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Monday, August 31, 2009

Peta Kedudukan Kuil Seksyen 23

Marilah kita melihat sendiri kedudukan kuil baru yang dicadangkan di Seksyen 23. Bagi saya, nampak sangat bahawa segelintir penduduk Seksyen 23 telah dihasut oleh UMNO untuk menentang kedudukan kuil terbaru ini.

Mengikut blog Khalid Samad:

Peta keempat adalah ‘close-up’ lokasi di Seksyen 23. Harap diberi perhatian bahawa kedudukan yang dicadangkan adalah dipinggir kawasan Industri Seksyen 23. Jarak rumah terdekat ke Kuil adalah 200 meter atau 600 kaki iaitu 30 kali lebih jauh dari di Seksyen 19. Begitu juga dengan jarak dari tapak cadangan kuil ke surau. Di antara rumah dan kuil terdapat dewan orang ramai dan taman permainan kanak-kanak. Di antara Surau dan kuil adalah rumah pencawang TNB dan taman permainan kanak-kanak yang sama.

Sila rujuk peta di bawah:

Dan jelas sekali, mereka yang begitu semangat sekali untuk menentang usaha ini adalah orang2 yang sudah berfahaman UMNO seperti gambar dibawah ini:

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

UMNO Cannot Deny Their Complicity in the "Cow's Head" Demonstration

For one, the "take beer" banner is a dead giveaway (as the picture shows). The banner is unique only to UMNO and it's been used only by UMNO supporters/activists during the Permatang Pasir by-election. If this wasn't UMNO's handiwork, then why is this banner part of the demonstration?

And we all know that the issue of Section 23 temple was first brought into light by Noh Umar. It's a cheap racists poltical tactic by UMNO to incite hate so as to create dissatisfaction among Malay/Muslim electorate in Shah Alam against the Pakatan goverment.

As a result of Noh Omar's incitement, the demonstrators (whom i believe is paid by UMNO to demonstrate) when and take it a step further, that is, by bringing a severed cow's head as a sign of protest.

Another thing is that, only UMNO people has that amount of hate to openly transgress the Sedition Act. Only UMNO people are protected by the law from offenses related to inciting racial hatred and inciting sensitive issues. Other people are not fortunate enough and will never dare to cross the line.

So, in a way, Noh Omar is responsible for this particular act of racial and religous defacation committed by a group of unknown individuals who claims to represent the Section 23 residents.

True Muslims Would Not Defile Other Religion's Symbol Like What Happened

All over the muslims world, there exists hundreds of thousands of religous symbols and relics that is not Islamic in nature. But, over the years, Muslims have never taken any steps to destroy these religous symbols.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, there exists Buddhists statues and temples aging in the thousands of years still standing. In Indonesia, we have the Brobodur Temple still standing in spite of the fact that the entire surrounding population have converted to Islam.

In short, Muslims are not thought to be disrespectful to other religion's symbols and signs. What the demonstrators are doing is against the teachings of Islam especially when the local Hindus DID NOT DO ANYTHING DISRESPECTFUL of ISLAM.

My Proposal: Leave the Section 19 Temple Where it is, and Sue PKNS for Lying to the Residents

I do not believe the Section 19 temple should be razed down. The temple has been there for more than 60 years, long before Shah Alam ever became a city. The Section 19 residents who were tricked by PKNS last time should sue PKNS for compensation.

It's not fair that the Section 19 temple has to be moved considering they were first there and they never wanted to distrub anyone. People came and lived in it's surrounding and those who came later should respect it's existence.

If those residents who were lied to feel the need to be compensated, then they should get it from PKNS and not force the Section 19 temple to be moved.

Pity we have UMNO trying to play up sensitive issues just to get political mileage and not have any regards for how other people feel and think.

Tulang Besi

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shariah Law Has Been Enacted in Malaysia Long Before the Federal Constitution

After the Kartika Sari's case, i noticed many among the non-muslims community experienced some type of a shock. It's as if like the Kartika Sari's punishment is a new thing happening in Malaysia. Unfortunately, many in Malaysia do not know that the Shariah court and Shariah laws have been applied, enacted, implemented and accepted in Malaya/Malaysia/Semenanjung Tanah Melayu long before the Federal Constitution.

I've heard so many who claims that Malaysia is a secular country and that the Shariah law is never the law of this country. Allow me to correct that miscomprehension of Malaysian historical fact.

Allow me to bring your attention to JAKESS website where a few facts with regards to Shariah laws in Malaysia can be highlighted:

a. Sejarah penubuhan mahkamah syariah di negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan pula telah wujud dalam kurun ke-17. (Shariah Courts have been in existance in Selangor since the 17th century)

b. Undang-undang Mencegah Berzina Tahun 1894 (Prevenatation of Adultry Regulation 1894) adalah undang-undang pertama yang dikanunkan di negeri Selangor. Diluluskan oleh Majlis Mesyuarat Negeri Selangor pada 26hb September 1894

( The Prevention of Adultery Regulation of 1894 is the first enactment that is gazzeted in Selangor. It was passed by the Selangor Executive Council Meeting on the 26th of September 1894)

c.Pada tahun 1900 pula, Majlis Mesyuarat Negeri telah meluluskan Undang-undang Pendaftaran Nikah Kahwin dan Cerai Orang-Orang Islam 1900 (Muhammadan Marriage and Divorce Registration Enactment 1900) iaitu undang-undang berhubung dengan nikah kahwin dan cerai orang-orang Islam di negeri Selangor.

( In 1900 The Selangor Executive Council passes the Muhammadan Marriage and Divorce Registration Enactment 1900, that is a law with regards to family law in Selangor)

The evidence above clearly shows that the Shariah has been here within our plural soceity for the last 300 years. Therefore, we should not be surprised or shocked when the Shariah courts.

The shariah courts and system has been with us in Malaysian since Malaysia was formed. So, it's unfair to say that Shariah system is against the Federal Constitution and that it is not dispensing punishments contradictory to the country's ideology.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

To Muslims, "Shariah" means "Rule of Law"

In truth, after living under various dictatorships and secular rulers, the Muslims have discovered that Shariah is a very powerful and effective tool to provide rule of law for the Muslims. It has been

I had once published an article by Noah Feldman which was published in the NY Times online before.

Noah states that the motivation for Muslims clamoring for shariah is nothing more than their need for rule of law. AS such, the Shariah has sucessfully provided Muslims with rule of law for 1400 years, until the shariah institution was replaced by the Muslims secular elites rulers.

This piece will try to summarize the points used by Noah Feldman in the article he wrote.

But first let me explain my motivation for writing this piece. It is not by anyway trying to influence Non Muslims into accepting the Shariah as their overriding law. I strongly believe that Non Muslims should not be subjected to the Shariah as they do not believe in the Quran and Sunnah.

If you don’t accept Shariah, that is your right. I won’t fault you for it.. But I take offense when lies are being uttered with regards to Islam and Shariah. That is my motivation for writing many postings on Shariah lately. It’s not by any way trying to campaign for Shariah, it is only meant to fight lies and half-truth currently being aired in the blogwave by a few unscrupulous “Muslims”.

Notice that I am promoting an article written by a Jewish author and opposing articles written by people who claims to be Muslims i.e. Raja Petra, Mustafa Akyol, Haris Ibrahim etc. To me, it’s not important who says it, what’s important is what is being said.

Summary of Noah Feldman Article:

Here is the summarized version of the article for our easy understanding:

1. The Shariah has been the instrument for maintaining the “rule of law” in the 1400 years of Islamic rule, whether it’s Caliphate or Sultanate.

2. To Muslims, the concept of “Rule of Law” and “Shariah” is interchangeable. This is because the Shariah has been instrumental in preventing power concentrated to the executive (in the form of Caliphate or Sultans)

3. Since Shariah, derived from Al Quran, As Sunnah, Ijma (Consensud) and Qiyas (allegory) cannot stand on it’s own, it requires a group of people in the society to “operate” it. This group of people has come to be known to us as Scholars, “Ulama” or “Mullah”.

4. Caliphates and Sultans gains their legitimacy as rulers and executives from the “Scholar”class. In return, the power to legislate and adjudicate are given to the “scholars” thus ensuring the rule of law.

5. The Caliphates are limited to executive decisions and regulations but they have control of the Army. However, since the “Ulama” has control in matters of laws, the balance of power is maintained.

6. In short, “rule of law” and “separation of powers” has been in practice in Islam for the last 1400 years.

7. Mullah’s and Scholars have been the agent of stability and predictability as quoted below:

“As a confident, self-defined elite that controlled and administered the law according to well-settled rules, the scholars were agents of stability and predictability — crucial in societies where the transition from one ruler to the next could be disorderly and even violent.”

8. They are a good check and balance to the government in terms of preventing tyranny and oppression

“And by controlling the law, the scholars could limit the ability of the executive to expropriate the property of private citizens. This, in turn, induced the executive to rely on lawful taxation to raise revenues, which itself forced the rulers to be responsive to their subjects’ concerns.”

9. The last Chaliphate, the Ottomans, even tried to introduce democracy and open elections to elect their executive bodies. If the Ottoman was not toppled, they would have been the first democratic political institution in Modern Europe

10. Success of Islam is attributable to Shariah as Noah Feldman puts it:

“The scholars and their law were thus absolutely essential to the tremendous success that Islamic society enjoyed from its inception into the 19th century.”

11. “Shariah” is actually a “higher law” with some specifics. It is fixed and cannot be altered. In matters where the Shariah is silence, or in specifics not addressed by Shariah, and where most of Islamic Jurisprudence activities happen, the area is known as “Fiqh”.

12. So, there is no such thing as Islam being rigid and inflexible as matters with regards to modern world challenges is debated in “Fiqh” wth the use of “Al Ijtihad”.

In conclusion, I’d like to stress again the fact that Shariah and Islam is heavily being discredited with lies and half-truths by people who claims to be “muslims:. I am not advocating that Shariah is imposed on Non Muslims.

I am just asking the Non Muslims community in this country to understand why “Shariah” is such a fundamental aspect of Muslim’s life. Please do not take advice on Shariah and Islam from known enemies of “Shariah” like Zainah Anwar, Haris Ibrahim, RPK, Mustafa Akyol and the rest.

Tulang Besi
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Women in Malaysia Should Thank God for Shariah Law in Malaysia

Much ado about the Kartika case, but did u know that the Shariah system has helped Malaysian Muslim women a lot throughout history?

Why do I say this? Because when the British came to Malaysia, they brought with them the British Common Law.

The original British Common Law prevents inheritance from being awarded to women. In other words, the British Common Law does not allow women to accept inheritance from their deceased parents or relatives.

According to an article by Noah Feldman:

“As for sexism, the common law long denied married women any property rights or indeed legal personality apart from their husbands. When the British applied their law to Muslims in place of Shariah, as they did in some colonies, the result was to strip married women of the property that Islamic law had always granted them — hardly progress toward equality of the sexes.”

But, since probate (or anything related to inheritance) are subjects under the Shariah laws, this part of the British Common Law was never applied to Muslim women in Malaysia.

So, Muslim women in Malaysia was saved from the injustice that is contained within the British Common Law. And such ruling still exists in the British jurisprudence, although not invoked by British judges anymore.

In fact, the British was forced to concede and went ahead to enact several Shariah enactments such as the ones stated in the Selangor shariah court website.

For instance:

“Sejarah penubuhan mahkamah syariah di negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan pula telah wujud dalam kurun ke-17.

Undang-undang Mencegah Berzina Tahun 1894 (Prevenatation of Adultry Regulation 1894) adalah undang-undang pertama yang dikanunkan di negeri Selangor. Diluluskan oleh Majlis Mesyuarat Negeri Selangor pada 26hb September 1894…”


“Pada tahun 1900 pula, Majlis Mesyuarat Negeri telah meluluskan Undang-undang Pendaftaran Nikah Kahwin dan Cerai Orang-Orang Islam 1900 (Muhammadan Marriage and Divorce Registration Enactment 1900) iaitu undang-undang berhubung dengan nikah kahwin dan cerai orang-orang Islam di negeri Selangor.”

These are just instances where the British had to give in and allow Shariah to be practiced alongside the British Common Law.

So Malaysian women must thank the Shariah system, for it prevented Malaysian women from being thrown into the depth of poverty by the British intolerant Common Law

Tulang Besi
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Agenda Perpaduan Melayu Hanyalah Mitos dan Cerita Khalayan Seperti Cerita Wayang Kulit

Benar sama sekali. Kita lihat yang mejadi "champion" kepada inisiatif memadukan orang Melayu sekarang ini adalah UMNO. Tapi, UMNO yang mahu menjuarai perpaduan ini sudah pecah barah banyak kali dalam sejarah mereka bermula dengan penubuhan PAS pada 1952. Selepas tu kita lihat Dato Onn menubuhkan Parti Negara sedangkan Dato' Onn adalah pengasas UMNO dan banyak contoh lain.

Ia bererti perpaduan di kalangan orang Melayu hanyalah mitos. Malahan, selama ini tindakan UMNO menzalimi PAS dan membunuh pimpinan PAS bukan satu tindakan yang mengarah kepada membina perpaduan dan persefahaman sesama Melayu/Islam. Bukankah Ustaz Ibrahim Libya yang dibunuh secara kejam di Memali itu orang Melayu juga?

Hakikatnya, perpecahan di antara PAS dengan UMNO menguntungkan orang Melayu dan menguntungkan Islam. Saya cuma membanddingkan dengan Indonesia yang hidup di bawah orde baru/diktator Suharto selama 32 tahun. Selama itu, Suharto tidak mempunyai pembangkang dan tidak pernah gusar bahawa kerajaan dan kepimpinan beliau akan jatuh.

Apa yang berlaku selama Suharto memerintah adalah perompakan kekayaan Indonesia oleh Suharto, keluarganya dan kroninya selama 32 tahun. Perompakan yang berlaku secara berterusan tanpa henti.

Suharto berani melakukan demikian kerana beliau tiada saingan. Beliau berkuasa penuh sehingga Islam telah dibuang dari administrasi negara Indonesia. Suharto mengedepankan ideologi Pancasila yang meletakkan Islam sebagai anak tiri. Pemerintah Indonesia tidak diizin mengeluarkan wang untuk membina masjid ataupun apa-apa aktiviti keislaman. Malahan nama "Allah" pun tidak diizinkan untuk digunakan dalam masjlis2 atau koresponden rasmi.

Berbeza dengan Malaysia. Walaupun UMNO sekular seperti juga Suharto, tetapi kerana wujud PAS yang mampu menggugat UMNO di kawasan Melayu, maka UMNO tidak berani menghapuskan institusi agama serta amalan keagaaman di dalam pentadbiran negara.

Jika UMNO berani bertindak seperti Suharto, nescaya UMNO akan terhapus di semua kawasan Melayu dan kesemua kerusi Melayu akan pergi kepada PAS. Ertinya, wujud PAS telah melindungi Islam dan institusi Islam di Malaysia. Walaupun PAS tidak pernah memerintah negara, tetapi jasa PAS kepada Islam di Malaysia adalah tidak terhingga.

DEngan kata lain, wjudnya perpecahan antara PAS dengan UMNO adalah satu rahmat kepada Islam dan umat Melayu di Malaysia. UMNO terpaksa berbelanja dengan cukup besar bagi menambat hati rakyat Melayu kerana takut mereka mengundi PAS di waktu pilihanraya. Hasilnya, Melayu di Malaysia tidak semiskin serta sehina miskin di Indonesia. Semiskin-miskin melayu di Malaysia, tiada yang terpaksa makan sampah untuk hidup. Di Indonesia ada.

Berenti lah buat propaganda bodoh, kononnya PAS dengan UMNO mesti bersatu. Kita hanya bersatu dari segi beberapa agenda bersama bukan dari segi tubuh parti dan organisasi.

Berentilah sebar cerita bohong kamu, wahai UMNO

Tulang Besi

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Kes Kartika Membuktikan Betapa UMNO Selama Ini Mengabaikan Serta Tidak Menghormati Mahkamah Syariah

Kenyataan Musa Awang, Timbalan Persatuan PEguam Syariee menunjukkan betapa UMNO ini lidah bercabang. Di Pahang, panel Rayuan Syariah pun UMNO tidak mampu untuk memastikan kewujudannya. Banyak prasarana Mahkamah Syariah tidak pernah diambil kesah oleh UMNO sehingga lah ianya terdedah dengan kes Kartika Sari ini. Jikalau UMNO ambil kesah berkenaan mahkamah syariah, nescaya Kartika tidak perlu dihantar ke Penjara Karjang untuk disebat. UMNO ini di depan mengaku berjuang Islam, tapi hakikatnya mereka lidah brecabang, telunjuk lurus kelengkeng berkait. Mahakamah Syariah mereka abaikan selama ini dan tidak kesah langsung kecuali yang perlu sahaja. Ikutilah kenyataan Musa Awang yang dipetik dari Malaysiakini

komentar Rentetan kekecohan yang berlaku dalam isu sebatan Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM) memandang serius perkara tersebut kerana ia telah menjejaskan reputasi Mahkamah Syariah, Jabatan Agama Islam dan pihak-pihak berkaitan.

PGSM dengan ini menyatakan pendirian dan mengeluarkan kenyataan seperti berikut:

PGSM kesal dengan apa yang berlaku kerana akhir-akhir ini menampakkan unsur campur tangan pihak kerajaan dalam proses kehakiman di negara ini terutama kehakiman syariah semakin menjadi-jadi.

Bermula dengan unsur campur tangan kabinet dalam menentukan agama anak pasangan yang memeluk Islam dan terbaru dalam isu sebatan Kartika Sari. Perkara ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku dalam era 1Malaysia, Pencapaian Didahulukan, Rakyat Diutamakan.

Campur tangan kerajaan dalam sistem pentadbiran kehakiman syariah perlu ditamatkan segera. Persoalan timbul, mengapa menteri-menteri kerajaan terlalu gemar memberikan komen terhadap kes-kes di Mahkamah Syariah sedangkan terdapat kes-kes di Mahkamah Sivil yang lagi teruk dan dangkal.

Sebelum ini terdapat kes di Mahkamah Sivil ada seorang hakim yang memutuskan bahawa dia sendiri yang akan menghukum pesalah, tetapi kes tersebut tidak pula dipolemikkan, dan tidak ada pula menteri yang memberikan komen.

Pihak kerajaan termasuk menteri-menteri wanita Islam tidak sepatutnya memberikan komen terhadap hukuman yang telah dijatuhkan oleh hakim Mahkamah Syariah.

Ia suatu tindakan biadap mencabar, mempertikaikan dan menghina keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh mahkamah. Sebarang ketidakpuasan hati dengan keputusan Mahkamah hendaklah dibuat melalui tatacara dan prosedur yang telah ditetapkan oleh undang-undang.

Penghakiman yang dibuat oleh Hakim Abdul Rahman Yunus adalah atas dasar menjalankan tugasnya berdasarkan undang-undang sedia ada, dan atas dasar melaksanakan undang-undang yang telah diluluskan oleh kerajaan.

Menurut peruntukan Seksyen 136 Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang 1982 dan dibaca bersama Seksyen 4 Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang (Pindaan) 1987, mahkamah mempunyai bidang kuasa menjatuhkan hukuman ke atas pesalah yang melakukan kesalahan meminum minuman yang memabukkan, iaitu dengan hukuman denda tidak melebihi RM5,000 atau penjara tidak lebih 3 tahun dan disebat tidak melebihi 6 sebatan.

Kerajaan sepatutnya memberi perhatian dan menumpukan usaha ke arah memperbaiki infrastruktur, pentadbiran dan proses pelaksanaan Penghakiman Mahkamah Syariah, seperti ketiadaan tukang sebat Syariah, ketiadaan penjara khusus untuk menempatkan pesalah Syariah, ketiadaan panel rayuan di beberapa buah negeri dan sebagainya.

Telah 52 tahun negara merdeka dan telah 52 tahun Perlembagaan Persekutuan wujud, namun perkara-perkara ini tidak diberi perhatian oleh kerajaan.

Mahkamah Syariah dianaktirikan sedangkan Mahkamah Syariah adalah tempat di mana orang Islam yang sebahagiannya mengundi kerajaan semasa pilihanraya, berurusan dan mengadu masalah rumahtanga, harta dan lain-lain.

Masalah ketiadaan tukang sebat bukanlah suatu isu yang besar kerana kerajaan boleh melatih tukang sebat sivil untuk melaksanakan sebat menurut syariah.

Kartika Sari adalah sebahagian masyarakat Islam yang menjadi mangsa akibat sikap anak tiri dan sikap kerajaan yang tidak sensitif dan tidak boleh dijangka terhadap kehendak dan keperluan masyarakat Islam di negara ini.

Kerajaan perlu mengambil tindakan drastik dan segera, dengan memberi penjelasan kepada masyakarat bahawa:

Hukuman yang dijatuhkan ini adalah masih rendah berbanding hukuman sebenarnya menurut Hukum Syarak yang mana pesalah boleh dijatuhkan hukuman sehingga 40 sebatan hingga 80 sebatan sebagaimana yang pernah dilakukan oleh Rasulullah SAW dan sahabat-sahabat.

Dalam Islam tidak ada beza antara pesalah lelaki dan wanita. Hak dan tanggungan mereka apabila melakukan kesalahan Syarak adalah sama di sisi Hukum Syarak dan di sisi Tuhan.

Golongan aktivitis wanita lantang memperjuangkan hak dan keistimewaan wanita dan kesamarataan taraf antara lelaki dan wanita. Mengapa dalam isu ini hendak dibezakan pula taraf antara lelaki dan wanita dari segi pelaksanaan hukuman jenayah?

Pelaksanaan hukuman sebat menurut undang-undang Syariah amat berbeza dengan pelaksanaan hukuman sebat menurut undang-undang Sivil.

Enam kali sebatan menurut syariah tidak sama dengan hatta satu sebatan menurut undang-undang sivil. Alat sebatan yang digunakan untuk kes syariah hendaklah diperbuat dari rotan atau ranting kecil yang tiada ruas atau buku dan panjangnya tidak melebihi 1.22 meter dan tebalnya tidak melebihi 1.25 sentimeter.

Kalau pesalah itu hamil, hukuman itu hendaklah dilaksanakan selepas dua bulan dia melahirkan anaknya. Pesalah hendaklah diperiksa tahap kesihatannya oleh pegawai kesihatan kerajaan. Hukuman sebat itu hendaklah dengan kehadiran pegawai perubatan kerajaan.

Sebatan tidak boleh kena muka, kepala, perut, dada atau bahagian sulit. Pesalah lelaki disebat berdiri, manakala perempuan dalam keadaan duduk. Sebatan hendaklah dijalankan dengan kekuatan sederhana iaitu tukang sebat itu tanpa mengangkat tangannya melebihi kepala supaya tidak melukakan kulit pesalah.

Pegawai perubatan kerajaan akan memperakukan sama ada pesalah itu masih boleh menerima sebatan atau ditangguhkan untuk baki sebatan.

Artikel ini diterbitkan daripada kenyataan media Musa Awang, timbalan presiden Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM)
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Kartika Sari is not a Cause for Concern

I have been reading a lot of articles from foreign newsfeed and i feel that many in the international press is taking the case of Kartika Sari with utmost biasness and complete lack of objectivity and fairness.

In the first place, the case should not even be an issue considering Kartika was charged in an open court where she was allowed to have legal council but yet chose to confess.

Secondly, the Shariah judge who passed the sentence did so with provisions from the law as stipulated clearly in Section 136 "Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang 1982" which is read with "Seksyen 4 Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang (Pindaan) 1987".

The sentence was passed with reference to laws and enacments passed and gazzatted by the Pahang Legislative Assembly. In short, there isn't a trace of evidence that rule of law has been compromised.

Now, the various international media report that i've read (such as this) is criticizing Pahang and Malaysia for following the letter of the law and not the opposite. In other words, for the first time, Malaysia is being criticized for following the law.

Now, that to me sounds very funny. It also begs the question, what is the real agenda of the various international medias? Do they want Muslims to abandon the shariah system altogether?

If that is the case, then let me say that they'd be better off waiting for pigs to fly than for that to happen. Already we're seeing Kartika herself refusing to appeal the decision and willing to accept the punishment as a whole.

Instead we see that UMNO politicians are trying to undermine the rule of law by trying to counterman the court's ruling. The AG can have the audacity to stop the Kajang prison from accepting Kartika who was ever willing to go and get her punishment.

In short, non muslims in Malaysia should accept the fact that Shariah is part of the Malaysian identity. The Nyonyas and Babas in Melaka has seen Shariah being implemented in malaysia since their ancestors first came here.

The Chinese living in Selangor and Johor and other states have seen Shariah in practice in their 200-300 years stay here. In fact, the shariah was enacted long before the Federal Constitution came into being.

So, please do not make Shariah law as a reason to hate Islam and hate living in Malaysia especially when Sharia doesnt apply to non muslims and never has.

And the fact that Muslims in this country will never abandon shariah and will welcome more of shariah is a strong indication for non muslims to learn to accept that Shariah is part of the Malaysian identity.

So, please let us not make quarells out of issues that has no resolutions. Please do not get swayed by liberal muslims who make stupid claims like Malaysia is a secular state and the Federal Constitution is secular.

No self respecting secular constitution would acclaim Islam as the Federal religion. This whole Kartika issue is a non issue and should not even be discussed. There's better things to discuss like how are we going to replace the current BN government with a better government.

Tulang Besi

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Make an Issue of Kartika Sari’s Case?

In the first place, Kartika was charged in an open court, allowed to have legal representation and chose to admit to her crime. The punishment was given based on her confession, which explains why there was no appeal.

Second place, consumption of alcohol is a felony in Islamic shariah by agreement of all scholars, then and now. It's a felony and must be punished by the state.

The parent of Kartika Sari accepts the punishment to be carried out and Kartika herself has no objection to the punishment, although she has every right to appeal her punishment.

The issue is an issue that embarass Barisan Nasional, but BN is trying to offload the burden to PAS. In truth, the BN has to uphold the Shariah laws because it is the wishes of the Muslim majority. It is not a political issue.

As for lashing for women under shariah, although it is allowed, but the way lashing is carried out under shariah is miles apart compared to that off civil. For one, lashings under shariah DOES NOT HURT. It’s never meant to hurt. Just to shame and be an example to others not to commit the same crime.

Again let me repeat the phrase “IT DOES NOT HURT”. By every school of thoughts in Islam, lashings must never hurt. It’s not meant to be hurting. It’s meant for educating the masses.

I also deplore a statement made by Maria Chin representing JAG which says:

“Maria Chin Abdullah said "Kartika's case also illustrates how Muslim women are discriminated, contrary to the constitutional guarantee in Article 8(2) of the Federal Constitution, which is against discrimination on the grounds of religion and gender."

Maybe JAG should open their eyes and look at the case again. Kartika is punished not because she is a woman. Kartika is punished because she consumed alcohol. It has nothing to do with her gender because punishment of the same sort is also given out to men who is caught drinking liquor.

It’s a normal tactic by all feminists to invoke the call for discrimination each time they are going against religion. You should ask the Christians in America and how the Christians have been painted in the wrong color by the Feminists in America for decades.

So, I never care about what feminists like JAG thinks. They will almost always reject such ruling because they are anti religion to start off with.

They quote Articles in the Federal Constitution that they like while completely missing out the Article in the Federal Constitution that states the religion of the Federation is Islam. They interpret what they like and promote their interpretation. They don’t speak on behalf of the constitution.

Although SIS is very ineffective in Malaysia among Muslims due to the fact that SIS themselves are unable to present any hard evidence proving the Syariah courts as being discriminatory to women.

Thus far, we have seen zero evidence from JAG or SIS pertaining to the defectiveness of Malaysia’s various Syariah courts.

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UMNO is Engineering the Breakdown of Pakatan Rakyat

UMNO knows, on it's own, Pakatan Rakyat has the ability to work out their differences. So, what theyr are doing now is trying to engineer the breakdown of Pakatan Rakyat. Why is this so? Noticed that whenever the BN is facing a splintered and broken, they will tend towin handsomely. But, whenever the opposition is united and in one front.

Apparently they have plans tailored for each party. Allow me to break them down for clarity:

1.0 PAS:

a. Make PAS feels uncomfortable using using DAP as boogeymen.
b. Create a faction within PAS that is so pro to joining up with UMNO in the name of protecting Islam and guarding the Malay race
c. The factions in PAS makes the entire PR machinery weaker since PAS has the biggest machinery in Pakatan Rakyat.
d. Now that PAS is weakened and divided, it's easier for UMNO to work the ground and regain lost Malay votes.
e. Already we are seeing how weak the PAS machinery is in Permatang Pasir and Manek Urai. The division is breaking the core of PAS's strength.

2.o PKR:

a. Many of PKR's Malay wakil rakyat are former UMNO people.
b. They can be bought over and manipulated. For instance, the former Lunas ADUN, Radhi, has 4 wives and has been warned about his ridicolous claims.
c. Use the MACC to scare some of the ADUN into submission while offering monetary gains.
d. Jail Anwar Ibrahim on trumped up charges.

3.0 DAP:

a. Use DAP as a boogeyman to scare PAS and the Malay voters
b. Try to link DAP with the triads
c. Use MACC to harras and scare the DAP into submission

While all of this is going on, UMNO invokes every government agencies such as SPR, MACC, Police etc to work on their behalf.

This is so that they can break Pakatan Rakyat into pieces. So, please don't get distracted by the beer issue, the Kartika Sari issue, the DAP triad issue, that DAP is anti islam etc.

UMNO has not conscience. They have no soul. They are evil incarnate. They will sell their parents if it means to get them back into seats of power.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

UMNO Sekarang Hanya Bergantung Kepada Agenda Perkauman

Sedar atau tidak, UMNO sekarang ini hanya mampu bergantung kepada isu-isu perkauman. Dan UMNO sekarang ini tidak putus-putus menyerang DAP. Dan mereka melakukannya dengan tiada belas kasihan.

Mengapa Serang DAP?

UMNO mahu PAS rasa serba salah dan tidak senang menyebabkan PAS akan melatah ataupun hilang rasa konfiden dan jatidiri.

Mereka kerap mengatakan bahawa DAP anti ISlam dan PAS sekarang mengikut telunjuk DAP yang anti ISlam.

UMNO mudah melakukan perkara ini kerana ada "Fraksi UMNO" dalam PAS yang tolong menyebarkan ajaran sesat ini di kalangan ahli dan kepimpinan PAS.

Padahal, UMNO sendiri ada rekod anti-Islam yang lebih buruk dari DAP. DAP hanya berkata-kata tapi UMNO melakukan perkara-perkara yang merosakkan Islam di Malaysia.

Sebagai contoh:

a. UMNO yang memperkenalkan program "Perancang Keluarga" yang telah ditentang oleh PAS satu waktu dahulu. Bukan DAP

b. UMNO yang menghapuskan tulisan jawi. Bukan DAP

c. UMNO memperkenalkan PPSMI. Bukan DAP

d. UMNO menghalang perlaksanaan hukum Hudud dan Qisas di Kelantan dan Terengganu. Bukan DAP

e. UMNO mengizinkan judi dan arak dijual untuk keuntungan yang berlipat ganda di Malaysia. Bukan DAP

f. UMNO yang terlibat di dalam pemerkosaan budak bawah umur di Melaka sehingga menyebakan Guan Eng dipenjara

g. UMNO mengizinkan kelab gay di Bukit Bendera sehinggalah DAP yang menutupnya. Kelab gay di KL masih beroperasi kerana UMNO takutkan Marina MAhathir

h. UMNO yang memperkenalkan serta menyebarkan ajaran sekularisma di kalangan orang Melayu/Islam. Bukan DAP

i. UMNO yang memecat mufti Selangor selepas mufti Selangor menyokong tindakan yang dibenci Marina MAhathir. Bukan DAP

j. UMNO yang bertanggungjawab untuk peristiwa Memali. Bukan DAP.

k. Arak dan judi diizinkan dijual untuk keuntungan di Malaysia yang mempunyai Islam sebagai agama rasmi. Sedangkan di Norway, arak tidak diizinkan untuk dijual bagi tujuan meraih keuntungan dan Islam bukan agama rasmi Norway. Bukan DAP.

l. Selama UMNO memerintah MBSA, arak dijual sewenangnya di Shah Alam. Bukan DAP.

m. UMNO balachi kepada tokeh2 judi dan arak serta kabaret di Malaysia. Bukan DAP.

o. Menangkap, berbuat kacau, merampas masjid dan surau secara zalim dan angkuh. Bukan DAP.

p. UMNO gagal membangun ekonomi orang Melayu sehingga orang Melayu hanya mengawal 18% sahaja ekuiti negara. Bukan DAP

q. UMNO gagal membangun ekonomi orang Melayu sehingga 70% perbelanjaan Rancangan Malaysia ke Lapan pergi kepada syarikat2 bukan Melayu. Bukan DAP.

Dengan kata lain, apa bezanya UMNO berbanding DAP? Malahan UMNO lagi teruk kerana mereka mengaku Islam dan mereka mampu meracun pemikiran orang Islam untuk menghalalkan perkara yang haram.

dan banyak lagi contoh kalau saya nak bawa

Tujuan UMNO untuk Mengekalkan Sokongan

Mereka takut orang Melayu akan lari dari mereka. Jelas dari 2008, orang Melayu bandar majoriti menolak UMNO. UMNO sekarang ini berkubu di kampung-kampung di mana orang melayu masih mudah untuk ditipu kerana perjalanan maklumat yang perlahan.

Jadi, demi menyelamatkan UMNO dari hilang, mereka menggunakan alasan bahaya DAP untuk menghalang orang Melayu yang sudah makin meluat dengan UMNO itu.

Ertinya, majoriti sokongan kepada UMNO sekarang ini bukan sebab orang Melayu suka sangat kepada UMNO tetapi takut akan "bahaya DAP" yang diada-adakan oleh UMNO ini.

Ini peluang PR untuk menjatuhkan UMNO kerana alasan "bahaya DAP" ini alasan yang tidak kukuh dan lemah.

Saya terkejut kerana ada blogger bernama Mahaguru 58 yang termakan dengan cerita-cerita dongeng UMNO berkenaan dengan DAP ini.

Orang pandai pun boleh kena tipu. Yang bestnya, Mahaguru58 ni telah sampai ke tahap mendoakan Tok Guru Nikergabung Aziz supaya mati cepat kerana TGNA tidak bersetuju untuk bergabung dengan UMNO.

Padahal dia sendiri tak sedar dia kena tipu hidup-hidup. Dia marah kes arak di Selangor, tapi dia sikit pun tak marah UMNO keluar lesen arak dgn judi. Kes Najib lulus 10 lesen special draw yang baru, langsung dia tak komen.

Memanglah MAhaguru58 dasar hipokrit dan mata duitan.

Tulang Besi

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rakan Kongsi Calon BN Permatang Pasir Nafi Tuduhan BN

Nampaknya UMNO dalam keadaan telan mati mak luah mati bapak. Cuba menutup bangkai gajah dengan daun nyiru. Masakan tempur bersarang rendah, kalau tidak diada-adakan. Cuba berlagak seperti pahlawan tetapi hakikatnya kecut dan penakut. Cuba baling batu sembunyi tangan. Tapi, Allah maha Adil. Orang yang cuba dipersalahkan, melawan semula.

Dalam mempertahankan calon UMNO di Permatang Pasir, UMNO telah menuduh bahawa segala penipuan yang telah menyebabkan Rohaizat dibuang dari Bar Council adalah sebenarnya angkara rakan kongsi Rohaizat, saudara Yusri Ishak.

Antara contoh tuduhan UMNO boleh dibaca di


"Ketua Penerangan UMNO, Ahmad Maslan berkata, tindakan tatatertib ke atas Rohaizat berdasarkan aduan Koperasi Pekebun Getah Negeri Pulau Pinang (KPGNPP) membabitkan pembelian satu hartanah yang dikendalikan firma Saif Ariff T Jayaraj & Rohaizat.

Dalam hal itu, menurutnya, semua urusan jual beli untuk pihak KPGNPP dikendalikan rakan kongsi Rohaizat, Yusri Isahak dan diterima secara eksklusif dan dideposit ke dalam akuan klien firma tersebut di Bank Islam Cawangan Butterworth.

Tambahnya, akaun berkenaan termasuk semua surat berhubung KPGNPP ditandatangani dan diuruskan Yusri yang menjadi rakan kongsi beliau dari tahun 1999 hingga 2003.

Rohaizat, menurut Ahmad Maslan, tidak mempunyai apa-apa penglibatan dan tidak tahu-menahu tentang perkara itu.

"Ingin dijelaskan di sini bahawa, tindakan yang diambil terhadap Rohaizat hanyalah sebagai rakan kongsi yang masih ada dalam firma itu mengikut Akta Perkongsian setelah Yusri tidak lagi menyertai syarikat guaman itu."

Namun, malang seribu kali malang buat UMNO apabila Yusri Ishak mengambil keputusan untuk mempertahankan diri beliau dan menafikan semua tuduhan UMNO terhadap beliau yang jelas berniat jahat. Kenyataan beliau boleh dibaca di sini.

Yusri berkata:

"He also said some of the co-operative funds had been used to help another of Rohaizat's friends, a director in a housing development company, and also to manage the firm's branch in Ipoh.

The 38-year-old lost an appeal on Aug 12 against being struck off the rolls of the Malaysian Bar after he blamed his partner for the matter which the Bar Council said involved RM161,000 in client's money."

(Terjemahan: Sebahagian dari duit koperasi itu (Koperasi Pekebun Getah) digunakanuntuk menolong rakan Rohaizat yang satu lagi, seorang pengarah dalam sebuah syarikat perumahan serta (sebahagian lain) digunakan untuk mentadbir cawangan firma tersebut di Ipoh.

Rohaizat telah gagal di dalam rayuan beliau (di Mahkamah Tinggi) untuk membatalkan keputusan Bar Council (yang telah memecat beliau) yang mana di dalam rayuan itu Rohaizat telah meletakkan kesalahan sepenuhnya ke atas rakan kongsi beliau)

Nah, terbukti. Semakin UMNO cuba menutup bangkai gajah ini, semakin banyak penipuan yang telah dilakukan oleh UMNO. Kalau dulu, penipuan mereka tidak melibatkan pihak ketiga, sekarang ini pihak ketiga telah datang dan memalukan UMNO. Seperti tindakan Imam Ramlang yang telah mendedahkan konspirasi SAiful Bukhari sewaktu PRK Permatang Pauh tempohari.

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ADUN Pelabuhan Kelang Hilang (Diculik)?Pelabuhan Kelang ADUN is not Contactable

Saya mendapat maklumat dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai bahawa ADUN Pelabuhan Kelang, Badrul Hisham Abdullah sudah sampai ke tahap tidak dapat dihubungi. Situasi ini iras-iras kedua-dua ADUN lompat di Perak tempohari. Mari kita berdoa kerajaan PR Selangor akan dapat mengatasi masaalah ini dengan terbaik mungkin, inshaalah.

Ingat, UMNO cuma memerlukan 9 orang ADUN untuk melompat bagi memastikan kerajaan negeri bertukar tangan. Dan dengan Najib Tun Razak sebagai Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Selangor, mereka amat "desperate" untuk mengambil alih Selangor.

Saya merasakan UMNO sedang mencuba untuk mendapat kesembilan-sembilan orang ADUN tersebut melalui aksi melompat dari kedua2 PKR dan PAS. Dari PAS, saya yakin paling ramai yang akan melompat hanya dua orang. Yang lain itu masih berprinsip dan beriman. Dari PKR pula, baru-baru ini bukankah berlaku ADUN PKR sendiri menyerang kerajaan negeri? Saya tidak tahu berapa orang yang mampu bertahan dan berpegang dengan prinsip mereka?

Oleh sebab itu kita semua wajib berdoa dan berusaha supaya kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat berjaya dipertahan dan segala usaha jahat UMNO digagalkan, inshaalah.

Sekiranya saya dibuktikan salah dalam isu ini (yakni Badrul tidak melompat) saya akan menjadi amat gumbira.

I was informed by trustable sources, that Pelabuhan Kelang State Assemblyman from PKR, Badrul Hisham Abdullah, has gone missing and cannot be contacted. This situation mimics the defection scenario that occured in Perak previously.

Although UMNO will require the defection of about 9 ADUN for the government to change, the Pelabuhan Kelang defection may be the start of the entire process of coup-de-tat ala' Perak.

UMNO is desperate to wrest Selangor being that Najib Tun Razak is it's liason chief. And being that UMNO has no conciense (or even religion), they will do anything within their powers to get back Selangor.

The longer Selangor remains in PR hands, the more difficult UMNO will be in regaining lost ground. In other words, the failure to wrest Selangor means UMNO will die a slow death.

I know that from PAS, the most, 2 ADUN will defect. The other ADUN are known to have integrity and principle. The rest will be made up from PKR and probably DAP as well.

Remember it was the DAP ADUN that tip the balance in Perak.

So, please pray that Badrul Hisham Abdullah will not be swayed even if he is a well known "Ezam" man.

The idea for this article is not to spread panic but to get all of us to pray for the safety of the Pakatan government in Selangor.

Tulang besi

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Penjelasan Isu Kuil di Seksyen 23 Shah Alam

Berikut adalah penjelasan dari Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad. UMNO menggunakan isu kononnya ini adalah bukti betapa DAP sedangkan mengawal kerajaan Selangor dengan hebat sekali. Padahal yang mengetuai JK berkaitan rumah-rumah ibadat di Selangor adalah exco dari Keadilan. UMNO ni memang dasar mengata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih.

Tapak Kuil Seksyen 23 Shah Alam

Baru-baru ini, banyak betul yang kita dengar berhubung isu tapak kuil yang dicadangkan di Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. Yang tahu, yang tak tahu dan yang buat-buat tahu, semuanya turut sama mengemukakan pandangan masing-masing. Di antaranya, pandangan Noh Omar yang menyatakan bagaimana kerajaan PR tidak peka terhadap sensitiviti umat Islam.

Oleh itu, bagi mereka yang ingin tahu, izinkan saya menceritakan serba sedikit perkara sebenar berkenaan isu ini. Tapak Kuil yang dicadangkan adalah di kawasan Industri, lebih 200 meter dari kawasan perumahan. Sebuah Kuil yang sekarang ini berada di Seksyen 19 akan dipindahkan ke tapak baru yang dicadangkan ini. Di Seksyen 19, kuil berkenaan hanya berjarak 20 kaki dari kawasan perumahan! Buka pintu rumah, seberang jalan terdapat kuil.

Sebenarnya, kuil Seksyen 19 telah berada di situ sejak zaman sebelum wujudnya Shah Alam lagi. Pada masa itu kawasan di mana kuil tersebut dibina dinamakan Ladang Sungai Renggam. Apabila PKNS ambil-alih, maka dijadikan kawasan perumahan. Semasa membina dan menjual rumah-rumah di Seksyen 19, PKNS tidak menunjukkan kuil tersebut di dalam pelan mereka. Sebaliknya yang ditunjuk adalah rumah-rumah teres dua tingkat.

Maka, para pembeli rumah sekitar kuil tersebut, 80% dari mereka yang merupakan orang Melayu Islam pun terperanjatlah apabila berpindah ke rumah baru mereka dan mendapati kuil masih berada di situ. Sedangkan mereka diberitahu bahawa kuil tersebut akan dipindahkan. Malangnya, PKNS di bawah pemerintahan Kerajaan Negeri UMNO/BN, tidak menunaikan janji mereka dan tidak juga bertanggung-jawab dalam soal ini. Kalau diusahakan pada ketika itu, masih terdapat banyak kawasan lapang, maka perancangan yang lebih sesuai dan tepat dapat dilaksanakan.

Seperti yang diduga dan sepertimana biasa, kerajaan BN tidak melakukan apa-apa. Penduduk terpaksa bersabar selama 26 tahun, menagih janji dari PKNS dan kerajaan BN Selangor, sehinggalah naiknya kerajaan PR. Kami mengusahakan dengan serius dan bersungguh-sungguh sehingga terhasilnya cadangan kuil Seksyen 19 dipindahkan ke Seksyen 23.

Sepatutnya Noh Omar mencerminkan diri sebelum mengeluarkan pendapatnya. Takut-takut meludah ke langit, terjatuh ke muka sendiri. Siap dengan kahak lagi! Sekiranya tapak di Seksyen 23 mahu dikatakan tidak peka dan tidak sensitif, kedudukan di Seksyen 19 mahu dipanggil apa? Mendera? Menyeksa? ataupun derhaka?

Kalau ikut kehendak masyarakat Hindu yang juga merupakan rakyat negeri ini, mereka ingin kuil tersebut kekal sahaja di situ. “Inilah tapak asal kami, sepatutnya PKNS mengambil kira kehadiran kuil kami di sini semasa merancang pembangunan kawasan Shah Alam”, kata mereka. Tetapi apa boleh buat, nasi sudah pun menjadi bubur, mereka amat menyesal mengundi BN sejak dari dulu lagi. Akhirnya hasil perbincangan yang waras, mereka sanggup bertolak ansur. Sanggup berpindah, asalkan tidak terlalu jauh. Kuil ini dikunjungi penganut Hindu dari Seksyen 19, 20 dan 23.

Oleh itu, PKNS ditugaskan untuk mencari tempat yang sesuai. Tapak yang dicadangkan adalah seperti yang dinyatakan. Cadangan dikemukakan kepada MBSA dan seterusnya kepada Exco kerajaan Negeri. Semua menganggap ianya sesuai dan masalah di Seksyen 19 di mana suasana diperhangatkan oleh NGO Melayu/UMNO seperti Pewaris, perlu diselesaikan dengan segera.

Ini yang perlu kita perlu fahami. Tapak di Seksyen 23 bukan untuk kuil baru. Ianya adalah untuk memindahkan kuil yang sedia ada di Seksyen 19. Kedudukannya tidak terlalu hampir dengan kawasan perumahan, di mana terdapat Dewan orang ramai dan juga sebuah padang permainan di antara tapak kuil tersebut dengan kawasan perumahan. Ianya merupakan kawasan Industri. Kalau kilang boleh diletakkan di situ tanpa sebarang bantahan dari penduduk, mengapa tidak kuil? Sedangkan jarak kawasan Industri dari perumahan sudah mengambil kira terlebih dahulu semua aspek yang wajar dipertimbangkan.

Saya faham ada yang ingin mempolitikkan isu ini. Memang suku sakat Ketua Bahagian UMNO duduk di situ. Saya rasa Najib kena ‘mendidik’ ahli UMNO. Kikis semangat perkauman yang sempit yang diasaskan selama ini. Adakah beliau mampu lakukannya? Adakah beliau ingin lakukannya? Najib ke Batu Caves dengan begitu gah ceria, 1Malaysia katanya. Kita ingin lihat sejauh mana falsafah Najib difahami ahli partinya sendiri atau ianya semua hanya satu sandiwara untuk mengaburi mata rakyat?

Seorang penduduk Seksyen 23 memberitahu saya, “Jangan layan sangat YB, puak-puak ini, bukan sekadar kuil mereka bantah. Buat kuliyyah di Surau pun mereka bantah juga”.

WaLlahu 'Alam
Posting terdahulu yang berkaitan: Persoalan Kuil Sek 19 & Tindakan Pewaris (10 Januari 2009)
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Sekali Lagi Saya Cabar UMNO untuk Mendakwa Tok Guru Nik Aziz di Mahkamah Syariah

Galak sungguh juak-juak UMNO menuduh Tok Guru Nik Aziz sesat dan menyeleweng Islam. Sehingga seorang blogger UMNO (yang jelas tak faham Islam) mencabar Tok Guru dengan berkata "PAS!Islam tu harta Mak Bapak Hang ka?"

Bagi saya mudah. Kalau benar Tok Guru Nik Aziz sesat, dakwa Tok Guru Nik Aziz di mahkamah syariah dan kita lihat siapa benar dan siapa salah. Itu pun ebokalau UMNO berani la. Biasanya UMNO ni penakut.

Semasa saya baru masuk PAS di akhir 80an, di kala itu heboh diperkatakan berkenaan "Amanat Haji Hadi". Kononnya, Amanat ini menyesatkan sehingga ke tahap Harussani pernah memfatwakan Haji Hadi sesat (mengikut maklumat seorang aktivis UMNO yang mencabar saya menelefon Pusat Islam untuk mendapatkan salinan fatwa tersebut).

Namun, setelah berpuluh tahun, tiada satu dakwaan pun yang dibuat ke atas Haji Hadi Awang di atas "amanat" beliau itu.

Bagi saya, kegagalan UMNO untuk mendakwa Tok Guru Nik Aziz dan Haji Hadi Awang menandakan kebenaran perkataan serta kenyataan2 yang kedua2 tok guru ini telah lakukan.

Saya dulu pernah membuat kenyataan menentang penahanan Raja Petra di bawah ISA. Saya sendiri pernah bercanggah dengan Raja Petra di dalam isu-isu berkaitan agama. Malahan, saya diberitahu sewaktu Raja Perta di soal siasat, artikel daribolg saya digunakan untuk menyoal-siasat Raja Petra.

Bagi saya, ini menunjukkan bahawa pihak UMNO ketandusan hujjah. Mana bisa UMNO mempersoalkan akidah Raja Petra sedangkan akidah UMNO sendiri diragui?

Kalau benar UMNO yakin Raja Perta sesat, dakwa beliau di mahkamah syariah dan beri peluang Raja Petra berhujjah. Raja Petra yang saya kenal hanya akan tunduk dengan hujjah dan bukan dengan paksaan ataupun tahanan secara zalim seperti ISA.

Kalau ikhlas mahu membetulkan Raja Petra, haruslah menggunakan hujjah dan bukannya kekerasan. Itu yang UMNO tak faham atau sengaja tidak mahu faham.

Islam itu agama hujjah. Islam tidak perlu kekerasan dan Islam tidak perlu kepada ISA. Islam boleh berdiri atas kaki sendiri dan blog saya sendiri dibenci oleh ramai orang liberal kerana saya membawa hujjah Islam yang mematikan hujjah2 mereka.

Di bawah ini adalah kenyataan Tok Guru Nik Aziz berkenaan putar belit UMNO di dalam isu ini.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Calon BN Pmtg Pasir Makan Duit Orang. Sapa yang Pilih Dia?

Bar Council membuktikan bahawa calon BN, Rohaizat Othman sebagai seorang yang tidak amanah dan telah melenyapkan duit pelanggan beliau sebanyak RM140k

Mengikut kenyataan Presiden Bar Council, Ragunath Kesavan, kepada The Edge:

“the offence committed by Rohaizat involved stakeholders’ money from Koperasi Pekebun Getah and there was no account for it. When the board looked into this matter and the order was made, there was no reimbursement to the stakeholders involving the sum of RM140,000. Even if you pay, the offence has been committed and it is a serious offence as this involves dealing with client’s money. If you are an innocent party, you would not be found guilty by the disciplinary committee and the charge leveled under Section 103D is tantamount to criminal misconduct”.

Ianya bermaksud segala dakwaan yang dibuat oleh Muhyiddin Yaasin atau Zahid Hamidi, kenyataan ini membuktikan bahawa calon BN, Rohaizat Othman benar2 bersalah di dalam kes penipuan kepada Koperasi Pekebun Getah. Malahan wang sejumlah Rm140k yang diserahkan kepada Rohaizat tidak dapat dipastikan kemana perginya. Mengikut Presiden Bar Council, tindakan Rohaizat ini adalah sampai ke tahap tindakan jenayah di bawah Seksyen 103D.

Zahid Hamidi cuba berdalih kononnya yang menipu itu adalah rakan firma guaman Rohaizat tetapi Presiden BAR Council juga menyatakan bahawa aduan yang dibuat oleh Koperasi Pekebun Getah adalah ke atas Rohaizat dan bukannya rakan firma beliau.

Kalau UMNO Tidak Tarik Calon Ini, Bererti UMNO Bersetuju Dengan Jenayah Penipuan Rohaizat

Kita lihat dalam masa beberapa hari ini. Adakah UMNO akan menarik calon mereka ini. Kalau tidak, ia bererti Muhyiddin, Zahid, Shafiee Afdal dan seluruh kepimpinan UMNO menyokong dan bersetuju dengan tindakan penipuan wang yang telah dilakukan oleh Rohaizat Othman.

Seharusnya UMNO menarik balik keahlian Rohaizat dan bukannya menjadikannya calon PRU.

Sila baca di sini dan sini dan sini untuk mendapat maklumat lebih lanjut berkenaan kes Rohaizat ini.

Tulang Besi

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Kalau Nik Aziz Menghina Islam, Dakwalah dia di Mahkamah Syariah

Setelah Tok Guru mengagalkan sama sekali usaha UMNO untuk membawa PAS ke pangkuan UMNO, maka usaha terbaru mereka adalah dengan mencuba menyebarkan was-was dan keraguan terhadap ketokohan Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Artikel Utusan Terbaru bertajuk "Nik Aziz Liabiliti PAS" cuba sekali lagi untuk memutar belitkan kenyataan Tok Guru.

Mereka akan cuba sedaya upaya mereka untuk menghancurkan kredibiliti serta penghormatan rakyat MAlaysia dan ahli-ahli PAS kepada Tok Guru. Mereka perlukan ini demi untuk memastikan usaha mereka membawa PAS kepada UMNO berjaya.

Semua tokoh2 usaha membawa PAS kepada UMNO sekarang telah di "discredit" oleh Tok Guru. Mereka menghadapi jalan buntu. Tiada lagi usaha agresif untuk membawa PAS kepada UMNO.

Maka usaha terakhir adalah memburukkan Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Dan serangan terbaru mereka adalah seperti yang cuba digambarkan oleh Awang Selamat. Yakni, Tok Guru cuba digambarkan membawa Islam yang sesat dari landasan yang sebenar.

Bagi saya, kalau benar Tok Guru menyeleweng dari Islam, saya cabar UMNO mendakwa Tok Guru Nik Aziz di mahkamah Syariah.

Saya pernah mencabar UMNO untuk mendakwa Tuan Guru Haji Hadi atas tuduhan UMNO terhadap "Amanat Haji Hadi" di mahkamah syariah. Namun sehingga hari ini tiada apa2 dakwaan yang dibuat oleh mereka.

Saya cabar kamu semua, saya cabar. Jangan hanya pandai bercakap sahaja.

Tulang Besi

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Women in Netherlands Prove Feminism is Wrong

My mother took a KLM flight recently. During the flight, she had a chance to chat with one of the Dutch stewardesses. And, among the things she learned is that almost all of the stewardesses on board are part-timers. They all work for KLM but on part time basis. Meaning the KLM stewardesses were allowed to work less than 35 hours a week for KLM.

My mom also learned that most of these stewardesses opted for part time employment because they have more time to spend with their families and children. Given the reputation that Dutch women have, they are very family oriented and they place very heavy emphasis on taking care of their families.

It reminded me of an article in the Economist I once read that state Netherlands has the highest rate of women employment, but majority of women in Netherland’s workforce are part-time.

A few reports that i read maybe useful to bring light to this issue:

a. Dutch women settle for part-time work - Radio Netherlands

b. Part-time working in the Netherlands - Social and Cultural Planning Office of the Netherlands

Surprisingly, part-time employment for women are practiced not only in fringe industries orareas of the economy, but also in mainstream industries such as the KLM example I quoted above.

About 68% of Dutch women is employed. Of those employed, 75% of them works part-time. And they work part-time by choice and without coercion.

Why Feminism is Proved Wrong in Netherlands?

The Dutch adopt full gender equality policy when it comes to employment and salary. They do not discriminate against gender or even sexual preference. They even recognize gay marriage.

The Dutch also do not consider fornication or adultery as a form of felony. They are just like any other liberal country that adopts feminism as their ideology. In Netherlands the husband cannot stop his wife from having sex with another man. It is against the law for the husband to do that. They are that liberal.

However, in spite of all these liberties, Dutch women out of their own willingness chose to work Part-Time for the sake of caring for their children and families.

This destroys every single notion laid out by the feminists that women’s happiness is found outside of the home. This also destroys the myth that women have been traditionally oppressed and repressed because they are forced to be homemakers and not allowed to have any sort of careers.

The Dutch example proves that it is women’s nature to tend and care for the family. It means that all this while, women had CHOSEN out of their own willingness to be homemakers and not forced upon.

Next after Netherlands, it's Australia.

Malaysian Perspective

Ever noticed why our own feminist organization does not take the time to make real and beneficial like this? When was the last time you heard Sisters in Islam organized a seminar or conference on Part-Time employment for women?

Instead, they chose to organized seminar by inviting various “Islamic” scholars but completely bypassing scholars from Al Azhar.

I think mothers in Malaysia only have Muslimat PAS to really fight for their cause. Feminists in Malaysia do not really care about mothers. They only care about their liberal agenda.

In the case of Sisters in Islam, they only care about undermining Islam by advocating their “anti patriarchy” agenda.

Women in Malaysia must rise up and demand the right to work part time. It will increase women's participation in the workforce, plus it will help to reduce crime and deliquency since the family institutions will be better taken care of.

Also, with the advent of technology i.e. cellphones, faxes, broadband internet, blackbarries etc, part time employment for women can be done in the most efficient and effective way.

I mean if KLM stewardesses can work part-time, why can't Malaysian women/mothers?

Tulang Besi
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Bukan Muhyiddin Pernah Jual Tanah kat Singapore ke?

Galak sangat-sangat Muhyiddin Yaasin menuduh Anwar Ibrahim pengkhianat. Namun, Malaysiawaves pernah membuat laporan bahawa UMNO Johor (di kala itu dibawah pimpinan Muhyiddin) pernah menjual tanah kepada Singapura. Ibrahim Ali pernah mendedahkan kepada kita betapa tanah di Johor telah dijual kepada Singapura.

Teringat saya sewaktu selepas PRU 1990. Di waktu itu berlaku PRK bagi kerusi Kenali. Maka, datanglah Muhyiddin berkempen dengan haibahnya. Beliau dengan hebat berkata bahawa UMNO mahu memperjuangkan Islam dan mempertabatkan Islam. Lantas bangun seorang tua berkata bagaimana UMNO Johor hendak berjuang Islam, sedangkan di Johor cuti hari Jumaat pun mereka tak boleh nak pertahankan.

UMNO Johor Gadai Tanah Pada Singapura

Di Perak, UMNO main isu Nizar jual tanah pada Cina. Rata kampung diorang ulang fitnah ni. Rupanya bangsa UMNO ni bangsa hipokrit. Bak kata orang tua2, mengata dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih.

Berita ini diambil dari blog Penarik Beca@Bakaq. TQ pada Pak Bakaq atas "research" yang beliau telah buat. Syabas.

Umno gadai tanah Johor kepada Singapura

KUALA NERUS, 15 Mei 2006 (Hrkh) - Pemimpin Umno dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) didakwa telah menggadai sejumlah tanah di negeri Johor kepada kerajaan Singapura pada awal tahun 1980-an lagi.

Pemimpin Umno pada waktu itu telah menyerahkan tanah seluas 51,170 hektar kepada Singapura dengan bayaran RM350 juta, kata Pengerusi Majlis Tindakan Rakyat Kelantan, Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali.

Beliau mendakwa Menteri Petanian dan Asas Tani yang juga bekas Menteri Besar Johor, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin bertanggungjawab menggadai tanah-tanah orang Melayu kepada Singapura.

Saya terkejut, rupa-rupanya pada tahun 1980 sewaktu Muhyiddin Yassin jadi Menteri Besar dan waktu itu Musa Hitam jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri tiada siapa pun tahu didedahkan bahawa pada tahun 1981, kerajaan Johor di bawah Muhyiddin telah menyerahkan tanah di kawasan Sungai Lingu iaitu di Bandar Tenggara Johor sebanyak 51,170 hektar kepada kerajaan Singapura, jelasnya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika berucap pada majlis Ceramah Perdana Menentang Penghinaan Terhadap Islam di perkarangan Maahad Tahfiz Wa-Tarbiyyah Darul Iman, Tok Jiring, baru-baru ini.

Katanya, kawasan tersebut tidak jauh dengan Kota Tinggi yang merupakan kawasan hamparan air seluas 51,170 hektar.

Menurutnya, kawasan berkenaan dipajak kepada kerajaan Singapura selama 60 tahun dengan kadar bayaran RM350 juta dan tidak dibenarkan sesiapa pun memasukinya sekarang ini.

Beliau mendapat maklumat tersebut ketika menghadiri suatu Majlis Dailog Kepentingan Bangsa Peringkat Negeri Johor pada 7 Mei lalu bersama Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Menurutnya, taklimat tertutup itu dikendalikan oleh bekas Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor, Encik Hamzah Othman yang juga bekas pengerusi guru-guru besar bersara.

Sebelum itu, ada satu taklimat tertutup yang diberi oleh Encik Hamzah Othman, bekas pengerusi guru-guru besar bersara yang pernah jadi Setiausaha Kerja Umno Johor dahulu sewaktu Muhyiddin Yassin jadi Menteri Besar. Dia bagi taklimat dengan tayangan slide, cukup dari segi maklumat, dengan petanya, pelan toponya, jelasnya di hadapan lebih 10,000 orang hadirin.

Sehubungan itu, beliau turut melahirkan rasa kesal dan dukacita setelah enam tahun menganggotai Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno dan 13 tahun menjadi Ketua Bahagian Umno tidak mengetahui isu tersebut.

Katanya, empangan tersebut dibuat setinggi 193 meter dan jika pecah atau dipecahkan seluruh Kota Tinggi termasuk Bandar Tenggara boleh tenggelam.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kalau Anwar Pengkhianat, Najib Tun Razak Pula Bapa Pengkhianat?

Heboh sekampung kononnya Anwar Ibrahim ini pengkhianat. Pemuda UMNO pula melancarkan kempen tandatangan bahawa kononnya Anwar Ibrahim ini pengkhianat kepada bangsa dan negara.
Muhyiddin pula dengan rasa tidak malu dan konfiden membuat tuduhan bahawa Anwar adalah pengkhianat.Muhyiddin membuat tuduhan kepada Anwar tanpa ada bukti-bukti yang kukuh. Hanya tuduhan rambang. Tapi, Muhyiddin tak pula komen bila Dato Najib pernah berkata di Heritage Foundation di Washington DC:

” The United States has excellent access to Malaysian intelligence.”

(Maklumat perisikan Malaysia sentiasa tersaji untuk kegunaan Amerika )

Keseluruhan ucapan Najib dapat dibaca di sini:

Atau untuk ringkasan dalam bahasa Malaysia, boleh dibaca di sini:

Dalam ucapan tersebut Najib Tun Razak dengan bangga:

  1. Menyatakan bantuan ketenteraan yang telah diberikan kepada Amerika sempena peperangan menentang keganasan ataupun sebelum2 itu.
  2. Menyatakan kebanggaan Malaysia menangkap orang-orang yang tidak berdosa di bawah ISA demi untuk membantu Bush di dalam menghapuskan Islam di atas nama ”Menentang Keganasan”.
  3. Menyatakan bahawa maklumat perisikan Malaysia sentiasa tersedia untuk digunakan oleh Amerika.
  4. Najib gembira yang pesawat Tentera Amerika terbang melalui angkasa Malaysia lebih 1000 kali setahun. Malahan selepas September 11, jumlah itu makin bertambah. Sedangkan pesawat2 itu digunakan oleh Amerika untuk membunuh ramai orang Islam yang tidak berdosa di Iraq, Somalia dan Afghanistan.
  5. b. Najib berbangga US Navy SEALS menjalankan latihan di Malaysia dua kali setahun. Sedangkan NAVY SEALS ini adalah alat Amerika untuk membunuh orang2 Islam yang tidak berdosa seluruh dunia.

Jadi saya nak tanya ialah, apa hukumnya UMNO dan Najib Tun Razak? Bukankah ini bukti jelas bahawa Najib dan UMNO itu PENGKHIANAT NEGARA NOMBOR WAHID?

Tulang Besi

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With Every Can of Beer You Drink, You’re Contributing Directly to BN’s Re-election Effort

I guess my previous postings were not too clear. The real message that I want to convey is that the liquor industry in Malaysia is in bed with UMNO/BN since God knows when. They are one of the major financier of BN’s well-oiled election machinery and they will never support anyone else considering how the BN made it very easy for liquor to be sold in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, liquor is allowed to be sold for profits by major liquor corporations. The minimum level of liquor not subjected to Excise Act is 8.8%. In other words, in Malaysia any alcoholic beverage with liquor content less than 8.8% can be sold like Coca Cola and Sprite by anyone, even by a laundry shop.

Yet, Malaysia makes Islam as it’s official religion when countries like Norway and Sweden has liquor levels much lower than that to be subjected by regulations (4.7% and 3.5% respectively).

If you noticed, beers in Malaysia has alcohol content less than 5% which makes the sales of beer not subject to licensing. In other words, beer can be sold just like Coca Cola which explains why beer companies are doing so well in the KLSE.

Beer Companies Makes Tons of Profits Because of Malaysia’s Relaxed Liquor Regulations

The relaxed liquor laws engineered by UMNO/BN since Merdeka. As a result these liquor companies have been raking in billions. They have a symbiotic relationship with UMNO and the bond is hard to break.

One can argue that other industries help BN also. True, but other industries do make as much profits as the liquor and gaming industries. It’s no surprise that liquor and gaming stocks in the KLSE are Blue Chip stocks no matter how bad the economy is.

In other words, they can ship out money to BN by the truckloads, and yet, they can still recover the losses in a matter of months or even weeks. The BN will then be able to continue with their “Blitzkrieg” campaigning and win back the government each time. They can do so considering their endless supply of cash allows them to do so.

UMNO is a Hypocritical Party of the Highest Order

They conduct body snatches, they prevent use of the word Allah by the Catholics, they make issues out of conversion laws and organize demonstrations in the name of Malay supremacy, the make an issue when Dr Nasir suggested that Zakat can be distributed to non-muslim poor in Selangor ( the prophet himself distributed zakat money to idolaters during his time), they cry foul when Karpal said “over my dead body” on the Islamic state issue, they declare Malaysia as an Islamic state and many more.

Yet, they get aids from liquor and gaming industries by the bulk. They ensure relaxed regulations for the liquor and gaming industries ensuring billions of profits for them. They protect the liquor and gaming “taukehs” with their lives. They made it so well that it puts shame in the Federal Constitution provision that states that the religion of the Federation is Islam.

Why? Because each time UMNO will need to show people that they are the true defenders of Islam. They need to show people that they too are the defenders of Islam and how do they do that? By snatching bodies from grieving families. Why didn’t they snatch him when he was alive? That has been my question to them for a long time.

The issue I listed above is used by Zahid Hamidi and his goons to woo PAS into joining hands with BN in the name of protecting Islam. PAS people do not know that the fact that PAS is out of BN is the main reason why Islam is still respected by the people.

UMNO are hypocritical b**st*ds. They have always been so, They will always be so, forever.

The Issue is not Drinking or Selling Liquor

I do not have any reservations for non muslims to sell, buy or drink liquor. But I have every objections to liquor be sold for massive profits in Malaysia by big liquor industries who in the end will give money to BN to maintain their status quo.

Liquor should be sold by the government to the people not for profits but just to fulfill the needs of the people. It should not be privatized or even used as a tool for profits by big liquor industry who in turn will try to make people drink more than what they normally drink by their various “advertising” gimmicks and tactics.

It should not be used as a tool to support tyranny of Barisan Nasional and UMNO and it should not be a political tool for certain factions in PAS to project their image as if they are the defenders of Islam and no one else. It is a real issue and it should be handled with utmost respect and objectivity.

In Islam, even the prohibition of liquor was done gradually and that’s prohibition among those who are already Muslims. In other words, during the time of the Prophet, the prohibition of liquor on Muslims was done in stages and not abruptly. What’s more if we are dealing with liquor policy among non muslims, in which, liquor is not prohibited.

Hasan Ali Doesn’t Represent PAS but Fraksi UMNO

So, for Hasan Ali to mouth off like so without a detail policy and proposal is nothing more than a political gimmick to push his own dying popularity. I know the people in Hasan Ali’s circle and I know how these people think. You can get a glimpse of how these people operate in my latest expose “

PAS itself is very “liberal” and very accommodating to Non-Muslims feeling and needs when it comes to liquor as testified by Raja Petra in his latest article (How they prostitute Islam for political gains

He is now involved in a conspiracy to replace all his ADUN except two so that he can ensure their loyalty (should he decides to jump to the other side).

Tulang Besi

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pemuda UMNO Dah Hilang Pertimbangan Sebagai Manusia Waras

Saya tak tau lah. Apalah nasib UMNO ada barisan pemuda yang tak habis-habis melalut tak tentu pasal. Saya membaca laporan MalaysianInsider berkenaan ceramah Pemuda UMNO yang diadakan malam tadi. Dan saya dapati, pimpinan2 pemuda UMNO ini sudah semakin hilang kewarasan dan pertimbangan sebagai manusia yang normal.

Sebagai contoh, dilaporkan:

” Taking the cue from deputy party president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s recent remarks, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin also called Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a traitor to the Malays.

Lokman Adam making allegations against PAS and PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over their efforts for greater unity with Malaysia's non-Muslim population.
He challenged the former deputy prime minister to sue all 750,000 members of Umno Youth whom he said supported Muhyiddin’s statement that Anwar was a traitor.”

Muhyiddin membuat tuduhan kepada Anwar tanpa ada bukti-bukti yang kukuh. Hanya tuduhan rambang. Tapi, Muhyiddin tak pula komen bila Dato Najib pernah berkata di Heritage Foundation di Washington DC:

” The United States has excellent access to Malaysian intelligence.”

(Amerika mendapat maklumat perisikan Malaysia dengan begitu baik/mudah )

Keseluruhan ucapan Najib dapat dibaca di sini:

Atau untuk ringkasan dalam bahasa Malaysia, boleh dibaca di sini:

Jelas Najib dan UMNO berbangga menjadi alat Amerika di dalam memusuhi Islam termasuk menjalankan tangkapan ISA kepada orang2 yang tidak bersalah dan memotong semua bantuan kepada sekolah-sekolah agama rakyat. Semua dilakukan untuk mendapat keredhaan Amerika.

Jadi, saya mencabar Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin dan Muhyiddin supaya membuat tuduhan pembelot kepada Najib Tun Razak juga kerana sanggup menjadikan Malaysia barua kepada Amerika di dalam usaha mereka memerangi Islam? Ini berdasarkan bukti yang cukup jelas dan terang.

Lokman Nor Adam pula dilaporkan berkata:

” PAS used to fight for Islam but now they have become liberal,” Umno Youth exco member Lokman Adam told the crowd.
The founding member of PKR also questioned why the Shah Alam Municipal Council (MBSA) now controlled by PR did not revoke the license for Carlsberg brewery to operate in the district.
“When PAS wanted to ban alcohol, they did not refer to the Quran or the Sunnah, but they referred the matter to DAP,” said Lokman.”

Aikk Lokman. Dulu masa PAS dalam Barisan Alternatif, Lokman pun sama jugak dalam Barisan Alternatif. Takda pun Lokman cakap macam ni ye?
Dulu apasal elok je, Lokman duduk dalam meeting sama dengan pimpinan DAP dan PAS. Takda pun komplen.

Sekarang ni komplen pulak. Ni la dia contoh manusia lidah bercabang. Dulu bukan main kutuk UMNO dan BN. Sekarang jilat balik.

Saya nak tanya, masa UMNO dulu, kenapa UMNO tak buang alkohol dari Shah Alam? UMNO duduk dalam Majlis MBSA selama bertahun2, takda pula usaha nak buang alkohol macam sekarang ni?

UMNO rujuk pada siapa apabila UMNO tidak mengharamkan arak dan judi di Malaysia? Rujuk pada MCA dan Gerakan? Ataupun yang lebih jelas, UMNO takut pada tokeh judi dan arak yang menjadi sumber kewangan UMNO?

(sila rujuk: Isu Arak di Selangor: Pemuda UMNO Jangan jadi Munafik).
UMNO biar sahaja 3 orang Melayu/Islam duduk dalam Lembaga Pengarah Carlsberg dan dua orang Melayu/Islam dalam Guiness/Anchor.

(Untuk Guiness Anchor, rujuk

PAdahal diorang boleh lantik BoD dari Bumiputra Sabah/Sarawak yang bukan Islam tapi diorang lantik orang UMNO juga.
Dia sebuk pasal PAS dengan DAP sedangkan di Selangor, arak tetap haram kepada orang Islam. Itu polisi yang jelas dan dipersetujui DAP.
UMNO ni hipokrit, munafik, talam dua muka, lidah bercabang, mengata dulang paku serpih, cakap tak serupa bikin.

Pemuda UMNO pula macam orang separuh tiang. Tak tau ke hulu, tak tau ke hilir. Pemuda PAS Selangor bijak sebab mereka tak termakan dengan pelawaan Pemuda UMNO Selangor untuk berdemo baru-baru ini.

Pemuda PAS Selangor sedia maklum bahawa UMNO adalah penipu no wahid. Jadi, tak perlu nak ikut mereka.

Tulang Besi
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Sebab Penarikan Artikel Berkenaan YB Saari Sungip

Saya terpaksa menarik kembali artikel dari siaran atas permintaan tuan punya surat itu sendiri. Setakat ini alasan yang beliau berikan adalah kerana beliau merasakan isu ini terlalu panas dan beliau takut akan berlaku perkara2 yang tidak diingini. Oleh kerana permintaan beliau adalah melalui "chat" maka saya tidak dapat membawa permintaan beliau tersebut dalam bentuk tulisan.

Kebiasaan saya adalah saya tidak akan menarik kembali artikel yang telah saya publish. Tapi, dlm kes ini, permintaan dibuat oleh tuan punya surat sendiri. Jadi, saya terpaksa akur.

Saya sedar isu ini telah masuk dalam media perdana( cth: Jadi, saya terpanggil untuk memberi keterangan.

Saya masih komited mendedahkan semua tindakan dan aktiviti fraksi UMNO dalam PAS dan saya tidak gentar dengan tindakan mereka.

Apa yang saya nampak, walaupunjavascript:void(0) dinafikan beberapa orang dalam cerita tersebut akan kehadiran mereka, namun tiada siapa yang berani menafikan mesyuarat tersebut telah berlaku dan agenda tersebut telah diperbincangkan.

Itu pengamatan saya.

Tulang Besi

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doakan Dr Lo Lo Cepat Sembuh

Minta semua pembaca mendoakan Dr Lo Lo Ghazali, MP Titiwangsa supaya cepat sembuh dari pembedahan paru-paru (labectomy) yang beliau jalani semalam di IJN. Dr. yang membedah beliau adalah Dr. Azhari Yaacob, pakar kardiothoratik Asia.

Berita yang baru saya dapat adalah Dr. Lo Lo selamat menjalani pembedahan dan telah pun keluar dari ICU. Sekarang Dr Lo Lo ditempatkan di Wad Kenanga, Intitut Jantung Negara dan sedang dalam proses pemulihan.

Marilah kita berdoa semoga Dr. Lo Lo cepat sembuh dan boleh kembali kepada tugas beliau dengan kadar segera. Aminnn And here is the rest of it.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PAS Selangor Ini Sebahagian Dari Kerajaan Selangor atau Tidak?

Saya membaca kenyataan terbaru PAS Selangor yang disiarkan dalam Harakah baru-baru ini. Dan PAS Selangor telah mengutus banyak kenyataan akhbar sebelum ini diluar mesyuarat exco.

Misalnya, Haramkan jualan arak di kawasan penduduk Islam - Hasan Ali

Saya hairan. Kenapa PAS Selangor mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar dalam isu yang dapat dibahas dan disuarakan oleh exco2 milik PAS di dalam Mesyuarat Mingguan Exco Selangor?

Apakah ini usaha awal untuk membawa PAS Selangor keluar dari kerajaan Selangor sekaligus menubuhkan Kerajaan Perpaduan Melayu yang diidamkan oleh beberapa orang yang saya kenali dalam PAS Selangor?

Kenapa galak sangat buat kenyataan akhbar secara terbuka? Adakah PAS Selangor yang mempunyai 3 orang exco tidak berkesempatan menyuarakan pendapat mereka melalui mesyuarat Exco Selangor yang diadakan seminggu sekali?

Inilah masaalahnya bila Roslan SMS menjadi Ketua Penerangan. Dia adalah ”engineer” cadangan kerajaan perpaduan Melayu di Selangor yang telah digagalkan oleh SU dan Presiden PAS.

Jadi, perangai ini terbawak-bawak sampai ke Perhubungan Negeri. Sehingga Perhubungan Negeri Selangor tidak ”mengiktiraf” yang mereka ini sebahagian dari Kerajaan Negeri Selangor

Kalau galak sangat nak buat kenyataan akhbar secara di luar sebegitu, maksudnya PAS Selangor sudah sebelah kaki diluar pintu Pakatan Rakyat Selangor?

Mana Akhlak Islami PAS Selangor

Apabila PAS Selangor mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar begini bererti PAS Selangor tidak menghormati prinsip setiakawan serta kesetiaan di dalam kerajaan/persepakatan Pakatan Rakyat.

Dan apa keperluan PAS Selangor mengeluarkan kenyataan seperti ini sekiranya PAS mampu menyuarakan pendapat dan pandangan mereka dalam mesyuarat exco.

Walaupun BN sudah tidak dalam kerajaan tapi kita tidak dengar pimpinan2 parti komponen Barisan Nasional Selangor mengeluarkan kenyataan membidas serta memberi syarat kepada kepimpinan Barisan Nasional Selangor?

Ertinya PAS Selangor lebih buruk akhlak berbanding parti2 komponen Barisan Nasional di Selangor.

Adakah dengan sikap dan akhlak yang buruk ini dapat membantu PAS menyebarkan dakwah Islamiyyah kepada rakyat Selangor tidak kira agama dan ras?

Apa objektif utama PAS Selangor sebenarnya? Bukankah menyampaikan risalah Islam lebih utama dari segala-galanya?

Saya terpaksa menulis dalam hal ini kerana tindakan2 PAS Selangor ini MEMBURUKKAN imej Islam dan politik Islam di kalangan rakyat Malaysia. Demi menyelematkan imej Islam dan PAS, saya mengambil sikap untuk menyatakan kritikan secara terbuka.

Saya yakin tindakan2 ini adalah lantaran kebodohan Ketua Penerangan PAS Selangor yang baru-baru ini telah dipecat jawatan beliau dari menjadi SU Akhbar Presiden PAS. Dan PJ Selangor menurut nasihat orang yang tidak cerdik ini.

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Of Hasan Ali, Tony Pua and Pakatan Rakyat Way of Dealing with Sensitive Issues

The reason for me writing this piece is to clarify a few issues that I fail to clarify in my earlier writings:

1.0 Dato Hasan Ali’s Press Statement: I strongly detest Dato’ Hasan’s call for Ronnie Liu to be sacked and replaced by someone else. I think what Hasan Ali is doing is wrong and simply rude and disrespectful of Ronnie Liu. I mean, when Hasan Ali was busy going up and down the country campaigning for UMNO, Ronnie Liu had his head bashed with a club by an FRU personell in Taman Aman for trying to stop the FRU from driving the poor Taman Aman folks out of their homes and into the streets. So, what business does Dato Hasan has to call for Ronnie’s sacking.

2.0 The MBSA ruling is not even Dato Hasan’s initiative: The entire MBSA ruling was made by Pakatan Rakyat leaders at Shah Alam level. And the MBSA ruling was agreed upon by all Pakatan Rakyat reps in MBSA. The issue was discussed and it was agreed upon in a full MBSA Council meeting. Hasan Ali was just there for the ride.

In truth, the MBSA ruling is the initiative of Pro Pakatan Rakyat leaders in PAS who believes that they can negotiate and discuss with their non-muslim coalition partners in the implementation of Islamic laws in Selangor.

Unlike UMNO who just bulldozes everything without caring for the sensitivity of the non muslims. And it was proven that the MBSA ruling was supported by all MBSA councilors, be it that they are Muslim or not. Remember, 40% of MBSA councilors are non muslims.

3.0 Shah Alam Pakatan Leaders Should be Lauded: If any, the Shah Alam Pakatan Rakyat should be commended because they dare to discuss sensitive issues in the open and reach an amicable compromise.

Hasan Ali, on the other hand, has not triggered the discussion at the Selangor level causing the problem we just saw. If any, the problem that happened is Hasan Ali’s fault because he failed to trigger discussions on sensitive issues behind closed doors. As a result, sensitive issues like this is discussed out in the open.

In other words, this whole shenanigan could have been avoided if sensitive issues like this were discussed behind closed door a long time ago. Does Hasan Ali expect Keadilan to raise the sensitive issues such as this?

4.0 Hasan Ali is Pro UMNO: It’s no secret that Hasan Ali is the pro UMNO element in PAS. He was actively campaigning for PAS to join UMNO and form a Kerajaan Perpaduan Melayu in Selangor. He had met with UMNO leaders so many times. He is not a Pakatan Leader. He is an UMNO leader disguised as a Pakatan leader. So we should not be surprise each time he comes up with tricks like this. He’s only interested to break Pakatan Rakyat up and sabotage the Selangor government. I don’t know why Hasan Ali is still in PAS and has not joined UMNO.

Why do u think SYABAS can put up banners at the recent PAS Muktamar? ISn’t Syabas an UMNO instrument and at loggerheads with the Selangor MB? Who do u think represent Syabas’s interest in the Selangor EXCO?

5.0 Tony Pua: He needs to get himself aquainted with Malaysian laws as soon as possible. What is agreed upon by the MBSA full council automatically becomes a by-law.

6.0 DAP Leader’s Sincerity: I have no doubt in the sincerity. I have no doubt in the sincerity of Ronnie Liu, Tan Seng Giau, Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok, Fong Poh Kuan, Betty Chiew and many more. I mean these people were being hauled inside and outside of Kamunting when Hasan Ali was busy campaigning for UMNO.

But, it’s the new stock of DAP leaders that still need to prove themselves. I mean, Jeff Oii has shown us that u take Jeff Oii out of Gerakan but you cannot take the Gerakan out of Jeff Oii.

Jed Yoong has maintained unequivocally that Tony Pua is an MCA mole. These people have yet to prove themselves

7.0 MBSA Law Does Not Undermine Minority Rights: That’s right. It’s because liquor can still be sold but in Chinese restaurants in the vicinity. This would mean bumper crop business for the local Chinese restaurants

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Corruption Element Behind the Entire MBSA-Liqour-Ban Issue

Yup, there is a perspective with regards to corruption in the recent MBSA-liqour-ban controversy. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, that’s entirely up to you.

I have discovered that, for a country where Islam is the official religion and stipulated clearly in the Federal Constitution, our liquor laws are very relaxed.

For instance:

a. The amount of liquor in a drink that is subject to federal laws is about 8.8%. Anything less that 8.8% is not subjected to federal licensing.

b. This is unusually very high because in Scandinavian countries, the amount of liquor allowed to be contained in a drink without regulation is between 3.5-4.7%. Anything above will fall under Federal law enforcement.

c. Liqour are allowed to be sold for profits in Malaysia whereas in the Scandinavian countries, liquor are sold by government monopoly companies.

d. Liqour are only sold to fulfill the need of the people and not for profits

e. In Malaysia, advertising for liquor is allowed and encouraged. In Norway, there is total ban for any types of liquor advertising. In Malaysia, Carlsberg was allowed to openly sponsor SUKOM.

Imagine the Scandinavian countries who do not have an official religion can enforce a law more resprectable and have their people at heart when it comes to liquor. In Malaysia, liquor is allowed to be sold for utter profits with complete disregard to what it is doing the the social fabric of this country.

And the Corruptions are:

a. The liquor law of Malaysia is a direct insult to the “Islam as Official Religion” provision in the Federal Constitution. While liquor should not be banned for those professing other faiths than Islam, it should not be allowed to be sold for profits or even advertised in our major medias.

b. UMNO and BN main people sits on Boards of major liquor corportations such as Carsberg. Click on the link below and you will see 3 Malay Muslims sitting on the Carlsberg Board.


c. This is to facilitate financing to BN and UMNO when it comes to Elections or other politically natured activities. Why else would it be so difficult for BN to regulate the liquor industry in respecting the Federal religion of Malaysia?

d. This also makes a mockery of the recent Pemuda UMNO’s demonstration against MBSA because they should’ve demonstrated against MOF for allowing Malay Muslims to sit on Calrsberg’s board.

e. And lastly, why has the level of alcohol be set at 8.8%? A check with the local Carlsberg sold at convenient stores shows that the alcohol levels in these cans and bottles of beers are around 5%. So by setting the level so high, it will ensure that Carlsberg products not subjected to Federal laws, and thus, enabling Carlsberg (of which UMNO has people sitting on it’s board) to be sold
just like your average Coca Cola.

f. Imagine the social degradation that entails easily accessible liquor in the market? And why? Because UMNO and BN wants to satisfy their paymaster, the liquor industry who happens to have their plant here in Malaysia and Shah Alam.

g. So, since there is no ruling for 8.8% liquor and below, they can be sold anywhere and by anyone. Isn’t it not a wonder why underage drinking is more serious here than in Norway?

h. In Sweden, age limit is enforced with outmost scrutiny because liquor is sold in outlets sanctioned by the government. In Malaysia, who is going to enforce since any shops owned by just about anyone can sell liquor. So long as the alcohol content is less than 8.8%.

So, the MBSA ruling is merely a symptom that results from the real corruption: the relaxed liquor laws in Malaysia. And why is Malaysia’s liquor laws more relaxed than that of Norway (who do not have Islam as their official religion enshrined in the Constituion)? Because, Malaysian ruling parties needs to satisfy the wishes and whims of their paymasters, the liquor industry


a. Disallow totally liquor to be sold for profits. It must be sold by government owned monopoly just like the “”Kedai Tuak” we use to have.

b. That way, age limit and religion can be strictly enforced negating any sorts of religious sensitivity.

c. Alcohol level enforceable by law should be lowered to 2.0% considering we are a country where Islam is our Official religion.

d. Anything above 2% must be sold by the government monopoly corporations

e. No liquor advertising would be allowed. No liquor sponsorship should be allowed anywhere in Malaysia, just like in Norway.

f. All profits generated by the liquor sales will be given back into the government coffers for development and not for the expansion of the liquor industry.

This shows that BN offers the best politician money can buy. They are never sincere about fighting for the people. They will submit only to those who pays them the most. That’s the level of your average UMNO/BN politician.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Isu Arak di Selangor: Pemuda UMNO Jangan Jadi Munafik

Pemuda UMNO telah dilaporkan menjemput PAS bersama-sama dengan mereka untuk berdemontrasi mempertahankan isu pengharaman arak di MBSA baru-baru ini.

Khairy Jamaluddin dilaporkan berkata:

“MARANG, Aug 7 — The Umno Youth movement today invited its PAS counterpart to be together with the movement in a ceramah to be held in Shah Alam on Aug 14 to lash out at certain parties that had been insulting Islam.
Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin said the movement wanted to see to what extent PAS Youth would go to criticise its coalition partner, the DAP, which was becoming more bold in insulting Islam lately.”

Saya tak tahu samada hendak tergelak atau menangis atas pelawaan Khairy Jamaluddin ini. Ini kerana apa yang hendak di demonstrari atau diprotes oleh Pemuda UMNO ini?

Saya tak nak cerita yang saya tahu berkenaan dengan geng-geng KJ sewaktu mereka belajar di Oxford dulu. It biarlah para pembaca siasat sendiri.

Saya cuma ingin mengetahui kalaulah pelawaan Khairy ini pelawaan ikhlas, saya ada beberapa pertanyaan kepada beliau dan seluruh warga UMNO Selangor dan Malaysia:

a. Mungkinkah Pemuda UMNO seharusnya memprotes keberadaan 3 orang Melayu Islam dalam Lembaga Pengarah Calrsberg terlebih dahulu. Bagaimana UMNO boleh mengizinkan 3 orang Melayu Islam duduk dalam Lembaga Pengarah Calrsberg sedangkan lesen arak diberikan oleh Menteri Kewangan. Menteri Kewangan dengan mudah dapat mengarahkan Calrberg untuk memecat ketiga-tiga orang ini. Bukankah begitu?$FILE/Carlsbg-Products-CorpInfo-DirectorsProfile%20(725KB).pdf

b. Mengapa Pemuda UMNO tidak memprotes pemberian 10 lesen ”Special Draw” oleh Najib tanpa permintaan dari mana-mana kaum. Judi pun seharam arak juga kan?

Hakikatnya para pembaca sekelian, sewaktu 50 tahun UMNO memerintah Selangor, tiada apa yang dilakukan mereka untuk mengawal penjualan arak dan aktiviti judi di Selangor.

Berkat dari kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat barulah pengharaman arak dan judi ke atas orang-orang Islam dapat dijalankan dengan secara agresif.

Mana mungkinUMNO Selangor mampu menjalankan pengharaman dengan efektif kerana yang mengeluarkan lesen arak dan judi adalah UMNO juga

Nasib baiklah PAS tidak termakan dengan perangkap Pemuda UMNO ini. Kalau tidak PAS pun terpaksa menyokong amalan judi dan arak ini kelak

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