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Sunday, June 6, 2010

RM525 million is Pittance Compared to the Profits You’re Going to Make, Vincent!!!

Who is Vincent Tan trying to fool? He’s offering RM525m for charity (what a paradox). Yet, studies have found that the potential for Sports Gambling is in the billions PER DAY.

Allow me to cite from an article writes by Kang Siew Li:

“In a report dated May 26, 2006, Mayban Securities had estimated that the value of daily legal gaming was RM850 million, with illegal gambling estimated at around the same amount. This gives the total size of estimated daily gambling in Malaysia at around RM1.7 billion.

"Assuming that this amount is doubled during the World Cup month, there may be an additional RM1.7 billion being gambled daily," the report had said.”
That would mean,Vincent could make at least RM500million PER DAY during the World Cup. After the World Cup, there’s Emglish Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, UEFA Cup and many more prestigious football competition throughout Europe.

I expect Vincent Tan, will recoup the RM500 million he plans to donate to a charity body he owns in a blink of an eye. It’s only a day’s worth of business, Vincent.

So, no. You don’t get to fool us again Vincent Tan. The people already know the role you played in toppling the Perak government. Do you really think the people will be fooled again by another one of Vincent’s famous theatricals?

Also, the idea of using “vice” for charity is paradoxical, isn’t it? Charities are meant to spread good to humanity. Vincent plans to spread goodness to humanity by using funds from the vice industry.

So, again, another one of Vincent’s theatrical gone bad.

All I know, Vincent is a front man for UMNO. The gambling industry is owned by UMNO and money from the gambling industry flows like a river to PWTC. Vincent is just a face used to hide the real owners, that is UMNO.

Tulang Besi

ps Strangely, the article below suddenly disappears from the NST Only archives. Last month, it was still accessible, but now after the sports gambling controversy, it’s mysteriously disappeared.

Luckily, I managed to saved the article for the pleasure of Malaysiawaves’s readers.

Legal sports betting soon? 2010/03/23 By Kang Siew Li
KUALA LUMPUR: Sports betting may soon be legalised, probably in time for the Fifa World Cup finals in South Africa from June 11 to July 11.

It is understood that the Berjaya Group is seeking approval from the authorities to operate sports betting activities in the country, although it is unclear which betting system will be used.

A spokesman for Berjaya Corp Bhd group corporate communications told the New Straits Times that the company "would like to decline comment on this matter at this point of time".

This is not the first time that Berjaya Group has approached the government to make sports betting legal in the country.

In October 2004, Berjaya Group head Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun's privately-owned Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd was reported to have received approval to operate sports betting activities from the Finance Ministry in June 2003, in which it paid RM25 million for a 20-year concession.

However, then prime minister Datuk Seri (now Tun) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi shot down the proposal, saying the government would not give any licence to legalise football betting in the country.

While the Berjaya Group's second attempt is likely to stir protests from certain quarters, others have said that it should be allowed and taxed by the government, seeing that many Malaysians are already betting illegally on sports.

"It will likely divert money from illegal football betting. It will also take some of the gaming market share lost to Singapore with the opening of its first casino recently," said an industry observer.

In a report dated May 26, 2006, Mayban Securities had estimated that the value of daily legal gaming was RM850 million, with illegal gambling estimated at around the same amount. This gives the total size of estimated daily gambling in Malaysia at around RM1.7 billion.

"Assuming that this amount is doubled during the World Cup month, there may be an additional RM1.7 billion being gambled daily," the report had said.

Gaming analysts said Berjaya Sports Toto Bhd (BToto) was most likely to benefit if sports betting was legalised here. BToto is one of the country's three listed numbers forecast operators (NFO), which include Magnum Corp Bhd and Tanjong plc.

While betting on football is illegal in Malaysia, Singapore has legalised it since 1999.

It was reported that Singapore first introduced legalised football betting on S-League games in 1999.

In 2002, sports betting was extended beyond S- League games to include matches played in the World Club 2002.

Sports betting was subsequently further extended to allow for legalised betting on international football matches, the English Premier League and other European and Asian football leagues as well.

Sports betting has today gained widespread acceptance in Singapore.

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  1. alahai..
    1.Dah tau puak kapiaq harbi!!kaya melana!bukan kerana kepandaian berniaga!!kerana benda haram jee!!
    2.Vincent mungkin boleh bagi 1/2 billion hasil judi berlesen!!
    3.Puak Dap yang dok main judi tak dak lesen!!apa cerita!!paling kurang tiga kali ganda dari yang berlesen!!senang cerita puak dap boleh derma pulak 2 billion kat PR nanti!!
    3.Samalah tu!!satu puak kapiaq berjudi! berlesen!!satu puak lagi!yang main judi takdak lesen!patutpun tentang habis-habisan judi berlesen!!sebab depa dari turun-temurun dok berjudi tak dak lesen!dari zaman komunis lagii!!
    4.Puak dap tu!!guna duit mana untuk jentera PR!!duit halalkah!!!depa tak terlibat dengan judi!!dengan along!dengan riba!!
    5.Vincent ka!untung judi!!dap ka untung judi!!semua masuk kepoket puak cina la jugakkk!!puak kapiaq harbi!

  2. It once again goes to prove that UMNO Baru is controlled by a Chinese gambling tycoon.

    Translated it means, UMNO Baru's stated stand that Malaysia is an Islamic state, is just but nonsense to fool the Malays, syiok sendiri, make them fool themselves good about all the "ketuanan" craps, when in actual fact, Malaysia never was and never can be and never will be an Islamic state. If it is an Islamic state, VinSetan had shit on Islam, and no one from UMNO Baru, all those Islamic councils, all those relgious authorities dare not even open their mouths when Islam had so blatantly been trampled and scorned. Perkasa? This is shitx3! Always out to tipu bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam with all those nonsense and keris wavings, but, kept their mouths shut when a Chinese gambling tycoon is openly promoting gambling to hina agama Islam!

    From day one till now, it is clear that only PAS, and PAS alone, is the true champion of Islam dan bangsa Melayu. There is no reason at all for the Muslimins and Muslimats to follow whatever nonsensical fatwas issued by the State Religious councils except those from Kelantan and from PAS rule Kedah, from PAS ulamaks only. All the rest are fakes.

    PAS is the only true champions of Islam since its inception 51 years ago and only PAS can struggle for the betterment of Malays and Islam. They never shift the goalpost to suit their needs, they never shirked from their responsibilities when challenged, they never run away when they are faced with a problem, unlike UMNO.
    Malays must wake up and realize and decide for themselves as to whom they think is the best protector of Malays and Islam. UMNO Baru is lost and they are moving without direction whereas PAS is getting stronger by the day and had remained steadfast in their struggles for Islam and Malays.

    Bangkit Melayu, bersama sama kita dengan PAS untuk menerajui negara kearah era gemilangan bangsa Melayu dan Agama Islam.

  3. Satu hari RM.850juta.Illegal betting pun sama. Bermakna satu hari RM.1.7 billion.Kalau untung 50% saja sudah jadi RM.850juta sehari. Nampaknya yg untung gangster cinalah. Lesen tak lulus bookies cina dan anak2buah kaya raya. Sedaplah DAP. Cina bila kaya kerajaan dia control.Tengok je di Selangor...

  4. Donating to his own personal foundation? How much of the RM525 million will be actually given to the needy? Five percent a year? And the rest? Will it be re-invested under the name of the foundation and withdrawn after a few years? This is the trick employed by the mega-rich worldwide.
    This guy was certainly cunning indeed. He did not commit on how the cash would be disbursed; neither did he say to which segment of the society. To me, this is just to hoodwink the rakyat. End of the day is i give you one, you give me 3 in return. Never ever trust this guy esp he was a blue eye boy of the now half dead mamak kutty.

  5. Vincents n dollars robber Tan is trying to bribe the publik!watch out people..Vincent the conman knows,on line football betting sites r more popular n more established!He is trying to lure the publik by pretending 2 b a charitbale person!

  6. haram tetap haram..... makan duit haram .....buang bayi harammmmm

  7. tamingsari,

    salam. tak perlu bicara banyak banyak lah.

    Saja beritau pendirian awak, adakah judi bola haram disisi agama Islam? Adakah tamingsari seorang muslimat yang baik?

    Tak perlu beri alasan alasan yang tidak relevan, hanya adakan judi itu halal?

  8. mandarin pariah dog Vincent Tan pinjam RM800 million dri bank utk menambah dia punya syer dlm kompeni yg mendapat "tender" utk judi bola..ini chootia bangsat gerenti akan "pass on" ootang ini to da kompeni..sikalang si pariah ciakap dia nak derma RM500 million..waah..ini semua taktik utk avoid cukai,declare "loss" n tibai rakyat dan syer holders..boycott pariah ini..dia punya last resort is to use mata2 to threaten d underworld football betting cartel..haha..not going to b easy o chootia vincent..they 2 got mega power koneksyons..

  9. Who knows Vincent might ask cyber terrorist frm zionist Isreal to hack websites that offer on line gambling..

  10. Aiyah, sampai sekalang, galoh galoh judi bola tak habis. Wa, kapala pun banyak banyak sakit la.

    Itu tamingsari cakap cina dap yang judi. Cina dap mana ala lui? Dia olang ini semua PR punya olang, mana ala senang punya lui? Dia olang kerja banyak terluk, tak da judi punya.

    Saya boleh sumpah la, semua itu haram judi punya olang, semua MCA/Gelakan punya olang. Lu tau ka, perlempuan, kalaoke, night klub, tauke spa, masage, ayam pelempuan, ulut semua punya, pelempuan China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Filipin, semua ala sindiket punya, mau buat itu business, mau banyak lui, mana dap punya olang ala lui? Semua ini lui datang dali MCA/Gelakan punya olang. Dia olang saja bolih dapat lesen, dap punya olang tak lapat lesen la. Boloh punya. Macam ini pun tak tau pikiak ka? Semua ini buat jahat punya olang semua kaki BN. 100% sokong BN kuat punya. Lulu, DAP punya olang mau celamah dekat Pinang, Perai, mau cakap saja, gangster sulah naik pentas tak bagi dia olang cakap. Lu tamingsari apa tau? Selalu maki sama olang Dap, tapi olang MCA/Gelakan yang jahat. Cakap sama lu butut butut, ini Ah Long semua gangstar, dia olang mana ala lui? Ini taukeh taukeh busat dali Kuala Lumpur mali, pinjam lui sama ini gangstar di semua tempat Malaysia, caj dia olang bunga 3% satu bulan, ini Ah Long piki pinjam sama olang 10%-30% satu bulan. Sebab ini AhLong olang jahat, olang yang pinjam sama dia olang takut, dan misti bayak punya. Ini tauke tauke dali Kuala Lumpur banyak panglai punya. Lu tamingsari tau apa ini bisneis? Tak tau mai kong la.

    Ini bookie bokie semua BN punya olang. Sekalang olang Cina semua sula tau ini MCA/Gelakan punya olang ada banyak jahat. Lu sulat kabak tala baca ka? Gangster busat busat Malaysia semua member MCA? Gambak gangstar sama menteli MCA semua ala dalam sulat kabak, ini lu pun tak tau ka? Lu tak da baca sulat kabak punya ka? Boloh punya. Polis pun sula tangkap ramai dan taloh Simpang Lengam, ahli politik yang bagi dia olang keluak. Sekalang lu tengok, 70% olang Cina undi PAS, DAP, PKR punya. Dan olang Cina yang undi PR, semua olang susah, kerja manyak teluk punya dan juga sekalang, semua olang ala baca buku punya, semua undi PR. Wa manyak malah lu, tamingsari, cakap bohong.

    Lu tak tau ini judi punya pasai lu kulang cakap sikit la. Buat lu sindili malu saja. Mana ala 850 juta satu hali? Itu tauke juli bohong, sebab dia mau lesen judi. Kalau polis tak la tangkap sebab ala lesen judi UMNO bagi punya, 1.5 billion ringgit satu hali ada la, sebab, olang Melayu banyak boleh judi. Lu tau ka tak tau tamingsari. Lu manyak boloh punya cakap. Lu tak tau, lu tanya, lu cakap tak betut punya semua, sebab lu tak la tau.

    Tak mau cakap tipu tipu punya la. Lu tak percaya lu baca sulat kabak yang lama lulu, ini IGP sula manyak tangkap gangstar gangstar busat busat punya semua taloh Simpang Renggam. Siapa yang bagi dia olang keluak? Sulat kabak belita pun manyak manyak ada tulis. Orang UMNO yang bagi keluak la. Cakap ini pasat, gua pun manyak hangat.

    tamingsari, lu mari PAS bikin olang baik la. Apa pasat lu selalu mau cakap tak dak baik punya? TB panglai, dia tau, dia ala pengalaman punya olang. Wa manyak hangat la tamingsari. Lain kali itu keris kalat punya, lu tolong sama wa, simpan la, ok?


  11. Judi yang ada berlesen pun sekarang ni dah bersepah-sepah, yang mana sepatutnya orng islam menanganinya secara berhikmah untuk menghapuskannya. Apa yang menghairankan untuk buat apa lagi nak menambahkan lesen untuk berjudi?

  12. Anon 12.18

    Engkau ini cukup bodoh punya analisa. Ini menunjukkan berapa ceteknya pengetahuan engkau terhadap judi, dan orang orang Cina.

    Terlalu amateur, emosi dan tidak langsung berfakta. Satu analisa bodoh oleh kuda UMNO Baru. Memang tidak berpengalaman.

    Kawan baik engkau MCA/Gerakan adalah kulprit pertama segala aktiviti haram diseluruh negara. Kongsi kongsi gelap Cina, kabel mereka terus ke Putrajaya. Dan kini pun sudah bergabung dengan kongsi gelap barisan tiga dan India. You masih rendah pengetahuan sejarah triad diMalaysia atau Asia Tenggara.

    Semua karaoke, rumah pelacuran, spa, nightclub, massage, diseluruh Malaysia, kesemuanya kepunyaan penyokong penyokong kuat MCA/Gerakan kawan baik UMNO Baru. Kini tolong pi tengok kat Johor sekarang, mini Bangkok la, juga Melaka dan Negri Sembilan. Sebab kerajaan PR diSelangor tak beri lesen maksiat lagi jadi mereka ini semua pergi ke kawasan kawan mereka, iaitu UMNO Baru.

    3) Puak DAP yang dok main judi tak lesen. Bodoh punya tinjauan. Orang DAP, mana ada wang untuk bertaruh, tak ada jalan cari wang yang senang seperti mereka di MCA dan Gerakan. Seperti orang Melayu, orang PAS mana ada wang bertaruh, walau ada wang pun, sayang pada wang, agama dan bangsa, tetap tidak akan judi. Hanya Melayu UMNO yang berjudi. Paham tak bodoh? Kini, tolong lihat orang orang Melayu yang berjudi di seluruh negara maupun yang halal atau haram. Dulu zaman komunis mana ada Melayu berjudi, kini zaman UMNO Baru, jumlah orang Melayu yang berjudi jauh lebih ramai daripada orang Cina., sebab UMNO Baru sudah berjaya dengan cermerlang sekali, mempromosikan judi kepada orang Melayu.

    4)Puak DAP, seperti PAS mengutip duit masa berceramah, tetapi PAS yang lebih kaya kerana mereka telah bermula jauh lebih awal daripada DAP. Para penyokong yang menghulurkan wang ringgit daripada kocek mereka untuk menyokong satu pakatan yang baik dan telus. Engkau tak biasa dengar ke, ceramah2 DAP di Pulau Pinang, satu malam ceramah, mereka boleh mengutip hingga RM150,000? Tentu wang DAP/PAS halal, dimana mana mereka berceramah, kutipan tentu melebihi RM20,000. Tak hairanlah kalau engkau tak caya, kerana BN bayar kepada penyokong untuk datang mendengar ceramah mereka, itupun sebanyak ratus atau paling ramai 1,000 yang akan hadhir. Tak biasa dengar ke masa DAP/PKR/PAS berceramah di Pulau Pinang (pulau) lebih 100,000 orang hadhir. Tak baca surat khabar ke? Kini di Seberang Jaya bila bila masa PR berceramah lebih 20,000 yang akan hadhir. UMNO Baru hanya bolih mimpi sokongan sebeginilah.

    5)Orang seperti VinSetan lah kawan UMNO Baru. Bangsat.

  13. Concern MalaysianJune 7, 2010 at 6:43 AM

    Extracts from MT: (RPK)

    Do you know that Vincent Tan does not really own the entire interest in his gambling empire? He owns only part of it. The rest belongs to Umno but held under trust by Vincent Tan. This was the deal struck way back when Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar, then the CEO of TV3, conjured the scam during the time when Daim Zainuddin was the Finance Minister.

    Vincent Tan can deny it all he wants. The bottom line is he is the front man for Umno. He is Umno’s nominee. He owns only part of his gambling empire. The rest is owned by Umno but held by him as trustee.

    How do I know all this?

    Let me put it this way. I was there when the deal was struck. Maybe Vincent Tan does not remember me. Well, his Malay directors do because I went to school with some of them and two of them were actually my batch-mates in the Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

    Yes, Vincent, I was that Kwailo-looking guy in the bush jacket who was sitting across the table from Ahmad Sebi when you walked into the room without knocking and interrupted our meeting.

  14. As a Muslim I am to guess UMNO is a Malay/Muslim party yet they see it fit to do a evil approval. What happen to all the Mufti hope they are also part of this act. otherwise.why kept silence. Can I suggest theIR monthly pay do come from this approval .Even some facilities get fund from this gambling it will also pass back or somehow enjoyed by Muslim so where is UMNO THE CHAMPION OF ISLAM????

  15. As usual, Malaysia has got everything completely wrong
    Instead of actually thinking about this gambling scenario and maybe learning from how other countries handle their gambling issues. Malaysians immediately go for the gut reaction and fall back on what their religious texts have to say about gambling. But like so many aspects of 21st century life religion has got it wrong

    Gambling is one of those sins invented by religions so that they have even more reason to control their followers. In fact gambling is an innate part of human nature and everybody practices it every day of their lives. So where is the sin in that.

    Gambling only becomes a problem when its carried to excess, but in contrast religion can never be carried to excess. Right? Malaysia rather than educate to address the problem, relies on the good old ( and unworkable) concept of the ban

    If managed properly gambling can be a form of entertainment and a pleasure to many. All banning does is drive the instinct to gamble underground.

    In a well managed society gambling when controlled by a caring government can be used to sponsor aspects of a civilised life that are often regarded as an extravagance in a cash strapped society

    But not in Malaysia. Here the government seems to thrive (hypocritically) on abusing the confidence of Malaysians by doing everything possible that is unreligious, unethical and unprincipled. So that gambling which could be an asset to the country becomes a liability to the people and to the nation

  16. AFAIK, this frontman does not have a monopoly on slot machines. There is at least one other "latuk" running the machines in clubs in KL/Selangor, and maybe other "latuks" elsewhere.

    BTW, I know Wanita UMNO has to pretend the srource does not exist, but what about Wanita MCA, Wanita MIC etc.?


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