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Monday, October 5, 2009

Perarakan Penamaan Calon Bagan Pinang

Saksikanlah perarakan penamaan calon Pakatan Rakyat yang diambil oleh Buletinonline.

Perarakan Calon PRK Bagan Pinang Part 1 ()

Perarakan Penamaan Calon PRK Bagan Pinang Part 2

Sekali lagi, terima kasih kepada Buletin Online.
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  1. how come people still support (blindly) a so-called leader who was/is clearly corrupt?

    dont talk about 'berjasa kpd rakyat'. he was a govt servant (mentri besar), so he HAD to serve the rakyat. what is there to claim 'berjasa'? he had his tenure (and i am sure along the way made lots of illegal money on the side), so what gives???

    if any of the pakatan rakyat leader is corrupt, i'll be the first to call for actions to be taken against him/her.

    i just dont understand this.


  2. Anon October 5, 2009 10:30 AM

    Can I just remind you the Pakatan Rakyat de Facto Leader was an ex-convict, jailed for abusing his power over sodomy allegations and the most corrupted UMNO leader at that time (using money politics to topple Dr.M ). Being in control of MOF at that time, one of his proxy (ex Bank Negara) revealed he had over 3 billion stashed in various accounts.

    So we are not surprised he was confident of buying over a major number of BN MPs about a year ago to become a backdoor PM.
    Do your maths. Anwar has to offer money, cos most of the ministry position will be taken up by Pakatan Rakyat MPs. Otherwise, it would not be fair for the loyal PR MP as they need to be rewarded first.
    This is just to rebuke PR argument for not using money to woo the BN MP.

    Just think!
    If Anwar form his own government and reward the jumping MPs all the important portfolios, so where will Anwar place all his loyal PR MPs? second important portfolios? So Anwar has to offer BIG money. Really filthy figures.
    Let me do you a favour, we do the maths.

    Say, how much do you think that will make the MPs to consider defecting. A figure that will secure his/her retirement in most comfortable fashion. We must remember, they will no longer hold any important position in government coz these are already awarded to loyal PR MPs.
    Lets work a figure. Say the MPs are in their 50. That leaves them on average another 30 years to live. Lets plus another 20 years for their immediate family to sustain comfortably since they are giving up important position. So that makes 50 years.
    Multiply by 12 (months), That's 600 months!!
    Now how much money for these MP need per month to maintain a comfortable and luxury lifestyle? We are looking at the income of CEOs of say mid size company, or perhaps a highly paid Caucasian Expat (since they practice a good lifestlye). I would say about RM50,000 a month. Yes, thats about at least how much most of the elite makes- those you see frequently on Malaysian Tatler. You got to maintain that lifestyle for the sacrifice you make to make Anwar as PM.

    Now lets calculate. RM 50,000 x 600 months equals RM 30,000,000.00 . Yup! 30 million. A nice figure.
    Not three million. That is just the price of a Semi_D in affluent PJ or Damansara area. Not enough. Another zero will buy years of lifestlye.

    Now wait, Anwar need at least 32 MPs to jump.
    So RM30,000,000 x 32 MPs equals RM960,000,000.00.
    THATS ONE BILLION!!!!!!!!.

    Why not? just one third of his coffers? He can make more after that.

    So where do you think all the monies comes from especially from PKR to fund the party activities to match or perhaps bettered the BN campaign organizations ? the sky?

    Maybe you should ask yourself this question before supporting blindly...

  3. Anon October 5, 2009 10:30 AM

    If DSAI had that kinda money, he would have bought himself out o conviction the first time! Nurul Izzah would have continued wqith her studies comfortably in London. Instead, she came back to study at a local university. DS Wan Azizah would have employed many, many servants and bodyguards to look after her children, not personally fetching the whole lot to and fro school. Heck, If DSAI had that kinda money, she would have brought the whole lot to join Nurul Izzah in London! Why suffer so much humiliation in Malaysia??

    You see, can also do simple maths. We didn't find that kinda money. But thank you for confirming that's how UMNO pays people off, we did hear that those Perak froggies were paid 30 million each. Now we know that 50 years old froggies has a price tag of 30 million ringgit. 3 milion for a semi-D and the rest for living expenses.

    Neither PAS nor DAP has that kinda money. And I honestly believe DSAI don't have either. Maybe he talks big a lot of times, but he doesn't have that kinda money. Both Amanda and Vincent Tan are UMNO backers, not PKR's.


  4. Yeah, I agree with 'donplayplay' when he said, Anwar talk big a lot of times. You are such a nice guy. To us, he is a liar, actor, traitor, pretender and last but not least, 'mat kaki liwat'. That's him, Anwar Ibrahim Al-Juburi Al-liwati.....

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yeah, I agree with 'donplayplay' when he said, Anwar talk big a lot of times. You are such a nice guy. To us, he is a liar, actor, traitor, pretender and last but not least, 'mat kaki liwat'. That's him, Anwar Ibrahim Al-Juburi Al-liwati.....

    As opposed to UMNO leaders who lies for a lving i.e. ample evidence no proof of Saiful diliwat

  6. LGE also ex-convict. I wonder why PR has no good man to contest in election.

  7. Well, Bumiputra allow me 2 explain:
    LGE was convicted 4 defending a Malay girl who was raped by an UMNO guy(some guy named Thamby Cheek if I'm not mistaken)
    Yeah,the charges were politically motivated
    Everyone knows UMNO's intense hatred 2 the Chinese especially from DAP

    Oh BTW,the al Liwati is reserved 2 that bastard Saiful
    Thanx,PDO 4 coming wit this term in the 1st place
    Saifool al Liwati

  8. just to reply this fler...
    " Bumiputera said...
    LGE also ex-convict. I wonder why PR has no good man to contest in election.

    October 5, 2009 6:56 PM "

    u dont touch lge. we all know why he went to jail. were u even born then, u baby u...?

    look up rahim thamby i-like-em-young chik.


  9. Bila pilihanraya, kita dapat tengok gelagat penyokong PAS macam babi gila terlepas di jalan raya dan pemimpin PAS kena selsema babi macam Salahuddin Ayob.

  10. To defend LGE, the ex-convict? Maybe LGE is your idol and did something very good. Then the court found him GUILTY of doing the good thing and threw him to jail. Some even regards corruption as "rezeki", you know. WHat a pathetic PR supporter.

  11. UMno ... Parti Kepala Lembu.
    Their supporter are dumb as
    the Lembu shit.

    Pergi Jahanam Dengan Umno la lembu.

  12. Salahuddin Ayob kata maskot sesuai untuk Port Dickson ialah nyamuk. Sebab apa?Sebab babi telah menjadi maskot kelantan. PASBERG punya logo pun akan ditukar menjadi babi.Apa punya bodoh anak luar nikah ni cakap!Tapi yang peliknya,ramai lembu bodoh dengar dan ikut cakap anak luar nikah ini.

  13. Pasal apa ramai yg ikut sokong Isa masa penamaan calon? Duit punya hal la brother..Do you think that UMNO supporters will come in drove if they were not paid???


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