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Monday, November 8, 2010


It is not my place to comment on the PKR Party elections. But, for me, to simply withdraw and float wild accusations against the party election commission is downright irresponsible.

It is also bad on the image of Pakatan Rakyat as a whole for Zaid and Haris to make unsubstantiated accusation like so.

If there was evidence, Zaid do not need to withdraw from the race. Simply bring forward the evidence to the public and I am very sure the matter will be handled properly by the authorities.

This is the time of internet and web. If there was fraud, it is more difficult to hide them as compared to expose them.

And there rest of Malaysians are more than happy to witness any evidence brought forward by Zahid or HAris or anyone else

Making wild accusations like what we are seeing now will not help Zaid or Haris in promoting their case at all.

Tulang Besi
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  1. TB, when you are blind, don't assume others are blind too. You are living with your own denial.

    When you accused SPR and pengundi hantu, have you given any proof? Now you are asking for proof? Didn't Haris show the ballot paper? Where he got it? From thin air?

  2. You must be living on planet mars not to see this farcical election. How can you have an election where less than 10% of members voted? How can you have one big parliamentary area with only 30 votes? How can you have one big town area less than 80 votes? All these are chicanery. At this rate, even zimbabwe's election has a higher turn out.

  3. Anwar has no position in PKR so Zaid is not answerable to a de facto, plus Anwar has no right to question...

    Why is the President keeping mum on this issue?

    Please get yr facts right!

  4. grand marquis soalan awak tak membina langsunglah, klu sekadar tunjuk 1 kertas undi sapa pun boleh buat, bukti itu terlalu lemah..

  5. Go read Harris blog. He has some documents on the blog.

    Who is Zahid???????

    Is he talking about the PKR Zaid?? ha ha ha... If so please have some respect for others and spell people's name correctly

  6. Tulang Besi. Just want to let you know that you are doing a great job in exposing all the lies spread by BN cybertroopers and bloggers. Don't give up. Fight a good fight. Your tulang memang macam besi. Lawan tetap lawan.

    Grang Marquis : You Idiot. Berapa banyak bukti you need on SPR's misdeeds. Pegi cari kat Youtube.
    Haris show ballot paper. Gua pun bole print ballot paper lah!! Bodoh pun manusia.Bottom line is Zaid is a trojan horse. He thought he was smart but he exposed himself. There are many more. BN is afraid of PKR particularly Anwar and Azmin. Lagi lu orang hemtam mereka, lagi gua sokong mereka. Bodoh punya BUMNO cybertrooper!!!

  7. TB adalah sejenis penyakit yang boleh membuat pesakit jadi gila.

    Jelasnya sekarang tuan telah terkena penyakit tersebut kerana cuba mempertahankan kejahatan azmin dan koncu koncu nya.

    save pkr and not azmin, defend democracy and not anwar!

  8. //Anwar has no position in PKR so Zaid is not answerable to a de facto, plus Anwar has no right to question...

    Why is the President keeping mum on this issue?

    Please get yr facts right!//

    that the problem with anglo pariahs..they r 2 stupid..and the anglo pariahs r the ones who shout the loudest regd human rights..the fact is..zaid is a fraksi,just like d arun dins n asan alis..the proof came in the hulu s'gor by elections..asan ali was very active ,n raja pundek kelentong kamaruddin became happier than when his mole was chosen by anwar to be the candidate,n fell into depression when the mole zaid jaguh kampung loyar berok crony kapitalist lost..proof is everywhere..all we have to do is open our eyes n minds wide..

  9. whom do we need more at this critical moment?..pundek anglo pariah loyar berok kroni capitalist zaid ibrahim or a battle tested statistician economist azmin ali who knows complex tricky financial dynamics n who would be able to do some thing when this country "officially" become bangkrup?

    look @ the proof..all pakatan states r being manged well..some states,like penang n selangor have reversed deficits in2 surplus!and both pkr n the kelantan gomen have the balls to do things really radical that will give long term benefits..kelantan's daringness to issue gold and silver coins,and pkr's 1 person 1 votes shows new gen leaders in pakatan rakyat r open to new ideas,thoughts n most importantly have the will to execute!on the other hand,the anglo pariahs n imam palsu r stuck in fraudulent idelogies that's sinking them!

  10. malaysia is a pariah anglo pseudo religious country..its so dumb,it relies on imported models for survival..they like to dream all sorts of things..they dream of becoming che guevaras,they dream of creating an ideal state based on their imaginations,whims n fancies..they like to be rich at an instant at any cost..they like to have endless fun n games n sex..they r ruled by their stomachs(asyik dok makan makan makan) n super a result,this resource rich country is nowhere in almsot every field..pendek kata its a pariah state ruled by inert zombies..but,thank goodness,new gen leaders have pakatan rakyat..democratic or not(by the way,western democracy is a sham.not a single nation is practicing it!!),what the country badly needs at this critical moment r bold leaders who have practical comman sence to rescue this country frm becoming bankrupt n all the good indications r pointed @ pakatan states and its leaders..

  11. Please use the link to reference this article. Do not copy & paste articles which is a breach of's Ts&Cs ( and is copyright infringement. Send a link for free or email to purchase rights.

    Gold prices surged above $1,400 a troy ounce on Monday, setting a fresh nominal all-time high after Robert Zoellick, World Bank president, said leading economies should look at a modified global gold standard to guide currency movements.

    "The issue of the use of the dinar and dirham currencies now raises controversial between Kelantan state and federal government.

    This is because the constitution only recognizes the use of money to the value of a currency Ringgit Malaysia not Islamic dinar or dirham."

    kahkahkahkah..siapa pundek siapa pandai?..anglo whore chootia pariah zombies OR enlightened, fiercely determined but humble kelantan state gov?

    malaysia is doomed..anwar dah bongkar rahsia,kita punya saki baki emas telah "dilease" to some pundek despot in aprika..habislah habislah..thats the price malaysiains r gonna pay for trusting,bodeking,anglo pariah pulti kacang pukimaks!!

  12. abang gobi oh abong gobi..e2 specel branch dah kachi bocr lu punya rahsia..rm10 million choodah ambik kan?lu,e2 kula,segelintir yindia punya talivars dlm pakatan, yindia punya ngo's,choomua tunggu signal dri bapak hidnraf..chiapa e2 bapa?..tak lain tak bukan,bangkai separa nyawa pundek kakaktua mahathir a/l kutty!!tadaaa!!psst..singapore bank dah release lu punya dui?

  13. gerenti temasik holding,ikan yu ada terlibat secara "indirect' dlm rancangan 3rd force..pundek mahathir punya investment sangkut di caymen island,aprika,usa,uk, jepun,argentina,india, semua negra2 yg dah certifed bangkrup!..semua debt/gdp ratios lebih 100%!!so terpkasa mintak sedekah kat singapore,kat soros,kat billioanire2 lain utk survivelah..kahkahkahkahkah..

  14. kihkihkih..1st signs of panic comes frm BERAK DARUL KUBUR!!..zombi gandhi,ceo of berak darulkubur,dah jerit "kelantan tolong..singapore tolong!!" kihkihkih...i have an idea..semua para pundek umno/ubn, mohini payee hindraf,anglo benchoots should apply for wildlife protection..thats the only way they can save themselves..kahkahkahkah

  15. semua negeri,institusi,bank,kompeni,ngo,jabatan dibawah jajahan umno puaka ditakdirkan musnah,bangkrup..termasuk kita punya central bank..pasai apa?pasai terlampau bodoh punya pasai..perang fx yg sedang berlaku sekarang menjanjikan kemusnahan fiat currencies,yg boleh dianggap "wang pisang jepun"...dan negara2 yg mempunya beban ootang lagi tinggi dri himalaya dan mempunyai simpanan emas mcm taik kambing spt malaysia akan masok dlm kategori "beggar country"..the end is near..hehe..actually,now is the time for the 3rd force to takeover the country,led by anglo retards,zombi feudal freaks,afflicted mohini possessed yindu morons,kera kena belacan imam palsu buffoons..since they r the ones who have polluted n destroyed our country,its proper, they takeover and shoulder all the toxic waste...pakatan rakyat should take a well deserved rest n enjoy watching drama seram "nightmare on malaysian's streets" dilakuni zombies,iblis,pontianak,mohini,pisasa,payee,tearing each other apart ..kahkahkah!!!!kahkahkahkahkah!!

  16. well..4 sure there is gonna be "semarak style" kempen by farksis,talam 2 mukas hindraf/mindraf/makkal sakti(who were and still are instruments of najubori,malayali kutty,al pungir pootra to topple badawi n kucar kacirkan pembangkang)..and the msm will be screaming with headlines that pkr,pakatan is habis,hancur...hahaha...

  17. Ya, mungkin karena itu


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