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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

UMNO is Engineering the Breakdown of Pakatan Rakyat

UMNO knows, on it's own, Pakatan Rakyat has the ability to work out their differences. So, what theyr are doing now is trying to engineer the breakdown of Pakatan Rakyat. Why is this so? Noticed that whenever the BN is facing a splintered and broken, they will tend towin handsomely. But, whenever the opposition is united and in one front.

Apparently they have plans tailored for each party. Allow me to break them down for clarity:

1.0 PAS:

a. Make PAS feels uncomfortable using using DAP as boogeymen.
b. Create a faction within PAS that is so pro to joining up with UMNO in the name of protecting Islam and guarding the Malay race
c. The factions in PAS makes the entire PR machinery weaker since PAS has the biggest machinery in Pakatan Rakyat.
d. Now that PAS is weakened and divided, it's easier for UMNO to work the ground and regain lost Malay votes.
e. Already we are seeing how weak the PAS machinery is in Permatang Pasir and Manek Urai. The division is breaking the core of PAS's strength.

2.o PKR:

a. Many of PKR's Malay wakil rakyat are former UMNO people.
b. They can be bought over and manipulated. For instance, the former Lunas ADUN, Radhi, has 4 wives and has been warned about his ridicolous claims.
c. Use the MACC to scare some of the ADUN into submission while offering monetary gains.
d. Jail Anwar Ibrahim on trumped up charges.

3.0 DAP:

a. Use DAP as a boogeyman to scare PAS and the Malay voters
b. Try to link DAP with the triads
c. Use MACC to harras and scare the DAP into submission

While all of this is going on, UMNO invokes every government agencies such as SPR, MACC, Police etc to work on their behalf.

This is so that they can break Pakatan Rakyat into pieces. So, please don't get distracted by the beer issue, the Kartika Sari issue, the DAP triad issue, that DAP is anti islam etc.

UMNO has not conscience. They have no soul. They are evil incarnate. They will sell their parents if it means to get them back into seats of power.

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  1. This is nothin new,TB
    What a waste of space
    Machiavellian politics + Malay chauvinism + Zimbabwe style tyranny + Taliban bigotry + Zionist brutality n oppression
    This is how I describe UMNO Laknatullah

  2. I strongly believe that if PAS, DAP, and PKR can hang on to next GE, then they will formed federal government.

    As for now, just be patient and try best to govern the remaining states on hand.

    As for most people, we are willing to give PR a chance in next GE no matter what degree of performance currently being up to (except corruption and criminal sins)

    P/S: Penan children in Sarawak are starving. For donation information see here

    open online shop with RM100

  3. The UMNO must be real super!
    Able to engineer other party's disintegration. wow!

    You mean all the fiasco within PR is masterminded by UMNO?

    Bravo UMNO, the PR reps are all idiots. They follow all the scripts given by UMNO that lead to their own downfall .


  4. Anon 3:17 pm said:

    The UMNO must be real super!
    Able to engineer other party's disintegration. wow!

    Because they have the experience of doing it before. Just like a perogol bersiri.

  5. If DSAI is serious in cleaning up his house then he must be strict and to be strict, he should not hesitate to suspend or even sack his reps who speak out agst the collective agreement and planning which PR stands upon.

    Now that bad hat, Zulkifli Nordin has done it again and he even support the katak ADUN of Lunas. How can DSAI allow such characters to remain in PKR? It doesnt matter if he is not with PR, as PR can do better without him.

    If PR wants to be strong, do it.

  6. So can trust umno? Can consider 52 years later!!!

  7. umno pergi JAHANAM, HELL is waiting for u all.

  8. The move by Datuk Dr Hasan Ali in Selangor to set-up a "peeping" squad will not scare off non-Muslim voters from backing the Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

    THIS MOVE WILL ACTUALLY SCARE OFF MUSLIM VOTERS who desire clean and transparent government but dislike too much religion interference from the government in their private life.

    If PR breakdowns, it is the work of PR own people such as Datuk Dr Hasan Ali.

  9. serious sheperd,

    The one getting raped have not learnt anything in the past to prevent getting raped by the same rapist?

    Whose the idiot, again?

    No ability to engineer your own survival?

    Vote these idiots, OK?

  10. I may hate BARISAN NASIONAL but I seriously think Pro-Pakatan Rakyat bloggers should STOP writting nonsense such as this article.

    1) Don't blame others for sabotaging/breaking down. If Pakatan Rakyat is indeed STRONG, nothing is of any HARM.

    2) Stop being PARANOIA thinking UMNO can breakdown Pakatan Rakyat. Unless it's TRUE that Pakatan Rakyat is on the verge of collapsing, then, I see no sensible reason to even write this piece of junk article.

    3) This article only makes its' author an IDIOT & thus making Pakatan Rakyat look like some vulnerable/weak party.

    4) If UMNO is engineering Pakatan Rakyat's breakdown, then, instead of writting rubbish...I reckon the author of this article to atleast do more constructive things such as writting more useful articles instead of SHIT, SHIT & SHIT here.

    Last but never the least....Can the author who wrote this piece of junk to GO GET A LIFE??? You're engineering Pakatan Rakyat's downfall yaself.

  11. We need a change , without opposition there is no one to curtail their spending spree...

    How the chemistry of the Pakatan works is another issue , attend to it case by case till it reach an ideal solution at a particular time..Atleast meantime we have someone barking at one another to keep them on their toe.



  14. I think the opposition should consolidate its position and think long term, longer than the next general election. It should concentrate its energy on building confidence and capacity, not forming the next federal government. There is no point winning and staying in power for just one term. And stop wasting precious energy focussing on what UMNO is or is not.

  15. Terima kasih for this accurate analysis.Spot On !
    The MAJORITY of Malaysians of All Races support the Ideals and Vision of a UNITED Malaysia under Keadilan-Pas-Dap where Good Governance,Non-Racist and Anti Corruption Policies are the Cornerstone of a Pakatan Rakyat Government.
    The Rakyat is no longer Stupid and can see clearly the corrupt ways the Police,MACC and other Institutions that belong to the RAKYAT paid for by the RAKYAT is being used by Umno/Bn esp. in Sarawak(where the most corrupt Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud ) against Pakatan Leaders to break them up
    and continue their corrupt ways,to Enrich themselves & families & cronies.
    Hidup Keadilan-Pas-Dap untuk SEMUA.
    Hidup R E F O R M A S I !

  16. I hope DAP has read this and do something drastic b4 it's too late.

  17. This modus operandi has been in force since BN lost power. There are powerful personility who play the race card, saying the Malays will lose the political power and so no to arrange to topple the PR states.BN is really worried of PR success to hold on to power. They will use all agencies to topple this PR states. Thing will move fast soon, so PR has to work out their differances well to survive.

  18. Pas machinery in Pmtg Pasir was weak? Interesting claim. Care to explain more, TB? and waht really make PAS won handsomely despite the weak machinery?


    BACA LAH INI OK. mampos lah umno mampos bangkai.

  20. sokong lah DSAI yg main bontot.. pas2.. sokong backstabber..

    tgk jela pkr, sume yg bwh anwar, cina2.. DAP pun cina.. habislah negara, jd cm singapore nnt..

  21. siapa lelaki ini??

    Boleh sesiapa mengambil tindakan sebelum dia menyesatkn agama islam..

  22. Umno tak perlulah buat kerja bodoh ni, banyak kerja lain yang dia patut buat. Uruskan ekonomi negara dan mentadbirlah negara dengan iklas dan bebas dari rasuah, menjunjung kedaulatan udang-undang dan banyak lagi.

    tak perlu menyibuk dengan parti-parti dalam PR. Kerana sumpah rakyat telah di ikrarkan iaitu BN mesti di kuburkan dalam PRU ke 13 walau apapun terjadi.

    Tak perlulah nak pecahkan PR. kalau BN nak kacau PR, maknanya BN sedang berlawan dengan rakyat. bahaya tu BN. Don't play-play with the rakyat. nanti menyesal.


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