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Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Hard Being a Malaysian in Jakarta These Days

I mean why can't our Prime Minister just answer a simple question: "Do you know Manohara Odelia Pinot?". Why can't our Prime Minister answer a simple question like that.

The story of Manohara Odelia Pinot's abduction is splashed across every front page of every newspaper in Jakarta and Indonesia. Not to mention, every TV channels in Indonesia.

It's only a wonder how this story will turn out if Manohara ever gets to return to Indonesia. When the truth gets out.

The trouble with Jakarta is that it has the highest level of political conciousness among all Indonesian cities. NONE of the traditional political parties from the Suharto parties have a chance in hell of winning here.

The top two parties that won Jakarta in the recently concluded elections is the Democrat Party and The Justice Party (PKS), two parties as a product of the Reformasi era.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is recording a 87% approval rating. He is so popular that Megawati Sukarnoputri, his main rival, is considering not running against him this time.

And he is popular simply because he is seen to be strong against corruption and corruptors (i.e. ABRI Generals). The former Jakarta mayor, Sutiyoso, only managed to rake in a mere 0.5% votes because he is seen as corrupted.

In Jakarta, everybody blames their predicament in life on corruption (or as it is famously known, KKN). Everyone believes that they can have a much better life if there is no corruption in the system.

So, they see SBY as a good president as SBY is strong against corruption. That is the measure of their sensitivity towards corruption in Indonesia. And it's encompassing everyone from all walk of life. From taxi drivers to mopeds riders to street hawkers are all aware of what is going on with their political leaders and lives. They also know a lot about their artistes lives as well, but that's for another article.

So, when our Prime Ministers refuse to answer such a simple question, and to top it up, our government refuse to let Manohara's mother entry to visit her in Malaysia and refuse to let Manohara return, tounges in Jakarta starts wagging.

And being a Malaysian in Jakarta, we are oblige to defend our country, no matter how rotten our leaders are. And let me tell u, it's not easy doing that with the average Jakarta people cause they sure know what they're talking about.

I mean, how do i tell them the rationale in preventing Manohara's mother from visiting her in Malaysia? I mean, any Malaysians entering Indonesia will be granted and automatic 1-month visa. So, why can't we accord the same treatment to our neighbors?

And why can't Najib answer such a simple question? It's either yes or no? So what if he knows her. She is the wife of a royalty. Am sure, Najib has bumped into her in one of those high class functions.

So, thanks Najib

I just wish Malaysians will start blaming their predicaments in life on corruption, cronyism and nepotism. That will ensure a clean-up of our system in no time.

ps i think SBY should just choose Achbar Tanjung as his running mate and be done with it. It's time Indonesians bury the Suharto era political parties like Golkar and PDI-P. Although, it's PPP that made the move that led to the official removal of Suharto. TQ AMein Rais
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  1. Well said. And like you, I am a Malaysian living in Jakarta.

    The trouble with Najib is that he thinks he is talking to the controlled Malaysian press, forgetting he is in Indonesia.

    Check out the infotainment programs in the next few days and the pressure will be mounting on Kedubes Malaysia and the Kelantan royalty.

    How wrong the Malaysian government will be if they think they can just brush aside a "crisis" to be of this nature.


  2. Maybe we are village champion
    Within our borders our leaders feel fierce and secured
    They use all the forces available to intimidate us
    Charging us on flimsy charges just they stay in power

    Simple question it takes ages to answer
    Events had happened; spreading it out the web
    Our leader should be able to handle a simple query
    Why he fail to response?

    Now Indonesians will query
    Even those staying working here
    Is Bee Anne hiding again?
    “Performance Now” for sloganic appeal?

    Our leaders going overseas
    They represent us and the country
    The way they handle PR
    They bring up our levels or down the spiral

    Simple question yet he refuses to answer
    As if there is a bait...........answering it
    The way our leaders handle themselves
    Talk only refusing to walk the talk

    The changes will come on our shore
    The seed has planted nature will take it there
    When it is finally grown and blossom
    We will be standing tall amongst the world leaders

  3. Actually it is hard to be a Malaysian anywhere these days. The whole country is turning into a freak show.

    No? Recent events attest to that, unless one just returned from Mars.

  4. I am not really interested in Manohara's case, since it is still a one-sided story. There are already few malaysian blog tried to come up with this story from different end. Well, let it be.
    I am only concerned about the next level of tension betwen malaysia and indonesia as both countries are (have been) in quarrel for years over some issues. If it is not wisely resolved by both govts, or i would say, if Malaysia govt fails to resolve this, it's going to another heat-up. Indonesians, i would say, are victims of our mass media. They can be easily provoked. In other end, malaysian media is too protected, where some malaysians hardly find the real facts of some issues.

  5. Senang aje, suruh si Manohara ni berepan dengan media dan menerangkan perkara sebenar. Apasal takut2?

    Apasal nak halang dia berjumpa ibu dia? Kenapa ada arahan dari KDN menghalang ibu dia masuk Malaysia? Imigresen ni barua siapa? Tak cukup ker terpalit dek arahan politik kerana kes memadamkan rekod kemasukan Altantuya? Ini terrmasuk Standing Order ker melanggar peraturan jabatan sendiri dalam menjalankan tugas?

    Profesionalisme mana?

  6. "And being a Malaysian in Jakarta, we are oblige to defend our country, no matter how rotten our leaders are."

    I disagree. To defend our country is like an American defending its country during Bushism era. I would rather disassociate and condemn such acts like how the late Pope John Paul II disassociated Christianity in general from America's invasion of Iraq in 2003.

  7. Not allowing Manohara's mother to come visit her is a move against the ASEAN spirit.

    Malaysia must choose between reciprocation or retaliation.

  8. I am sure that I have not met the Mongolian girl but I am not sure whether i know Manohara, so how do do I answer?
    i have to check with the Immigration record to see whether she did come to Malaysia before i answer.

    May i check with my wife, may be she knows the answer.

    Don't you remember, i forgot i have met Saiful before and i did need a couple of days to recall.




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