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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dr.Mahathir Isn't Exactly an Icon of Democratic Governence

I couldn't stop myself from laughing when i read Dr. M's opinion on PAS's resolution to ban Sisters in Islam. I mean, if that isn't hypocrisy, i don't know what is.

Dr. M is quoted as saying:

"If we don't agree then give the reasons why we don't agree. But to resort to banning is draconian. We can imagine what a PAS government for Malaysia would be like," he added."

I hardly think Dr. Mahathir has any credibility left to comment on others on the subject of draconian government. Seeing that Dr. Mahathir is the embodiment of Draconian rule in Malaysia.

I mean, the type of Draconian rule that Dr. M had shown to us during his 22 years rule makes PAS's call for banning SIS pale in comparison.

I mean, please Dr. M. Before u comment on PAS being Draconian, please look at the long list of ISA detainees u detained during your 22 years rule.

Look at our Court system that you have destroyed during your 22 years rule.

Look at how freedom of expression is curtailed during your 22 years of rule.

I mean, for heaven's sake, u passed the Official Secret Act to prevent other from speaking and criticizing the goverment you rule.

Please look at yourself first before commenting on others. It makes you look really bad when people see traces of hypocrisy in your opinions.

The truth is:

a. Marina Mahahthir is a strong supporter of SIS. Dr. M's support for SIS is akin to Petronas bailing out MISC.

b. PAS resolution has everything to do with the abuse of the word Islam. SIS represents western liberal secularism which is contradictory 100% with Islam. It's like the democrats using the word communists to represent them.

It's the deception that PAS wants to overcome, not to curtail their freedom to express themselves.

However, banning is not a solution. I believe, we should engage SIS and correct them where they are wrong. Not ban them.

So, Dr. Mahathir. Please stop pot-calling-the-kettle-black ing. We live in world where information is highly accessible. People don't like people who are hypocrites.

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  1. This pariah Mahathir did nothing good during his 22 years tenure as P.M. of Malaysia.
    He never mentioned how much 'commissions 'he or his children got from all the ventures including the Twin Tower he implemented during his tenure as P.M. and worst still in the name of Malay that he never is or never will be. A DNA test will show he and his children are Indians.
    He is now full of ideas that he never implemented during his time or even thought about. His only concern then was how to 'make' as much money as possible for himself and his sons.
    Is there a more hated man in Malaysia to day than the pariah ?

    Have his blood and his children's blood tested to proof that he and his children are Malays once and for all and not Indians. Just like the way he did, to try and prove the Maori of New Zealand are descendants of Malay unsuccessfully !
    The final results show that the Moari ancestors were from Yunan ,China.
    What a big disappointment it must be for the pariah and he never have the audacity to disclose or make public that incident since.
    What a waste of Malaysian money that he just gave away !
    I will be more than happy to pay the DNA
    test done to show that he and his children are not Malays ! The results will show they are Indians.

  2. Serious ShepherdJune 11, 2009 at 6:18 PM

    To quote from Wikipedia, Sisters in Islam "has espoused equality and justice for women".

    I can still remember how Al-Arqam improved the entrepreneurship of the Malays in this country. But the organization is still banned by Federal Government plus there is a fatwa against the organization that practices teaching which is against Islam. Wonder why the same rule is not applied for Sisters in Islam?

    And wonder why the non-Muslims are able to show their sympathy and support towards SIS and Ayah Pin's Sky Kingdom? Perhaps Muslims should support whatever 'ajaran sesat' of their religion and see their reactions.

  3. People who use the word 'pariah' are the real pariahs.
    Dr. Mahathir talked a lot and did much more for Malaysia during his 22 years as PM.
    You buggers out there who criticise him non-stop. What have you done?
    All talk, no action.
    PAS should be banned for constantly spouting nonsense.
    Long live Sisters in Islam!

    - M'sian

  4. I will still call Mahathir a pariah !
    His father came to Malaya to get rid of that stigma of a pariah by becoming a Malay.
    He might seem to have done s lot but they were done to enable him to collect his commission.
    Only fool like you like to think otherwise,where do you think he got the title of Mr. 10% ? It did not come from me. How come the few Prime Ministers before him, however unpopular some of them were, they were never called as Mr. 10% ? No smoke without fire ever heard of it ?
    None of his sons ever became professionals and yet to day are some of the riches men in Malaysia. Wake up you the Malay, the pariah Mahathir robbed the Malays in their name, when he actually is an Indian ? Go find a real Malay to lead the country for a change if you can !

  5. I fully agreed with you my brother, Tun Mahathir is a purely pariah..dont talk about Islam if you know nothing about Islam. Doesn't means, when your parent is Muslim and you carry Muslim name, you know everthing about Islam.
    My question to SIS supporter. Did you practiced Islam as your way of life? as according to al-quran and as-sunnah.
    Ask yourself to get the answer?

  6. People who use the word 'pariah' are the real pariahs.
    Dr. Mahathir talked a lot and did much more for Malaysia during his 22 years as PM.

    You are so naive by saying that my dear. Please wake up.!!! Whatever he did for 22 years, that is his job as a PM to develop the country and doesnt mean that he can suka suka do anything beyond that.

  7. Just to clarify, Petronas did not bail out MISC but the "sly Indian fellow" got Petronas to buy over the MOF's share of MISC and in turn bailed his son from PNSL, to camouflage the trail!


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