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Friday, October 22, 2010

Duit ASB Anda Akan Digunakan Untuk Membina "Menara Merdeka" 100 Tingkat

Laporan THeEdgeDaily yang terbaru menyatakan kadar penyewaan pejabat di Kuala Lumpur sedang menurun. Dari 83.2% tahun lepas kepada 80.0% tahun ini.

Ertinya, projek Menara Warisan Merdeka ini sudah nampak akan menempuh kegagalan kerana pada waktu ini, kadar penyewaan pejabat di Kuala Lumpur sedang jatuh. Dengan pembinaan bangunan Felda dan beberapa bangunan lain, kadar penyewaan ini akan terus jatuh.

DEngan kata lain, projek pembinaaan Menara Warisan Merdeka ini sedari mula sudah menuju kegagalan.

Sekiranya ditakdirkan gagal nanti, wang-wang simpanan ASB tuan/puan sekelian kelak akan menjadi mangsa.

YAng kekal kaya adalah kroni dan UMNOPUTRA


TUlang Besi

PNB defends Warisan Merdeka project
Written by Kathy Fong
Thursday, 21 October 2010 13:14

KUALA LUMPUR: Permodalan Nasional Bhd’s (PNB) RM5 billion plan to redevelop the tract of land near Stadium Merdeka, which includes building a 100-storey office block, is a move to diversify the investment group’s asset portfolio, said its group chief executive Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah.

He said PNB expected an annual return of 8% to 10% from the massive property redevelopment plan, which he stressed was a well-thought investment decision. “It was not a ‘one-day thing’,” Hamad told a media briefing that was called at short notice yesterday.

The meeting was called after growing public criticism over the 100-storey tower project, which was announced in last week’s 2011 Budget. Many quarters had lamented the tower as lavish and unnecessary, and questioned its viability in the face of a looming glut in Kuala Lumpur’s office space market.

Hamad reiterated that PNB could finance the mega development project in the city centre solely from profits that it had made over the past three decades. “We are not taking the government’s money (for the project),” he stressed.

“(Since) many years ago, PNB has been talking about shifting its asset class. Over the years, we have bought many properties, for instance the Kenanga (International) building, the MAS (Malaysia Airlines) building,” Hamad explained on the rationale of the project.

The massive development project on 19 acres of land, which PNB bought for RM310 million from Danaharta, would stretch over 10 years until 2020. The market value of the land has appreciated to RM800 psf versus the purchase price of RM220 psf, Hamad estimates.

The new tall tower, called Warisan Merdeka, will cost RM2.5 billion to RM3 billion and is expected to be completed by 2015.

Warisan Merdeka will be the world’s second tallest building with a height of 525 to 550 metres, after Burj Khalifa in Dubai, based on the current roster of the world’s skyscrapers. The Burj Khalifa opened in January and stands at 828 metres.
PNB will make the proposed Warisan Merdeka its new headquarters as the current one is already 30 years old, says chief executive Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah. PNB expects an annual return of 8% to 10% from the massive property project.

PNB will make the proposed Warisan Merdeka its new headquarters as the current one is already 30 years old, says chief executive Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah. PNB expects an annual return of 8% to 10% from the massive property project.

Warisan Merdeka will be the second state-initiated mega property project in the country after the Petronas Twin Towers.

According to Hamad, Warisan Merdeka could house about 10,000 people or more with a total floor space of three million sq ft.

He revealed that PNB would be an anchor tenant, making Warisan Merdeka its headquarters. “We need a new office for expansion,” Hamad replied when asked about the tenancy.

As for PNB’s existing headquarters, along Jalan Tun Razak, Hamad said the group planned to refurbish and upgrade the building to fetch a better rental yield.

The 100-storey Warisan Merdeka may be another attractive icon for tourists, but for the locals though, the massive project raises concerns of a possible glut in office space supply — apart from concerns of infrastructure challenges, such as traffic congestion, and whether it will bring much benefit to the country’s economic development.

Statistics from National Property Information Centre (Napic) show that as of September 2010, Kuala Lumpur has 72.7 million sq ft of existing office space supply, of which 58.5 million or 80.5% is occupied. The rate has dropped over the past nine-month against 83.2% in December 2009, as more office space came into the market.

According to data extrapolated by The Edge Financial Daily from the Napic statistics, the nine-month period saw a rise of 3.9%, or 2.75 million sq ft, in office space supply. However, occupancy rose only 0.36 million sq ft. As a result, vacant office supply increased by 20% from 11.76 million to 14.16 million sq ft.

Meanwhile, another 10.4 million sq ft of office space is expected to come onstream later, based on projects that are under construction as at Sept 30, 2010. The take-up rate for Kuala Lumpur office space is estimated to have averaged 1.72 million sq ft annually from 1985-2009. Based on this calculation, it implies that the incoming office supply is equivalent to about six years’ worth of demand.

When the Petronas Twin Towers were conceptualised in the early 1990s and started construction in 1994, the office market was tight.

The office occupancy rate for Kuala Lumpur was above 90% from 1990 to 1997. It reached as high as 98.1% in 1997, just before the Asian financial crisis and the completion of the twin towers.

Following the completion of the Petronas Twin Towers in 1998, however, the city’s occupancy rate plunged to about 82.1% as total office supply increased by about nine million sq ft or 18% in that year.

Since then, occupancy levels have remained around the 80% mark. It dropped below 80% from 1999-2004 — to as low as 72.6% in 2001.

Going forward, there is a number of government-initiated massive development projects in the capital, in addition to the numerous private projects.

Examples are the joint development between Mubadala Real Estate & Hospitality (MREH) and 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) on the 34.4ha tract near Kampung Pandan and Jalan Tun Razak. 1MDB also partners with Qatar Investment Authority to redevelop the Royal Malaysian Air Force base near Sungei Besi.

The federal government also intends to redevelop its large tract of land near Cochrane Road area.

Outside the city centre are the upcoming Matrade development in Mont’Kiara-Dutamas, and the massive Rubber Research Institute township in Sungei Buloh.

Should all the projects kickstart, simple logic tells there will be ample supply of office space in Kuala Lumpur. Will there also be a surge in demand for them?

Much will depend on Malaysia’s ability to transform its economy and attract more foreign direct investments.

Still, PNB’s Hamad is more optimistic.

He said all developers lived through the cyclical property cycle. “When we are taking calculated risks, we also ensure reasonable returns,” he commented.

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  1. Mungkin kontraktor bangunan 100 tingkat tu adalah kontraktor Stadium Runtuh jugak..hahaha

  2. matlamat setan sejak time equals 2 zero was to hurt,punish,torture,enslave rakyat/people and reward its own geng ie the iblis, dayus,panis,lucifer etc etc..hari ni,we see ultra pookimaks feudal elites taking over the role of setans n they curi,tibai,rampas,hasil titik peluh rakyat 2 make those lanchow pukimaks ultra dunggu bodoh bahlol look glamorous n rich..fenomena ini is also universal..we see the same luciferism in usa,europe,afrika,asia,everywhere..

  3. sunyi jer keciaan arr dlu bkn men rmi

  4. b4 i foget..plz..for murugan/Allah/Jesus/tua peh kong sake..plz..dont be conned by UMNO Pariahtulah's agenda to curi rakyat's money 2 set up malaysia's 2nd ayam pencen fund ..its a scam!..the whole capitalsit model is one big con game!!!( comparison,pak man telo's skim cepat kaya looks so innocent n honest!!).. equities market is rigged n controlled by algorithms..its too dangerous,too hostile n serves only 1 steal ordinary people's saving( 2 b used as capital) n f*k everthing n everyone up!....look wat happend n happening in united states of bankrupt europe uk..the big investment firms,pencen funds made big bets n lost big time!!they pointed thier guns @ the presidents,prime ministers,central bank head honchos,n got trillions of bail out money..n those cowards,f*kin corrupt pm's presidents passed the debt burden to the rakyat!....yes folks..reward those who destroy,n punish the innocent..janji,the elites hidup..rakyat mati ke,hidup ke..hey who cares..right?!!..this anti capitalist n austerity movement will soon turn in2 a global movement,becos,these same toksik financial models has been adopted n used by almost every capitalist nations!!time has now come 2 join hands with our fallen brothers n sisters worldwide!

  5. all debtors nations(malaysia one of them) has come out with an in genious plan to create wealth..the plans is to make money thru debt creations!!..wooh haah!! macam tak pernah berlaku oh,but its happening ..1st in japan,now usa,euk,europe..ini semua pookimak negara tau,depa punya ootang punya % pun talak boleh bayar,so,they have come out with all sorts of ootang leverage plans to escapelah...they also know,if they f*k up,gomen will bail them we baca in 2days's star one tiu nyah seng gomen minister saying"ambilah kesempatan utk bili rumah tanpa 10% deposit"..e2 pooki mairdendi lanchow can cakaplah..but rakyat source of income is mainly his or her gaji only lah..n in 2days stagnant gaji atmosphere,can a average income earner take this high risk of going into heavy debt obligations that will kill him if he or she lose their jobs n consequently fail to pay thier debts?the property ejens will kelentong saying "oooo..ur lumah value will naik berlipat kali ganda in the future maah..u can ontong maah"..padah lanchow!..tell that to the millions of americans who r getting penalised,eviction notices in one of the biggest scandals on this planet..the subprims crisis now has morphed in2 a foreclosure/fraudclosure monster!! our case,tolak our household bills,credit card bills,taxes,household hold expenses,epf/socso,insurence premiums..baki money can not only service rumah punya ootang,but can oso buy roll royce..yipeeeeee!!

  6. Kabinet telah mengumumkan polisi baru berhubung kelayakan minima untuk wakil-pertandingan ratu cantik Malaysia ke luar negara.

    Dato Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim yang mencadangkan setiap wakil-wakil Malaysia ke pertandingan ratu cantik antarabangsa perlu ada kelulusan ijazah asas atau lebih, berbahasa Inggeris DAN boleh berpantun dalam bahasa Malaysia.

    Ini berlaku ikutan satu peristiwa beberapa tahun dahulu di pertandingan akhir pertandingan ratu cantik dunia Miss Intercontinental di Sibu.

    Miss Malaysia diwakili oleh seorang sedara mara Namewee (mari kasi ludah ini babi! ptoih) yang pergi sekolah Cina dan penentang kuat konsep 1Sekolah.

    Ratu-ratu cantik Miss USA, Miss Singapore dan Miss Malaysia adalah antara yang layak ke pusingan separuh akhir. Untuk naik ke pusingan terahir, mereka akan dihakimi dari jawapan kepada tiga soalan mudah yang sama.

    Mereka disoal tiga ratu sekali gus. MC mulakan soalan untuk Miss USa, Miss Singapore dan Miss Malaysia.

    MC: The first question is, name me an electrical appliance starting with "L"
    Miss USA: Lamp
    Miss Singapore: Light bulb
    Miss Malaysia: LADIO

    Ketua Hakim: No, no, Radio does not start with the letter "L"

    MC: I am going to give you two more questions. Now, name me an animal starting with the letter "L".

    Miss USA: Lion
    Miss Singapore: Leopard
    Miss Malaysia: LABBIT

    Ketua Hakim: No, no, no it is rabbit. Not LABBIT!

    MC: Next question. The name of a famous car that starts with "L"
    Miss USA: Lexus
    Miss Singapore: Lamborghini
    Miss Malaysia: Lolls-Loyce

    Ketua Hakim: Oh my God! Rolls Royce, for heaven sake.

    MC: I am going to give another question as a last chance! Name me a fruit starting with the letter "L"
    Miss USA: Lemon
    Miss Singapore: Lychee
    Miss Malaysia: (Dengan penuh yakin, sambil tersenyum dia menjawab) LIEWLIAN!!

    Rupanya cerita ini belum berakhir lagi.

    Para hakim terpaksa bermesyuarat sebentar untuk menentukan samada Miss Malaysia patut di disqualified. Akhirnya mereka bersetuju Miss Malaysia berhadapan dengan masaalah penyebutan huruf L. Dia patut diberikan peluang sekali lagi.

    Hakim: (sendiri bertanya) OK, the final question is name me a part of the human anatomy starting with the letter "L"
    Miss USA: Lung (tepuk tangan)
    Miss Singapore: Liver (lebih kuat tepuk tangan)
    Miss Malaysia: LAN CIAU

    Kesemua juri hakim-hakim pengsan ...

  7. (4) Gold (including gold deposits and, if appropriate, gold swapped) 1,451.40

    • Volume in fine troy ounces 0.00
    as at aug 30th,2010

    habihlah..pooki basi has been voted 1 of the best central many times dia kangkang to get this award?i think,we r finished

  8. judge:wats d most important thing in life?
    miss usa:sex!!

    miss singpor:credit card?

    miss malarsial:lui!!

    judge!mis malarsial is korek!!..psst..boleh pinjam siki lui..hehe..?

    misss kasi bungga 25% wootang talak bayar kalu,lu kuntut dali mulut kalu,gua baling cat melah sama lu punya muka!

  9. Hamat Kama Piah tu nak bodek Najib.Dia kata: Bangunan 100 tingkat tu tak menggunakan wang saham pelabur.Jangan nak kelentong orang Melayu.Apa sahaja harta dan milik PNB adalah hasil dari saham yang disimpan oleh orang Melayu.PNB hidup dan berdiri atas saham Bumiputra,bukan hak milik kerajaan UMNO/BN.PNB membuat pelaburan dengan wang ini bukan dari kerajaan.Kalau masih nak bersekongkol dengan Najib,nak bina bangunan 100 tingkat tu,wajar minta kebenaran dulu dari pelabur-pelabur ASN dan ASB.Hamat Kama Piah tak boleh gunakan wang pelabur-pelabur tu macam wang bapak dia.

  10. Klu Bumi tak melabur dlm PNB dan tak nak guna untuk melabur dalam projek PNB nak simpan mana bawah batalke!! Anonymous memamng bersifat irihati, dengki Yahudi, tak mahu Bumis hidup senang, Dia mahu kita menyewa dalam bangunan lapuknya yang nak roboh tu kerana nak bayar utang bank yang belum habis bayar, Klu PNB bangunkan bangunan baru pasti boleh bersaing penyewa kerana banyak lot boleh kurangkan sewaan, Tambahan bangunan PNB yanglama tu bolehlah disewakan pada kadar murak nak compensate kos binaan. Klu nak bina 10-20 akan dtg pasti kos bertambah berganda,, bangs alan tetap bina dan kita terpaksa menyewa dengan mereka, Kita klu tak mampu bina sendiri sekurang2nya PNB beri syer dapatlah juga dividen 7-8% siapa nak bagi!! I melabur dalam PB Mutual memang dpt pulangan tapi bila tolak kos NAV hasilnya dividen hany 6% aje. ASB kostan 7-7.5% boleh keluar bila -bila masa jika terdesak woi kira okelah


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