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Monday, February 9, 2009

Why It's Not Smart to Sue The Ruler, Karpal.

Among the things that Karpal is insisting upon is for the Pakatan Rakyat to sue Sultan Azlan Shah. Again, let me state the fact that Karpal Singh is totally out of touch with reality. Below are my argument so that Karpal may share and stop trying to blast Pakatan leaders:

a. First and foremost. Not all Rulers are evil. But if one Ruler is attacked, it is viewed as an attack on the entire institution.

b. Ramification of such act might be dire to other Pakatan States. It's no use to open up new fronts and make new enemies. The best way is to get the other Rulers to put pressure on Azlan Shah to act in the proper way.

c. If Sultan Azlan Shah is sued, then other Rulers will view this as an act against the Rulers institution. Other Rulers might wield their powers to make life a living hell for other Pakatan government i.e. Selangor and Kedah. This is so unnecessary and ridicolous.

d. Why should the Sultan of Terengganu be made our enemy when he is such a just Sultan and acted in the interest of his people. Again not all Rulers are evil.

f. The backlash among the Malay electorate might be very harsh. Since we already have the sympathy of the non malays, an increase of support from the Malays will kill off UMNO. But, if we disrespect the Ruler Institution too much, Malays might view it as a threat to Malay rule in PErak and will turn back to supporting UMNO.

g. Best way to step forward is to lay the blame squarely on UMNO. People can change UMNO but they cannot change the Sultan. it's more practical this way.

h. Again, Karpal Singh is so out of touch with reality. He thinks the entire world revolves around him. He fail to notice the diversity of the Malaysian hearts of minds and he certainly do not offer anything concrete on how PR can capture them. He just chooses to address his own small minority audience while alienating the majority. He is a liability to Pakatan Rakyat. He should form his own party and stay in the left while the entire PR is moving to the center.

So I hope Karpal will take his head out of the sky and start thinking like normal and sane people do.

My advice to Karpal. If you have nothing good to say than shut up. Shutting up can be a very useful tool for the Pakatan struggle.

Tulang Besi

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  1. Dear Saudara,

    Because the Rajas are now constitutional monarchs.
    Their titahs are no longer law, like before.
    Our laws are made and amended by the people via the Dewan Rakyat.
    The Rajas have to act within the law. They can no longer change it on whim.
    Anyway, as Muslims, can you sembah another human being?

  2. b. how do you "get" the other rulers to put pressure on azlan shah? if there really is a way, pls do it, and thanks.
    d. I do not agree that we should make sultan of terengganu our enemy, but is he really a just person? Wasn't he one of them who approve that zaki guy as the new CJ? Such a tainted one as our CJ?

  3. Dear Jed Yoong,

    Suing the Rulers is perfectly legal but it's not wise form a political standpoint.

    I myself do not believe in the infallibility of the Rulers but unfortunately our "electorate" are fairly new to this derhaka thingy.

    So, we need to tread very carefully so as not to lose our electorate.

    As for sembah, they say the "sembah" we do to Sultan is not the same as the "sembah" we use for Allah SWT.

    So technically it's not syirik, but TG Nik Aziz never puts up his hand to "sembah" the Sultan.

    But then again TG Nik aziz is from Royal blood so he gets to get off with it.

  4. The recent Perak fiasco is heartbreaking for PR and Karpal is taking it badly. Can't blame him.

    But Karpal should cool down and not go shooting off his mouth and provide more ammo to the enemies.

    Now is also not the time for disunity in PR. Re-group, wait and fight another day. Remember, he who laughs last laugh the best. Don't fret, PR shall have the last laugh.

  5. Totally agree with you. Karpal can't just blast out whatever that comes to his mind.No doubt many feel that the Sultan has made a wrong decision. But then its not entirely his fault.Yes the Sultan is also another human being but then we should give him due respect because of his status.It is perfectly alright to reason with a Sultan but not right to scold him. In my opinion PR should look at the bigger picture. Serve the people well, stop all the monkeying with BN, improve communication and cooperation within the party, identify future leaders in their fold and I foresee PR getting an even bigger slice of the cake in the next GE.

  6. aah..goood analysia dis momento..all the sultan sultan,raja raja dah goyang siki,becos of the revolt @KK..Malaysia will never be the same again..and karpal oh karpal..arey bongga makaneh turbenless saradarji....stop ur mulutlah..if u don't.. hah,one fine day all the jokes about paiyaah will be released ..released..kahkahkah.."singh is king"..kahkahkah..

  7. TB,

    Apakah kedudukan feudalisme didalam Islam? Adakah Nabi Muhammad menamakan saudaranya sebagai suksesor beliau? Bolehkah keketuaan diwariskan kepada anak didalam Islam?


  8. sorry tb..gua tak blh taahan..siki sardar humour to chill current charged atmosphere..

    No formalities
    "Elizabeth Taylor once boarded a plane. Everybody around greeted her. Since the plane was crowded she had difficulty in finding a seat. She saw our Sardar Balwinder Singh who was sitting next to a vacant seat.She went up to him and introduced herself saying in her cool sexy voice, "Hi, I am Elizabeth Taylor... Liz to you." Balwinder was bewildered but immediately responded, "Hi I am Balwinder .. Balls to you."

  9. Law is law! It does not care who you are, so I agree with Karpal. About the backlash, it doesn't matter if we lose majority support. At least, we go down with some dignity.

  10. All of you just supported Anwar blindly. I think Karpal knows what he is talking about.
    Anwar is a dirty person which already sapu BILLIONS when he was DPM.

    When he succeed to be PM all the BILLIONS will come back to malaysia especially from US and SINGAPORE.

  11. I think the role of the rulers is to look after the welfare of their people. A fair judge will stay an execution of judgement until all doubts are cleared. The Sultan of Perak should give more consideration to clear the doubt on the "resignation" of the three assemblymen/woman. Is the Speaker's decision (on resignation of the three) legally binding? Let the court rules on this. Only then BN can majority.

  12. What if the ruler had killed someone instead? Than would you have agreed to not take him to a court of law to be tried? The same thing has happened but instead of killing any one particular individual the ruler has killed PR in Perak.

    When Karpal fights to maintain and clarify the stance that malaysia is a secular state (and a secular state is one in which all races are looked upon as equals) as opposed to an Islamic state , he is labelled as a racist.

    When he fights to defend the rights of citizens to take royalty to court on disputable issues, he is accused of committing treason.

    When he voices his stance on party hopping, principles of which are supposed to have been imbeded in the DAP ideology he does not even get the support of some of those in his party which had condemnd such actions before the Pakatan was formed.

    This is a man whom fights for the right reasons but because of his bluntness (a truly respectable quality) he is seen as an easy scape goat for both the PR and BN whenever they are important issues that nobody wants to face.

    To those who think that his timing was not acceptable, would it have been anymore acceptable if he had come out with it in 6 months, or 6 years later? If anything i think his statements were mild and should have been alot harsher.

    I am an opposition supporter but i will never support a leader that embraces party hoping one day and codemns it 10 days later when the hops happen against him. It may be constitutional to hop but it is in no way ethical.

    Anwar being the leader of the PR is in no way a lone reason for the capture of the five states. If he was, PKR would have made a big difference in 2004 as opposed to just winning 1 seat.

    Every article ive read that is against him has always been based on opinion rather that fact which is sickening because people tend to believe what they read without looking for proof.

    Also Karpal Singh is not a millionare lawyer like some of you claim. He has done many cases for free and being a principled man who abides by the law is what makes him successful. No one can prove a man who is always right to be wrong.(unless they twist his words like what most media and bloggers who are looking for someone outspoken to pry on do)

    Frankly i am quite appalled by the fact that LKS and LGE are willing to sell their principles in order to ‘win’ rather to fight for what they were ‘preaching’ before the convenient formation of the PR.

    I dread to think of the day when malaysian politics looses this man cause when he goes, it looks like good principles would leave with him and we'd be left with BN vs BN (PR)

  13. realistic article,
    please add it's not smart to hold a chaotic rally, to lay on the road to stop somebody's car, to smash windscreen with stone, you think this is Gaza? think with brain not balls

  14. Yes, sometimes, quiet diplomacy is better. there will be other times when "gun-boat" diplomacy is better.

  15. Respect people!!Kita semua,including the sultans,ada ruh..all is equal!!soul equality!!..that's the divine truth n principle!!..and it's the holy quran,vedas,gita,u name it(minus talmudlah..those jews on yom kippur day,recite the name of the devil..oh yes..ini betul punya fact) TB pointed kapai is an extreme left winger..dat's ok..but,dia punya mulut..haiyooh..kadang kadang saya pikir,his mouth and hotak dah talak koneksion..wayar dah putus..kahkahkah

  16. Real democarcy is about recognising the soul equality of man..the western type of democarcy came under the rule of the middle class,and naturally it died becos it anchored on human intelellect,ego ..but life has always been about discovering and manifesting the true spirit of the absolute,the eternal..any form of kezaliman is against the divine's spirit..because,equality,justice,harmony,are divine's attributes..anything that goes against the si setan tu dah control..kahkahkah

  17. And when,justice is being denied..when darkness desends..hah,dat time lah..mother nature ke,the supreme lord ke..TURUN!!..there is a saying..the light is at it's brightest when darkness is at it most intense!!si lah what happend in kk on that,i guarantee ya,umno pariah , n thier partners r shell shocked!!

  18. Pls stop attacking Mr Karpal.
    He got his right to sue the Sultan as no one is above the law!

    You and I duty is to explain to the rakyats(who misunderstand PR is against Ruler) that the Sultan had breach the constitution, therefore, the only solution is for the Court to rule out the case!
    No one is above the law!
    And I believe nowadays, most of the Rakyat can judge whether the Mr Karpal's motion is acceptable or not!

  19. TB,

    Don't you think the Bar Council should also break the silence on the breaching Constitution law by the Sultan?

    What's Bar Council stand when they aware the Ruler is breaching Constitution law? Are they mute?

    What's the Bar Council funtion as an NGO?

    I think you should attack Bar Council on their silence instead of attacking Mr Karpal!

  20. Ok.. caya dapat ini seems Arumugam's wife was kidnapped at 1pm about the kidnapping broke out..pkr fellas were allerted and tracked the kidnappers..balun those umno/bn the wife is safe and is arumugam..

  21. Thers is time for everthing..what can karpal achieve by saying Anwar should step down?can the sardarji take over the leadership?can he unite people?Hah in GE13,he was not even confident of gaining seats,let alone capturing 5 states..and he told sing press..!!Looklah..he just a loyar..nothing more!!

  22. Hah sekarang org kondem BAR Council ..Dulu,banyak olang defen BAR n Zul kena balun cukup cukup..see lah now!!And karpal is repeating BAR's Down step at a time lah..

  23. Karpal, you have the rights to call your points but be careful with your tongue and language. If your Malay is not good, please use your English. The way you referring Sultan Perak as "dia" is not respectful and unacceptable. You wanna sue the Sultan, constitutionally can be but what will your party will get later. How will be your party relationship with Sultan Perak in case you won the suit and PR continue to rule Perak? Sometime you are not good in public relationship skills. That's why you are not able to become DAP secretary general instead just elected as Chairman, almost same as role of Rulers, symbolic figure only.

  24. I would like to advice Karpal Singh rather than sue our beloved Perak Sultan, turn the table on the UMNO trick play and together with all the other Pakatan MP's table a resolution in Parliament requesting the restoration of the original rights of the Sultans and the Agong as per our noble and exemplary orignal Malaysian Constitution drafted by our founding fathers. I definately feel Ku Li and other noble royal bloods in UMNO will support the restoration of the original constitutional rights of our esteemed and beloved Sultans and Agung. Karpal will definately get full support of our Beloved and Highly Esteemed Agong and Rulers.

    Daulat Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku.


    You sold your BODY AND SOUL to Anwar.

    The End of DAP

    Both of you BETRAYED the RAKYAT

  26. anonymous 12:14,
    why can't Karpal call him what he is? Ie, a human beings. Nowadays if you (TB included) still think that you really need to bow to another human being and chant daulat tuanku daulat tuanku when he for sure doesn't care about anything but his self interest, then I tell you that's the reason why Malaysia is in such a sorry state as it is today.
    For me, he is Azlan Shah because his name is Azlan Shah, he doesn't deserve the word Sultan or YMM or anything else. Remember, orang bagi muka, tapi hanya kamu yang boleh menjatuhkan maruah sendiri.
    I support Karpal all the way, sue Azlan Shah the traitor of the people!!!

  27. Karpal singh both Lim Kit Siang & Lim Guan Eng betrayed you.

    They are more interested in defending Anwar instead of you.

    Mr singh now you know who play you out.

    The father and son is more intersted with POWER and POSITION.

  28. First they want to restore the immunity of the royalty.
    Now they want to sue the sultan
    First they praise the Bar Council
    Now they say the Bar Council is a BN tool.
    First DAP and PKR slept together.
    Now Karpal condemns Anwar.
    First they were hypocrites.
    Now they are still hypocrites.

    - NotFooled

  29. please add it's not smart to hold a chaotic rally, to lay on the road to stop somebody's car, to smash windscreen with stone, you think this is Gaza? think with brain not balls

    Ekkkk!!!! Wrong again iswarahitam.

    It is the best thing anyone could do to the Ruler.

  30. i) ignore karpal. he's a good guy but we need smart guys now.

    ii) never surrender. never let up. even for a minute. keep on hammering until bn falls.

    iii) all fence-sitters pls work with us. just one more push...finish off bn.

    iv) > 50 years already. change, we can. change, we MUST!


  31. These kind of Malays are so brainwashed! Don't they remember how cruel the Malay Kings were, and they were the one who first sold the country to the British! So wise up and get historical facts rights! REAL EDUCATED Malays are no more cows, to be pulled by the ring-in-the nose by these primtive and medieval Malay Sultans! DOWN WITH MONARCHY; AND LONG LIVE CONSTITUTIONAL SECULAR DEMOCRACY AND UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTSIN MALAYSIA!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

  32. Kuasa di tangan Allah,
    Hak di tangan RAKYAT !
    Raja? cuma lambang je....
    Raja zalim Rakyat Merana!
    Di Malaysia banyak pelik perkara berlaku... Maklumlah BOLEH-LAND ! Seluru dunia ketawa !!!!!
    Khakkkkk Ptuiiiiii !!!

  33. Why Sultan Azlan Shah Must BE Vindicated

    Although your article is very nicely presented, my conscience told me I must not agree with you Tulang Besi.

    You said: -
    a. First and foremost. Not all Rulers are evil. But if one Ruler is attacked, it is viewed as an attack on the entire institution.

    Why? Didn't their kaki bodek repeatedly said "Nila setitik Rosak Susu Sebelanga"?. Meaning we must not assume all Royals are evil just some among them are actaully murderer, bully, asshole etc?
    So how come now that we condemn only one bad guy, all also want to get involved? Meaning they are one, and all the same? Then may we assume they are all murderer, bully and useless assholes?

    Complete rebuttal at


    You sold your BODY AND SOUL to Anwar.

    The End of DAP

    Both of you BETRAYED the RAKYAT

    kahkahkah..wat a f*kin moron!! ..kahkahkah.. ..karpal lives in hiw own world..all this chootia talk about long live secularism by newly converts know abosultely f*k about the revolutionary things that are happening in this country..the sultan,umno now know rakyat of all classes,races,skin color dah's even more powerful then reformasi98..they know it!!karpal,me guess is got the "bahang" and decided to do his partlah..btw,,did the pakatan leaders outright reject karpal's desire/idea whatever of sueing the sultan?mmm?let's wait n see lah....

  35. alo jaga siket la cakap tu.agak2 la.sebab tu orang cakap cina bangsa xtau hormat.tu bos kitorang melayu.actually malaysian.tapi lu xtau hormat.memang dia ada buat salah.tapi lu kena hormat.

    jangan kurang ajar

  36. re "anonymous February 10, 2009 9:27 PM"

    i really have to understand the delicate connections between our malay friends and the sultans/rajas.

    sure, the royalties are to be respected but isnt there a malay saying about "raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah..." or something like that.

    but then again, i guess i'll never understand. i mean, how do you react to your own father if you feel he's done something not quite right?

    i have so much to learn...


  37. Carmanio,not all Malay connect to the Sultans.I for one thing in this era,why would we want to have Sultan?? What is their function anyway beside spending the taxpayer's money?? Symbol of Islam?? They don't seems to practice it.Their wives does not wear tudung or headscarf except for Sultan of Terengganu.They drink like fish and some of the Prince are womaniser. So what is left for us to respect??

  38. I agree with the points presented above. It should also be highlighted that UMNO is not known for respecting the monarchy institution in the country either. Lets not forget this image:

    - MENJ

  39. here are my humble answers to the writer's comments:

    a. karpal has no intention to sue all rulers, only the ruler of perak

    b. karpal not representing PR and there are no other ways, evrything are withing UMNO gambit

    c. all sultans are well educated and are able to see the case wisely

    d. nobody is evil. this seem to be the only way available to solve perak's political catastrophy

    e. most contemporary malays are wise. only UMNO goons and their hunting dogs are blur. PR will be seen as fighting for the majority rakyat cause

    f. monarcy snd political institutions shouldn't mix. the raja himself decided to create his own state conctitutional crisis. karpal is nailing at the root of the problem.

    waiting for a wise judgement from an independent court of law.

    hope my answers provide malaysian another point to view present political catastropy in perak.


  40. Only fools with little brain cells think they have the power and capability to sue the constitutional monarchs. They are nothing for heaven sake. The laws of the country will heavily side with the monarchs, whether you like it or not.

    Get real, fools. If not, God bless you.

  41. Tulang Besi said...
    Dear Jed Yoong (February 9, 2009 5:57 PM)
    "So technically it's not syirik, but TG Nik Aziz never puts up his hand to "sembah" the Sultan.

    But then again TG Nik aziz is from Royal blood so he gets to get off with it."

    YAB Tuan Guru Nik Aziz's and the Sultan of Kelantan are in-laws (Biras). Nik Aziz's daughter is married to the Crown Prince, Tengku Mahkota Kelantan.

    So, go figure how close PAS and the royalty.

  42. No that's not true. Tok Guru's daughter is not married to Tengku Faris.

    Tok Guru is decendent from Raja Jemba, one of royalty's family.


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