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Thursday, December 16, 2010

MCLM/3rd Force Should Join Pakatan Rakyat

I was on the phone with a friend of mine today. One of the topics we discussed is the issue of RPK/Haris Ibrahim/Third Force/MCLM. My friend (Mr. IS) mentions MCLM should join Pakatan Rakyat or aligned with Pakatan Rakyat. They need to prove that they are not a BN stooge first and foremost before anyone can give them any trust and crredibiltiy.

Apparently, Mr.IS contact in the Selangor governnment says the Selangor and Malaysian NGO's are not too keen in expressing their support to MLCM that is being sponsored by Raja Petra and Haris Ibrahim.

Apparently, Pakatan Rakyat's move to appoint NGO reps in local councils paid off big time this time around. Majority of the NGO has first hand view on the difficulties in implementing reform to an enviroment of public servant that has operated under UMNO's culture for the last 50 years. What is ideal and what is real can sometimes be contradictory. So, we have to compromise somewhere.

People like HAris and Raja Petra are people on the outside. To them, the temporary compromise being made by PKR is viewed by them as a sign of tolerance to corruption. Raja Petra and Harris, for one, has never tried to implement reform in the real world. They just sit on the sideline and comment. Therefore, perspectives can be different between "players" and "punters".

Pakatan choose to implement reforms in stages. And thus far the Pakatan administration is heads and shoulders above the previous UMNO administration. So, the people is still benefiting from the Pakatan Rakyat government as compared to before.

The best course of action for MLCM is for them to work with Pakatan Rakyat and not become a rival to Pakatan Rakyat.

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  1. Fart force is BN's tea party..these anglo f*ks dont give a damn bout reform..and they dont have brains to do it also...RPK,the psycho thinks he is one mighty personality..and haris?tak payah cakap lah..he is best suited to play kapok gitar @ pub n bistro..

  2. RPK?get real laar.
    Paid writer & sapu duit parti.
    This guy nak fight corruption???? Good luck!

    Btw MCLM formation is a signal of failure of Pakatan, and yet need to join Pakatan? Does not make sense.

    And formation in London? Sounds elite enough.
    Don't think the ordinary RAKYAT can relate to this bunch of syok sendiri activists.

  3. we have yet to strenghten two party system and suddenly these guys talk about third force? what a nonsense! be real bros...your 'syok sendiri' action will only benefit BN. i wonder how come you don't foresee that.

  4. "Malays love to eat their own flash". RPK, u are typical Malay...bila tak di beri ataupun tak dapat jawatan dalam PKR,"dia mengamok"...tak kisah le mak kau orang putih ke...bapak kau tetap Melayu. Ala RPK, sama je 'Bugis' pun...bloodline nya Melayu, jadi IQ nya pun MELAYU le. So, buat kat London ke, kulit putih kau ke...tapi tetap size badan kau dan mimik muka kau sebiji Melayu...DNA MELAYU. Haris lagi le ...jiwa nya, opportunist.

    Melayu mudah lupa...ha ha ha

  5. Funny isn’t it? Even RPK/Haris Ibrahim/Third Force/MCLM who until now opposed the government doesn’t want to join the Pakatan.
    These people are smart, they see the flaws in Pakatan. Pakatan is just a bunch of jokers, acting like a politician. The acted a lot. For example, everybody knew how bad the relation is between PAS and DAP. But of course, the Pakatan said that everything is fine.
    I believe that the Pakatan has already invited the RPK/Haris Ibrahim/Third Force/MCLM to join Pakatan. When they refused, this is what Pakatan said : “They just sit on the sideline and comment. Therefore, perspectives can be different between "players" and "punters"


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