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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Entire Conversion Issue is to Break Pakatan Rakyat

Have not we forgotten how Dr Mahathir broke Barisan Alternatif? He quoted an interview of Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang with Malaysiakini and everybody started to overreact to to Dr.Mahathir's statement. Then, Barisan Alternatif broke into pieces.

I always believe that even if DAP stayed in Barisan Alternatif but openly rejects "Negara ISlam", they would've been able to get the seats they won in 2004 plus a bit more.

I also learned of a meeting organized by Zahid Hamidi with the help of Nuraina SAmad and Rocky Bru in Pusat ISlam along with several high ranking officials in Pusat Islam. The main issue discussed is the fact that Islam is under severe threat and Muslims need to unite under one banner by totally putting aside political difference.

The meeting was organized for several pro Islam blogger and a friend of mine attended (lets just call him Blogger X). This blogger X was so hyped about the meeting that he bought the unity crap completely. He swallowed the bait hooked line and sinker. He was so high spirited about the whole idea that he even prayed for Tok Guru Nik Aziz to die soon because he views Tok Guru Nik Aziz as the main blocker of Islamic Unity.

He calls the DAP and Karpal Singah and Lim Kit Siang as the devil incarnate that is devoted towards permenant destruction of Islam (in so many words). And the fact that PAS is making friends with DAP is an abomination.

He repeated the same lie that UMNO has repeated throughout the years, i.e, kafir mengkafir.

Anyways, the main issued played in the meeting is the fact that the Catholics are using the name Allah in their prayers and services. So, just this one main issue and a few others small ones, like blogger openly against Islam, he has decided to jump the Zahid Hamidi/UMNO bandwagon. And like I said, he even prayed for Tok Guru Nik Aziz to die soon.

So, i decided to test his theory. I asked him to show me one fatwa from Al Azhar banning the usage of the word Allah SWT by Christians. I am very sure there is none because the Church of Alexandria have been conducting their sermons and religous services in arabic for the last 700 years or so. And, they've been using the word Allah all the while in their rituals.

Also, i asked him, wasn't making mockery of Islam was done WAYYYY before Pakatan Rakyat was formed. I mean people like Akbar Ali and Marina Mahathir and Zainah Anwar have been mocking Islam since i can remember. Why didn't UMNO make noise then?

Also, i asked him, why has Zahid Hamidi not make noise about liqour and gambling in Malaysia. I can still remember back in 1990 when the Sarawak state government ban gambling totally only to find the ban lifted by UMNO.

And even Guan Eng is planning to reduce number of gambling outlets in Penang.

Najib, on the other hand, awared 10 more special draws the first month he became MOF and Terence Gomez wrote a book about complicity of UMNO, Daim, Dr. Mahathir with the gambling industry.

Noticed, when it comes to religion, people just put their brains away and use only emotion. They think that by invoking their emotion, they have become a good servant of God.

Well, in Islam, the more one uses his reason, the better Muslim he/she is. Why? Becuase that's how the Prophet acted.

The recent Cabinet decision on conversion is actually an enticement for PAS to invoke their "dark side". UMNO wants PAS to show their fundemantalist side to the Malaysian public and by making this decision, UMNO hopes that the ugly part of PAS will be exposed to the public.

UMNO then will come out to the Chinese saying that they are still the moderate party and the Chinese will lose out if they support PAS.

Luckily, some elements of PAS has decided to go to the street. The party itself has not fallen for the trap. They have decided to view this as a "custody" problem.

PAS wants the custody issue to be settled, and that the father will not be discriminated by the Civil Courts, like they always do. AND, when the children becomes adults, they decide which religion they want to profess.

We have to admit that many magistrates are idiots. They think that children do not need fathers. So, they normally give full custody to mothers and the father ends up being at the mercy of the mothers.

So, that's why they take desperate measures like this because they cannot stand being discriminated anymore.( Read this article for an insight of the problem created by our Civil Courts:

RPK is right. UMNO are MUNAFEEK. We should never trust them in any way. PAS must be able to rise up and act in a proactive way in the interest of the people and Islam.

If Islam is used to take away children from their mothers, than that is a form of cruelty because the woman will remain their mother forever. Islam should also not be used to solve injustice within the Civil Courts.

I mean the Civil Courts and the Bar Council claims to be representing Equality and Human Rights. But almost always, custody will be given to the mother than the father.
So, where is the equality there? It's all hot air and empty rhetoric. It's all nonsense.

So i am glad that PAS has wised up and not easily duped by traps set by UMNO.

I am also glad that DAP has not fallen into the trap of MCA and MIC. Their proposal to form a committee to solve problems with regards to religion is lauded.

I have always advocated that. Instead of organizing a open forum, what wrong with organizing a bipartisan close door discussion represented by both Muslim and Secular NGO's. After a decision has been reached, then only an open forum can be held.

I pity my friend, Blogger X, for he has fallen into a hole he cannot climb out of. For all the flaks he has given to PAS, Tok Guru Nik Aziz, those in PAS against Malay unity, he had just been taken for a ride.

It's the UMNO he so wants to defend that has betrayed him. It's his UMNO that has become the enemy he has so much despised off.

That's why Islam doesn't advocate blind following. That's why Islam doesn't grant status of infallibality to anyone except the Prophet SAW. That's why Islam places so much emphasis on learning and argument and deduction and thinking.

When u get duped, don't come back to Islam and blame Islam. I really hope my friend, Blogger X, do not start blaming ISlam for being duped by UMNO. I mean, who ask him to put his trust in a bunch of Munafiqeen like UMNO?

Tulang Besi

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  1. And I'm guessing blogger x is Mahaguru something-something?

  2. Good post TB. enjoyed it much

  3. Bullshit article. If BN sided the non Muslim, you kutuk. If BN sided the Muslim, you also kutuk. This article is written purely on hatred against BN, No merit and basis at all.

  4. Zahid Hamidi is a balless prick

    remember how he ditched his mentor Anwar when mahathir arrested him under ISA

    this is one fellow who has no principles...he is a leech, a parasite

  5. tq jun

    anon 08:43 am, i am not at liberty to release that information

    anon 09:40 am, u need to lighten up

    anon 09:42am, you're right. We should never trust somebody with a double tounge

  6. Marina Mahataik..kahkahkah..the whore of,semau anak2haiwan perosak mahataik al kutty malayali bodoh bodoh belaka...kahkahkah

  7. Clearly can be seen Barisan Najis govt and Najis Razak himself has no interest to solve this problem.

    more politicking and corruption!

  8. "what [is] wrong with organizing a bipartisan close door discussion represented by both Muslim and Secular NGO's"

    I do not always agree with you Tulang Besi. However to me, this time, you definitely speak the voice of reason. Being reasonable adults, we can agree to disagree, right? Same for the PR parties, unlike BN-UMNO which has not reached adulthood despite standing for over 40 years.
    Malaysians are being brought together through committees and debates. Allow me to share my personal experience, I have learnt so much about Islam through such two-way discussions. My negative prejudices about Islam, partly borne from MCA and other propagandas, have now subsided.

    @Anon May 5, 2009 9:40 AM
    If you accuse of bullshitting, please substantiate your accusation otherwise you are very much the one bullshitting. This is basic blogging. This is no UMNO meeting where you can talk nonsense and get tax-sponsored applauses.

  9. Saya pernah menghantar pertanyaan kepada blogger x apabila beliau mengutuk DAP.

    Saya tanya apakah kesalahan DAP pada Islam?

    Saya tanya apakah yang telah dibuat oleh DAP selama berpuluh tahun yang menyebabkan orang Islam hari ni bermasalah

    Saya minta contoh apa yang telah dibuat oleh Guan Eng di PP selama setahun pemerintahan DAP yang menunjukkan DAP menentang Islam.

    Bukan saja pertanyaan itu tidak dijawab, disiarkan pun tidak.

    Tuduh berani, tapi bila minta bukti tak pernah siarkan.

    Cuba dia itu ada telur sikit, saya tak ada masalah nak tunjukkan siapa musuh Islam sebenarnya, UMNO atau DAP.

  10. What kind of Muslim is Blogger X to wish for Tok Guru Nik Aziz's death or anybody else, other than in your own words, a Munafiq. I will add that he is evil and he is truly the devils incarnate. Enough said.

  11. Blogger x cuma tau berbangga dan riak dgn title Presiden Muslim B******* A***********

    Tapi hakikat nya dia memalukan orang Islam saja.

    Tunjukan saja gambar dia pakai kopiah dengan tanda lebam kat dahi tu. Lebam tue dia dapat lepas hentak dahi kat dinding ker?

    Taktik tunjuk alim itu dah tak boleh pakai la. Orang nak tengok action sekarang.

  12. I mean people like Akbar Ali and Marina Mahathir and Zainah Anwar have been mocking Islam since i can remember.

    With regard to the above, I could possibly be convinced to agree with you on the former - but the latter two .... I donno. Actually, I don't think so.
    Can you point it out where exactly they (the latter two) did so?

    Anyways - This MahaBlogger X character- what more can you expect from an unthinking "tattoo artist" wannabe, hung up on skullcaps & the cosmetic trappings of a religion he claims to profess ......

  13. Nampak sangat ikatan BA tak teguh, tangkap muat setakat nak menang pilihan raya.
    Kena sergah dengan DrM sikit berkecai....

    Sekarang BA dah tukar PR, nak berkecai lagi ke?
    Each principle of the parties has no chemistry among themselves. DrM understand chemistry. Nak kena sergah lagi sekali kot. just a matter of time. Maybe the chemistry itself will break

  14. Should we pray this blogger x dies soon because he's the devil incarnate

    No need because we don't hav 2 lower ourselves 2 his standards

    Allah SWT decides when n how do we leave
    Anyways, let's hope this blogger x realizes the error of his ways

  15. who walked out from the marriage in Indira's case? did she give up her children? the little one was snatched from her and all 3 kids were converted because the father felt it would guarantee a place in heaven for him. what sort of father is that? why should such father exist?
    If he was truly a good father, he would divorce the mother of his kids, convert and live his life as an exmaple for his family to see and follow his ways.instead he hurt the very woman who gave birth to 3 children of his. is this guy good example of fatherhood? looks like a coward who planned everything secretively and now he got the all gang of Muslims behind his back and the syariah court to support him.
    His lost his fatherly rights the moment he conceited his plans and for the grief he has caused the family.
    why should the children be forced to follow the new religion of the father? why must they give up their belief because of a selfish man.
    THis guy has got no balls, no a man.
    BE a man,if not go back into hiding and stay there under someone's sarong

  16. Serious ShepherdMay 5, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    Funny how cases like Subashini & Indira are highlighted and the importance of a child to be with his/her mother is heavily stressed.

    Why not apply the same rule in the case of Chew Yin No? Why not emphasize on issues like 'being a good father' or 'hurt the very woman who gave birth' when it is the wife who converted to Islam and the husband fights for the custody of his daughter?



  18. Brothers,

    It shames me to see all of you bickering over such matters. Are we forgetting that we all have one thing in common? Have a break and watch this video. Hopefully it might kick some reality sense into your minds.


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