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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UMNO's Next Move In Perak

UMNO is trying to get rid of the Perak Speaker. That will be their next move. THey plan to do it with the help of the Perak's State Assembly secretary.

They will conveane a meeting without the current lawful speaker. My source tells me that they plan to install the "DAP-Turncoat" as Speaker of the house. She has long complained not getting a Toyota Camry, now her chance will come.

The BN wants to put the entire controversy behind them really fast. They want to use the lull in fighting to regain all the support they lost in the next 3 years. In the next 3 years, UMNO Perak will use all the machinery of the Perak government to regain lost ground especially among the Non Muslim voters.

My UMNO source tells me that they will try to suspend 13 PR's representative and that will give them the 2/3 majority necessary to redealinate the election boundaries. They will then create more Malay majority seats that even if all the non malys voted Pakatan, the UMNO/BN government will still be intact.

The next 3 yaers, they will go overly racists in their posture and aims to get 65% of the Malay votes which will translate into something like 30-35 seats easily. They want to prevent any form of resistance to their new illegal government by selling the Sultan as their selling point.

They will project their government as the government of the Sultan, not of the people. They will hope to change he minds of the Malay electorate that way.

So, it's important that we, the Pakatan Rakyat, prevents the Dewan Sitting on the 7th by any means necessary.

Boogeyman Tactics to Overcome Najib's Islamic Credibility Deficiency

I got information that Rocky Bru and Nuraina Samad had been organizing meetings between "Islamic bloggers" and Zahid Hamidi plus his officers at Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

In these meetings, the main issue being played is the fact that Islam is under threat from creeping anti Islam elements in the Malaysian society. The threat is so real that it is paramount for PAS and UMNO to unite under one banner.

The main example quoted is the use of the name "Allah" by the Malaysian Catholics. When i told my source that the Coptic Christians have been using the word Allah in their religous ceremonies for hundreds of years in Egypt under the gaze of Al Azhar university.

And Al Azhar has never issued any edict disallowing such act by the Coptic Christians of Egypt. And this has been going on for hundreds of years.

My point being, in order to overcome Najib's Islamic deficiency, they have resorted to two tactics:

a. Fear tactics against the enemies of Islam i.e. Bar Council, liberals and Christians.

b. Get PAS to join Barisan Nasional

So far, point b. has failed. For example, just last Saturday, the son-in-law of PAS President was routed in the PAS Kawasan Subang elections and had to withdraw from contesting for the division head position despite holding it as interim head for the last 6 months.

PAS members are so fed up of the "Fraksi UMNO" that they can even reject the son-in-law of the PAS President as their leader.

What's left of UMNO is the bogeymen tactics. Demonstrations by Ivy Josiah and forums organized by Bar Council are things that UMNO feeds on. They want to break Pakatan Rakyat with their boogeyman tactics and will jump at every opportunity.

Luckily, Pakatan Rakyat has mature members. They can disagree openly on certain issues yet work together on other more abundant issues that they have in common.

Tulang Besi

ps An analysis of the Bukit Gantang result by Cyberboron shows that the reduction in Malay votes was due to UMNO voters who boycotted the 2008 election coming out to vote and PAS voters not being able to come back to vote considering it was a working day.

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    Let's learn to ride on the new waves
    Since we no longer live in old caves
    With each generation let there be more braves
    To replace those who need to retire in their graves

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210409
    Tue. 21st Apr. 2009.

  2. No matter what man plans only God can disposes!!!

    Yes,we all know the evil ways are the only way that umno/bn knows how to win election.

    Since when do they believe in fairplay?

    No matter how they try to hoodwink and try to tell lies to the malays they are always malays like you and many others who who will not buy their lies. Thank God for that.

    But never the less,let's not let them take away the harmony that exists between all the ethnic races in our beloved nation.

    Let's always be rational in our thinking when it comes to race and religion.Let's practice Live and let live!!!!

    Let us not allow the government to poison our minds with all the propoganda in the government controlled news media.

    Yes the battle has just began after 308. The fight against this unrighteous government will be long and difficult but it the rakyat remain persistent together,we believe we will win the "war" ultimately.

    Blessings to you and family

  3. About your comment below:

    'My UMNO source tells me that they will try to suspend 13 PR's representative and that will give them the 2/3 majority necessary to redealinate the election boundaries. They will then create more Malay majority seats that even if all the non malys voted Pakatan, the UMNO/BN government will still be intact."

    In my opinion, they will never success in doing the above.
    They know well on the consequences if they want to suspend 13 PR's ADUN in Perak.

    Put it this way, how if PR State in Selangor & Kedah which do not have 2/3 majority do the same tricks like you mentioned?

  4. Oh SH!T !!!! FCUK AMENO!!!! TB, pls help any kind of help to prevent PERAK go into dark !!!!

  5. That why RPK had said" storm the Bastille"...

  6. oh can one become a Speaker if she herself cant command good bahasa malaysia. she is merely 6th former & works as a clerk.
    Compared to Siva a Lawyer.

    Shame on u, Hee...haheheheheheeeehaaaheeeee.

    Shd resugn from her post since she out of touch, contact & is the hated lady in Ipoh.


  7. oooh..btw, I sense PR guys are cooking something creative & new to outsmart the UMNO's goons.

    Since majority of the assembly guys in PR are professional & lawyers , they go by the law.


  8. PAS = Cakap serupa bikin.

    This is why they are now getting more support from all Malaysians.


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