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Friday, January 8, 2010

Fire Bombings of Churches is An Act of Desperation by UMNO

First, the carried a cow’s head in protesting the building of a Temple in Shah Alam. Now they’re fire-bombing churches. All in their desperate move to incite racial and religious tension among Malays.

UMNO is a bankrupt party. They have nothing to offer. They need sensitive issues like this just to remain relevant among the Malays. They also depend on sensitive issues such as these to prevent their own party from disintegrating.
The infighting in UMNO does not quell. It goes on and on and never stops. So, issues like these helps them to unite the party in the time of need. They are divided because each and every faction within UMNO needs to have a bigger bite at the country’s wealth. Therefore, their infighting will never cease, ever.

Inciting race riots in Malaysia has always been UMNO’s last resort. They have been rejected in the last election and saved only by votes from rural Malays. And even then rural Malays voted BN because of the high prices of commodities i.e. rubber and palm-oil, not really because the rural Malays loved UMNO so much.
Now, their support among rural Malays have also dwindled. The price of commodity has gone down due to falling demand caused by the implosion of the US Economy. And UMNO knows that their rural malay ground is gradually shrinking.

So, in desperation they have resorted to making an issue out of the High Court’s recent decision to allow usage of the term “Allah” in The Herald’s publication. Yet, it is the same UMNO that has supported unislamic activities in Malaysia like gambling and liquor despite objections even from the Non Muslim communities.
UMNO’s constant accusation that Anwar has committed “buggery” is categorized by Islam as one of the “Major Sins”(akin to the 7 deadly sins). Is this the sign of a party that cares about Islam?

UMNO is not interested in preserving Islam. UMNO is only interested in preserving their grasp on the country’s wealth. The “Allah Name” controversy is just their means to that goal.

Their attempt to use PAS has also failed. PAS has unequivocally rejected UMNO’s call to arms and decided to adopt a more moderate and tolerant stand. They have instead requested a meeting with the KL’s Archbishop to work out a compromise.

And PAS’s disagreement to the High Court’s decision is proven by the fire-bombings of churches incidences. PAS feels that the time is not right for the decision since UMNO will always take advantage of the issue to prop up their dwindling support.
PAS’s disagreement is more on the timing of the issue rather on it’s validity.

I dare UMNO to go to Al Azhar and protest Al Azhar’s non-rejection of Egypt’s Coptic’s Church practice of using the “Allah”’s word for the last 1000 years.
If Al Azhar is quiet about it, who is UMNO to protest? Is UMNO saying they are more credible than 1000 years of Al Azhar’s scholarships? I think not.

I personally believe that the timing is not right and “The Herald” should withdraw or let the appeal win. After all, with or without a court’s decision, the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak will continue using the word Allah. Especially in Sarawak, UMNO cannot stop millions of Christians from using the word Allah.

My advice to all non Malays in Kuala Lumpur, I think for the next 3 days, you should just remain at home and do not go outside. I cannot imagine what plan the UMNO thugs are hatching to capitalize on the issue. It’s safer for you to remain indoors and for Christian churches to suspend mass for the weekend.

I mean, the Church in Desa Melawati doesn’t even belong to the Catholic Church. It’s of a different denomination and they do not use the word “Allah” in their acts of worship. Why have they been victimized? It only shows the stupidity of the UMNO thugs not being able to differentiate between the many Christian denomination.

Tulang Besi
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  1. Aku dah kata!!!Hangpa tak usah pelekeh oghang islam!!!Bila timboi isu Islam diperlekehkan!!!!Hangpa terima akibatnya!!!!!!!Umat Islam akan bersatu bila islam diperdajaikan oleh puak bukan Islam!!!Pergi jahanam!!Pencacai kristian beragama islam!!!!

  2. They've started a riot which fan racial tension 31 years ago

    A certain former Youth leader,now PM once vowed 2 bathe the keris in Chinese blood

    They've massacred a whole village in Kedah just because they're afraid of a renowned Muslim intellect preaching there

    They back stabbed a former comrade n put trumped up charges of sodomy on him just because he intends expose corruption and nepotism during a time of economic recession

    They bombed a Mongolian women just 2 get their hands on jets n submarines

    One of their running dogs interrogated n killed a political aide 2 a Chinese politician over a feeble corruption charge of RM 2400

    Now church bombing
    UMNO= Our answer 2 Hitler's Nazi n Israel's Zionist led government

  3. Well,UMNo always create havoc..they have nothing else in thier lives becos these UMNo wallah dah dirasuk setan..and setan u knowlah will all the time bikin havoc..issue is irrelevant to them..their nature is to putar belit anything..human rights ke,wealth ke,religion ke..anything will be distorted by them.

  4. Everyday,UMNo haram sedang dibogelkan,ditelangjangkan..since they dont have any hotak,plus dah dirasuk setan,they will do this sort of thingslah..

  5. Sahabt kanan,

    Why not the other way round...PAS n PKR are desperate to gain political mileage..and what they did, they bombed those churches and for sure UMNO will be blamed..simple. Who can do that? Unit amal can do....

  6. They r simply devils reincarnate.,and they think they own the souls of every malaysian citizens..what was the reson for massacring Ustaz Ibraim Libya and inncoent people?What was the reason for butchering of inncoent people 31 years ago?The answer is to enslave make malaysians worship only UMNO DAJJAL!!

  7. Sahabat kanan ,u r a retard

  8. UMNo have bankrupted this they r begging frm internationa community for money..these basterd r fit for sanitarioums only..on top of that,UMNO figureheads r involved with murder,corruption,all sorts of kedajjaln..

  9. I strongly belief, this's only the work of an extremist, mostly from PAS.

  10. anyone, even a christian can do it, because of the politics.....

    show us a prove of ur allegation tulang besi, not becuse ur extreme towards UMNO, this and that UMNO...

    why can't politician just show a support when it's RIGHT thing to do, nopt because a colour of the party....

    oh yes, easier to blame UMNO, problem solved....

  11. Christians don't bow to threats. They will continue to go out AND LIVE LIFE A FREE PEOPLE. tHE MASS SERVICE WOULD CONTINUE.

    And no, Christians never torch their worship houses. Otherwise we don't call God Almighty ' Allah mahabe ' (God is love).

    For those who hate Christians others because they think they are holier than thou, then understand the meaning of love.


  12. It's the PAS Unit Amal who did it..
    They are extrimist ..
    heee.....syok nya tuduh2 orang ..
    Bodo takleh di ajar Tulang Babi nie..kijer lain takde tabor fitnah jer...
    Woii tulang Babi..mana bukti ko tuduh2 orang nie..apa jua yang trjadi kat M'sia ni ko tuduh MUNO..apasal ko ni??
    Aku bukan ahli UMNO pon aku takpuas hati ngn orang2 kapir nie..
    Sok ko mampos Tualng Babi , bila malaikat tanya sapa sedara ko..leh la ko ngaku kafi tu sedara ko..da elok la tu...nama pon Tulang Babi.

  13. "Aku dah kata!!!Hangpa tak usah pelekeh oghang islam!!!Bila timboi isu Islam diperlekehkan!!!!Hangpa terima akibatnya!!!!!!!Umat Islam akan bersatu bila islam diperdajaikan oleh puak bukan Islam!!!Pergi jahanam!!Pencacai kristian beragama islam!!!!"

    Bodoh betui. Perkataan Allah dah lama di pakai dalam surat khabar herald. Kenapa skarang baru nak melalak. Ya betui sebab orang melayu sendiri dah tak percaya kat UMNO kecuali orang orang bodoh macam hang katak bawah tempurung. Hang tengok lah kat mana mana di dalam dunia kalau ada serangan penganas mesti orang Islam. Tak dak agama lain dah.

  14. Pakatan Rakyat desparate? UMNO yg sinking skrg ni..Pemimpin mana yg 'tak menghalang' demo diadakan? Aku rasa Najib..Sapa yg tak faham ttg isu ALLAH skrg ni..?Aku rasa puak UMNO...Sapa yg mula2 duk wat demo kat tv2 tu?..bukan ke puak2 jaguh UMNO? Pemimpin PR suruh wat dialog, korang puak2 UMNO p demo sapa suruh? Nk marah pun cermin la diri dulu..kalu org2 PAS yg punya keje, awai2 lagi kena tangkap, ni mesti keje puak2 UMNGOK...tu yg ala2 segan nk tangkap..kalu kena tangkap pun mesti mengaku PAS supporters! dah tahu sangat drama bersiri UMNGOK..

  15. Halo, bro-bro berforum nih, tak pi semayang Jumaat kerrr.

  16. la patut la org umno marah2 dengan tulang besi... tak pi solat jumaat... hah nak pejuang Islam... hahaha....

  17. Even three school boys are discussing along the bus stop that the PM and the HM are champion in this shameful acts. This two leaders claimed that they cannot stop the demo. WHY?
    the real reason they knew what is going to happen and by saying that they cannot stop the demo.It is a indirect approval for this to happen. Now the whole of peaceful Malaysian are cheated by this two sinful leaders. Yes we in Sabah have a pariah paramount chief PAIRIN he has

  18. FLASH - Earlier in Kg Baru, a group of Muslims urged others not to join the protesters, called them fanatics & accused them of church arson
    8 minutes ago from web

  19. Tulang Besi agen menggaduhkan antara umat Islam dan Kristian,menggaduhkan antara PAS dengan PAS.

    Merbahaya kamu.

  20. Pembakaran gereja hari ini adalah satu provokasi syaitan memecah belah perpaduan manusia. Syaitan suka kepada kerosakan.

    Allah tak dapat untung drp perbuatan manusia memporak poranda anggota masyarakat sendiri. Allah tak perlu keuntungan drp tindakan manusia. Manusia menipu diri sendiri jika mereka kata mereka buat porak poranda di muka bumi demi nama Allah. Allah tak boleh ditipu.

    Mereka yg merosak harta benda org bukan kerana Allah tetapi kerana mereka jahat hati. Allah akan bongkar angkara jahat mereka; hamba-hamba suruhan yg melempar bom sekali dgn tuan-tuan mereka yg merancang kerja syaitan ini. Maha Mengetahui Allah, Tuhan sekelian alam!

  21. Kerja bakar gereja ini selalunya didalangi orang yang mabok dgn perjuangan kemelayuan darahnya melayu tapi tiadak sedikit pun unsur ISLAM. Kalau tak silap lintasan lampu isyarat kerja bakar2 ini adalah kepunyaan azali si katak lompat yang beria2 nak masuk melayu UMNO tu. Saya dok keltan tahu benar kerjagilanya.

  22. Friday protests tame affairJan 8, 10 2:10pmDespite widespread concerns, the simultaneous protest at three mosques in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam turned out to be a tame affair.



  24. ...." fuck you"...

    and fark u 2 u piece of shit:-)

  25. Simple aje, belum apa apa TB dah tuduh UMNO. Dia marah orang fitnah dia, tapi kerja dia fitnah orang lain.

    Apakah Islam ajar kita menghukum orang lain sebelum diketahui maklumat sebenar? Inikah Islam versi TB?

    Lihat apa yang berlaku sebelum ini. Selepas puas mereka fitnah UMNO dengan isu kepala lembu, last-last MB mereka sendiri kata itu bukan angkara UMNO. Tapi malangnya TB masih teruskan fitnah ini walaupun MB kesayangan engkau kata bukan angkara UMNO.

    Saya tak tau apa jenis manusia TB ni. Sepatutnya kalau kita nak perjuangkan Islam, perkara pertama ialah kita sendiri kena takut pada Allah S.W.T.

    Nak suruh orang kita pi protest kata Al-Azahar? Tapi TB kan kata Malaysia bukan Syam. Habis tu Malaysia ni Mesir kah?

  26. UMNO yang buat? Dah confirm, ke?

    Bukan kerja orang PAS? Kalau orang Amerika, mesti mereka ini kerja orang PAS sebab PAS ada nama Islam kat parti dia. Tapi di Malaysia ada tanda bulan kat dada Karpal .

  27. kalau bukan UMNO yg dalangi, siapa lagi !!

    UMNO lah pemusnah masyarakat Malaysia !!


  28. actually if everybody don't bother about the ALLAH word ke? Catholic church ke? Government media ke? nothing will ever happen to this beautiful malaysia... you look left, you see beautiful malay fit for wife, you turn right, you see fair chinese amoy fit for dream love, you look front you see beautiful indian lady in saree cook curry fish till you think not to miss her dish.

    just stop thinking about this Government incited nuisance but go to mamak stall, eat roti telor with teh tarik or some tom yam seafood meal in your nice car... still nothing will happen.

    at the end, Government will go fed-up and keep quiet until someone in BN take turn like in UK call to remove their Prime Minister for incompetent dumb slob haggard and criminal bastard.

    case close at end of day, right?

  29. Anonymous said...

    It's the PAS Unit Amal who did it..
    They are extrimist ..
    heee.....syok nya tuduh2 orang ..
    Bodo takleh di ajar Tulang Babi nie..kijer lain takde tabor fitnah jer...
    Woii tulang Babi..mana bukti ko tuduh2 orang nie..apa jua yang trjadi kat M'sia ni ko tuduh MUNO..apasal ko ni??
    Aku bukan ahli UMNO pon aku takpuas hati ngn orang2 kapir nie..
    Sok ko mampos Tualng Babi , bila malaikat tanya sapa sedara ko..leh la ko ngaku kafi tu sedara ko..da elok la tu...nama pon Tulang Babi.
    January 8, 2010 2:16 PM

    I am christian and i like PAS because they are more liberal than UMNO. UMNO is a racist party because they think they're choosen one. UMNO juara rakyat bullshitttt..

  30. Kalau Altantuya boleh dibom hingga tiada tinggal kesan, inikan pula bangunan gereja yang tidak bernyawa. Kemungkinan tinggi gereja dibom oleh kumpulan yang sama mengebom Altantuya. Mereka kan pakar dalam soal bom mengebom.

  31. Yalah UMNo yg buat..depa ada track rekod ..depa punya list dlm kes2 pembunuhan,riot,huru hara,macam2 terlampau panjang..umno dulu dan selama lamnya iblis

  32. UMNO is like Ravana..4 th church has been bombed

  33. ..alahai..
    Tak kighala sapa yang bom gerejatu!!Kalau depa umat islam!Depalah pewaris semangat khalid al walid!!Tak sanggup lihat islam dipedajai oleh puak kristian malaysia!!Tak sanggup tenguk oghang lain termasuk puak kapiaq harbi dah cuba naik kepala oghang islam!!!Sekurang-kurangnya depa dapat bagi "peringatan" pada puak bukan islam dimalaysia!Jangan dok pedajai agama islam!Jangan cuba nak naik kepala oghang islam!!!Kalau hangpa tau hangpa ugama monoriti!Tak pa!Hidupla secara aman dan damai!!!
    Hang TB!Dengan sesama islam,hang sanggup mengafir,memunafik!!Dengan puak kristian moden!Dengan puak kapiaq harbi hang angakat begiutu tinggi sekali darjat depa!!!Kalau ditakdirkan berlaku perang sabil atau perang salib moden dimalaysia!Kepala sapa akan dipancung dulu!!!hangla TB!Pencacai
    kristian dan puak kapiaq harbi!!!Perkara melibatkan maruah agama islam,hang jangan dok main-main!!Tambahan sekadaq nak tarik undi puak kristian dan puak kapiaq harbi!!

  34. i agree that this is all a ploy. however, as a catholic i have to attend mass. it is a sin not to. i don't think anyone should retaliate but i think we should let anyone scare us into submission or even worse to forget our faith

  35. Kepada yang tuduh Unit Amal PAS bikin... Dah la main tuduh... Kalau kelian tu Muslim... dah sah tak tunaikan Solat Jumaat.... Dah la, ambo tau kelian di pihak mana... Usah berpura... Hari ni aje korang dapat dua bnus dosa.... satu menuduh tanpa bukti dan kedua... Ni paling berat... Tak tunai Solat Jumaat... Diorang segala pencacai yang akan menerima hukuman Allah SWT... Tak hari ini...hari esok... tak esok, kena lusa... tak sekarang, akan datang... yang pasti akan tetap kena.

  36. My wife and I are Chinese. I am a Christian and my wife is a freethinker (if there is such a term !). Last week my wife and I had lunch with a Malay friend and his wife. We love each other so very much as friends.
    This past Monday, I went to my martial arts class. My instructor is a Malay. He rushed towards me to give me a hug when he saw me as I had been missing classes for quite some time. Another Malay student colleage saw me and we clasped hands and bowed to each other in respect.
    We don't need Najib Razak and UMNO to tell us about 1Malaysia. Some of us have been living it all this time.
    As for this "Allah" issue would anybody disagree with me that the Government (read UMNO) has not handled and managed it in the proper manner ?
    There is a Chinese saying which translated into English means "Look at the issue and not the person "
    Yes sir, Najib and his band of UMNO men cannot, have not and will not managed this issue in the proper manner.
    Meanwhile my wife and I will continue to live the 1Malaysia life with our Malay friends.

  37. 80% peratus yang hadir dalam demo tu adalah kalangan orang umno. Perkara ini boleh bincang antara cerdik pandai bukan pakai hentam semacam je.

  38. Najib Razak - BAPAK KONSPIRASI!



    NOAH = NOH

  40. 2033: We round off this dark day with a statement just released by the Aliran exco: ‘Bigotry in the name of Allah’.

    The silver lining in all this is that the crowds at the various protests were not as large as many had feared, and the vast majority of Malaysians simply walked away and refused to join in. Many others issued statements and comments condemning this lapse into momentary madness. Therein lies a glimmer of hope for a better Malaysia that many of us believe is possible.

    Another bright light can be seen over here, where blogger Dr Rafick, a Muslim, is leading a donation drive to raise funds to repair the Metro Tabernacle Church.



  42. This is not about God, this is a desperate act of diversion to cover for the theft of the jet engines. God does not need mortal man to defend Him, God does not need man to protect Him, God defends and protects all who believes in Him.

    So, please see the bigger picture, if they are really Islamic, they will face all the issues calmly and not instigate their people to create riot. The current Pakatan people have a lot to lose if there is a riot in the state of Selangor. So look at the motive, who gains if there is a riot in Selangor. And suddenly, there is no more news on the police investigation into the theft of the jet engines.

  43. Of course..and dont forget Altantuya,plus Najib's desire to take over S'gor..

  44. Najib's 1st attempt to take over S'gor ended up with Teoh's murder..he only knows how to recycle his father's methods..

  45. TB,
    Gulungan yang membakar gereja tu,tak susah nak tahu,siapa mereka.Setakad ini,sudah beberapa jam sejak tengah hari tadi,ada tak yang sudah ditangkap atau ditahan polis?Disinilah teka-tekinya.Kalau sudah ada yang tertangkap,tahulah kita siapa mereka.Kalau masih belum ada yang tertangkap,jelasklah siapa yang membakar gereja tu.Tak payah nak panggil Sherlock Holmes.Ini kaedahnya diMalaysia.

  46. Former Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar started the mess when he poked his nose into Sarawak where "Allah' has not been an issue for over 400 YEARS!!

    Now the already know racist new Home Minister Kerismudin and his sly and bigoted cousin, PM Najib, have fanned the flames of racist and religious bigotry by saying they could do nothing to stop protestors from gathering in mosques.

    Double standards? You betcha!!

    They shoild be publicly flogged and the GOvt should resign and call for fresh elections. UMNO/BN no longer has the moral authority to govern a multi-racial and multi-religious nation.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  47. Bayi yang baru dilahirkan seolah-olah sehelai kain putih. Maka ibu bapa yang akan mencorakkannya sama ada untuk menjadi bayi tersebut Islam, Nasrani atau pun Yahudi..

    Dalam hal ini, individu seperti TB dan lain-lain orang Islam yang menyokong penggunaan Kalimah Allah oleh Kristian adalah jelas mereka ini telah dicorakkan sebagai Nasrani + Yahudi. Berkemungkinan ibu bapa mereka telah mencorakkannya sebagai Islam namun di atas faktor-faktor lain, secara tidak langsung mereka telah menjadikan diri sendiri sebagai sebahagian daripada Nasrani atau pun Yahudi. Walaupun pada hakikatnya mereka nampak seperti Islam tetapi di sebalik Islam yang dipertontonkan sebenarnya mereka adalah Nasrani / Yahudi secara senyap.

    Sebelum terlambat, eloklah kamu semua yang beriya-iya menyokong tindakan Kristian supaya bertaubat dengan sebenar-benar taubat..

  48. Sila nyatakan di mana anda berada dan siapa anda, kalau boleh alamat anda sekali. Article ini adalah libel yang penuh. Anda telah memfitnah tanpa bukti dengan mengatakan pengeboman ini dilakukan oleh UMNO, dan ini boleh sabit dihadapkan ke mahkamah.

    Bukan itu saja, artikel anda ini telah berjaya menipu orang ramai sehinggakan lebih 80% dari pembaca anda telah berjaya ditipu sampai mereka percaya pembohongan anda ini dan ini sendiri prima facie kepada bolehnya anda didakwa.

    Walaubagaimanapun sekiranya anda boleh mengemukakan evidence yang terjal, maka kami pembaca-pembaca yang lain akan bersama-sama anda untuk mengutuk UMNO. Jika anda tidak punyai evidence, maka anda telah termasuk dalam blog blog yang mana precedence yang terdahulu sudah ada: yaitu pemfitnahan yang tinggi, dan telah ada pemblog yang tulisannya kurang dari anda tetapi disaman dengan tinggi.

    HJ Abdul Latiff Rejab

    p.s. Saya bukan orang UMNO, tidak pernah mengundi UMNO.

  49. This has never happened in Malaysian history. I suspect that this is due to the infiltration and influence by Al-Qaeda kind of Islam and Muslim footsoldiers, especially from the Pakistani, Afghanistan and Bangladesh nationalities. They are really trying to control oil-rich Malaysia and Indonesia as their South-East Asia’s base. Imagine – where do they get the bomb from? Further, these foreign fanatics are brainwashing our young through infiltrating mosques, Muslim NGOs, universities, schools and so on – thus the increasing irrational hatred towards non-Muslims! Intelligence network by the Home security need to be recruited among the young Malaysians and placed in this strategic places.

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)


  50. In response to Katrina Sri (former: Noor Aza)Germany January 9, 2010 12:42 AM.

    You're reading this wrong.
    The bomb was petrol bomb, no need to get it from bogus Al Qaeda, which is scapegoat for all the world's problems.

    This is godless politics.Divide and rule godless politics at work igniting the Race and Religion explosives. Works every time, except for now.

    It's not going to work anymore. People will soon know coz' Allah subhanawataala will expose those responsible for the hypocrites and evil men that they are.

  51. kepada pukimak pukimak mcm TB dan yg sewaktu dgnnya...aku copy sedikit maklumat tentang kes HERALD vs gov Msia yg dah bermula lama dulu sebelum general election 2008 dan ia berlaku pada zaman BN pak lah yg masih kuat....jadi logiknya di sini kenapa perlu ada yg menuduh isu ini ciptaan UMNO yg terdesak sedangkan ianya adalah isu yg sudah lama diperjuangkan oleh HERALD dan dikala umat melayu lemah maka mereka ambil kesempatan utk berkuasa....c you tube "herald vs gov Msia...
    "The Minister for Internal Security issued a Publication Permit dated 12th February 2008 (for the period 1st January 2008 until 31st December 2008) to the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, the Publisher of the HERALD - The Catholic Weekly' stating that the Publication Permit is subject to a "Garis Panduan Penerbitan" which prohibits the Publisher from using the word ALLAH in the HERALD - The Catholic Weekly.

    The decision of the Minister for Internal Security was unacceptable and on

    19th March 2008, an Application for Judicial Review was filed in the Kuala

    Lumpur High Court to challenge the decision of the Minister. The first state

    of the Application for Judicial Review (i.e. to seek leave or permission to

    proceed) is fixed for hearing at 9.00am on 25th April 2008.

    lu pk la sendiri...

  52. "Fire Bombings of Churches is An Act of Desperation by UMNO"
    TB anda menuduh tanpa bukti, ini fitnah namanya. Saya harap anda akan mendapat balasan yang setimpal di dunia dan akhirat.

    p.s. Saya di atas pagar

  53. Sebening subuh...
    1.20% oghang melayu sokong Pas!(analisa bukit gantang-nizar menang))
    2.40% oghang melayu sokong Umno!(analisa bukit gantang-Nizar menang)
    3.40% oghang melayu atas pagaq !
    4.Penentu kemenagan Pas atau Umno,sapa????Pengundi atas pagaq!
    5.Kepada pencacai sekalian!!Yang penting hangpa kena taghiq puak atas pagaq!Kena ada fakta yang tepat!Senang nak nilai dan nak pangkah sapa!!!!!
    6.Kes nak kenai puak kristian koptik dan puak kristian moden Malaysia pun hangp dok pusing dan dok belit!!!Pakiam yang bawak kes kemahkamah tinggitu sama muka ,sama kulit dengan bekas YB yang kena tembak dikulim dulu!!!!Yang dok murtadkan perempuan melayu muda islam!!!!Depa guna idea hangla TB oiiii!!!Kami puak kristian koptik!!Kami bertuhan yang sama-Allah!!!Last sekali dapat pelughu kat kepala la!!!!!!Awattt!!!Hang ingat puak yang dok atas pagaq,penentu kemenangan parti melayu ni bodo bacam hangka !!!!!Aku tak kisah kalau Pas atau geng hang menang dikawasan majoriti bukan Islam!!Biaqpi la!!!Esok-esok hang dan lani pun dah ada ciri-ciri pencacai puak kapiaq!!!Itu jeee tarap hang!!!!!!

  54. ...alahai lupa,sikit lagi....
    puak atas pagak ni selalunya rasional!Punyai kelulusan akademik yang tinggi!Master atau Phd.Belajaq juga ilmu agama semenjaq kecik dari tok-tok guru!!Dapat kenai mana satu puak mudahhhhh!!!!!!!

  55. ...sikit lagi...
    puak mudahni!Jahil bab tauhid!Lagi jahil bab tasawuf!!!!Hangpa tengukla sapa pengikut kuat depa!Sister in Islam!Marina Madey-cakap berdegaq-degaq bab islam!!Tudung entah kemana!!!!Tafsir hadis dan Al-Quran senang je!!Ambik dari kumputer jeee!!!"Roh" tak dak.....

  56. .....sikit lagi....
    macam hang jugak!!!Tafsir Al-Quran pandai!Dapat yang tersurat je!!!Yang tersirat!!!Tu hang dok mohong oghang islam!!Hang dok kempen yang kristian malaysiani asainya puak kristian koptik!!!!Alahai!kalau hang pi mohong budak tadika pun depa tak percaya!!!Depa kata tenguk muka dan kulit pun belain!!!!!Itu perbezaan dari segi fizikal jee!!!Dari segi perangai!!!Botoiii bersepah kat rumah tiap haghi!!!!

  57. "kepada pukimak pukimak mcm TB dan yg sewaktu dgnnya...aku copy sedikit maklumat..." Anonymous 2.55 am

    Ini dia orang yang nak bela Islam. Dia bermula dengan menghina kaum ibu dengan ungkapan lucahnya...

  58. ..jangan maghah kat dia!!!Dia belajaq bahasa daghi mentor dia!!!tukar Tiub!!!!





  60. Nama ALLAH dipertahankan, hukum ALLAH macam mana, bila ada pihak yang nak laksana HUDUD, dtuduh macam-macam.

    Umat ISLAM bersatu? Berapa ekor yang berdemo tu? Ikhlas ke mereka ? Tau ke apa yg di demokan, tengok muka macam mat rempit je!

    Nak tanya sikit, puak yang dok sibuk berdemo tu, isteri di rumah pakai tudung ke, kalau tak dakwahlah ahli keluaraga dulu.

    Di tempat I baru-baru ni,buar demo sebelah masjid je tapi sembahyang Asar x pergi.

    Tak payah duk emosional sangat.

  61. "Roh" tak dak.....
    Barau ini iblis..

  62. UMNO devil and their gargoyles thot there will be a mass rally after sembahyang jumaat..kihkihkih..only thieir k0k suckahs were there..1 dunia dah tau dah..ketuanan melayu islam adlah ajaran sesat..ketuanan melayu islam is falsehood..ketuanan melayu islam adlah berlandakan lunas lunas setan!

  63. "Imam Besar Masjid Negara menitiskan air mata dan tersedu-sedan ketika membacakan doa di akhir khutbah Jumaat hari ini yang menyentuh isu penggunaan kalimah Allah di kalangan bukan Islam.

    Berbeza dengan solat Jumaat sebelum ini, suara Tan Sri Ismail Muhammad kedengaran sebak dan terputus-putus dari mimbar masjid, di penghubung bacaan doa tersebut."
    -sesat juga kot no!!!Hang jeee yang tak sesat!!!!

  64. Anwar Ibrahim:

    "... Dari segi rumpun Melayu .... kekuatan Bumiputera rapat dengan Islam, rapat, sejak awal tidak boleh nafikan. Penjajah bila bertapak target nya adalah mempastikan ada dikalangan orang2 Melayu dan Bumiputera menjadi orang Kristian supaya dengan cara ini mereka boleh split rank and file orang2 Melayu di Semenanjung dan Bumiputera di Sabah dan Sarawak.

    "Sebab itu penterjemahan kitab injil ke Bahasa Malaysia ialah langkah pertama yang Raffles mintak Abdullah Munshi lakukan: salah satu perkara pertama ialah terjemahkan kitab Injil kepada Bahasa Malaysia atau Bahasa Melayu pada masa itu .. Kerana mesti dapatkan sekolompok orang Melayu menjadi Kristian.

    "Mereka gagal, tapi concentration dan effort di Sabah dan Sarawak terlalu kuat."

    -sesat juga!!!!

  65. Secara prinsip nya saya tidak menghalang sebarang usaha untuk berhimpun secara aman kerana ianya sebahagian dari hak asasi yang dijamin Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Malahan adalah sangat bertepatan dengan hasrat Pakatan Rakyat, demi membina sebuah masyarakat yang bertanggungjawab dan negara demokratik, hak untuk berhimpun serta menyatakan pendirian ini tidak dihalang.
    -inipun sesat!!!!

  66. "Imam Besar Masjid Negara menitiskan air mata dan tersedu-sedan ketika membacakan doa di akhir khutbah Jumaat hari ini yang menyentuh isu penggunaan kalimah Allah di kalangan bukan Islam.


  67. Oleh : AdukaTaruna

    Satu hari di alam akhirat, Hadi dan Nik Abduh berpimpinan tangan dengan gembira nak masuk syurga.
    -ini tak sesat no!!!

  68. Kenyataan tokoh ulama PAS Datuk Dr Haron Din - yang mengaitkan sokongan kepada keputusan mahkamah kes kalimah 'Allah' boleh membawa kepada kekufuran - dipertikaikan.
    -ini pun sesat

  69. Di kesempatan ini, Tulang Besi juga bersedih kenapa Timbalan Mursyidul AM PAS lebih suka mengambil sikap yang menguntungkan UMNO dalam isu ini?

    -hatta!inipun sesat jugak!!!!

  70. Bagaimanapun, Abdul Hadi juga berkata, penggunaannya secara salah dan tidak bertanggungjawab mestilah dielakkan supaya ia tidak menjadi isu yang menjejaskan keharmonian kaum dan agama.

    -inipun sesat jugak!!!!

  71. Call on Malaysians – including religious bodies, political parties, NGOs – not to take part in demonstrations over the “Allah” controversy to avoid the trap of irresponsible political desperadoes out to exploit, manipulate the politicize the issue

    -yang ni tak sesat!!!Sebab inilah grand master TB hatta dalam bab agama Islam sekalipun!!!!


    -yangt ni pun tak sesat,tok ghuru depa sama!!!!!


  74. TB, you are so pathetic!!! You remind me the 'old' version of PAS supporters.

  75. kerja bakar ini tentu orang yang gagah lagi PERKASA ; kuat dan upaya melompat tinggi seperti si KATAK lompat. Makin Tinggi Riuh Kampong (MTRK);bila lompatnya tinggi akan riuh sekampong perangainya. Mengadu dumba dlll.

  76. kenapa nak salahkan UMNO? Semua yg buruk disalahkan UMNO

  77. -umno mmg hebat..kes ngan hindu, kepale lembu (tuhan org india)dipijak2,diludah,tp xde rspon dr kaum india, skang cube nk bkar sentimen org kristian ngan bom gereja plak..hrap org kristian dpt brsabar,sbb nie taktik umno nk mncetuskan huru hara..pas nie siap la penganut buddha, raya cina nk dekat nie, kite tgu n saksikan ape lg umno mlalui 'unit amal' nye (pekida) nk wat utk cetuskan huru hara..

    -watch out malaysia!!!


  78. Habsah Ibrahim: Ironically, the Assumption Church is the church where Matthew Danker, the father-in-law of former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi attended. His funeral was held there recently and attended by Abdullah. Pak Lah must be very sad...

  79. //kerja bakar ini tentu orang yang gagah lagi PERKASA ; kuat dan upaya melompat tinggi seperti si KATAK lompat. Makin Tinggi Riuh Kampong (MTRK);bila lompatnya tinggi akan riuh sekampong perangainya. Mengadu dumba dlll.//


  80. Ada yg akan masuk syurga,ada yg akan masuk tong taik..hehe

  81. grand moron ni mmg terbukti moron...jgn igt le org xtau kerja sape semua ni...skrg ni dh zaman alaf baru...kalau zaman 60-an dulu bleh le umno nk tipu org dgn bende2 camni...yg kes kepala lembu tu bukan ahli umno ke yg anjurkan...apa yg MB selangor ckp lain...ko yg xfhm...aku tau le muka2 yg bawa kepala lembu tu...aku tau ko ngan geng2 ko mesti kecewa sbb xdpt nk cetuskan ketegangan kaum...sbb tu nk cetuskan ketegangan agama lak...alhamdulillah Allah SWT lg berkuasa...segala perancangan puak2 korang terkena batang hidung sendiri...konon nk perjuangkan nama Allah tp pengisian Islam x berjuang lak...dun't worry gm...org2 cam ko ni lg 10-15 tahun pupus le...insyallah lps tu generasi seterusnya bukan cam hang lg...

  82. dan kpd mereka2 yg mengkritik TB ni kita dh leh nampak jelas dr tahap penulisan mereka mmg amat2 rendah(lebih rendah dr budak tadika)...semuanya berdasarkan emosional semata2(biasa le...kata pn umno)...bila suruh berhujah semua main semberono je tanpa ada fakta dan dalil yg kuat...semuanya berdasarkan persepsi(ini kelebihan umno)...ala korang bukan kritik utk kebaikan kn...umno byr je jln le...umno xbyr kritik betul x...

  83. korang puak UMNO memang bodoh tahap gaban..time semayang jumaat yg duk ngadap internet mestilah kaum HAWA..hehe..ingat org pompuan tak qheti politik (mcm puteri2 UMNGOK)..Lagi satu ni aku tak puas hati, pasai apa hampa nak kutuk org tak join buat havoc kt jalan2..??Nak suruh org lain jadi bodoh macam geng UMNGOK jugak!Nak tunjuk semangat jantan bekobar2 juara rakyat konon...perjuangan islam apa yg geng2 UMNGOK ni duk merepek..???mai habaq kat aku..Awat hampa tak kalut p bedemo ramai2 bab2 murtad,minum arak,rumah urut,disco dangdut,judi ekor dll lagilah yg kalu aku nak sebut memang lenguh lah jari nak taip nih! Benda2 haram tu yg patut hampa marah dulu!! Org mlayu islam kt msia ni apa sgt yg depa nk bangga dgn keislaman masing2..kalau sayang sgt dgn islam..jaga dulu benda2 yg boleh memalukan islam...kalau dh lemah roh islam, maka tak salah la puak2 anti islam memulakan langkah menyebarkan dakwah ajaran mereka...contoh paling baik,kita boleh tengok kwsn2 yg 90% org2 islam penduduknya..time semayang nk dgr azan pun susah..tapi sikit hari lagi bila dh tempat tu dicadangkan buat rmh ibadat agama lain...barulah org2 yg ngaku islam ni tepekik telolong!!what a Typical Malay Muslim..!!!

  84. UMNo mengamalkan islam kah? Para kopiah imam yg mejilat pungkoq UMNo islamkah?Semua pelawak,pelakon pariah!!

  85. by Charlie Fu on Friday, 8 January 2010 - 7:50 am

    Lately I read a lot of hu ha in the papers about the word allah which the muslim’s say the word “allah” is for their God, and the Christian cannot use it. The Christian should used the word Tuhan for their God. It cross my mind that the muslim in Malaysia cannot sing the Negaraku because the words Tuhan Kurniakan (which is God bestow the blessing) is a Christian God. Ha Ha Ha What a joke?

  86. by yhsiew on Wednesday, 6 January 2010 - 2:59 pm

    Just imagine how nice it is – some 900,000 Catholics cross over to PR in the 13th GE after the Appeal Court rules that Catholics are prohibited to use the word “Allah”.

    I believe that some from other faiths will also cross over to PR knowing that their religious freedom has been curtailed under the BN government.

  87. by tenaciousB on Tuesday, 5 January 2010 - 5:51 pm

    I believe there should be accountability with regards to the muslim religion in malaysia. It seems like they are manipulating their religion conveniently and politically.

    If today they can claim sole proprietary ownership to the word ‘A-lla-h’, tomorrow they will claim ownership of the air that accommodates the echoes of their morning and evening prayers. We all know the facts of the origins and usage of the word ‘A-lla-h’ but we cannot reason with these extremists.

  88. by ReformMalaysia on Tuesday, 5 January 2010 - 7:33 pm

    The people should learn more about both religion of Islam & Christians…

    Christians -believed that God created Adam and Eve and we are all descendants of these two firsthuman beings

    Islam too -believed that God created Adam and Eve(Hawa) and we are all descendants of these two firsthuman beings

    Both Christians and Islam believed there were prophets -Abraham(Christians) /Ibrahim(Islam), Moses (Christians)/Musa(Islam), David(Christian)/Daud(Islam), Jesus/Isa,….many others similarities,

    So doesn’t that point to the same origin of the God? The differences only started about about 500 AD when Islam’s prophet arrived ….

    So God the Creator is the same God referred to by both religions?

  89. ..pandangan oghang bukan islam mengenai isu kalimah Allah!Fikirlah sendiri!!!!!!!

  90. ..alahai lupala pulak..
    pandangan dari puak kapiaq harbi!Rakan baik TB!Bila Pas menang nanti dalam PR13,inilah puak yang akan berbincang dengan TB untuk menegakkan undang-undang Islam!!!!!

  91. 4th arson attempt as 113 groups slam violence
    WP Greet Box icon
    Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.

    More than a hundred (113 at noon) civil society groups and several political parties have come out to strongly condemn the attempted arson attacks against three churches following the controversy over the use of the word Allah.

    The groups, covering a wide spectrum of Malaysian society, issued the statement here at a joint press conference held at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall this afternoon.

    The condemnation comes in the wake of an attempted arson attack on a fourth church.

    Rev Hermen Shastri, the General Secretary of the Council of Churches of Malaysia, says he has been informed that the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in PJ old town has been fire-bombed sometime between last night and this morning.

    “Police report made and police investigating. Fire bomb missed window and minor damage,” he said in a text message.

  92. ..belit,belit,pusing,pusing!!!itulah TB,sekadaq pencacai jeeee!!!!!!Pemecah belah sesama islam!Pencacai puak kapiaq harbi!!!!!

  93. oh boy oh boy oh boy..:)..najib goes to chruch..wooo..hoo.hoo..promises RM500k aid..kahkahkahkah..snoopy dog dog's brain betui betui in the rectum..can see in google maps!!....he thinks,people cant read his hand..born to be a chootia this current pm is..

  94. ...alahai..
    hangpa nak kata apa pun kat Najib!Ikut suka hangpa!!!Tapi bagi aku hang tetap pencacai puak kapiaq harbi!!!!

  95. Tulang Besi,

    Hang dengan Anwar (keparat) Ibrahim, aku rasa satu kepala, satu otak. Manusia pembelit dan penipu yang sanggup menjual dan merosakkan agama demi populati....hang dan anwar keparat akan terima pembalasan diakhirat nanti. Tapi saya percaya tuhan akan membayar CASH......

  96. Aku memang sampai mati takkan bersetuju dengan TB sebab dia bodoh. Ilmu aku lagi tinggi drpd dia. TB ni cakap aje lebih, ilmu tahap longkang aje. Aku ni ilmu dah tahap wali allah. Nik Aziz pun aku tak heran. bodoh punya TB. Otak lembu.

    Pasal bom ni, dah lah tak ada bukti sahih. Lepas tu nak tuduh UMNO. Kenapa tak tuduh Osama Ben Laden aje..? Aku bengang betul bila orang tuduh-tuduh parti kesayangan aku ni. UMNO adalah hidup dan matiku.

  97. Simple aje, belum apa apa TB dah tuduh UMNO. Dia marah orang fitnah dia, tapi kerja dia fitnah orang lain.

    Apakah Islam ajar kita menghukum orang lain sebelum diketahui maklumat sebenar? Inikah Islam versi TB?

    Lihat apa yang berlaku sebelum ini. Selepas puas mereka fitnah UMNO dengan isu kepala lembu, last-last MB mereka sendiri kata itu bukan angkara UMNO. Tapi malangnya TB masih teruskan fitnah ini walaupun MB kesayangan engkau kata bukan angkara UMNO.

    Saya tak tau apa jenis manusia TB ni. Sepatutnya kalau kita nak perjuangkan Islam, perkara pertama ialah kita sendiri kena takut pada Allah S.W.T.

    Nak suruh orang kita pi protest kata Al-Azahar? Tapi TB kan kata Malaysia bukan Syam. Habis tu Malaysia ni Mesir kah?

    January 8, 2010 4:08 PM


    Ingin dimaklumkan bahawa penulis di atas ini bukanlah Grand Marquis yang sebenar. Itu penipu dan penyamar besar. Harap maklum.

  98. Saya kesal kerana ada yang menggunakan nama saya untuk menyamar. Sunggu keji mereka ini. Ini boleh merosakkan kredibiliti saya sebagai penyokong UMNO yang setia. Saya harap kepada yang menyamar tu, hentikanlah perbuatan anda. Saya tidak pernah mencari masalah dengan anda. Kasihanilah saya. Terima kasih.

  99. Babi haram jadah betul siapa yang menyamar jadi aku ni. Pukimak lancau cibai betul. Babi sondol betul. Ini yang buat aku betul-betul hilang sabar ni. Celaka babi. Memang patut kena carut dengan aku orang yang merosakkan nama baik aku ni.

    From: Grand Marquis yang tulen

  100. Amat malang blog TB telah dicemari dengan entah hapa-hapa punya orang. The last few posting tu bukan posting Grand Marquis. Tetapi ia orang yang menyamar sebagai Grand Marquis.

    Mula-mula dia cuba menyamar stail berhujah Grand Marquis, tapi lepas tu slowly dia cuba nak burukkan nama Grand Marquis dengan perkataan-perkataan yang nampak seolah-olah Grand Marquis bersikap ujub. Last-last dia masukkan kata-kata mencarut. Ini semua tak lain tak bukan nak burukkan nama saya.

    Amat malang orang-orang seperti ini. Entah apa yang anda cuba nak buktikan. Kepada orang yang menyamar, satu saja nasihat saya, kalau anda ni orang Islam, takutlah pada Allah S.W.T. kerana anda mungkin boleh menipu pembaca blog ini, tapi anda tidak dapat menipu Allah S.W.T. (yang tidak beranak dan diperanakkan). Jadi takutlah pada Allah S.W.T.

    Sebagai pengesahan posting ini adalah dari Grand Marquis yang sebenar, saya buat posting dengan sign in account google saya.

  101. .

    if PAS is really concerned about the issue and the wellbeing of PR they prolly have no choice but to fire the PAS Selangor chief.

    It is time to put a stop to this lingering problem.


  102. Fuck u all umno supporters for making so much problem in this country!!! U'll pay dearly after all the shits u have done !!! 13th GE u will know your fate. Prepare to DIE!!
    Hancur UMNOngok!!!Desperate buggers do desperate things!!! Majority melayu dah menyampah dgn UMNONGOK!!!Ada jugak lagi melayu bodoh nak ikut UMNONGOK ni!!! Bukan apa, cari makan punya pasal!!!Tak gentleman langsung, takut kalah pilihanraya pakai tektik kotor!!!Piiirrrahhh!!!

  103. Sebening subuh...
    1.Pilihan raya bukit gantang(Pas menang)-penyokong melayu yang menyokong PAS-20-30%!)
    2.Pilihanraya Bagan Pinang(Umno menang-penyokong melayu yang sokong PAs 5-10%!)
    3.PRU 13!!!!!Kalau dok kempenpun dah mencarut tak ketawan hala!Hangpa pikiaqla sendiri!!!!!
    4.Tak sabaq nak tenguk pilihyanraya kecil DUN siputeh,Kedah!!Penentu halatuju politik oghang melayu!!!Mana-mana parti samaada Pas atau umno menang,menentukan pola sokongan oghang melayu pada parti mana!!!
    5.Kalau pikiaq apa yang berlaku pada GM dah tau,tahap mentaliti geng-geng TB ni!!!!!
    6.Teringat satu ketika dulu Mat Sabu!Nik Aziz tak bagi berkempen dikelantan!Loqlaq! suka mencarut!Nik Aziz takut mencemarkan nilai-nilai keislaman puak melayun dikelantan!!!

  104. Mana hang tau Umno bakar gereja? Hang Ada bukti ? Kalau ada tolong serah maklumat kat polis.
    Kalau tiada, anda memfitnah. Islam jenis apa kamu ni?

  105. ...
    TGNA yang dirahmati,
    “Mereka yang lemah disisi kamu menjadi kuat disisiku,sesiapa yang kuat disisi kamu maka lemah disisiku”,ucapan tersohor Sayyidina Umar Ibn Khattab.Indahnya jika ungkapan tersebut dipraktikkan secara total di dalam pemerintahan TGNA.
    Realitinya,banyak isu melingkar,berbelit dan tidak terungkai sekian lama.Makin hari makin bertambah dengan isu-isu baru,perlukan komitmen yang tinggi serta ikhlas untuk menyelesaikannya.
    Isu-isu besar dan kecil silih berganti.Boros,penting diri dan memihak kepada kapitalis ( pemodal ) adalah masalah yang wujud di kebanyakan PBT di Kelantan.Kebanyakkan tanah milik PBT dipecah lot,buat bangunan kemudian dijual tanpa mengira kepentingan jangka panjang.
    Bayangkan pada tahun 2025,tanah strategik di Bandar bukan lagi milik PBT kerana sudah dibeli oleh individu.Jangkamasa pendek menunjukkan setiap PBT mencatat keuntungan tapi hakikatnya hasil tersebut dari penjualan asset.
    Kebanyakkan keputusan dibuat oleh Ahli-Ahli Majlis PBT kerana kepentingan peribadi tanpa mengira impak kepada rakyat.Program lawatan ke luar Negara juga seolah-olah menjadi acara tahunan dalam kalendar PBT.
    membelanjakan sesuka hati duit PBT sedangkan hasil dari lawatan tersebut masih tidak berkesan.Pemantauan terhadap kewangan PBT perlu dilakukan segera,jangan biarkan golongan ini menjadi kebal dari apa jua tindakan.
    Nasib rakyat tidak terbela,cukai sentiasa naik setiap tahun dengan kewujudan pelbagai kutipan untuk memerah cukai dari rakyat.Bagaimana dengan nasib peniaga kecil dan warga Bandar?Siapakah yang diharap untuk membela golongan mustadafin?
    TGNA yang dihormati,
    “DEMI MASA! SESUNGGUHNYA MANUSIA ITU DALAM KERUGIAN”.Kenapa perlukan tempoh 3 bulan untuk meletakkan jawatan sebagai CEO PMBK? Alasan yang dangkal tidak akan diterima oleh masyarakat yang waras berfikir.Hendak seribu daya,tak hendak seribu dalih.Sepatutnya disegerakan letak jawatan untuk mengelakkan lebih banyak kerugian harta rakyat.
    Bukan remeh soal CEO PMBK? Isu yang menarik khalayak seluruh Negara ditangani dengan sebelah mata.Ingatlah! Bukan senang untuk PAS bertahan 19 tahun,penuh dengan derita dan airmata darah mengiringi perjuangan.
    Kasih saying itu ujian Allah terutamanya terhadap keluarga kita sendiri.Sirah Nabi Nuh a.s jelas darjah kasih sayang Nabi Nuh a.s. tidak dapat menyelamatkan hukuman Allah terhadap anak isterinya.Jangan kita lupakan Syeikh Barshisha yang terpengaruh kerana pujuk rayu isteri mendapat kemurkaan besar dari Allah kerana mendoakan kesesatan Nabi Musa a.s.
    TGNA yang disayangi,
    Janganlah kerana kasih tidak bersempadan kepada keluarga menutup pintu kebenaran yang selama ini terbuka luas di landasan perjuangan.janganlah kita menghukum seseorang berdasarkan saranan dari keluarga terdekat.Politik itu 1000 helah tapi gunakanlah helah politik terhadap musuh bukan teman seperjuangan.
    Saya ingin kembalikan nasihat TGNA selama ini kepada rakyat supaya bermuhasabah sepanjang masa terutamanya sebelum tidur.Ada baiknya kini TGNA sendiri bermuhasabah kenapa ‘keluarga terdekat’ semakin menjadi buah mulut rakyat terbanyak.Sya tidak rela penghujung karier TGNA menjadi liabiliti kepada PAS.Biarlah selamanya TGNA menjadi aset paling berharga pernah dimiliki PAS abad ini.
    TGNA yang disanjungi,
    Renungkan kenapa ‘hijab’ keluarga TGNA sedikit demi sedikit didedahkan Allah swt kepada masyarakat umum.Bukankah selama ini ianya adalah rahsia ‘keluarga Pulau Melaka’? Masakan pokok bergoyang tanpa angin,adakalanya sudah bertukar menjadi ribut. Awaslah bahana ribut kerana tak pernah bersimpati kepada mangsanya.Pokok,rumah,kereta,bangunan dan jangan sampai kita juga ditimpa RIBUT.


    -Allah itu MAHA segalanya!!Hanya Dia yang dapat menentukan siapa yang lebih alim!Siapa yang lebih takwa!Siapa yang kafir!Siapa yang munafik!Tidak mengira yang selalu beserban atau dok merempit ditengah jalan!!!!

  106. ...ini berlaku dikelantan!!Diperintah oleh oghang Islam!!!Oghang islam yang mengaku islam tulen!!Yang dok tuduh puak lain jahil segalanya!!
    Hangpa bayangkan jika satu hari puak ni dicucuk hidung oleh puak kapiaq harbi bila memerintah Malaysia!!!!Apa yang berlaku!!!
    1.Lesen judi bertambah beghibu kali ganda!!
    2.Semua mabuk siang dan malam!!!!
    3.Puak kristian!Puak Cina!Puak hindu!Semua tuntut nama tuhan yang sama!!!
    4.IPTA,semua dipenuhi oleh oghang cina!Terutama dalam bidang kritikal !Medic dan kejuruteraan!!Pelajaq melayu belambak kat falkuti pengajian melayu dan pengajian Islam!!!
    5.Penjawat awam,boss!Semua bukan oghang melayu!!!Kecuali di JAIS dan lain-lain!!!
    6.DAn lain-lain!Hangpa bayangkan sendiri!!!


  107. UMNO sedang didalam proses mengambil tindakan undang-undang keatas anda (Tuan punya bloq) kerana melimparkan fitnah yang tidak berasas. Tunggu dan lihat!!!!

  108. bodoh TB,
    mana2 yg dia dok leh jawab dia nyamor jadi anon pah tu maki2 org, org umno sorilah, hang duk layang TB ni pasal apa.. org PAS dok layang doh dia.. dia bukan PAS hanya org yg cari makan je.. dia mitak jadi CEO tapi pas dok beri.. kesian dia, tu yg jadi gila dok tentu harah tu

  109. You must be a DICK HEAD..

    that does not mean your little growth between your pelvis and thigh has anyting to do with what I just called you..

    For someone who has nothing to show would be a good idea that you carry on 'wanking'(if you can find it)..

    By the way how is your mum..

  110. Islam melarang membuat tuduhan tanpa bukti. Kita boleh kondem perbuatan membakar gereja, tak kira itu perbuatan siapatetapi jangan menuduh melulu.
    Yang sedihnya sekarang umat Islam sebok menyalah kan sesama sendiri tentang hal ini terus terlupa dengan isu penggunaan kalimah Allah.
    Ingatlah, kita sedang menuju ka akhirat setapak demi setapak. Lapangkan masa dan fikiran kita untuk mengkaji sama ada kita rela kalimah Allah di gunakan oleh orang kristian atau tidak. Juga ini bukan babak akhir derama ugama ni, suatu hari nanti akan timbul isu kenapa orang bukan Islam kena masuk Islam bila mahu berkahwin dengan orang Islam.
    Semasa orang Islam berbalah sesama sendiri orang lain bertepuk tangan.

  111. Don't forget that bald hUMNO (yes, that humbug Party) Yemeni bastard who started the A-word controversy which resulted in such dire consequences.

  112. memang jelas terbukti UMNO bikin kacau bin bilau..musang cakap polis tak boleh tolong..gereja perlu cari jln lain utk jaga gereja..siapa yg cakap"sy tak blh buat apa apa sekiranya ketuanan iblis turn berdemo'?..sekarang dengar khabar,mat rempit dah turn kat kl..satu dunai dah tau dah..1 malaysia=1 iblis.. UMNO sudah porak peranda..tak tau nak buat bikin haoklah!!

  113. easy to buih buih verses frm the quran..even nachibai did that yesterday..

  114. 'Ada komen bodoh cakap artikel Unspinner yang pecahbelahkan umat Islam.


    Sungguh naive dan simplistic.Macam tak pernah keluar tempurung.

    PAS sendiri ada 2 kumpulan.Nik Aziz kutuk seorang ulama PAS sendiri sebagai sampah.Kenapa?Sebab ulama tu ada terfikir waras sikit nak menyatukan umat Islam.

    Pemberi komen yang bebal macam ni baik pergi ke blog Malaysia Waves,pergi lecture kat situ.

    January 10, 2010 8:56:00 PM GMT+08:00

  115. by frankyapp on Monday, 21 December 2009 - 7:25 pm

    If GOD,the almighty can forgive,why not human who believed in HIM.HE can be flexible.why can’t we ?. Pas president should follow GOD example and help lead DAP and PKR to putrajaya. I hope Hadi is equally as serious and sincere as AI/LKS/LGE to lead the rakyat to take over PutraJaya from the corrupted Umno/Bn .Uncle Nik Aziz is a great leader,I have always shown my humble respect for him,though he might not remember me. I have every confidence in him.Let us pray and hope Hadi would not let the rakyat down .

  116. Hadi was quoted as saying that the PR should not be formally registered at the moment, although almost everyone at the convention and even the general public are expecting the coalition to be legally constituted as the initial step toward the march to Putrajaya.

    If the purported Hadi comment is true, then it means that PAS has serious ideological differences with the other political partners in the PR.

  117. Religion and other beliefs practiced by Malaysians should form the basis of unity that is founded on good universal values. Malaysians have almost fallen into the boiling pot of discord and tension that was caused by manipulation of religious differences. This should not happen in a genuinely democratic Malaysia, with Islam occupying a special position whilst the rights of other religions are guaranteed.


  118. by -ec- on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 4:41 am

    where is the policy on race based quota system?

    where is the policy on inter-party conflict resolution?


  119. y Dipoh Bous on Monday, 21 December 2009 - 10:20 am

    Syabas PR. Your policies sound TOO GOOD. When something sounds too good, will it be possible to implement it?

    The part that really attracts my attention is the one that touches on religion [ article 3(B.i) ] which says….
    (i) Defend the position of Islam as the
    religion of the federation and
    guarantee freedom of religion for
    every Malaysian.

    My question is….

    “Does it mean that EVERY Malaysian will be free to choose a religion of his/her choice?”

    If PR could do that, I believe more inter-marriages among muslims and non-muslims will take place. At present, if one (non-muslim) marries a muslim one has to embrace Islam. That was the reason why I was not married to a muslim women before! You see, while other Malaysians are free to choose any religion of their choice, our muslim friends do not have that freedom.

    I wonder how PR is going to achieve that. Perhaps PAS and keADILan have finally become ‘democratic’ as Pakatan Rakyat should be? :)

  120. The story of the Malayan nationalist leader Chin Peng’s request to come home interests me academically. I hope he will one day be given the chance to speak in Malaysia’s universities, sharing his story on Malaysia’s struggle against imperialism.

  121. Surat Terbuka Untuk TGNA

    Firman Allah bermaksud “ Dijadikan kepada manusia perhiasan,,cintakan nafsu syahwat daripada perempuan2 dan anak-anak….hingga akhir ayat “

    Bersyukur ke Hadrat Allah swt kerana Rakyat Kelantan dikurniakan seorang Pemimpin yang beriman sebagai Mursyidul Am dan Menteri Besar untuk memimpin kami ke jalan yang diredhai dunia dan akhirat.

    Alhamdulillah berkat usaha dakwah TGNA selama ini kami yakin bahawa Islam itu selayaknya memerintah Dunia agar kita semua tidak alpa dalam kesesatan.

    Sebagai manusia sudah tentunya kita tidak dapat lari dari kesalahan dan kesilapan.Justeru TGNA mengajar kami agar sentiasa bermuhasabah dengan apa yang kita lakukan setiap hari supaya rahmat Allah sentiasa melingkungi kehidupan kita seharian

    sambung di cilipadi007.blogspot

  122. 1969 riots was caused by UMNO. UMNO blamed it on racial riot whereas they were the one who incite hatred and led the people to perform shameful acts. Army and police forces were not only being ordered not on intervene so to enable the riot begins but backed the protest groups (or more accurately being called as terrorist groups). The truth was untold. Similar articles were published overseas but not in Malaysia.

    Then new policy were introduce as if it the purpose was to help the poor but it turned out to prosper only the riches, head honchos, leaders. The poor receives only bit and pieces of the economy improvements. Could the same thing happen again to grant more privilege to the riches?

    People in the society are good hearted. Some try to incite hatred feeling among them. When May 13 1969 incident were happening, Malays were helping the others to hide in their houses and kampung. They gave them sarung to wear and many more. The people were proven to be good to one and another. Then why did these incidents happen?

    It was published that Tun Abdul Razak led the protest then took over to become Prime Minister from Tunku Abdul Rahman. Now Najib only know how to use his father tactic.

    Now the UMNO members and 'smaller' leaders have been giving speeches at mosque to incite hatred. If UMNO do not proclaim the same stand, they should disown these members and leaders. Who actually order them to give speeches?

    Mongolia case related to Najib.
    Jet Engine was stolen when Najib was Defence Minister.
    Even before Najib took over from Badawi, the media have already been instructed to censor all Najib's negative remarks and only print the positive ones.
    Many more other cases if we need to list down.

    Some said Syed Hamid Albar started the mess of Sarawak - Allah. But who instructed Syed Hamid? You have the right guess.

  123. It is not to blame Malay. Race is not a problem here as i got many Malay friends who are friendly and helpful.
    IT is the leader who are trying to mis-use this to lead to a "better world"

    Don't be fooled by those so called leader anymore.


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