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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ink on Finger, Indonesia vs Malaysia, Manek Urai BN “victory”, SPR is an UMNO’s Beareau

Ever wonder why Indonesia with 200 million voters (that’s right 200 million) can implement the ink-on-finger, and Malaysia with just less than 15 million voters cannot? The picture shown above shows that there is no excuse for Malaysia not to implement the ink-on-finger.Hundreds of millions of Indonesians had their fingers inked when they voted in the Parlimentary and Presidential elections this year.

I checked with an acquaintance who voted in the election, and she told me the ink will take at least a month to completely disappear. If u wash the ink part everyday, it may take no less than a week.

And in Indonesia, the ink system works. There has been no report of people voting more than once or “phantom voters”.

Ink-on-Finger Should be BERSIH’s Next Agenda

BERSIH needs to be resurrected. And if only for this single agenda, then BERSIH existence would be totally justified.

Manek Urai’s result has shown us, among all, how devious votes serve the interest of Barisan Nasional. If Pakatan were to retain their ground, then the Malaysian electoral system must be guaranteed to be “fraud free”.

Repeated votings, postal votes and “phantom” voters are the lifelines of UMNO/BN. If Pakatan states wants to ensure the repeated success in their states, they will have to stop BN at their tracks. In other words, they will have to stop BN from benefiting from the usual Phantom Votes, Postal votes and repeated votes.

Phantom voters existence is beyond doubt. But, it kept coming back and nothing has been done to stop phantom voters. Therefore, Pakatan Rakyat will have to take a proactive and aggressive step to ensure that Phantom votes ceased to exists.

SPR is UMNO’s Prostitute

We all know how the SPR worked in favor of UMNO in the Perak coup-de-tat. And the dates of by elections have always favored UMNO. In Penanti, they delayed the calling of the date so as to give MACC a chance to prevent former Penang TKM from resigning.

In Manek Urai, they deliberately scheduled polling day on a working day. In Bukit Gantang they scheduled the polling day on a weekend because the BN believes that Malay younger voters will come back to vote and vote BN.

In short, the SPR is an UMNO’s prostitute. The question is, what do we do about it? BERSIH needs to be resurrected.

There must be constant expose’ of SPR and their evil deeds before the damage is beyond repair. UMNO is desperate and they will use everything to protect their illegal hegemony.

We must make sure that UMNO’s complicit with SPR be exposed to the public and let the public see SPR as what they are, an UMNO’s prostitute.

Tulang Besi
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  1. Jika begitu mengapa megawati dan jusuf masih mengatakan pilihanraya tak adil ? Pada saya memang dasar pembangkang yang hanya tahu membangkan.

  2. Sebab mereka kata ada pihak luar yang memberi sponsor kepada SBY yang mana pihak luar itu adalah pihak yang tidak sah.

  3. The ink fiasco during GE12 was actually a very clear cut money making event. WE heard, we saw and we felt...but we never smelt it...because it went into some people's pockets.

    IF there is any instance to make money for own pockets, there will never be any doubts and it will be in full force....who cares if in the end, it will be another fiasco? As long as some pockets are lined with the riches, the matter will soon be given lots of reason and then will be forgotten. Thats how UMNO/BN does business.

    If India can do it, Indonesia can do it, whats Malaysia doing about it?

    Another typical case of corruption but MACC did nothing to act on that and it just died off without a whimper.

    After all....SPR is nothing but just another brach of UMNO and we can wait to see when the next revision in the constituency delineation exercise will happen. Dont forget how many voters had their names either deleted or were simply thrown from original voting area to some voting area in another state. I saw with my own eyes how some long residents who had voted in one area for past few GE but was transferred out to another area in another state even when their ic showed no shifting had occurred. This was not answered by SPR and their only excuse was to blame on voters who did not check on their names each year. Stupid system!!!

    I bet more names will be thrown here and there without the voters' knowledge come GE 13.

    SPR can even simply apply their own rule to extend voting hours at their own fancies.....this is SPR...a branch of UMNO/BN for you.

  4. Tulang Besi,
    Tan Sri Aziz Yusof as chairman of SPR has proved to be more than an UMNO stooge than his predecessor. A little bird whispered that he has been well rewarded by the government by way of contracts for his son's company.

  5. mana dia org yg kena tangkap pasal ada seludup ink tu sblm PRU12??? Nampak sgt itu semua lakonan parti BN spt SPR & polis.. last2 xde kes. Yg kena tgkap pun entah ada ke tidak? Lawak2, malu je aku duk dlm Malaysia asyik ken kencing hidup2 ngan BeEnd.

  6. Navi,

    Can u find me some evidence. I don't mind exposing them here in this blog.

    Malaysiawaves have already exposed the MACC Chairman's son involvement in child's porno.

  7. Kepada Sdr Kopi,

    Kalau anda ngook, tolonglah diam-diam dan belajar macam mana nak jadi pandai!
    Jangan pula tunjuk kebodohan anda kepada org ramai!

  8. Not saying I disagree with the idea of BERSIH being resurrected, but can we really regard BERSIH as having had any real success?

    Furthermore, given it's goals, an organization like BERSIH will be too easy to discredit because it is widely recognised as a Pakatan Rakyat vehicle - an impression easily underscored by the fact that it died after the election, in large part because BERSIH staff had to be quickly redeployed to other functions as a result of the unexpectedly excellent election results.

    MAFREL, at least, has a bit more of an independant reputation.

  9. I will try, but the person concerned may be reluctant to divulge.


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