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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will Bukit Gantang Be An Easy Seat For Us?

In one short answer, YES. Provided we can stop all frauds. And this article will expose all the possible frauds that UMNO will capitalize in order to wrest this seat. I mean what's stopping them anyways. They've already committed the ultimate political sin. The Bad News: If we fail to stop BN's fraud, WE WILL LOSE THE SEAT. Why? Here's my explanation:

a. The DUN result i captured shows that turnout for all 3 DUN's is at 70-74%. For Malaysian politics this is considered normal.

b. What it means is that the BN was OVERCONFIDENT in 2008 about recapturing Perak. That is why they did not deploy their fleet of "Pengundi Hantu"

c. If you browse the Terengganu 1999 election results, you will see that average turnout was about the same range. Why? Because Wan Mokhtar was very confident of recapturing Terengganu that no pengundi hantu was deployed.

d. But in 2004, one will see that turnout in Terengganu rose to average 80-85%. The difference of about 10% was the reason why BN recaptured Terengganu, and not a swing back from PAS to BN.

e. The same applies to Perak, Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Wilayah Persekutuan. The BN was so busy killing each other based on the confidence that recapturing west coast states was a mooted point.

f. Most of their fraud machinery was concentrated in Terengganu and Kelantan.

g. In short, PR was LUCKY. Nay, VERY VERY LUCKY. If the BN was not confident of winning the West Coast state, we would have been slaugthered.

h. In the case of Bukit Gantang, and knowing Najib Tun Razak i expect:

i. "Pengundi Hantu" will be deployed tremendously
ii. Turnout will be hiked to 80%
iii. Pakatan will lose the Bukit Gantang Parliament seat with a slim majority
iv. Najib will then claim their coup-
has the people's support
v. We may have to wait another 50 years to recapture Perak.


Specifically for Bukit Gantang, all unknown names must be highlighted and exposed to the media. Evidence must be furnished.

Names registered in office buildings, masjids, surau etc must be highlighted and if possible protested and removed

I saw once a big fat ugly looking man registered 3 names with the SPR to an address which belongs to an UMNO office somewhere in Perak. That means these people have been doing this for a long time cause this was way back in 1997. They pay slobs to do their dirty tricks.

Remember, Kelantan was able to continue their rule, among all, because they managed to keep their electoral roll clean.

And to all of the other Pakatan states, if you don't start cleaning up your rolls now from unknown and suspicous names, u can forget ruling your state the next time around.

The copy of the result can be seen below:

Tulang Besi

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  1. "Sub Sub Sui" Chinese said ....
    "sub sub water" Fake Mat Saleh said....
    "Easy Water" Englishman said....
    ^_^ Majoriti more than 10k PAS Win.

  2. Pakatan's sekuriti kena tambah...from now!!..always on the lookout for bus hantu,teksi sapu hantu..local residents perlu alertkan wakil wakil pakatan if they see mysterious strangers..rumah rumah yg kosong utk disewa perlu diawasi..bikin posters exposing najis tactics to lure kataks,and kodoks..bribery,kidnapping,ugut,picah kereta,wat not..

  3. agree all we have to do is guard against hantu and we can win

  4. Pakatan must not be overconfident, UMNO is good at playing dirty. Pakatan must go around to explain what happened and why the rakyat must vote for Pakatan/PAS. On the voting day, Pakatan must deploy workers to check at the SPR counters. UMNO can easily get IC's for their man to vote.


  5. In any situation, do not be too over-confident. In this MALAYSIA BOLEHLAND MACAM-MACAM PUN BOLEH. As evident with the 204 coup, Mongol Najis cannot be taken lightly. On paper our victory is crystal clear. But BELAKANG MARI BANYAK TAKUT!

  6. UMNO PERAK has always been plagued by weak leadership, as proven by the takeover of Perak which was engineered by the imported chiefs, with the locals being the red indians.

    If we look at the KT by-election, the scenario was somewhat different, in that the imported chiefs had to contend with the not so malleable locals, and to a certain extent their job was hampered.

    Will the imported chiefs be using the same approach in the forthcoming Bukit Gantang by-election i.e bulldozing their way over the locals to set the scene as they had done in the takeover of Perak?

    This is something which is going to happen, bearing in mind that the new incumbent Datuk Zambary won't be able to provide much leadership (a plus point for PR)in the campaign, and his role will be subservient to the imported chiefs.

    I believe PR has to and must worry about the would-be carte blanche approach of these imported chiefs in the forthcoming by-election of Bukit Gantang.

    Which brings me to the next point. Is there a strong PR leadership in Perak that will be transcended on to Bukit Gantang? Well, the takeover of Perak is already a sure tell-tale sign of problems within the coalition. As long as PR is behaving in the same manner then as was in that debacle then there is a real cause for worry in Bukit Gantang. Just as UMNO Perak is weak in leadership, can the same also be said about PR Perak? Probably worse.

    Let's not get too carried away by the enormous support that we have now from the rakyat. That will be rendered meaningless by UMNO/BN's bag of tricks if we are careless. There is much work that needs to be done before that elusive victory is finally ours.


  7. When BN wins, it's due to pengundi hantu.
    Hmm...wonder where all the hantus went when BN lost Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor?
    The truth is the opposition is so afraid of its own shadow that it sees hantu everywhere.

    - Orang

  8. You are absolutely right. The fraud formula is so straight forward : How many votes needed to beat PR's man? Just add the difference and call it the voters' turnout figure/percentage!

    This will normally be done in the afternoon when the trend of the voting becomes obvious and irreversible. This where postal votes and phantom voters will come into play.

    And this is where PR supporters must challenge EC on the validity of those votes and the voters concerned. Physically if necessary, and legally. You do not "pussy-foot" with hard-core fraudsters. If the EC members are also accessories to the crime, make a citizen arrest!

    I have been wondering with incredulity at the votes figures for so many years. Surely there will be a need for vigilance and efforts to make a stop to it since Najib - unlike Abdullah - seems to demonstrate he has no compunction about committing big-time fraud in this area!

  9. Mata rakyat Perak terbuka dengan terang sekarang. Mereka tahu sekarang siapa Nizar sebenarnya. Seperti Anwar, dia akan buat apa saja untuk memancing sokongan. Mula-mula hendak dilanjutkan pajakan tanah kepada masyarakat di Kg Baru ke 999 tahun, sekarang hendak dilanjutkan dengan begitu saja tanah perindustrian dari 33 atau 66 tahun ke 99 tahun. Semuanya untuk kepentiungan satu kaum saja.

    Pemberian tanah kepada sekolah cina entah berapa ribu ekar sudah diberi.

    Lain kali kalau DAP dapat kerusi terbanyak, elok di lantik sahaja orang DAP sebagai MB. Kalau dilantik orang lain seperti NIZAR, serupa juga jadinya. Biar orang melayu Perak sedar apa yang mereka pangkah dan menyesal.....

  10. Berenti la buat fitnah.

    Pajakan 999 tu ada dalam manifesto PAS bukan DAP sebelum pru 2008.

    Dan, pajakan 999 tu diberikan kepada kampung baru dan kampung tersusun.

    Memang UMNO ni kaki buat fitnah.

  11. Anonymous 1:31 AM 11/2/2009 said:
    "When BN wins, it's due to pengundi hantu.
    Hmm...wonder where all the hantus went when BN lost Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor?
    The truth is the opposition is so afraid of its own shadow that it sees hantu everywhere."

    All the hantus went to Terengganu and probably Kedah. Some of them may be from Perak and BN forgot to put defensive hantu there, thinking that victory can be achieved just like the last 50 years.
    These hantus can be busted by means of indelible ink which was used even in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Malaysia Tak Boleh.

  12. Tulang besi,

    Apa you ni, tak baca surat khabar ke? Satu Malaysia tahu macam mana you tak tahu.

    Kampung baru itu kebanyakan nya penempatan semula untk kaum cina. Masa zaman darurat dulu, kaum cina senang di pujuk untuk berjuang menentang kerajaan, jadi diwujudkan perkampungan baru untuk kaum cina supaya sukar untuk komunis menganggu mereka.

    Tanah ini tanah kerajaan dan selalunya pajakan ialah 33 atau 66tahun. Nizar (pasti dengan arahan exco kanannya) mahu tukar ke freehold. Bila kerajaan pusat tidak benarkan, di minta tukar ke 999 tahun.

    Brother, itu cerita nya. Mana ada fitnah?

  13. I strongly believe that if UMNO doesn't play dirty, Pakatan will win coz the people are very angry with the coup. But like someone here said, this is boleh land, anything can happen. PR also needs to get candidates with integrity and not ones who are corrupted and can be bought out. I will never forget the faces of those who sold PR out, especially the Hee woman. She has brought shame to the Chinese community.

  14. MagM,

    What is there to be shameful. That's part of democracy. I would be more shameful if I were Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Guan Eng. Just 10 days before they were very proud of getting the UMNO ADUM and told the world how happy and proud they were but now when the ball rolled to the other side, ha! that wrong, 'menjijikkan' and all other sort of nasty words. PLEASE LAH BE REAL.

  15. Salam TB AKA RC,

    KJ will deliver NS to Pakatan? Hehehe... If this guy is smart, he should start working on this. Otherwise he will be doomed come March 2009 when Najis takes over...

    "Raja adil raja disembah, raja durhaka raja disanggah".



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