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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Would Have Been A Sin for PKR To Have Allowed Jenapa to Contest

UMNO/BN stooges like Jenapala and Salehudddin Hashim is going to town accusing PKR Secretary General of forging the sacking letter. People like Haris Ibrahim and Raja Petra without hesitation lend their support to Salehuddin's accusation while completely dismissing Saifuddin Nasution's explanation.

Saifuddin repeatedly says that the sacking letter was found in the files left behind by Salehuddin Hashim.

Salehuddin on the other hand is a turn-coat and a traitor to the cause of PKR and the cause of reform in Malaysia. He engineered several cross-overs which might have led to BN restoring the 2/3 majority.

Haris, Johnson Chong and Raja Petra chooses to believe in Salehuddin more than Saifuddin. I wonder WHAT IS THE BASIS of their support to Salehuddin Hashim?

Another angle that we can consider. Saifuddin is accused of forging the sacking letter or Jenapala.

My question is: WHAT THE HELL FOR?

At the point when Jenapala declared his interest to contest for Timbalan Presiden, Saifuddin already ALL EVIDENCE and AUTHORITY to sack Jenapala on his own accord.

Why does Saifuddin needs to forge a new letter? He can issue a new letter sacking Jenapala.

People like Johnson Chong tries to GIVE SUPPORT the agenda of Salehuddin Hashim by saying he has never seen the letter before. Well, if Johnson Chong has never seen the letter it sure doesn't mean that the letter doesn't exist.

And, people like Haris Ibrahim openly give creadence to turncoats like Salehuddin Hashim. I mean, between Saifuddin and Salehuddin, any idiot on the street can tell which one has more credibility. For anyone to take SAlehuddin's word over Saifuddin, he is either a staunch UMNO supporter or a nut case.

Hence the reason for Johnson Chong lending his open support to Salehuddin's affidavit. From the very first day I met Johnson, i already know the guy is a nut case. I bet my late uncle would be very very sad seeing what this Johnson guy is doing.

Anyways, isn't it weird Haris Ibrahim openly attacks Anwar because Anwar refuse to appoint Jeffery Kittigan as Sabah PKR Head? He loves Jeffery so much he is willing to throw his support behind Salehuddin's accusation of forgery.

At the end of the day, the stuggle of the "Third Force" is nothing more than personality worship of people like Jeffery Kittigan, Salehuddin Hashim, Zaid Ibrahim, Jenapala and many more. Anwar Ibrahim refusal to support dubious and doubtful characters into the party has resulted in Haris and Raja Petra forming a new movement to rival PKR.

I wonder how Malik Imtiaz Salwar will fare in seats like Dungun Parliamentary Seat or Tahan State Assembly seat in Pahang. I wonder if kampong folks will appreciate a candidate like Malik Imtiaz Salwar.

I pray that God will help Anwar Ibrahim in cleaning these negative elements from the party. I commend Anwar Ibrahim for protecting the party from opportunists like Jeffery Kittigan, Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim, Jenapala, Johnson Chong and many more.

Thank you.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

itu pookimak mongrel fartra dah balik ke?cantik!he gonna berputing beliung like anjing kena rabies

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