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Thursday, April 2, 2009

BN is Starting to Show Signs of Desperation

First it’s the blatant use of the police. The police is everywhere and they seem to serve the interest of the BN all the time. They issue permits for “ceramah” but out of 15, only 3 goes to Pakatan. The rest was issued to BN.

Then we see the SPR. Ever coming up with new regulations, but everytime the rules are meant to make life harder for Pakatan Rakyat. Not to mention, the SPR chief seems to blame Pakatan on everything that BN seems to do as well like putting up flags and banners before nomination.

Now, we see that the calmest of all politicians in Malaysia, Mr Muhyiddin Yaasin, call upon the voters of Bukit Gantang to slaughter YB Nizar for his insubordination against the Sultan of Perak. I mean what could drive a calm and compose man to utter such emotional words like “slaughter” like so.

We also saw the illegal MB, Zambry (and trust me, there’s more than one reason why he is illegal), losing his temper to Nizar because the local imam asked Nizar to lead Maghrib and Isya prayers in which Muhyiddin, Ismail Saffian and the illegal MB himself is in attendance. So much so, the illegal MB told Nizar that whatever Nizar was able to do, he could do it too. But the problem is, o illegal MB, no one has invited you to do what Nizar did.

We also saw how on the nomination day, the Pakatan crowd easily outnumbered the BN crowd 10 to 1. I mean, the BN crowd was so small, I almost thought that this is a General Election rather than a by-election. I have never seen such a small BN crowd before. What’s even worse, every single Pakatan supporter who turned out that day came at their own accord without any form of material gratification, not like their BN’s counterparts.

My sources tells me that UMNO/BN is faced with an even bigger problem now that rival factions in local UMNO are beginning to expose a possible sex scandal involving the BN candidate. Details of the accusation is not clear to me, but apparently banners like the one shown below is being put up in certain places in Bukit Gantang.

To top that off, whisper campaign against the BN candidate involving his record as a government servant is also being spread around the Bukit Gantang area.

Also, a source tells me that vote buying is not as effective as it used to be among the Malays. While money and other rewards are taken and kept, the voters will vote according to their conscience. But, I really hope this information is true.

Also, UMNO is throwing in Dr. Mahathir into the ring as a final toss of the dice. It’s their last hope of garnering more than 50% of the Malay votes as they know their hopes among the non-malay votes is getting weaker by the day. It is hoped that Dr. Mahathir’s aura will attract more Malay votes than they did in 2008.

No Room for Over-Confidence

Still, BN controls the media, the entire state and federal government machinery, the police and the army, an unlimited amount of funds etc. Plus they have a great Get Out The Voters (GOTV) program.

So, they are still a force to be reckoned with. So, until the last vote is counted, we have to be on the alert. With such fate falling upon BN, they are bound to deploy all the dirty tactics they can. We, therefore, must be able to overcome them

Tulang Besi
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  1. Ha, ha! Strange is it not that it is the 'Mighty' UMNO/BN that is on the defensive. Or that they are the ones who are resorting to name calling, spindoctoring and playing the 'Royalty' card when it is Mahathir and they who amended the Constitution to remove the Rulers' immunity against criminal proceedings?

    Now Mahathir & Muhy are saying they are the protector's of the rights of the Royalty? Oh, how th eworms turn!!

    The truth shall remain the truth and Justice SHALL prevail Of that I have not the slightest doubt.

  2. Tulang Besi,

    your report is honey to our ears. However, is the situation similar in Bukit Selambau? I am worried because Samy Vellu can even show his face around now, while last year rotten eggs were thrown at him everytime his wig was getting out the merc.
    We do not want one PR victory but THREE!

  3. Ya. Royalty to everything they purchase for rakyat

  4. I've just arrived back from Bukit Gantang & I dare say the sentiments in that constituency is very much BN ALIVE. It saddens me to find out how come there are such irresponsible bloggers who has the EVIL CHEEK to write LIES in their blogs telling everyone the BN sentiments in B.Gantang is QUIET & DEAD.

    I do have some reserved respect for many PRO-OPPOSITION BLOGGERS but what I cannot tolerate is those bloggers who post LIES, LIES & LIES in their blogs. This blog is nevertheless one of them.

    The blogger of this blog is deemed as IRRESPONSIBLE. He/She forget that by posting such lies will only make him/her look like a DONKEY. The reason of me saying so is that according to INTELLIGENCE REPORT & ANALYSIS....BN will win in all the 3 by-election. According to the current forecast, BN will WIN hands down in Batang Ai & Bkt Selambau. As for B.Gantang, it'll be a very TOUGH FIGHT but rest be assured the NEW PERAK MB will trounced the SACKED MB (Nizar-PAS) by a mere 100 odd votes.

    Anyone dare to place a wager with me??? What about the author of this blog??? Are you MAN enough??


  5. Errr, can u tell me why Muhyiddin can lose his cool?

  6. Anonymous TOKY said...

    I've just arrived back from Bukit Gantang & I dare say the sentiments in that constituency is very much BN ALIVE

    U probably went to the wrong constituency

  7. Toky, I dare say the results will either be 2-1 or 3-0 in PR's favour. I agreed that you came back from the wrong constituency. If BN loses all 3, I think your arse needs 'hantam' from this Gurbuk Singh. Anwar don do such things!

  8. You have been to the wrong place brother!

  9. Just to let know of the kind of support Nizar gets.. my group of blogsphere friends are going to Bukit Gantang this weekend to show our support for him. Our group comprise people from PJ, Ipoh, Penang & Sarawak. Yes! Flying from Sarawak! We booked rooms in Taiping as soon as the by-election date was announced. It's a fact that Perakians recognize Nizar as the MB. And nobody else, definitely not the Zombie!

  10. Oii TOKY

    You have blind heart, blind ears, blind eyes...everything blind. BN is thewort creature on earth and you are one of them.

  11. To those who are going to Bukit Gantang,
    Let's not be overconfident, esp about Bukit Gantang. Since it's a weekday, we fear that the turnout wil be low. Every vote counts, so it's important that Nizar supporters go out to vote. The message to supporters is to come out to vote! There's a lot of money promised to the voters, tell them not to believe BN's lies and spins. Leave leaflets for the folks, they are not hooked onto the net like us to read for ourselves.

  12. What else, you can't expect from a Be'end supporter like Toky him/herself to see and to tell the truth, but lies out of his/her dream and fantasy. The denial syndrom is all over them.


    A loud mouth like you is good in showing off your false front... Get a life, you farking enunch...go and lick Mongolian's tiny hole between his hind legs...that is what you do best!

  14. Woii Toky,intelligent reports or was it yours. You may have not been there, at all.

  15. hi TB,
    I like what you said about the warm reception given to PR and the lack of it given to BN. However, I have read for a few days in a row that Nizar and Pas were given lukewarm reception during ceramah but BN was making the headway. And I read these on Mkini. I thought they are impartial, or leaning towards the "ketuanan rakyat" team. So I am very confused now.

    In KT and Permatang Pauh the reports from various sources (minus the msm) were clearly pointing towards the same direction. So I am quite worried now.

  16. kahkahkah..malayali madey s/o kutty d 1st indian PM mau turun kah?kahkahkah..gerenti dia akan bawak san miguel beer sakali..psst dia punya kaki judi anak ada 20% share dlm San Miguel..cheers every1!!


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