chua.

    Bukit Gantang

    Both the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau will primarily be battled out between arch enemies Pakatan Rakyat and BN, although other candidates may join the fray.

    The two seats fell vacant on the same day, after Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shahrum died suddenly from a heart attack, while the Bukit Selambau assemblyman V Arumugam resigned.

    In Bukt Gantang, Pakatan is expected to field a PAS candidate, which could be the immensely popular Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin.

    Nizar has the support of Perakians, although he was pushed out on Feb 5 by a controversial decision from the Sultan, who ruled in favour of a dubious Umno-BN line-up assembled by Najib.

    However, PAS spiritual adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat has cautioned against over-confidence, adivising that other suitable party members be considered as well.

    On the other side of the divide, Umno is expected field any candidate except Zambry Kadir, its newly appointed Menteri Besar, and the subject of a legal suit filed by the Pakatan challenging the validity of his appointment by the Sultan.

    Apart from the lawsuit, filed this morning in the Kuala Lumpur High Court, Zambry has also made himself unpopular, even amongst his own party colleagues, for several unusual executive councilor appointments.

    Kamarulai Suleiman, the deputy chief of the Bukit Gantang Umno division, and prominent lawyer Kamilia Ibrahim, the Kuala Kangsar Wanita chief, are said to be the frontrunners.

    Bukit Selambau

    In Bukit Selambau, the Pakatan is likely to showcase a KeADILan candidate, mostly likely a prominent Indian well-respected by the community, although there are also calls for a local candidate regardless of ethnicity to be given priority.

    Names that have been touted include RS Thanenthiran, the 45-year old national co-ordinator for the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force movement.

    More recently, another Hindraf leader - the 35-year P Vasanthakumar currently under ISA detention - has been mentioned. Vansantha was born and bred in Bedong, close to Bukit Selembau, making him a potential candidate if it becomes apparent that his popularity can override the disadvantage of his detention.

    However, given the massive lobbying that has ensued for the seat, including from amongst Pakatan members DAP and PAS, a decision is only likely after extensive discussion by the coalition’s top leadership.

    The DAP has three Chinese and two Indian candidates on its shortlist, while PAS wants to field a member of its supporters’ club.
    Said Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim: “There have been appeals by allied parties and demands for a candidate that is Malay, Hindraf, party veteran and other criteria. Bu the latest events should be used as a lesson. The party struggle cannot be compromised over narrow agenda.”

    For the BN, its Indian component party MIC has already sounded out its stake on the seat, although Umno is also keen on putting in a Malay candidate.

    Said S Subramaniam: “We will claim our rights. It has been a tradition that the seat is allocated to MIC and it will remain as such. Any change is not good for the ties within Barisan. We face problems like this every time there is an election. People start asking for seats.”

    kahkahkah..apa lu punua rights mr subra?mic only got the right to beg..kahkahkah..mic lost thier rights long time agolah..ur rights r equals to conan d barbarian umno's shit..kahkahkah..tak caya?pi lah tanya sujata's murderor n "jiwa dan ati saya umno' peyi pundek chami wollu..kahkahkah..

  22. Actaully aah,it's doesnt really matter if the indian candidate is frm PAS,DAP or PKR..bcos,the state gomen is under PAS,n whoever so elected will have to folo certain "guidelines" frm PAS..betui tak?'s very important to lookout for UMNO,MIC's goons..they have been spreading lot's of propoganda even b4 the coup in perak..

  23. lil bit careful of him..Indians have reported to me,he "wines n dines" with a certain bongga makan, pajak kaday,jeweller who also happens to be an mic member,and a certifed rogue!!

  24. This Thenindran fella lashed out at Prof Ramasamy n labelled him a be very careful of this Thenindran..he has the dubious record of swindling temple funds,and joined HINDRAF just to promote himself..

  25. Waythamoorthy says that Vasantha is frm SB.. during the Permatnag Pauh by elections,an incident took place..a HINDRAF leader took the oppourtunity to terajang vasanthakumar n say dat he is a SB guy..I wonder why?

  26. Well, PAS simply should stay away from it because PAS is the dominant party in Kedah

    Leave it to PKR or DAP. However, candidate must be

    a) An Indian (no Indian candidate for ADUN & EXCO)

    b) High qualified professional (Lawyer, Doctor, Professor)

    c) Good leadership and administration skill

    d) Good ethics. Adhered to the principle of Pakatan Rakyat

    If DAP or PKR can't propose a better candidate, open the post to worthy independent candidate.

    Perhaps, Ambiga should stand. Let her become an Kedah EXCO. Let her decide to join PKR, PAS or DAP or an independent


    PAS got 1 MB, 1 Speaker & 8 EXCO. Good enough! Tulang Besi


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