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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Middle-Ground Solution to Perak Crisis

If the Perak Palace feels that awarding dissolution of the State Assembly may be a form of surrender or admission of guilt, the Palace can opt for an alternative solution.

The Palace can instruct the 3 State Assemblymen who jumped to BN to vacate their seats and have a fresh by elections on the 3 seats. After all, the 3 ADUN signed a letter in front of Nazrin vowing not to jump to the other side. It's a form of insult to the Monarchy since the 3 ADUN openly defy the promise they made to the Palace.

And the Perak palace can extract a committment from Pakatan Rakyat that if the results of the 3 by elections goes against Pakatan Rakyat, they must willingly give up the government and the speaker's post.

This way, the Palace is seen as enforcing their own authority thus saving the Palace's pride. The pride is saved in two ways:

a. They do not have to go back on their earlier decision not to dissolve the assembly
b. They are punishing the people who actually insulted them by breaking their promise with the palace.

And the Palace will resolve the political impasse currently faced by the Perak government.

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  1. You are thinking aloud.
    Very unlikely and unconstitutional. The sultan would be interfering in politics if he orders the three to resign. That will call for another round of court cases. Neither will Najib allow the three to resign after having "invested" so much money on them.
    The rulers only business is to agree to a dissolution. Full stop.

  2. The sultan would be interfering in politics if he orders the three to resign.

    Well, these people did sign a letter saying they will vacate their seats if they leave the party in front of Nazrin.

    Didn't they?

  3. Better get a clear mandate from Perakians.

    If the Azlan Shah and Nazrin does the right thing this time, their past mistake may be forgiven by Malaysians as time passes by.

  4. Because these 3 frogs have given an assurance to Nazrin not to leave the party, the monarchy should have never needed to establish, whether they are BN friendly or not. So whatever, they said, was no longer a creditable committment.
    So disolving the Assembly is the only the logical way to have the monarchy seen as above politics.
    Remember, the sultan was a learned man and an ex Chief Judge, he cannot be excused, if he made an error in his decision, he would would surely aware he will create a political crisis in his State.

  5. Abang-bang sekalian,

    Mahkamah rayuan tengah bersidang tu.. takut tak sempat abis jam 5 kang je MB DAP Nizar tu jadi MB..

    Tapi saya sokong, bubar kan dan fresh election... yes yes.. hahaha

  6. They would never agree,as BN will definitely lose their pants.
    And Hee will withdraw and sail to her new resort home, laughing hee hee hee, kena lottery ! Tak payah kerja lagi......where else if there is no by election, she will definitely have to face the wrath of the Perak people. And their words will haunt till the day God come calling.

  7. Hi Bro,

    Bad idea... only if 1 party win all 3 seats will it be resolved, 2-1 either way will still be stalemate bcoz the winner will appoint a speaker who can't vote... so it becomes 29-29 instead of 28-28 + 3. Unless the winning side decide to appoint speaker from the other side, which is also unlikely :-)

    So... re-election lar...

  8. It's messy.

    The best way is for re election.

    The Sultan could issue statement that considering the issue in Perak which could not be resolved, and that MB Nizar has asked more than once for dissolution, that now he feel it is time give back the mandate to the people.

    The issue is not about saving face here. The issue is, if you care to read RPK's article, some quarters are very keen not to have state election. Are this people keen to have 3 by election? I don't think so.

    There is no middle ground I am afraid.

  9. now this is something to ponder.

    If there shall be 4 By-elections in Perak, DAP will surely put Tunku Abdul Aziz in Jelapang.

    And if he wins, We will see the first MB from DAP!!!

    Baru Nizar terkedu bila DAP akhirnya letak orangnya sendiri... Jawatan beliau akan terlepas...

    Dengar kata tengah meminta sokongan ADUN UMNO supaya tak membubarkan Dewan, supaya jawatan beliau dapat dikekalkan


  10. The Sultan?What sultan..all of them are hamba $$$..all they want is i infinite luxury and comfort..and they need the "tools"(postions,titles,links) to enjoy everlasting luxury and comfort

  11. Court of Appeal grant stay to Zambry.5 FRU trucks deployed outside State Secretariat building in Ipoh

    kahkahkah..dats why the sultan delayed..he wants Zambry to be his sidekick in order to rape the state..

  12. What Nizar and Pakatan DUN members should do now is to resign becos Sultan,Raja Muda are alligned with UMNO and Najib and geng dont want reelection,..there is no way Najib wants a reelction,and to avoid a May13 type of scenario, the 28 DUN members of Pakatan must resign..then we shall see!!

  13. 1445: Nizar and his exco team leave the State Government building and walk towards the DAP office across the road, about a 100 metres from the Democracy Tree.

    1439: After waiting for their lawyers’ advice, Pakatan leaders have decided to vacate their offices at the State Government complex in view of the Court of Appeal’s decision. “Popular hope that Malaysians can see return of confidence in independence of judiciary shattered in less than 24 hours,” says Lim Kit Siang. “How sad and tragic.”

    1320: Zambry gets stay order; he wants to resume work as MB. It’s back to square one. The court sitting was originally scheduled for 2.30pm. Only a single judge, Ramly Mohd Ali, instead of the usual three-judge panel, heard the application. Blog reader R G Candiah is amazed at the Court of Appeal’s speed in hearing Zambry’s case:

    How gentlemen these Pakatan fellas are.Genlleman and brave!!True warriors!!

  14. Why would DAP want to replace Nizar with Tunku Abdul Aziz? You think DAP is still a fresh political party and open to your petty manipulations? It is you UMNO that is hoping that DAP replace Nizar with Tunku Abdul Aziz because let's face it - UMNO is scared shitless of Nizar.

    Here is a man who appeals to the middle ground of all races, something that Zambry "Mandela-Gandhi" Kadir can only dream of. It is also the same dream of his boss Najib "1Malaysia" Razak.

    Why don't your stupid UMNO admit that they are scared stiff of Nizar. Because you know that with Nizar as the MB candidate, Pakatan Rakyat will wipe the floor with the pathetic Barisan Nasional helmed by Pangkor ADUN Zambry "Mandela-Gandhi" Kadir.

    So now here you are UMNO trying to stir DAP to put their own Malay in power. Bodohnya UMNO. Kamu ingat kita semua bodoh macam kamu ke?

  15. Earlier, The Edge reports Nizar as saying he and Raja Nazrin did not speak about the Perak impasse and court decisions during this morning’s investiture ceremony. Nizar said they spoke about “general life and weather”. Nizar is also reported as saying he will go into the MB’s office to resume his duties.


  16. Since when did they sign it in front of Raja Nazrin? Any source to proof your claim?

    Well, these people did sign a letter saying they will vacate their seats if they leave the party in front of Nazrin.

  17. Hhahahahah!! good one Alex.u give them 1 shot.padan muka.racial fanning does not working on us anymore.Pleaselah,keep your Ketuanan Melayu for yourself UMNO.


    "Come what come may
    Time and the hour runs through the roughest day"
    But when will people on the street have their say
    To make the final decision as to 'Yes' or 'Nay'!

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120509
    Tue. 12th May 2009.

  19. Kalau jadi lah by election of the 3 or 4 ADUNs in question, DAP will put their own men that will qualify for the post of MB.

    That would be Tunku Abdul Aziz. So DAP can exert more of DAP (forget PAS/PKR) agenda on Perak freely.

    What would be of Nizar?
    DAP akan tolak Nizar ke tepi.

    Is this good news for PAS?
    Jawatan dah tentu terlePAS...

    Dengar kata Nizar dah mula gelabah cari sokongan supaya dia di kekalkan.

    Apa nak jadi daaa...

  20. What would be of Nizar?
    DAP akan tolak Nizar ke tepi.
    ----------------------------------- Ai sudah hidu taik lembu kah?kahkahkah..

  21. Peguam Zambry berhujah bahawa penangguhan keputusan mahkamah semalam adalah penting untuk menghalang Nizar daripada mendapatkan perkenan Sultan Perak untuk membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri." ~~Sumber Malaysiakini

    there u r..all these delay tactic by raja nazrin,najib means they r scared of pembubaran DUN Perak..but they have to accept the fact,that their tembok dah pecah and there is nothing they can do now to stop the "flooding"..Pakatan is actually beig very spiderman saraf says,najib has received intellignce report which shows BN is at a disadvantage,so no elections,no pembubaran,and let's use force to stop rakyat's anger and frsutrations..

  22. good one ALEX biar padan muka penyokong fraksi UMNO dan juga UMNO yang buta hati! ha ha! Pohon la pada Allah taala diminta hidayah dan jauhkan dari kesesatan!


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