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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sokong Karpal: Bunuh Perogol Kanak-Kanak

NOTA EDITOR: Tulang Besi menyokong 100% cadangan Karpal Singh supaya perogol kanak-kanak dihukum bunuh. Malahan, bagi Tulang Besi, hukuman bunuh sahaja tidak cukup. Bagi Tulang Besi, Malaysia wajib memperkenalkan hukuman salib di khalayak ramai kepada perogol-perool kanak-kanak. Dalam isu ini, kita wajib mempersetankan panggilan para pejuang hak asasi manusia. Mereka yang didapati bersalah kerana merogol kanak-kanak tidak layak mendapat hak asasi manusia. Apa akan jadi pada anak cucu kita kelak apabila anak-anak kita tidak selamat dari menjadi mangsa rogol? Generasi masa depan kita akan hancur sekiranya kita tidak dapat memastikan keselamatan anak-anak kita dari menjadi mangsa rogol.

Namun, seingat saya, cadangan hukum bunuh bagi perogol kanak2 ni dah lama dicadangkan oleh PDRM kita. Mungkin cadangan ni tidak disukai sangat oleh UMNO pada masa itu kerana ada kepimpinan UMNO yang ditangkap kerana ada skandal dengan budak bawah umur. Nak tahu yang mana , tanya Lim Guan Eng. Hairan juga, mengapa tiada kepimpinan UMNO yang membawa cadangan ni?

Karpal suggests death penalty for child rapists
Sat, 31 Jul 2010 17:44

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP chairman Karpal Singh today called upon the government to amend Section 376 of the Penal Code to provide for the death penalty for child rapists. Karpal said although he had been an advocate for the abolition of the death penalty, in light of the daily occurrences of crimes against children, in particular, instances of rape against them, it was time for the government to act in the public interest which demanded the introduction of measures which were bold and effective.

"This is to send a clear message to would-be offenders that the law will not tolerate anymore the rape of innocent children," he said in a statement today.

Karpal said the recent alleged rape of a 10-year-old girl while being driven from school in a school bus by the driver brought into sharp focus the dire necessity of reviewing the penalty for such offences.

He said the punishment for rape of a child under the age of 12 under Section 376(2)(e) of the Penal Code was a term of imprisonment which might extend to 30 years together with whipping.

Undoubtedly, he said the guilt of the accused must be proven beyond any reasonable doubt and of course in cases where an accused was caught red-handed in the act itself supported by the evidence of credible eye witnesses, there should be no difficulty in proving the case beyond reasonable doubt.

"I am mindful of the danger of the execution of an innocent man. The execution of the death penalty is irreversible. The horror suffered by an innocent man condemned to death at the instance of the state is beyond imagination," he said.

However, he said the magnitude of the offence of rape of an innocent child in broad daylight in the observance of eye witnesses must attract the need to amend the law.

- Bernama
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  1. I tak setuju bro..look..1st of all we live in a hellish world..everthing is..wat shall i say,is afflicted..religion,politics,money,life in general has turned into a horror people realise that murder is a case of temporary possession?have u all seen bomoh/pawang/tok sami "turun"?..same "process" happens when a person commits murder(its possession frm the vital world..dont ever think,we manusia r the only ones here..manusia alone has 5 layers of "sheaths/beings,one of them is the soul being...pendek kata..we r certainnly not alone..our physical being is not the sole being on earth..)

  2. Karpal's suggestion shows that he too under came under the influence of "lower vital world" when he said perogol kanak kanak shld be execeted..manusia mcm radiolah..boleh tangkap mcm cm frekuensi..look at the today's films..violent,penuh dgn adgen sex n ghoulish..this shows that considerable number o manusia r under the infleunce of very low type of vital beings/forces..internet pun penuh dgn porno fact traditional porno appears so benign,,its comman to see kanak kanak watchin porno,playing violent net games..ini lagi satu bukti lower vital forces dah turun..

  3. TB, just because Karpal make a point, that does not mean he has to be hailed.

    Benda simple macam tu tak perlu karpal untuk bersuara, dan tak perlu TB untuk support la. Every lay man yang ada common sense pun boleh cakap macam tu.

    Tapi TB bersuara lebih-lebih semata-mata menunjukkan obsessinya pada Karpal yang suatu ketika dulu dikecam beliau sendiri, dan juga menunjukkan kesempitan fikirannya yang gagal melihat isu melangkaui politik sempit merah-hijau.

    TB tak persoalkan ke, kenapa pemimpin PAS diam dalam hal ni?

  4. Sepatut nya hukuman mati harus di berhentikan.
    Undang undang adalah di gubal untuk melindungi masyarakat dan untuk memulih kan persalah.

    Malaysia yang memponyai hukuman mati tiada hak moral dalam meminta Singapura untuk tidak mengantung rakyat kita sepertimana apa yang berlaku baru baru ini.

    Hukuman mati tiada kesan untuk turun kan kadar jenayah berat.

    Karpal syokan perogol kanak-kanak di hukum mati.
    Akan tetapi , Karpal juga dah banyak pertahankan kes -kes persalah jenayah berat yang membawa hukuman mati.

    Sekira nya di adakan hukuman mati untul perogol jenis ini.
    Karpal juga mesti cadangkan kes Rahim Thambi Chik di buka untuk bicara semula.

    Anda machammana?setuju ?

  5. What's wrong in supporting Karpal Singh,especially when what he says is for the good of the nation? Do we want more kids to end up like Nurin Jazlin Jazimin who was brutally raped, tortured beyond recognition by her own parents, murdered and stuffed in a bag? The next victim could be your kid or mine.It's hard to see a politician like Karpal Singh, who despite his age and handicap still strives on for justice. Despite still not being 100% cured of his pneumonia, he will be at the court today to fight for justice against an evil conspiracy. He has been in politics for umpteen years, and has remained motivated all these while despite not being conferred any honourary titles like Datuk etc. If the govt is really sincere about upholding good principles, why doesn't it revoke Dato' Chua Soi Lek's datukship after what he has admittedly done? Are BN politicians all perfect gentlemen? Karpal Singh deserves the title better than some of the Datuks in town.Don't be suspicious of people because of their colour or creed, because the same God created everyone of us, and we are responsible to Him alone in all our actions. The question on why BN has not proposed the death penalty for it because some of them may be in it too? Possible. Why are they taking so long to look into the rape cases of Penan girls in Sarawak, for example? Something's really fishy.

  6. To Anon, What's wrong in supporting Karpal? Nothing wrong. Just that a matter as simple as that does not need someone at his level to tell the public.

    This also you can find it in Islamic Law which he opposed down to his dead body.

    Is he interested in law and justice? Well experience has shown that he is just a politician.

    Can someone ask him, why become the defense lawyer for Anwar when he was the first to raise the matter in the parliament?

  7. Appreciate your comment, Grand Marquis..but why doesn't the BN govt take a more serious view of community safety? If the death penalty for rapists is prescribed under Islamic Law, well and why isn't UMNO proposing it then? Aren't they Muslim? Why was it easy to implement the mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking? What is it about sexual offences that is making BN hesitate to introduce capital punishment? One can only conclude that the lawmakers themselves are equally guilty of sexual trespasses. To avoid falling into the trap, they keep procrastinating and giving excuses. That's the only viable reason one can think of. Where is Azizan Abu Bakar now? If he was really violated, he should reappear and lend moral support to Saiful Bukhari Azlan, but that's not likely to happen because it was just a drama all along.

  8. seharusnya keadilan, simpati dan ehsan melampaui sempadan agama, bangsa, politik dan pendapat/kepentingan peribadi...

    bersetuju dgn cadangan karpal bukan bermakna kita mengakui cadangan itu adalah yg terbaik, cuma menunjukkan kita amat prihatin dgn nasib kanak2 dan amat membenci jenayah hina tsbt.

    hanya mungkin 2 golongan yg mempertikai cadangan itu; pertama, bagi mereka yg sudah mati hati nuraninya. kedua, bagi perogol dan BAKAL perogol kanak2 atau yg ada selera ingin melakukannya..

    jadi, jenis mana satukah anda yg membebel melalak marahkan cadangan karpal???

  9. Aada baca tak berita mengenai seorang perempuan yg disahkan clinically depressed membunuh anaknya?dia telah dihantar ke Tanjjung rambutan..and wat about soldiers n polis?....they too r ordered to kill..if every act of violence,or "morally' tak betui,dihukum bunuh,there will b no human beings left on this planetlah..moral laws dont rule our conciousness..zaman rama dah lama habis,langsung tak boleh pakai..wats important is 2 discover the sources of violence,aggressive sexual misconduct..modern day psikitri is nothing more than shamnism ..and it only deals with the dark side of human consciousnes..and para bomoh/pawang/tok aji pooh sana pooh sini pun has lil curative a very complex thing..we can see it everywhere..lots of loosness in people start romening at a very young age..and syok ytenggok n doing lots of hideous/vulgar things..and people r obsessed with accidents too..syok tenggok mayat(some nak ambik nombor utk tikam nombor).modern day lifestyle has turned everything upside down..and extreme moral laws banning this haraming that r even worse..they dont solve the problemat all..they merely supress all kinds of urges..thats why banyak kes involving tok kopiah tok sami unkel momk raping women pun banyak..

  10. We must look existence in the face if our aim is to arrive at a right solution whatever that solution may be. And to look existence in the face is to look God in the face; for the two cannot be separated.... This world of our battle and labor is a fierce dangerous destructive devouring world in which life exists precariously and the soul and body of man move among enormous perils, a world in which by every step forward, whether we will it or no, something is crushed and broken, in which every breath of life is a breath too of death. To put away the responsibility for all that seems to us evil or terrible on the shoulders of a semi-omnipotent Devil, or to put it aside as a part of Nature, making an unbridgeable opposition between world-nature and God-nature, as if Nature were independent of God, or to throw the responsibility on man and his sins, as if he had a preponderant voice in the making of this world or could create anything against the will of God, are clumsily comfortable devices.... We erect a God of Love and Mercy, a God of good, a God just, righteous and virtuous according to our own moral conceptions of justice, virtue and righteousness, and all the rest, we say, is not He or is not His, but was made by some diabolical Power which He suffered for some reason to work out its wicked will or by some dark Ahriman counterbalancing our gracious Ormuzd, or was even the fault of selfish and sinful man who has spoiled what was made originally perfect by God.... We have to look courageously in the face of the reality and see that it is God and none else who has made this world in His being and that so He has made it. We have to see that Nature devouring her children, Time eating up the lives of creatures, Death universal and ineluctable and the violence of the Rudra135 forces in man and Nature are also the supreme Godhead in one of his cosmic figures. We have to see that God the bountiful and prodigal creator, God the helpful, strong and benignant preserver is also God the devourer and destroyer. The torment of the couch of pain and evil on which we are racked is his touch as much as happiness and sweetness and pleasure. It is only when we see with the eye of the complete union and feel this truth in the depths of our being that we can entirely discover behind that mask too the calm and beautiful face of the all-blissful Godhead and in this touch that tests our imperfection the touch of the friend and builder of the spirit in man. The discords of the world are God's discords and it is only by accepting and proceeding through them that we can arrive at the greater concords of his supreme harmony, the summits and thrilled vastness of his transcendent and his cosmic Ananda....136 For truth is the foundation of real spirituality and courage is its soul.137

  11. sebagai seorang PEREMPUAN, saya persetankan soal politik...sokong Karpal Singh atau tidak,bukan kunci untama saya membuat komen...

    dan sebagai PEREMPUAN saya amat bersetuju hukuman bunuh untuk perempuan mesti dilaksakan terutamanya rogol kanak-kanak.

    kenapa awak-awak semua yang membantah ni tak nak hukum bunuh kepada rogol? adakah anda seorang perogol juga,takut untuk dibunuh?

    itu pandangan saya sebagai PEREMPUAN, yang mempunyai ibu, kakak, sahabat, ahli keluarga yang berjantina PEREMPUAN

    barangkali yang membangkakng ini pernah merogol, berfantasi merogol atau mungkin perogol tegar yang tegar untuk membiarkan diri sendiri,ibu kakak anak2 untuk dirogol...


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