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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tulang Besi: The Victim of “American” Discrimination

Not long ago, Tulang Besi applied for a position in United States. Despite being told by the agent that Tulang Besi has a great chance of getting the job due to the fact that Tulang Besi is an alumni of an American University and has a fully functional social security number registered with the American government.

Several months had passed, yet no answer from my agent in the US. Finally, after checking with a few sources, Tulang Besi concludes that Tulang Besi is rejected outright. And, the main reason for the rejection is because Tulang Besi’s real name starts with Abdul (Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib).

If only Tulang Besi had submitted a resume without mentioning the “Abdul”, the application would have been accepted.


Tulang Besi’s brother lives in the UK. When he first arrived, he submitted his resume various agents. Several weeks had passed yet none replied.
Tulang Besi’s brother, then, decided to rewrite his resume. This time, he omitted the word Muhammad from his name. He then sent out his resume to the same agencies.

Within hours after sending the new resume, Tulang Besi’s brother was bombarded with tens of requests for interviews or inquiries.

It goes to show, the American effort to compartmentalize Muslims and to jump-start a massive discrimination effort towards Muslims is working.
Now, Muslims having Muslim names that starts with ”Abdul” or Muhammad are natural targets for discrimination. We are not worthy of any rights guaranteed in the Western world.

Another good example is the French’s obsession with Purdah or Burqa. They went out of their way to ban Purdah and Hijab in their schools.
Yet, they provide protection to a film director name Roman Polanski from facing charges of child molestations in the US. They even appointed a minister who openly admits to have had sex with boys in Thailand.

The message sent out is: Religious clothing is an abomination. Raping children is an unalienable right

Thus far, we have never seen any evidence linking Osama and Al Qaeda with the September 11 bombings. Most of the American information is obtained from prisoners who underwent torture in Guantanamo Bay or various Central Asia republics.

It is a known fact that most men will confess anything under torture even to the extent of claiming oneself to be a woman. I know in Egypt, they will torture a political prisoner until he admits that he is a woman/girl. Only then, the political prisoner is released.

So, most of the information we read about the so call “Terror Network” are obtained from detainees confessions who had undergone the process of torture.
At the same time, people like me will have to undergo systematic discrimination whenever I enter the realm of the West.

In the West, Muslims are the cursed people and people who put Muhammad or Abdul in their names are automatic extremists and must be abolished from the face of the earth. Unless of course, if people like me is willing to come out in public that I am a child molester or someone who likes having sex with boys. Then, I can be assured of the protection of the West.

Tulang Besi
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  1. A simple and same question you should ask. Do you think you will have the chance to study in Kensas City if your name does not have that 'Abdul' and 'Bin'.

  2. Geng Maki,

    GO and learn how to spell.

    "Kensas CIty"...Hahahahaha

  3. Sorry la, gua bukan orang NEP, so tak de chance belajar kat amarika. So tak pandai nak eja nama tempat di amarika.

    Tapi TB yang belajar sampai amerika, takkan tak berani jawab kot dan konar ke bab spelling pulak.

  4. I think we should not be blaming the West for everything. It is best to look at ourselves. I believe there are still many Europeans and Westerners who are sound-minded.

    We should be going on a Western bashing mode. There are cultural differences that needs to be understood, addressed and managed.

    Just because some politicians in Europe are using Islam-bashing to garner support, that does not mean all Europeans are like that.

  5. saudara tulang,

    semua kamu tulis ok, kecuali bab Osama.... Osama sendiri mengakui dia perancang Utama 9-11.... Osama bangga... jangan kata itu konspirasi Barat, seperti kata Mahathir Maha Firaun...

    Mungkin Bush tahu serangan akan dilakukan, tetapi buat bodoh sahaja supaya boleh berperang di Afghanistan...

  6. Tulang besi,

    That is the fact of life. Mana ada 'keadilan' didunia fana ini when it come to 'social' justice.

    Hang pergi jauh jauh beri contoh buat apa. Kat depan mata, hanya buat tak nampak.

    Syarikat-syarikat cina hang ingat ada beri peluang yang adil kepada orang melayu/islam? Tak payah jawab sebab semua orang tahu.

    Sekarang dia nak paksa kerajaan buka peluang kepada orang cina didalam syarikat GLC.

    Tone DAP dan MCA dah sama, nak hentikan pertolongan kepada orang melayu/islam terutamannya. Mereka akan bergerak secara halus, lagi kamu tak boleh nampak walaupun berjuta-juta orang melayu boleh nampak.

    Didalam scenario politik sekarang ini, nak dapat undi cina senang saja, gugurkan dasar pertolongan kepada orang melayu/islam.

    Mereka dah control ekonomi, sekarang nak control kerajaan seperti apa yang berlaku diSelangor, Perak (tak lama) dan Penang.

    Ia boleh dicapai sebab dalam masyarakat melayu akan sentiasa ada pengkianat-pengkianat bangsa yang tak sedar diri. Contoh dizaman komunis, Rashid Maidin, Samsiah Fakir dll. Di zaman sekarang, Anwar, Khalid Ibrahim dll.

    Itulah pentingnya sejarah sebab ia berulang...

  7. My sympathies if you have indeed suffered discrimination on the mere basis of your name.

    But it hardly makes sense to answer one act of stereotyping with another, i.e. All Muslims = Terrorists; All Westerners = Paedophiles/Sex maniacs.

    Some questions for you TB:

    1. Why have you failed to mention that it is in fact the United States which seeks to prosecute Polanski for his alleged crimes? That's hardly tolerating paedophilia is it?

    2. Why bring France into your grouse against the US? It is not France which has denied you entry. And it's worth mentioning that France has by far the LARGEST Muslim community in Europe, (some 5 million at least) who don't seem to hate Western society the way you do.

    3. Why conclude a potentially insightful discussion about racial/religious discrimination by making ludicrous denials about Al-Qaeda's self-confessed role in 9-11?
    What's next, Holocaust denial?


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