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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hudud Laws Does Not Stop Inflow of FDI Into Saudi Arabia

First of all, forgive me if this article will sound a bit harsh. But, if we refer to Saudi Arabia, the flow of FDI seems to increase despite the fact Saudi applies strict Shariah laws. And by strict I mean including “Hudud” punishment.

I chatted with a friend of mine who currently works in Riyadh yesterday. His name is Yasir. Yasir told me that in the last few years, the number of people coming into Saudi and Riyadh had increased rapidly.

Due to the influx of foreigners, the Saudi Religious authorities has to increase the frequency of public capital punishment (i.e. public beheading for robbers etc). Last time, punishments were only carried out on Fridays after public holidays. Now, they had to increase the frequency to weekdays as well.

But Yasir says the situation in Riyadh is like before, where people do not have worry so much about crime and women can walk in the middle of the night anywhere across Saudi.

I remembered after coming back from Saudi back in 2008, I learnt that my friend’s office was robbed in broad daylight. 4 men with parang came into his office and robbed everyone blind. He says, he was more worried about the girls in his office for fear that they may be raped.

I told my Malaysian friend, 3 days before I came back from Saudi, 2 people were beheaded in public for crimes of similar nature. I told my friend, we in Malaysia love our criminals so much that we are willing to sacrifice the security and peace of mind of the rest of our tax paying citizens.

In any case, the fact that Saudi is receiving a bumper crop of FDI shows that Hudud is not an inhibitor to progress and economic achievements.

Some would say Saudi has oil and therefore able to entice a lot of people into investing in Saudi. However, countries like Nigeria has oil too. Yet, Nigeria is still a backwater country in which people gets killed almost on daily basis. Many African states has other minerals like diamonds, copper etc. Yet, we do not see any FDI coming into these countries like how they’re coming into Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, I would like to remind DAP and Karpal to be careful with Muslim sensitivities. A success story Hudud is just around the corner for those with an open mind. But, if one’s mind is warped in blind following of western liberalism, then it is most likely one will not be able to tell the woods from the tree.

I mean, France bans Purdah and Hijab, yet defended Romans Polanski from facing charges of having sex with minors (after drugging her). Also, France appointed a minister who openly admits to have had sex with underage boys in Bangkok.

Is this the type of western liberalism that we should adopt?. Ban whatever is religious, bad mouth them but allows people to have sex with little boys and girls.

Tulang Besi

ps The Chinese practices public capital punishment as well. Yet, no one complains about them? I guess, if the Saudis practices Hudud but calls it with a "secular" name, people wont bother them too.

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  1. Saudi Is Amerika's gay partner..Saudi investments in Uncle Sam is more than 7% of USA GDP..The 4 Bushies have historic business ties with Saudi..Saudi,Mesir,Jordan,the gulf states, r all puppets of USA..and they have been homo partners of USA for decades..and finally,islam doesnt excist in those countries..what excist is conan the barbarian type of capitalism,bling bling bang bang..

    question time:wat caused the 3rd world debt crisis?

  2. Karpal oh karpal..2 weeks ago,u suggested that those who raped underage gals,should be given death,that,to my logic is equivalent of moral/intellectual version/interpretations of quranic laws?betui tak?

  3. Eh, bukankah DAP ni pejuang dan mensuburkan dakwah Islam? Kenapa tiba-tiba TB melenting dengan Karpal dan DAP?

    Can a leopard change his spot? Tu la TB, kenapa tak baca peringat Allah dalam Quran.

  4. Karpal adalah kapal yg sedang karam... berapa kerat pemimpin DAP yg ikut cakap dia la ni... dah tak macam dulu dah... sebab ramai dah paham...

    BTW.. rumah makcik saya dimasuki burglar 2 kali dalam masa 4 bulan...

  5. Soalan cepu Emaih!;-)Wokey..which mlaysian kaum is the ebst exponent of "hudud law"?DRUMS ROLL PLEEZ
    The Answ:Kaum India...tadaaaaaa!!Ya..come tioolar,fire walking ceremony,thaispusam,deepavali,hah,gerenti indians will incidents of parang attacks,choppy T chop...powered by nakamukka hip hop kollywood hitz.spiked coca cola,indians choose religious occasions to attack fellow indian..heh..korek2 vk lingam brudder,a kovil poosari kena hacked to death by 3 indians waat..

  6. there r lots of raimondo fatts,muthu jackson,alicia ali who thinks western secular socio economic model r absolute best for mankind..but now that their role model contries r have dived in2 black oles,can these pseudo asian secularists come out with solutions/answers n offer absolute absolute solutions that will be able save thier role model countries,including satu malaysia?can aah?

  7. [Yusufali 29:40] Each one of them We seized for his crime: of them, against some We sent a violent tornado (with showers of stones); some were caught by a (mighty) Blast; some We caused the earth to swallow up; and some We drowned (in the waters): It was not Allah Who injured (or oppressed) them:" They injured (and oppressed) their own souls.

    we ignorant kapiaq humans r responsible for own miseries..

  8. Can a leopard change his spot? Tu la TB, kenapa tak baca peringat Allah dalam Quran..

    Setuju la, sebab tu kita tak boleh sokong UMNO.

    UMNO tidak akan selamanya membenarkan hudud dilaksanakan.

  9. wat is da persamaan between tudungless secular marina mahataik n d tudung wearing pious lookin khir toyol's wife?kedua2 adalah horny bitch..:-)

  10. There's no need for a lengthy debate.

    Just ask the simplest question: DO YOU FEEL SAFE TODAY?

    From today's The Star:

    PETALING JAYA: Kinder­garten teacher Leong Lai Yong (pic) fought breast cancer for over two years and overcame it before going back to work just two months ago.

    But a snatch thief puts a cruel end to her life, stabbing her with a knife on a pedestrian bridge as she was crossing the road to get to her workplace.

  11. //Can a leopard change his spot?//
    Dey mairendi hari hari2 tukar baju,underwear,sarong kotek,tapi ur mentality remains as chootia as b4lah..n ur mahaguru mahapundek mawaneh mahataik kutty oso da same waat..after chonging adam n eve,this brain n emotionally dead zomby kelakar kelawar chonged n conned malaysiains..Mahachoot tukared spot/mask all d time this pariah anjedi malayali pariah dog wanted be like japanese industrial godzooki..another time nak jadi hedge fund specilaist..n then nak jadi bill gates..even had desire to sit cross legged like mumra @UN utk menggelapkan destiny of aprika n other nations..semua niat jahat si malabari pootki ni dah hancur berkecai..n ari ini, terpaksa depend on cacat ibrahim ali,his kepala berdengung 24/7 ultra bodo son,plus fuked face muhyuddin to save his arse frm being fried by d rakyat!

  12. Dr.Zulkifly Ahmad(Wat a man!!RESPECT!!!!!) shouldnt be upset..poonjabis r famous for thier brain india,ther r million n one jokes regarding themlah..n must oso factor in that yindians by nature r 1st kelas feet n toe lickers of the anglos n they have been like that for over 200 years!!

  13. //Just ask the simplest question: DO YOU FEEL SAFE TODAY?//
    The earth itself not,how can we be safe?there is a secret..for centuries ,man has depended on avatar,prophets,miracles,starway frm heavens to save his or hers arse..but wHEN a propeht does come,man pulak tunjuk tarig and rejets him or her..hah!!..indians pulak r so desperate,they now "transformmed" film actors in2 mahans,avatars,demi gods..but we forget..there is one entity in our self,that is a portion of the supreme himself..that entity is the witness...that entity never makes mistakes..that entity is our biggest protection..that entity is is locked in our hearts(as discovered by ancient vedic rishis,n muslim yogis)..and that entity surrenders/submits only to the supreme..that entity is THE SOUL!

  14. yeah,our external surface is very chaotic,very dangerous..people r agitated,depressed,frustrated,all over the world..this is perhaps "a sign" that someone is working silently/quietly, raising up all the dark filth to the surface in order to exhaust them?the world,the earth,its inhabitans r part of the SUpreme's He who powers evertyhing..we r covered up by our ego,n our sences,so we feel clouded,n dont see the "the hidden hand"..and that's the main reason why the prophets,the messengers,the avatars,the vibhthis took human birth,took up all our shit n filth, to not only overcome the diffciulties,n obstacles,but also to give the RIGHT N PROPER DIRECTION TOWARDS TRUTH man has the right to claim his or her religion is the man can formulise ETERNAL TRUTH..BECOS THE SUPREME,THE ETERNAL IS EVERYWHERE,IN EVERYTHING..ITS HE WHO EXTENDED HIMSELF IN INFINITE NUMBER OF SHAPES,COLOURS, AND IN INFINTY TYPES OF QUALITIES..

  15. The Psychic Birth

    The first signs of psychic opening are love and joy – a joy that may be extremely intense and powerful, but without any exaltation and without object, as calm and deep as the sea. Psychic joy does not need anything in order to be; it just is; even in a prison it cannot help being, for it is not a feeling but a state, like a river sparkling wherever it flows, whether over mud or rocks, across plains or mountains. It is a love that is not the opposite of hate, and it needs nothing to sustain itself; it simply is, burning steadily regardless of what it encounters, in all it sees and all it touches, simply because it cannot help loving, for that is its nature. Nothing is low for it, or high, or pure, or impure; neither its flame nor its joy can be tarnished. Other signs may also reveal its presence: It is light, nothing is a burden to it, as if the whole world were its playground; it is invulnerable, nothing can touch it, as if it were forever beyond all tragedies, already saved from all accidents; it is a seer, it sees; it is calm, so calm, a tiny breath in the depths of the being; and vast, as vast as the eternal sea itself. Indeed, it is eternal. And it is free; nothing can entrap it, neither life nor men, nor ideas, nor doctrines, nor countries – it is beyond, forever beyond, and yet innumerably present in the heart of everything, as if it were one with all, for it is God within us.

    To a seeing eye, this is how the psychic being appears: When you look at someone who is conscious of his soul and lives in his soul, says Mother, you feel you are going deep, deep down into the person, far, very far within. While generally, when you look into people's eyes (there are eyes you cannot go into, they are like closed doors, but some eyes are open, and you can enter), well, very close to the surface, you encounter something that vibrates, and sometimes shines and sparkles. You may misidentify this and say to yourself, "Oh, he has a living soul!" but that's not it. It is his vital. To find the soul you must withdraw from the surface, withdraw deep inside, enter far within, go deep, deep down, into a very deep, silent, and still cavity; and there is something warm, quiet, of a rich substance, very still and very full, and exceedingly soft – that is the soul. If you insist and are conscious yourself, you experience a feeling of plenitude and fullness, something with unfathomable depths. You feel that if you entered there, many secrets would be revealed; it's like the reflection of something eternal upon a calm, peaceful surface of water. Time ceases to exist. You feel you have always been and will be for all eternity.


  16. [Yusufali 112:2] Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;


    It was in the midst of this external turmoil, between political meetings and the newspaper to get out every morning (and under constant threat from the secret police) that, on December 30, 1907, Sri Aurobindo met a yogi by the name of Vishnu Bhaskar Lele, who was to bring a paradoxical experience into his already paradoxical life....The first result, Sri Aurobindo wrote, "was a series of tremendously powerful experiences and radical changes of consciousness which he had never intended... and which were quite contrary to my own ideas, for they made me see with a stupendous intensity the world as a cinematographic play of vacant..It threw me suddenly into a condition above and without thought, unstained by any mental or vital movement; there was no ego, no real world – only when one looked through the immobile senses, something perceived or bore upon its sheer silence a world of empty forms, materialized shadows without true substance. There was no One or many even, only just absolutely That featureless, relationless, sheer, indescribable, unthinkable, absolute, yet supremely real and solely real. This was no mental realization nor something glimpsed somewhere above, – no abstraction, – it was positive, the only positive reality – although not a spatial physical world, pervading, occupying or rather flooding and drowning this semblance of a physical world, leaving no room or space for any reality but itself, allowing nothing else to seem at all actual, positive or substantial.... What it [this experience] brought was an inexpressible Peace, a stupendous silence, an infinity of release and freedom. forms in the impersonal universality of the Absolute Brahman"

  17. [Yusufali 6:5] And hearkens to (the Command of) its Lord,- and it must needs (do so);- (then will come Home the full reality).

    beyond nirvana..

    "I lived in that Nirvana day and night before it began to admit other things into itself or modify itself at all... in the end it began to disappear into a greater Super-consciousness from above.... The aspect of an illusionary world gave place to one in which illusion is only a small surface phenomenon with an immense Divine Reality behind it and a supreme Divine Reality above it and an intense Divine Reality in the heart of everything that had seemed at first only a cinematic shape or shadow. And this was no reimprisonment in the senses, no diminution or fall from supreme experience, it came rather as a constant heightening and widening of the Truth.... Nirvana in my liberated consciousness turned out to be the beginning of my realization, a first step towards the complete thing, not the sole true attainment possible or even a culminating finale."

  18. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

  19. USA has no choice but to invested onto Saudi's petroleum & gas industries. We Malaysia are not the major petroleum producer. We rely very much on the export trading of other agricultural and industrial products. If we impose Hudud Laws, USA and EC can boycott us. These PAS fellow are shits, selfish people. Our countrymen are selling hardly our products to the Western countries, while these shits burn the fire at our backyard.


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