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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Perak Fiasco: Even Among UMNO People, Najib Is Not Getting Whole Support

We already know that BN component parties have supported the call to dissolve the Perak State Assembly. We know Ku Li agrees to it as well. And we know a few former UMNO leaders along with the President of our Senate also supports total dissolution of Perak DUN.

I had the privilege to speak to a staunch supporter of the other camp in UMNO. And the guy doesn’t mince his word. He flatly says that Najib is digging his own grave. The more he is adamant to toe this line, the more unpopular he will get and the more credibility he loses.

In the end, he will end up having everything he says not believed by the majority of the voters. Why? Because he lost all credibility he has to promise anything that the people might bite into. In short, people will just stop believing in him and his promises.

What’s even worse, he will lose the people’s trust in UMNO’s respect for the rule of law and democracy. Now, more and more are accepting the fact that UMNO is unreliable in upholding democracy and rule of law.

My contact is elated a little bit because he says that the thinking that Pak Law was the cause of UMNO’s loss in 2008 is slowly changing towards “if Pak Lah wasn’t there, UMNO would’ve lost bigger”.

He is applauding Najib’s insistence and he wish that Najib continues to thread this path. It will make his camp’s effort to topple Najib much easier down the road.

Leaders aligned to his camp has kept very quiet on this issue. In fact, not many UMNO leaders are willing to comment or openly declare their support to what Najib is doing in Perak.

He adds, in the end, Najib will end up destroying the credibility of the Perak palace, the Civil Service, the police, the Judiciary and not to mention destroy whatever little credibility UMNO have with the people.

Najib is already digging his own grave, and this is way before the Altantunya and the French Submarine case is decided upon by the French courts.

I bid him farewell as I have to go somewhere else with the promise of talking to him again someday.

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  1. Najis is shit scared cos he knows if Perak goes to the polls, UMNO and BN will be thrashed and that will be beiginning of the end of Najis Althatuya cos probably who knows Muhyiddin will call for his resignation [ just like how he called for Pak Lah's resignation ]

    Najis is now stuck btwn the devil and the deep blue sea........

    Now he throws the ball to the Sultans court !

  2. The Perak impasse is all a comedy of errors.
    1. When the 3 Aduns, for whatever reason jumped ship to become 3 independent stooges.
    2. When speaker SivaKumar submitted the resignation letters, which was questioned as not legit due to predated letters.
    3. The EC claiming that they are the ones who decides the status of the Aduns whether they have resigned or not.
    4. The court saying that it is the prerogative of the EC to decide vacancy created by defections.
    5. The Sultan not agreeing to dissolve on the advice of MB.
    6. The Sultan appointing new MB for Perak, eventhough the MB did not resign.
    7. The courts deciding on Nijar being the proper MB, since no resignation or he was not voted out from the dewan, so he is the legitimate MB of Perak.
    8. The Court of Appeal giving permenant stay order and reinstating the illigitimate MB.
    9. The Court of appeal to decide on the status of who is the proper MB.
    10. The PM not wanting to have a bye election in Perak for reasons best known to him.
    11. The Raayat of perak disillusioned with the Goverment of the day, Judiaciary and the Police for the Mayhem.
    12. The uncouth way matters are settled in the dewan, by pushing and pulling and finally carrying the Speaker of the agust house very unceremoniously.
    13. The uncertainity and the failure to listen to the raayat voice for new referandam.
    Such was the comedy of errors that seems to be the way of life for Malaysians.

  3. Your last comment is most interesting, is the Altantuya issue and submarines before the French courts?

    Who is suing who in the French courts????

  4. Who is suing who in the French courts????.

    the SEC will be suing the FRench Submarine maker in some tribunal

  5. Who is judge Ramli Ali, the judge that gave Zambry an stay within 3 hours?

    Well, he is a Lingam appointed judge. A former Chief Registrar of the courts. When Lingam was talking to the disgraced Fairuz on how they were to manipulate the judiciary and appoint their cronies into the bench, Lingam said that Ramli was among the three preferred to be appointed by him. The other two were Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusuf, a former Solicitor-General and Datuk Ahmad Maarop, a former commissioner of Law Revision. They were appointed as directed by Lingam and agreed upon by Vincent Tan and Mahathir on February 1. 2002.
    Dear Malaysians, that's the man who gave a ridiculous stay to Zambry within 3 hours. Oh, by the way, Mohd Nizar needs to wait for about 6 days for his appeal to be heard. 1BlackMalaysia. Performance for Umno now. Malaysia later.

    P.s Refer to the Lingam tape for verification. (Also read Jeffooi's blog)

  6. Someone must have called in Ramly's markers. Past favours are not free.

    Anyway, give Najib a rope long enough and he'll hang himself.

  7. More and more umno members are feeling ashame of what are happeening in Perak. The longer this fiasco drag on, better for PR.

  8. More and more umno members are feeling ashame of what are happeening in Perak. The longer this fiasco drag on, better for PR.


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