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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Police is Acting Like an UMNO Beareau

Sad to see how the police is lending their hand towards maintaining the coup-de-tat MB and the illegal government of Perak.

Latest report that came to me is that the police is arresting anyone related to Pakatan Rakyat indiscriminately. Without reason and without cause. They are using everything at their disposal to help UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

Yet, they get paid from money that belongs to the people, while they are working for UMNO clearly. Our crime rate is spiking and is never seen to be receeding. Yet, they use thei entire might to maintain and defend and illegal government of UMNO and BN.

Clearly, i can say that the police have openly prostituted themselves for UMNO and Barisan Nasional

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  1. oh!!! Please.I have no respect to the police.They are anjing kerajaan,corrupt and all. If anyone remember last week,they closed most major road in KL due to some sort of UMNO/BN event.The traffic in KL was in chaos.When I called traffic police,they said you have to bear with the traffic.This event is not everyday.They have the guts to say that to me. I told them why don't police force concentrate on more serious matter like curb mat rempit,snatch thief,break in and so on.We pay taxes not for them to jaga the road while some big shot wants to official ceremony.

  2. Seriously, the hookers at the streets of Chow Kit hav more integrity than the PDRM whores cuuretly stormin the Perak assembly hall

  3. Polis jadi biro UMNO ni dah lama dah. Tak payah nak berselindung, tak payah nak berpura-pura.

    Macam mana nak buang Speaker? Confirm mesti guna cara illegal la.... by hook or by crook. Itulah jadinya bila tak mau tunggu keputusan mahkamah tinggi - pasal dah desperate nak ambik kuasa. Sedangkan perkara tu pun dalam pertimbangan proses mahkamah dan rayuan.

  4. PRDM has long been a party within UMNO. But it's gotten worst since Nojib illegally grabbed power in Perak.

    My father served in the Police force for more that 35 years, those days they were fighting communists in the jungle to keep this country safe and democratic. But today's policemen are the legit thugs and criminals of this country. Intimidating and locking up people whenever they feel like it, whenever a certain UMNO boss or his wife feels threatened. No flowers, no teddy bears, no candles, no cakes, no black t-shirts (but can wear balck suit!). Honestly, the way the are working is like a jilted woman - oh wait, isn't the second wife a woman??? I suppose she went beserk when that younger woman from that unnamed country came to collect her commission... And things have gone mad since!! Stupid IGP, why listen to a mad woman???


  5. datuk batu baraMay 9, 2009 at 5:36 PM


    biar aku tolong eja.

    coup d'etat

    ingat tu


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