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Monday, October 5, 2009

If We Lose Bagan Pinang, It Will Be Due to Fraud (Undi Pos) not Rejection by the People

I was approached by an acquaintance. She has known me for more than a year now, but we have never talked before. But this time, she felt that she had to have a long talk with me.

She told me that she was once entrusted to vote on behalf of troops going on service during the 1990 General Elections. She was told to vote BN for 80% of the votes and the rest is up to her.

She did her job well and as a result BN won all seats with high percentage of postal votes in Malaysia during the 1990 elections. She felt that she had to tell me for it has been a secret she has kept all this while. I asked her to come clean and make public of what she has done. She replied, she cannot because she is now working for a company linked to the ATM. She might put her job in jeapordy especially when jobs are hard to find nowadays.

However, as Harakahdaily had reported below, there are ex military personell who dares to expose the truth. Such as Sargent Abu Kassim who met with the Chairman of the Election Commission and exposed what he had done before.

Firstly, we must give thanks to Retired Sargent Abu Kassim’s bravery for exposing such corruption. Secondly, I doubt that the EC will do anything to remedy this situation.

My own information tells me that all postal votes will be delivered to PWTC on every General Election day where they will then be distributed according to UMNO’s whims and fancies. That explains why Abdullah Badawi’s majority would have been just 1k+ but suddenly added by a round number of 10,000 votes on the day of the election.

Postal votes have come to save UMNO so many times. It has saved UMNO/BN all over Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak. It has become UMNO’s main source of definite vote bank. It is untransparent, dubious and almost always one sided in terms of result.

And, why is it that postal votes should cover family members of serving military personel? Aren’t the family members of military personell considered to be civilians? Why can’t they come out from the camp and vote like any other people?

Why is it that members of the military service cannot be allowed to vote like ordinary citizens? Are to we to assume that all military personell are on duty on election day?

It’s clear that UMNO will be using Postal Votes to the maximum since Zahid Hamidi is proposing to set up Territorial Army (TA) camps in every Parliamentary area. I mean, why do we need TA regiments in every Parliamentary areas? Some Parliamentary areas do not even have space for a camp i.e. PJ Utara, PJ Selatan, Bukit Bintang, Seputeh, Ipoh Barat, Ipoh Timur etc.

Some of these areas makes no sense to have their own TA? In built-up areas (FIBUA), regular armies makes the best defenders because the complexities of built-up areas defence is known to any army strategist. Why have TA in urban Parliamentary seats?
Also, why do we need to have TA in every Parliamentary areas? It just doesn’t make sense from a logistical or strategic perspective. Not to mention it’s not economical.

Defence should be planned according to terrain, easiness to gain supply etc. Not according to parliamentary districts because that’s not how enemy troops will advance. The enemy will never advance in accordance to our own parliamentary districts.

We will see in the next General Election, on the night of the election, dubious bags of votes will arrive at all counting stations changing the result of the election in favor of BN. These votes will be justified by the existence of various TA camps in all Parliamentary areas.

The Zahid Hamidi plan will be put into motion should the BN re-capture Bagan Pinang with unequivocal majority. To me, Bagan Pinang will be a case to convince top echelon of UMNO that the future of UMNO lies in Postal Votes.

Tulang Besi

Bekas sarjan akui undi bagi pihak tentera ()

Jimadie Shah Othman
Okt 5, 09

Seorang bekas sarjan hari ini mengakui pernah terlibat memangkah BN bagi pihak anggota-anggota tentera dalam dua pilihan raya umum semasa bawah pentadbiran bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Abu Kassim, yang bertugas sebagai "sarjan gaji", berkata beliau dan beberapa kakitangan tentera dalam bahagian pentadbiran, seperti ketua kerani, mendapat arahan bagi memanipulasikan undi pos daripada pegawai pentadbir kem.

Abu, sudah kira-kira 10 tahun menyertai PAS, bagaimanapun tidak ingat tarikh tepat dan tempat peristiwa itu dengan alasan ia "sudah lama" berlaku.

"Saya tidak ingat. Lama sudah. Tetapi dalam pilihan raya besar (umum), zaman Dr Mahathir dulu," katanya kepada Malaysiakini pagi ini.

Anak kelahiran Kuala Pilah itu menganggotai tentera darat selama 23 tahun daripada 1969 sehingga 1989. Beliau paling lama berkhidmat di Markas Stesen Staf Port Dickson.

Abu kini seorang ahli jawatankuasa undi pos Pemuda PAS yang diketuai oleh ketua penerangan dewan itu Suhaizan Kaiat.
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  1. "Not according to parliamentary districts because that’s not how enemy troops will advance. The enemy will never advance in accordance to our own parliamentary districts."

    oh wat if they c the opposition as the "enemy". ~~

  2. Be cool TB, PR not yet losing. No need to find 101 excuses! Anyway, I suggest that even bomba, rela member be voted via postal. My prediction: BN won by 3000+ votes.

  3. Is Bagan Pinang considered a rural area wit underdeveloped communication infrastructure(internet etc) just like Manik Urai n Batang Ai?
    That can't be possible considering the fact that it's near Port Dickson, a popular tourist destination due 2 the lovely beaches n also the large presence of army bases
    Otherwise, expect another Batang Ai in the making

    Rejection of the people?
    It's possible if the Bagan Pinang voters believe every crap spewed by the MSM regarding PR's credibility or the constant internal strife especially in Selangor

    But all is not lost
    PR machinery n all the pro PR bloggers must remind the Malays there on the ISA selling Port Dickson n all the "projek2 terbengkalai" under his tenure as MB

    The Indian voters must be reminded on how UMNO n their dogs at Shah Alam insulted the Hindu religion by mutilating a cow head as well as the injustice done 2 A.Kugan n his family

    The Chinese must be reminded of UMNO's racist approach against the Chinese which can be seen in the undemocratic power grab in Perak n a possible attempt in Selangor just because these 2 state governments r "Chinese" goverments
    Oh n don't 4get Teoh Beng Hock's murder n the abuse of MACC n other government bodies 2 bring down the Selangor government

    BN wants 2 use PR's constant bickering n disunity as a campaign fodder?
    PR can counter back by explaining the following:
    MCA:divided into 2 - Camp Tee Keat n Camp Soi Lek
    Whatever the outcome of the EGM will do no good 2 BN
    This crisis further erode the Chinese community's confidence in MCA
    MIC: Samy Vellu still hogging the spotlight as party president n refuse 2 make way 4 new n fresh leadership
    Criticism of his insistence 2 stay on by UMNO mouthpiece,Utusan Meloya indicates that a number of UMNO warlords r uneasy wit Samy's reelection
    Also Najib resorting 2 other means in gaining support from the Indians(MIUP,KIMMA n the newly formed Makkal Sakti party)shows that Najib n UMNO has no confidence in MIC's new batch of leaders
    PPP: Both Murugiah n Kayveas r at loggerheads,claiming 2 be the lawful party president,thus splitting the party in 2
    PPP even explicitly instructed BN component parties not 2 accept Murugiah as member
    Gerakan:Koh Tsu Koon's role in the Kampung Buah Pala fiasco exposed more by the day, putting Gerakan in very bad light

    Hopefully this will be of help in winning Bagan Pinang
    Say NO 2 ISA
    VOTE PAS!!!!

  4. Excuses....Excuses....Excuses....

    You will never hear excuses from BN if they lost.

    You know what they say about people with excuses...


  5. TB,

    Dah lama parti-parti pembangkang meminta pihak SPR untuk membenarkan wakil-wakil calun menyaksikan pengundian cara pos ni tapi tak dibenarkan konon Kem-kem angkatan tentra adalah Kawasan Larangan kepada orang awam.Yang peliknya larangan ini tidak termasuk penghantar surat khabar,penjual ikan,penjual roti dan juga pemborong surat khabar lama.

  6. Lihatlah bagaimana mereka main busuk di Bagan Pinang disini GoMalaysian.Blogspot.Com

    - Bendera DAP dirampas
    - Taktik Kotor Mereka Di RPK Bagan Pinang

    dan sebagainya

    Malaysian Come First

  7. Anon 11:33 PM said:

    You will never hear excuses from BN if they lost.

    But BN will definitely go on rampage when they lost.

  8. Excuses....Excuses....Excuses....

    You will never hear excuses from BN if they lost.

    You know what they say about people with excuses...


    October 5, 2009 11:33 PM

    But BN will definitely go on rampage when they lost.

    October 6, 2009 10:45 AM

    Oh that's funny
    UMNO Misinformation chief Ahmad Maslan sure gave a silly excuse 4 the Permatang Pasir defeat
    Check it out:

    Serious Shepherd,
    Yes,expect UMNO/BN 2 go on a rampage should they lose Bagan Pinang
    Remember their humiliating defeat at K.Terengganu, a supposed UMNO stronghold?
    Najib went berserk n hoping 2 prove 2 his party that he is right 4 the president's post, he orchestrated that undemocratic power grab in Perak 2 gain lost credibility

    So, I call upon PR state governments especially Selangor that should we win Bagan Pinang, InsyaAllah, expect serious repercussions from the UMNO/BN regime
    So exercise extreme caution

  9. Kita kena semak amalan undi pos di negara lain. Jika amalan di Malaysia ini berlainan dan bersifat abnormal, maka sah negara ini mengamalkan demokrasi terpilih.Satu lagi keunikan 1Malaysia.


  10. Ustaz Gobala patut "dakwah" orang Pas

    Hairan sungguh dengan puak2 Pas ni. Kata-kata seorang mufti tak didengar sebaliknya apabila seorang kafir baca ayat Al-Quran mereka pakat mengangguk-angguk tanda setuju. Pelik-pelik... Patutlah Ayah Pin boleh hidup bebas sepanjang Pas perintah Terengganu dulu.

    Betullah Salahuddin, kalau orang kafir nak baca Quran memang tak salah. Memang ramai orang kafir kaji Quran dan mereka membacanya. Tak kurang yang dapat hidayat lalu peluk Islam. Tapi mereka baca untuk mengkaji sejauh mana kebenaran Quran.

    Tapi ini Hindu Gobala baca Quran bukan nak kaji kebenarannya tetapi nak menunjuk-nunjuk dan nak ambil hati orang Islam. Dia juga nak bagitahu yang orang Islam ni tidak betul, tak ikut Quran. Dahlah petik ayat yang ditujukan kepada orang kafir. Apa maknanya? Maknanya dia tak tau apa-apa pun cuma tahu baca dan tau cakap.

    Yang lagi pelik, para ustaz, para imam, bilal dan tok siak yang dengar Ustaz Gobala petik ayat Quran mereka pakat duk diam. Tak kurang juga yang kat belakang berkopiah putih duk terhangguk-hangguk tanda setuju gamaknya.

    Kenapa mereka tak menjerit melolong marah sepertimana mereka menjering melolong marahkan Mufti Perak yang menasihati orang Melayu supaya tidak menghina raja atau marahkan Ustaz Ridhuan Tee . Apakah darjat Gobala Hindu ini lebih tinggi dari seorang mufti?

    Dan aku pelik bagaimana orang Melayu Pas ni boleh bersetuju saja dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh si Hindu ini. Sudahlah dahulu menggerakkan Hindraf dan memekik melolong kata orang Melayu lakukan pembersihan etnik di Malaysia, banyak kuil diroboh dan desak negara Tamil Nadu masuk campur.

    Dai Tambi.... Aku dan ramai Melayu lain (kecuali puak2 Pas lah) tidak lupa fitnah dan tuduhan yang Hindraf buat sebelum ini yang jelas-jelas sangat menyinggung perasaan kami sebagai kaum majoriti di Malaysia dan sebagai pemilik Semenanjung Tanah Melayu ini. Tak usahlah nak berdakwah dengan kami dengan sekadar membaca sepatah ayat Quran tidak akan mampu menyucikan apa yang telah saudara dan puak2 Hindraf lakukan selama ini.

    Silalah berdakwah kepada puak2 Pas itu sebab mereka memang mereka perlukan "dakwah" saudara. Bagi mereka orang lain semuanya tidak betul melainkan Nik Aziz, Anwar, Ngeh, Kit Siang dan puak2 kafir seperti saudara sahaja.

    Silalah... silalah.... Kalau boleh dakwah sekali Nik Aziz!

  11. What will be your excuse then if the majority is more than the postal vote?

  12. errr apabenda gobala cakap tu salah?

    Mufti PErak tu cakap Arab pun tak boleh, mcm mana jadi mufti entah?

  13. When Pakatan wins,because rakyat rejects BN.When Pakatan loose,its because of fraud.What such a fuck up brains you Pakatan idiots have??? You only know to fuck ass holes!

  14. Anonymous di atas hanya tahu mencarut aje! tak ada hujah langsung. Ini perangai penyokong2 UMNO basi ala sek. 23 S.A. Penyokokng UMNO ni hanya pandai mencarut,buat fitnah, bagi orang bergaduh, lepas tu main wayang kat TV.





  16. Melayu NS,

    Kemarahan 'anone 9.09pm' dan kebanyakan orang melayu rakyat malaysia dah tak dapat dibentung lagi. Cara kebudak-budakan PAS terlalu cukup menyakitkan hati, lebih-lebih lagi bila bersongkol dengan DAP cibai yang terang-terang anti Islam dan anti Melayu.

    Mereka masih tidak sedar yang DAP memperbudakkan mereka untuk memecah belah umat melayu. Polisi mereka yang kononnya memperjuangkan islam dan tidak untuk melayu jelas menunjukkan sikap mereka yang teramat bodoh dan tonggong sekali.

    Sebelum bertanding, asyik tuduh SPR tidak adil dan sebagainya, tetapi bila menang, sengih tak habis tayang gusi yang tak ada gigi. Itu lah PAS.

  17. Melayu NS said...
    "Anonymous di atas hanya tahu mencarut aje!"

    Cuba layar mana-mana blog pro PR, majoriti bahasa kesat dikeluarkan penyokong PR. Malaysia Today adlah yang paling hangat. Dan juga Tranung Kite. dan bermacam lagi. Please look after your own backyard first!

    Ini tidak menghairankan bila TGNA sendiri menghalalkan mencarut dengan mengatakan Allah juga mencarut, bagi menyokong buku SHIT Shahnon Ahmad.

    PAS dah lama sesat....

  18. Found this comment from A voice:

    halim tuah said...
    mendedahkan bahawa dalam satu pertemuan di London pada sebelum 16 September 2008, Dr Yusof Qardawi telah menegaskan kpd TG Hadi Awang mengenai kesangsiannya terhadap Anwar Ibrahim, terutamanya apabila Rand Corporation & Smith Richardson Foundation mengesahkan penglibatan Anwar Ibrahim dlm strategi Amerika merosakkan Islam dgn tajaan dana Yahudi! Selepas itu, ramai dari kalangan pemimpin erdogan PAS, iaitu seperti Dr Hassan Ali, Dr Haron Din & Nasaruddin Mat Isa telah beralih arah berpaling tadah dari menyokong Anwar Ibrahim!


  19. Selepas itu, ramai dari kalangan pemimpin erdogan PAS, iaitu seperti Dr Hassan Ali, Dr Haron Din & Nasaruddin Mat Isa telah beralih arah berpaling tadah dari menyokong Anwar Ibrahim!.

    THis is all UMNO propaganda. That's all.

    The real reason they turned is because they wanted a UMNO-PAS government which happened long before this so call incident

  20. Ideologi UMNO semakin tak relevan kepada org org melayu skg ni.UMNO ni memperjuangkan Islam pun tidak dan melayu pun bukan.

    Jadi takda sebablah nak sokong mereka.Jika kita sokong mereka samalah menyokong rasuah,budaya hedonism,.Bab ni yg org melayu ramai tak sedar.

  21. Tulang Besi,

    Salam..just a is time for PAS and Pakatan to set up a Kelab Penyokong PAS/Pakatan di kalangan Bekas Perajurit to instill heightened awareness on their democratic rights e.g to insist that their names not be left in the rolls and used to vote when they leave service.The many bekas perajurit of high calibre and integrity can be also be asked to approach their brethrens still in service to gently educate them on their rights.This will Insyallah blunt the much abused postal votes.Its time to act..BN will never change the system..which is their talian hayat.

  22. Bro

    You kena check your facts from time to time. ku pun supoort PR jugak tapi pls don't stoop so low like BM and twist facts.

    I know this cause i've been involved as observer for PR and their election machinery. Postal votes are fixed based on the number of army personal residing in the constituency. The number of postal votes are fixed by Ec before lections, hence there's no way to substantiate postal votes suddenly flooding a losing candidate from nowhere, like your allegations of how Badawi won in Kepala Batas. If that is the case, PR wouls have lost all rozor thin elections like Manek Urai.

    My advise, maintain composure. Losing is part of politics. But we have to maintain some class and not resort to creating absurd stories!

  23. hahahahah!! BN klu menang tepat pkl 8 mlm berita TV3 berkobar2 siarkan.pastu for the next 2 weeks asyik cerita yg sama.BN klu kalah,pkl 10mlm pun msh takde jawaban.dok mengira undi.suratkhabar pun sehari je cerita kekalahan BN.haih!! sudah sudahlah tu.rakyat bukannya bodoh.tau sgt taktik kotor BN. undi tentera je dah 4 ribu.dah confirm si Isa menang.

  24. Semakin banyak alasan diberi semakin banyak u all show u all punyer kelemahan! Kalu korang menang "rakyat ingin perubahan" korang kate. Kalau kalah "penipuan". Sudah la. Ini lah politik. Klau tak nak dipukul ombak, jangan brumah ditepi pantai beb. Duduk jer kat tepi sawah. Cakap pasal ketentuan Tuhan pandai bile kena kat orang lain. Dah kene batang hidung sendiri.... bukan takdir! Nak tanyer korang ler kan ade tak satu benda yang terjadi dalam dunie ni, bukan Tuhan yang tentukan. Lu pikir le sendiri....

  25. Lagi satu bende yang gua hairan dengan Penyokong2 PAS ni kan, kenape le dok bela sangat DAP ni. Gua dulu ade gak nak berjinak-jinak ngan PAS ni. Tapi dekat2
    PRU12, gua dah pangkah PAS ni. Nak ikut UMNO katenyer tak cukup Islam. Baru jer nak join PAS dah pakat dengan DAP plak. gua memang angin dengan DAP. Sekarang ni, gua hemtam semua. Gua nak PAS yang sebelum ni. Gua tak nak PAS join "Pakatan Rakyat". Nabi Muhammad tak pernah berpakat dengan kaum musyrikin untuk bentuk tamadun Islam.


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