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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tiada Dakwat Kekal di Jari Memenangkan UMNO di Hulu Selangor. SPR BIRO UMNO

Sekarang baru kita faham mengapa UMNO dan SPR menolak cadangan dakwat kekal di jari bagi proses mengundi. Kalau sistem dakwat kekal dilaksanakan, sudah tentu Barisan Nasional akan kalah dalam Pilihanraya Kecil Hulu Selangor baru-baru ini.

SPR pula adalah Biro UMNO, sudah tentu tidak akan melaksanakan sistem yang dilaksanakan oleh majoriti negara-negara jiran kita. Ini kerana sistem ini akan merugikan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Bayangkan kalau Indonesia yang mempunyai rakyat 240 juta orang boleh laksana sistem ini, mengapa Malaysia yang hanya 27 juta tidak mampu?( Rujuk gambar di atas)

Tiada alasan untuk Malaysia untuk tidak melaksanakan sistem ini sama sekali kecuali kerana mahu memenangkan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.

Sistem dakwat kekal akan memastikan seorang pengundi hanya akan mengundi SEKALI sahaja. Ertinya ia akan membunuh segala usaha undi hantu, undi berganda dan undi beli dari pihak UMNO. Undi berganda ini menerangkan mengapa PKR kalah dalam Hulu Selangor dalam keadaan UNDI PKR TIDAK JATUH, malahan naik.

Kita semua sedar SPR adalah Biro UMNO. Waktu 3 ekor katak di Perak melompat, seharusnya SPR mengisytihar kerusi mereka kosong. Namun, SPR tidak berbuat demikian kerana SPR adalah Biro UMNO. Juga, apabila kerusi Kota Siputeh diisytihar kosong oleh Speaker, SPR pula bertindak lebih terror dari Speaker DUN Perak. Di Hulu Selangor, seramai 17000 pengundi telah DIPINDAHKAN tanpa pengetahuan setiap pengundi.

SPR kita bukan sahaja Biro UMNO tapi barua UMNO.Maka, setiap pergerakan mereka adalah untuk memenangkan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.


Hidupkan balik agenda BERSIH mulai sekarang dan paksa SPR menerima sistem dakwat kekal di jari. Kalau terpaksa berdemonstrasi pun, kita berdemo lagi sehingga tuntutan kita diterima.

Anwar Ibrahim boleh membawa usul ini ke peringkat antarabangsa supaya dunia tahu bahawa Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya di Malaysia tidak lain dari pelacur kepada UMNO semata-mata.

Kalau UMNO benar-benar ikhlas mahukan perubahan sistem, maka sistem dakwat kekal WAJIB digunakan.

Hulu Selangor sebenarnya dimenangi oleh Pakatan Rakyat. Tapi, PR kalah pada penipuan UMNO dan BN dengan bantuan pelacur mereka bernama Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR)

Tulang Besi

Ink on Finger, Indonesia vs Malaysia, Manek Urai BN “victory”, SPR is an UMNO’s Beareau

Ever wonder why Indonesia with 200 million voters (that’s right 200 million) can implement the ink-on-finger, and Malaysia with just less than 15 million voters cannot? The picture shown above shows that there is no excuse for Malaysia not to implement the ink-on-finger.Hundreds of millions of Indonesians had their fingers inked when they voted in the Parlimentary and Presidential elections this year.

I checked with an acquaintance who voted in the election, and she told me the ink will take at least a month to completely disappear. If u wash the ink part everyday, it may take no less than a week.

And in Indonesia, the ink system works. There has been no report of people voting more than once or “phantom voters”.

Ink-on-Finger Should be BERSIH’s Next Agenda

BERSIH needs to be resurrected. And if only for this single agenda, then BERSIH existence would be totally justified.

Manek Urai’s result has shown us, among all, how devious votes serve the interest of Barisan Nasional. If Pakatan were to retain their ground, then the Malaysian electoral system must be guaranteed to be “fraud free”.

Repeated votings, postal votes and “phantom” voters are the lifelines of UMNO/BN. If Pakatan states wants to ensure the repeated success in their states, they will have to stop BN at their tracks. In other words, they will have to stop BN from benefiting from the usual Phantom Votes, Postal votes and repeated votes.

Phantom voters existence is beyond doubt. But, it kept coming back and nothing has been done to stop phantom voters. Therefore, Pakatan Rakyat will have to take a proactive and aggressive step to ensure that Phantom votes ceased to exists.

SPR is UMNO’s Prostitute

We all know how the SPR worked in favor of UMNO in the Perak coup-de-tat. And the dates of by elections have always favored UMNO. In Penanti, they delayed the calling of the date so as to give MACC a chance to prevent former Penang TKM from resigning.

In Manek Urai, they deliberately scheduled polling day on a working day. In Bukit Gantang they scheduled the polling day on a weekend because the BN believes that Malay younger voters will come back to vote and vote BN.

In short, the SPR is an UMNO’s prostitute. The question is, what do we do about it? BERSIH needs to be resurrected.

There must be constant expose’ of SPR and their evil deeds before the damage is beyond repair. UMNO is desperate and they will use everything to protect their illegal hegemony.

We must make sure that UMNO’s complicit with SPR be exposed to the public and let the public see SPR as what they are, an UMNO’s prostitute.

Tulang Besi

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  1. UMNO said the ink will not make you 100% clean before you sembayang. Never mind that it's being used in Indonesia, India, Iraq, Afgahnistan ... all of whom have Muslims.

    Oh I forgot, UMNO's version is unique & what the rest of the world does, is not relevant to the argument.

  2. Bro,situation will remain spt biasa..plz try to undertand,mlaysia is not a democratic country..its somewhere between zimbawe n burma..can we expect decent,good,fair beahvior frm a bunch of gremlins?

  3. He noted that PKR, which shot to prominence two years ago, needed constant consultation with its grassroots and various divisions to steer the party forward or risked going into "bankruptcy". The analyst added that PKR must raise the bar for its state and national leaders contesting in the next general election and should make good use of time to take stock.

    By Yong Min Wei, The Edge

    yet another intellctual moron..who is bankrupting this country?BN plus a bunch lethargic ,inert,zombi race groups namely indians n malays,who dont have the guts to seize the oppurtunity to demand for more when they r in advantge situation..the felda settlers should have demanded for full payment with 8% interst..if not,screw u BN..due to thier stupidty,BN is back in control..

  4. Anwar in one of his tweets has oredi said,the incidents that took place in HS is like a prelude 4 GE13..he is will b more uglier,more brutal,and if TGHH doesnt have the nerve anymore,he should quit his post 4 good.the mentaliti of the devil is to control and to menghambakan everyone..they throw crumbs of $$,n hungry zombi citizens will rush like hyenas to grab those crumbs
    its the chinese community who is a paying a heavy price.. they r the ones who were mostly butchered in may13,they r the ones who who contribute more than 80% in income tax n mcm mcm type of taxes(which the gomen use to f*k all us up)..they r the ones who gives lots of employments to malays n indians(inlcuding lots of 1/2P6 UBN MP's n datoks)..if they want,they can dump RM,buy Renminbi and cioa 4 good..but,they too luv this country so,they continue to cari makan here..the one major difference between the zombi malays n indians compared to chinis,is ,even a poor uneducated chinse can evaluate and think,and once fully convinced,will be unshakeble..the chinis is this planets most tahan lasak race group..they can endure suffering in silencee n know how to come out of difficulties..indians n malays pulak hope all the time intervention frm the divine,n divine talak mali kalu,"LET TSUNAMI COME AND TAKE AWAY OUR MISERY..AARG!!"

  5. Kenapa TB susah sangat menerima hakikat yang PR kalah di HS kerana majoriti memilih BN? Macam-macam alasan dibuat semata-mata nak tegakkan benang yang basah?

    Dari semua PRK yang berlaku selepas 2008, BN hanya menang 2 aje. Kalau ikut teori TB, nyata BN sepatutnya menang semua memandangkan mereka begitu pandai tipu dalam pilihanraya.

    Disini, logiknya pun nampak bertapa TB ni tulis main bantai ikut suka.

  6. banyak la kau punya dakwat, dah kalah buat la cara kalah.


  7. Baca kenyataan Mustafa Ali dalam Malaysiakini

    Itu hanya persepsi jahat TB.

    Mana ada undi hantu..... tak ada, kata Mustafa ALi

    TB nbukan percaya dgn Mustafa Ali

    Apa-apapun TB akan kata ... Geng Perpaduan.

    Ikut suka kamulah TB... jgn Fitnah itu sentiasa menjadi mainan dibibir sudahlah.


  8. Anon 12.23am

    This Tiongha say they contrubutd over 80% tax to other Malaysian (Malay and Indian). Those failed to vote for DAP were considered ......

    Now try "ugut" everybody... with thier money to control the Malaysian Politic scenerio... Now they are making strong hold Perak because they start to control more seta under DAP. They might field Bumiputra/malay in Perak... They had our Sultan rule because only bumiputra Melayu can become MB.

    PAS will support them... without read thier behind long term agenda.

    They can dump UMNO, PAS or any Malay party that try to dominate them.. power of Money.

    They become more stronger when economy plus politic achievement.

    Good stategic...... they control more land and strategic consttuency in Perak.. PAS will make thier dream come trough.

    Dowb fall of Malay-Islam empayer.


  9. hai TB...
    trimalah HAKITATNYA BAHAWASANYA BN mnang...muuuaaahhaa...GUA MENYERU
    TB trimalah kklahan PR dgn blapang dda tk usahlah mrapu lgi...
    cuba dlain kli yah!!!!muuuaaaha

  10. DAP is nothing before ANWAR vs MAHATHIR.

    Thier become famous when PKR was formed.

    They know they only can control chinese dominated , city and Kg Baru areas. Most seats in these constituency fall into them easily with strong Chinese idealism.

    Raed what Anon 12.23as has claimed... Money power.

    PAS support will make thier dream become reality.

    MCA has been claimed as UMNO barua...
    Now they make PAS and Mealu PKR thier silence weapon ... hm hm.. this is our time..

    Let Malay fight among them self this is our chance to penetrate.

    Good strategies.

    1 Malaysia .... 1 Chinese..


  11. kepada semua pencacai UMNO dalam blog ni (i.e. Grand Marquis).

    Saya cabar kita adakan semula PRK Hulu Selangor, tapi kita implementasi dakwat kekal di jari.

    Saya nak tengok BN masih boleh menang atau tidak.

    Amacam, berani tak nak terima cabaran?

    Jangan cakap je,bang. Semua orang boleh cakap.

  12. Halo stupid bodo dungu bahlol anon 3.06pm..the oreintal race group,the chinis,japanese,koreans r in control of monumental weallth..ok..they have all the the secret recipes for acquiring stupendous wealth..moreover,the oriental race group is ancient..they have a very tradition in almsot every field/subject..arts n sciences,literature n philosophy,invention,u name it,they got it..tak payah nak cemburulah wahai dunggu..
    mahathir the father of all things evil who cant even sell pisang goreng wanted to become instant billionaire,and this desire to be instant kaya is still afflicting the malay psyche..and this desire to be innstant kaya at any cost oso aafflciting the indians..nothing wrong in desiring wealth..but kenalah ada dispilin..dan perlu faham money making rhytm which the chinis has..amongst the indians,the gujeratis,the marwaris,and the sikh ,the chettiars have that rhythm..btw,i m not cinalah..i m not even an,i am in a neutral position to evaluate u all..happy hanukkah! wink wink

  13. TB cara kamu jawab komen seolah-olah kamu ni kebudak-budakan, ada ke kamu cabar kami semua yg tidak memihak kepada kamu supaya pilihanraya diadakan.

    Kamu tu siapa TB? Ktua umum PR ke, atau ketua pengarah SPR, kamu boleh ke bubarkan Parlimen suka-suka kamu, ada ke cabar PRK diadakan semula.Lainlah kalau kamu tu ada kuasa untuk membubarkan sesuatu kerusi Parlimen.

    Sedarlah kamu tu hanya blogger pencacai, yang sedikit pun tidak dipandang oleh kepimpinan PAS, pendek kata PAS sikit pun takkan rebah andai kata kamu bukan dalam jemaah mereka sekalipun.

    Analisis kamu macam-macam kamu selitkan, semata-mata nak tegakkan benang yang basah.

    Kalau macam ni la cara blogger PR menyelesaikan persoalan utk setiap komen, tidak mustahillah hanya orang yang pendek akal jer yang percaya akan setiap artikel kamu.



  14. WASHINGTON, April 14 (Bernama) -- Malaysia can withstand the tide of all forms of extremism and radicalism with good governance, transparency, a vibrant democracy, the empowerment of its citizen through education and economic growth with equity, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Tuesday night.

    Sekarang apa ada? Good governance? Transparency? Vibrant democracy? In your dreams! Kat Afghanistan pun ada dakwat kekal (kecuali kalau pakar anti-pengganas Malaysia cadangkan supaya dihapuskan sebab nak elakkan dipotong jari oleh Taliban, jadi Datuk Seri Hamid Karzai boleh menang tiap2 pilihanraya).

    Selamat menjadi penternak militan berjaya.

  15. tengok sendiri betapa kecutnya puak2 UMNO bila dicabar adakan semula pilihanraya dgn sistem dakwat di jari.


  16. Hahaha TB, ini bukan masalah takut atau tidak, ini satu cabaran yang tk masuk dek akal.

    Kalau kamu mampu istiyhar kan kerusi Parlimen Hulu Selangor tu tak sah, anytime undi semula boleh dijalankan, tapi TB mampu ke?

    Tak pun TB umumkan kepada semua orang yang PRK tempoh hari tidak sah. Tapi siapa nak dgr suara blogger macam TB ni?

    Agak-agak siapa nak dgr cakap TB, bimbang orang cakap TB ni gila jer. Hahahaha


  17. Orang PR terima kekalahan.. selamba land jer..
    tapi pencacai umno masih taklih terima bahwa orang PR bulih terima kalah!
    pencacai takut post mortem PRK PR mendedahkan lagi jenayah PRK umno yg sedia terdedah!!
    cam orang berak tengah jalan.. mapuih nak ngaku!

  18. TB.
    Kalau pakai sistem dakwat maknenya pembangkang akan menang semua kerusi dalam pilihanraya? Yang menangkan p.raya dakwat ye? Buat bertenang sikit brader.Kalau nak cabar biar pakai lojik. Dah tau nak ulang semula p.raya HS tu perkara mustahil buat apa cabar. BN kalah banyak tempat termasuk kerusi di Trengganu. Kita terima dan tak mencacai dan mencabar. Kehendak Allah terjadi dgn sebab musababnya. Sebabnya ramai yg undi BN.

    Negara lain pakai dakwat tak juga semua kerusi satu parti yg menang. Di negara guna dawat parti yg berkuasa juga menang.

  19. Tahap pemikiran orang itu dinilai berdasarkan kadar ucapannya.

    Bila orang tu buat cabaran yang tak masuk akal, kita faham-faham aje la.

    Tak sangka TB boleh turunkan tahap pemikiran sebegitu rendah sampai mencabar benda yang dia sendiri tau takkan berlaku.

    Cuma, kenapa TB tak cabar idola hang bersumpah...

  20. Yang lebih menarik ialah GM tak ori menunjukkan ketakutan beliau terhadap sistem dakwat kekal di jari.

    Untuk menutup ketakutan beliau suruh saya sahut cabaran2 yang tidak munasabah.

    Hahahahaha GM Tak ori dah makin mereng.

  21. Sour losers.. when you win you win because you deserve to win and you put effort in winning and congratulate yourself...

    As soon as you lose... its because others lied... Yes you won more Felda Votes didnt any care to check the votes of the non-malays...

    you call yourselves muslims???

    Pernah dengar Muhasabah Diri????


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