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Thursday, July 9, 2009

UMNO’s Next Target for Coup-De_Tat: Kedah

That’s right. They know they do not want to dissolve the Perak State Assembly because they will lose if they do. The next best step is to weaken Pakatan Rakyat even more and that is by doing a coup-de-tat on another state altogether. The next weak state is Kedah.

As of now, Kedah has 16 PAS Assemblymen, PKR 5, DAP 1 and BN 14. So, it will take a cross-over of 5 state assemblymen from PKR and DAP for the government to change.

Kedah is the best target, from UMNO’s point of view because:

a. The Kedah MB belongs to the old guards of PAS, in which, they are more inclined to working with UMNO. However, being that Kedah is the land of “Memali incident”, nearly 90% of Kedah’s PAS members are anti any move towards working with UMNO. So, the KEdah MB/PAS State Commissioner does not dare show his true colors at all.

b. The Kedah MB is very intolerant and does not know how to work in a multi-faith, multi-ethnic environment. Since he is also an old guard of PAS, he is very deficient in this deparment.

c. He is also very hard headed and stern.

That is what UMNO is looking at. But, much to their surprise, the Kedah’s MB is actually more open that people think.

What people misunderstands about Ustaz Azizan is that:

a. He is very loudmouth but he is fair. Once u get over his shouting and screaming and wait until he calms down, you will find that he is receptive to your ideas.

b. The fact that the DAP entourage only needed one visit to settle all of the problems are testimony to Azizan Razak’s ability to settle problems within the Pakatan Rakyat of Kedah (

c. The real culprits are the pro-UMNO government servants who went on and razed down the pig abattoir without even consulting the MB of Kedah. The Kedah civil servants are remnants of the UMNO administration and it is no secret where their allegiance lies with.
They were the ones responsible for razing down the pig abattoir, delaying the building of the new temple, allowing the temple to be razed down easily etc.

d. This is to create an atmosphere of discomfort among the Pakatan leadership at state levels. This has been their MO for all Pakatan states including Kelantan.

Take from Mat Saman Kati

A report from Mat Saman Kati (), indicates:

a. Jamaluddin is leading the charge to buy over 5 PKR ADUN into becoming independence but declaring their support for BN
b. Jamaluddin is as bad as Ezam Mat Nor himself when coming to this kind of things
c. The good thing is that only one of the PKR Assemblyman is a Malay. Therefore, the possibility of getting bought over is smaller. But Mat Saman Kati views:

“Dikalangan ADUN-ADUN PKR….hanya seorang sahaja Melayu, itu pun tak boleh harap. Yang lainya terdiri dari 3 Cina dan seorang India. Maka tidak susah bagi Umno menjalankan konspirasinya. Bagaimana kalau satu Melayu, satu India dan dua Cina menyertai Bebas? Sudah cukup untuk meruntuhkan PR Kedah!!”

d. The Pig Abbattoir issue is a small issue but made big due to sabotage by UMNO inclined state government agencies
e. The Kedah Sultan has more control of the state civil servants than the MB and as of now the Sultan is not pro to radical changes to important civil servants in the Perak government. This is to say that the Kedah Sultan is also not pro UMNO, unlike the Perak royalty.
f. So, pro-UMNO state civil servants are placed in strategic positions in the Kedah government exposing them to sabotage.
g. There’s a PKR Assemblyman that is having habit problems like Jamal, i.e. frolicking and “happy hours” habits with the opposite sex and with the bottle. So, the PKR ADUN is the weak link in the entire government.

Kedah Is Not as Simple as Perak for BN

However, the saving grace for us in Kedah is:
a. We’ve learnt our lesson from Perak
b. The Kedah palace is not as easily bought as compared to Perak. The Kedah Sultan has more integrity in his left pinky than the entire Perak royalty. Anyone in the world can buy the Perak royalty, if they have the money.
c. Azizan has shown that he is capable of a compromise as the report shows. So, that would mean that Azizan Razak will continue to open his ears to opinions by other members of the Pakatan Rakyat.
d. I think, no matter where his allegiance is, he will be loyal to Pakatan Rakyat.
e. But, the way going forward in Kedah will still be difficult. It is not going to be a walk in the park
f. My money, let’s dissolve the Kedah State Assembly now, and have a fresh and bigger mandate.

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