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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UMNO Will Rely On the Courts 100% to Maintain Power in Perak

It’s clear to us that UMNO will rely on the courts to remain in power in Perak. And Malaysian courts will be too willing to prostitute themselves to UMNO’s interest.

Now, the Speaker of the House will have it’s power limited as every ruling he makes will be taken to court and overruled by the kangaroo court of Malaysia. I mean, if our courts can wrongly imprisoned the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, how can it not do something of that proportion to a mere Speaker of the Perak’s State Assembly.

The Federal Courts have been too willing to preside over the cases filed by UMNO and BN with regards to anything. And, they will almost surely deliver results in favor of UMNO and Barisan Nasional no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

I mean, the former Chief Justice can go on a holiday with a the “correct, correct” lawyer what more can we expect from our courts. They will sell themselves to the highest bidder.

And UMNO will file all appeals against any decision made by the Perak Speaker and the Federal courts will always deliver the judgment UMNO requires to remain in power.(

Noticed that the line-up of the Courts of Appeal is consist of Chief Judge of Malaya Ariffin Zakaria and Federal Court judges Nik Hashim Nik Ab Rahman, S Augustine Paul and Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin.

I doubt that a line up including the name S Augustine Paul will be able to deliver judgments that will serve the interest of justice and fairness. Plus, I doubt Pakatan Rakyat will have enough money to buy themselves a favorable judgment.

But we as Malaysians are very well aware of the type of justice Malaysia Courts can deliver. It will always deliver justice in the interest of BN and UMNO. In the case of Perak, it is no exception. I mean, why don’t PR just stop all legal proceedings and just concentrate on explaining to the people on how corrupt and decadent the system is right now.

Just concentrate on winning the next election.

But, I would really like Anwar Ibrahim to continue with his Sept 16 program.

I mean with the courts, SPR, Police, and now the Army prostituting themselves to UMNO, what chance have we to win Malaysia next General Election? Zahid Hamidi will set up “Wataniah” camps in every Parliamentary area that will ensure BN having at least 2-3k of free votes at every Parliamentary areas.

And it’s not impossible for them to do it. Postal Votes are the most untransparent votes ever. It is not a secret anymore that on every election day, postal votes are sent to PWTC to await instructions from UMNO high commands on how they are distributed. The famous Najib-Khairy shouting at each other on Polling Day 2008 was testimony to this. How both of them were fighting each other trying to get postal votes to be sent to their people on the ground.

Since Najib was Minister of Defence, he got the lion share and many of Khairy’s men lost i.e. Abdul Azim Zabidi of Bukit Gantang.

After this they wont have to fight for the postal votes anymore. It’s there everready for all UMNO/BN candidates.

This also shows that UMNO has basically lost all hopes of winning the election through the normal way. This would mean that UMNO will use all avenues to win and at all cost. They will not stop at anything and they will use any means necessary to remain in power.

So, please brother Anwar Ibrahim. Please proceed with the September 16th program and rescue Malaysia from the rule of Barisan Nasional and UMNO.

I do not see any other way of saving Malaysia except by way of Sept 16.

Tulang Besi
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  1. Whatever happened to the Sept 16? I honestly thought and settled on the idea that it was just a mere politic gimmick, however convincing it was to some. So far, nobody has really came up with a good excuse or even explain why the plan did not come into action.

    In any way possible, i hope we don't have to rely on UMNO members switching sides.

  2. Well said. Our "judges" are nothing more than high class prostitutes. But prostitutes do have honor. But our judges have no honor. So they are actually worse than prostitutes.

  3. Macam konfiden aje nak kalah....

  4. So if the judge rules for Pakatan will you stupid fanatics PR supporter still call the judge a prostitute..


  5. We are not stupid fanatics PR supporter.

  6. Anyway...what can we expect from local UMNO friendly Court?

    Sure enuff..all decision made in favour to UMNO/BN.

    At least woke half the M'sian, bringing to our awareness on how corrupted & desperate is our govt.

    We now know..local court can be bought.


  7. Gosh there is still one clouded UMNO FANatics ..dumb to know of the current sitiution.

    tada..presenting MUTU.

    One need not be a lawyer to understand the current legal sitiution.


  8. inSULTed,

    Correct, correct Correct..

  9. wakakakakk ROSLAN SMS dah outtttttttttt!!! fraksi umno kantoi!!!!!!! Nizar naib presiden PAS hidup Nizar!!!!

  10. You are so very right Tulang Besi. The moment I saw Augustine Paul's name on the list of judges, I knew what the results would be like.
    All the jazz about the Judicial commission and MACC comes to naught.

    Yes, looks like we will have to wait for the next general elections before things will be put right,

  11. Tulang Besi,

    You forget one thing , very important.

    DSAI himself is facing trumped up sodomy charges, the corrupt courts themselves will find him guilty!

    What then?

    We cant rely on DSAI to save ourselves, we ourselves have to save Malaysia.

    Nothing short of a peoples revolution will do now.

    The courts are cleary biased and corrupt!!!

  12. What can the Nations expect to have fair trials when we have an ex-UMNO man as a Chief Judge?!

  13. They did it again today. They said the Speaker has no power to suspend the Exco although the law says otherwise.

    So, if you have Judges with no Cojones, we are doomed even if the Constitution is in our favour.

    So, MW, what's the next move?

  14. The list of UMNO prostitutes is certainly a long one! Most UMNO members are also a prostitute at one time or another!!
    Here're some more known ones:

    1. Rocky bru
    2. The writer
    3. Jelapang prostitute
    4. the other 2 kataks from PKR
    5. high court judges, Aug Paul on top of the list!!
    6. PRDM
    7. SPRM

    And many more....


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