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Monday, March 23, 2009

Najib’s Entering PM’s Office With A Bang

This is an article forwarded to me by a Malaysiawaves reader that goes by the name "Observer from Beyond"

Ali Rustam has been crucified on the alter of political sacrifice. He was bound to be UMNO’s TPM but he is not a Najib’s man. In other words, if allowed to proceed, Ali Rustam might be the next UMNO President, and by virtue, the next Prime Minister.

Based on sources close to Najib Tun Razak, he is working on three short term strategy prior to entering and during his entrance to the PM’s office:

a. To incarcerate or at least cut them off in the knees by utilizing enforcement bodies such as the courts or UMNO Disciplinary Comittees. And whom does Najib cuts? Figureheads that cold threathen Najib’s hold in power, regardless which side of the political divide he is from. For instance, Ali Rustam is decapitated because he is not a figure that can be controlled by Najib. Furthermore, Ali Rustam is seen as an ambitious leader and will not hesitate in disturbing Najib’s fragile base of support.
b. To bring PAS into the Barisan Nasional fold again. My source tells me that the offer of the the Deputy Prime Minister position for Nasaruddin Mat Isa will be maintained, thus ensuring his loyalty to UMNO’s cause.

Even if the plan to bring PAS in Barisan Nasional is unsuccessful, the more practical aim for them is to destabilize PAS by creating fragments within the party, thus weakening Pakatan Rakyat.

c. To permanently put Anwar Ibrahim incarcerated and curtailing his movement altogether. This is to ensure that the Pakatan Rakyat does not remain united coming into the next election.

One can easily see that the plans above are in effect. The courts will now act on Karpal Singh and Gobind Singh. Ali Rustam has been neutralized and others are being watched. Someone told me that Khir Toyo is on the axe list. The MB of Selangor will be found guilty and will serve time in jail, thus destabilizing Selangor.

The MACC is now UMNO and Najib’s lapdog especially when it’s chairman’s son is under indictment in Australia for possession of child pornography materials. It’s a good reason for him not to cross BN’s anywhere.

On the PAS front, the PAS President has floated the idea of a “Unity Government”. In truth, the idea is totally not practical no matter which angle u look at it. The idea is to make the other Pakatan Rakyat component to look real bad for rejecting the idea, thus giving PAS a “moral justification” to jump ship.

It’s an attempt to create an “appetite” among PAS rank and file to support the idea of PAS jumping into Barisan Nasional. The idea was not even discussed in detail in PAS’es Central Committee meeting thanks to Mohd Sabu who abruptly interrupted the President thus ensuring the discontinuation of the discussion beyond the introduction. But the PAS President was adamant and went ahead with the press statement.

This led the Mursyidul Am of PAS, Tok Guru Nik Aziz having to take the fight in the public sphere. At least that has quieten the PAS President on this issue for now. But from the looks of it, Tok Guru Nik Aziz has taken off his gloves and will fight tooth and nail to prevent PAS from joining Barisan Nasional, or at least to be within a 100 feet of UMNO. By the time TOk Guru is done, PAS will not even be able to touch UMNO even with a 10 feet pole.

I seriously doubt that PAS President is with Pakatan Rakyat, at least in his heart. He has swallowed so much of UMNO’s propaganda against DAP and PKR that he is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality. I seriously believe that the PAS President has already one foot in BN’s threshold. I hope I am wrong, but anyone close to the President should ask him whether he is still in PAS or has he lost his heart to UMNO?

As for decapitating Anwar permanently, we should follow his sodomy trial very carefully. I believe, no matter how trumped up the charges, Anwar will be found guilty reminding us of Dr. Mahathir’s good old days of subverting the judiciary for his political gains.

Lastly, the plan to destabilize Pakatan States is continuing as planned. The idea is, even if they cannot get PR ADUN to cross over, they can make the Pakatan rule a living hell. In Selangor, the possible option for Najib is “MAGERAN” because flow of information in Selangor is too fast for UMNO to comprehend.

This is mostly attributed to the deep penetration of the internet and blogs. As such, orders have been issued by the Najib camp to decapitate all blogs deemed hostile to UMNO and Najib. They will use any means necessary even if it means suing Google in a California court (Google is based in Silicon Valley, California).

Zaid Ibrahim is right in asking the Agong not to appoint Najib. Najib will bring back the dark days of Dr. Mahathir’s rule where only Dr. Mahathir’s voice is the supreme truth and anything else is rubbish. Except this time it’s Najib’s voice…or is it?

Observer from Beyond

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  1. mengerikan, menakutkan...

  2. Yes, all the strategies formulated seem to be in place and action. Why not....who...what else is there in place to confront such strategies from fulfillment?.
    Dark days ahead for human desire and quest for God's given rights.

  3. harhar. I dont see anything surprising here. This is politics! Normal lah. At least Najib got some 'real' strategy unlike the sleepy Pak Lah.

    Apa, ingat Anwar takde strategi ke. Anwar pun sama je lah. dua kali lima.

  4. don worry to all god-fearing folks for ALLAH (God of Abraham) is with us.

  5. "the offer of the the Deputy Prime Minister position for Nasaruddin Mat Isa will be maintained"

    biar betul sheih, takkan nasaruddin ketepi tg presiden... hmm, ini mengingatkan saya kepada tg presiden dimasukkan ke hospital kt kerana serangan angin ahmar (minor) dulu, sahabat saya bagi tahu ia 'mainan' nasaruddin, apabila tg presiden tak sihat siapa lagi untuk 'menduduki' kerusi presiden, bolehlah teruskan rancangannya...wallahu'alam.

  6. Does this mean that nothing can be done to save this country from Najib and UMNO?

  7. Komen TB terhadap penulisan Herman Samsuddin "Kerajaan Perpaduan" wajar dibaca bersama dengan surat dari Observer from Beyond.Herman Samsuddin menyokong Presiden partinya tanpa mahu bersusah sedikit mengkaji dan meneliti "apa yang tersurat dan apa yang tersirat" dengan idea Kerajaan Perpaduan yang diwar-warkan tu.Belum pernah pula kedengaran atau dipraktikkan dimana sistem demokrasi dijalankan "tanpa puak pembangkang",kerana sistem demokrasi itu sendiri bercirikan "a sistem agree to disagree"(sistem bersetuju untuk tidak bersetuju] satu sistem yang diamalkan sejak zaman Greek Tua dan zaman Empire Romani.Kalau idea Presiden PAS itu berjaya diamal dan dipraktikkan diMalaysia zaman ini bermakna telah ujud satu "Peradaban Baru" yang bermula dibumi Malaysia.Wallahualam.


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