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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Lesson from Tenang, MCLM and Malay Voter's Mindset

In a direct response to the PKR recently concluded party elections, the "Third Force" headed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Haris Ibrahim formed what we have come to know now as MCLM-"Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement"

You can read their agenda and programs by clicking on the name above.

My only question is, based on the recently concluded Tenang by elections, how does an organization like MCLM can make themselves attractive to the Malay electorate? Can someone like HAris Ibrahim command the respect and support of the Malay voters in a constituency like Tenang?

The Malays are paranoid when it comes to Malay rights. PAS tried to be ambivalent. They adopted a "clean campaign" free from mud slinging and bad mouthing tactics.

Most importantly, PAS decided not to play the "Malay Issue". Whatever issued that was played, it was either related to PAS's candidate's credibility (which is head above shoulders compared to that of UMNO's) or national issue which cuts across the race barrier. No Malay issues was played throughout the campaign.

As for UMNO, in addition to the lies, falsehood and slanders they threw at the PAS candidate and leaders, they went beserk playing the race card. Everything that came out from their mouth is nothing more than the dangers that Malays faced with the DAP coming into power in the form of Pakatan Rakyat.

When the ballots were counted, granted that UMNO only increased their tally by 332 votes (close to 2% of votes casted), they managed to keep the Malay votes they received in 2008 intact.

They lost on the CHinese and a bit on the Indian votes but then again most of the Chinese voters could not come out to vote because of the floods. The rescue boats were the sole use for ferrying UMNO voters.

So, UMNO can boast that they have managed to keep Malay voters from shifting sides. THe effect of tsunami 2008 on the Maly electorate has been mitigated. Now, they can move towards getting the Chinese and Indian votes.

My question to MCLM is that: What contribution can you bring forth in order to gain increase the Malay tally for Pakatan Rakyat (or against BN)?

This topic may point out to whether MCLM is really relevant to the current Malaysian political scenario.

Tulang Besi

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  1. Well the answer is simple. You can find it here

    First, we put an open gay as candidate. We make the tag line of "I am gay, I am ok". So we have all the closet as well as open gay under our arm. Then we will choose an open womanizer. All the closet womanizer will also be under our arm. I believe Chua Soi Lek will be bagging to join us. Finally we choose an open drinker. This open drinker can kick out Hassan Ali, the pro UG guy coz he always give trouble to the drinkers in Selangor. I believe, all the muslim workers in the liquor industry will be under our arm.

    For your part, please send Khalid Samad to teach them what is taddaruj.

    Never mind if you are gay, womanizer or drinker, as long as you are willing to bring down BN, you will get the support of TB.

  2. part 1 of 2
    i've questioned the wisdom of this mclm thingy. i've likened it to a classroom project. for schoolkids. not realpolitik.

    kalau nak tumbangkan umno, hanya satu cara. masuk kampung. baik kampung melayu ataupun kampung kat sabah / sarawak.

    berhujah dalam bahasa malaysia. those dap and non-malay speaking fellas can help by carrying stuffs or directing traffic.

    for those of u (especially middle-class chinese) who think that u can kuburkan umno just buy attending those cocktail parties in hotels and other posh places like london, u r dreaming. i suspect u r just doing it to please youselves. u just wanna be seen to be mingling with some posh anti-establishment people. it is hip. it is fashionable. but it is also useless and pointless. u get to boost your ego (wine, tete-e-teta and your forced british english slang) but u will die a slow death under umno.

    pejuang2 barisan depan kebanyakan kaum melayu dan india. those jaded middle class chinese will think it better to spend sunday mornings to go dimsum and then to shopping centres. no, they are not going to join in any quasi-political events. their time is too precious. they gotta send kids for piano, taekwando, swimming etc.. lessons. leave those demos and functions for malays and indians "who have nothing better to do".

    well, i hope ppl like haris and gang will enjoy their school project#2 (this mclm). it high-fives each other in their gang. i mean, who wants to go into the kampung and help out? let's alienate the kampung malays (innocent, ignorant, brainwashed for the past 50 years by umno and utusan). these malays are not worth the middle class chinese time. they berkiblat towards hong kong and taiwan. tvb drama. weekend classes. dim sum. imperial attitude.

    i hope if umno rules another 50 years or more, these chinese will get it first. i pray that it be so. that'll teach them a lesson - dont just play ignorant to the fact that the country is going to the dogs because of umno. u know it is so, and u know it is umno's fault.

    and yet, u fcuking chinese are doing nothing apart from bitching about it anonymously in the net.

    and lastly, this mclm thing will probably get about 500 votes from oversea malaysians. umno will just step into a kampung, sprinkle a bit beras and gula and minyak masak here and there, and umno will come out of the kampung with 2000 votes in the bag.


  3. part 2 of 2
    please lah haris and gang, drop this futile syok-sendiri exercise lah. just name a bank account number to finance an enterprise dedicated to masuk kampung and jelaskan isu sebenar kpd pak ali dan mak kalsom bahawa dap bukan musuh. dap bukan komunis cina. and go into the chinese kampungs to explain that pas is not about chopping hands.

    tell them that umno has its big fat dick lodged inside theirs and their sons' and daughters' assholes for the past 50 years. the big fat dick is still inside their anus. ask them to feel it with their own hands. explain. explain in bahasa and chinese. english speaking crowds generally know what the fcuk is happening to our country and they know it's umno's fault. but not the rest of the rakyat (VOTERS).

    no need to go london. no need to go amsterdam or new york and all those 4-seasons places to 'explain'. ask them to read pakatan blogs. i know it's more comfy and fashionable to be seen there. english speaking, cheh..... ada class. masuk kampung, kaki kotor, mana ada klas? bukan gitu?

    nak kuburkan umno tak? kalau nak,tologlah kawan2 cina, jangan abaikan kawan melayu dan bumiputra yang lain. dekatilah mereka. berkawan2 lah dgn mereka ni.

    the day these ignorant and brain-washed people open their eyes and wake up from their slumber, is the SAME DAY UMNO WILL DIE.

    very natural. tak payah buat yang lebih2.

    i will visit this page again to see any progress re the setting up of a fund to finance this enterprise. i mean, cowards like me who prefers to be anon, and hates umno to the core, can only contribute with some loose change every now and then. it doesn't take food off the table and i get to participate more direcly to the noble cause of KUBURKAN UMNO, besides just talking cock and posting gung-ho statements in the net.

    pubish the fund account details. do it. now.


  4. actually, grand marquis, your quote here

    "Never mind if you are gay, womanizer or drinker, as long as you are willing to bring down BN, you will get the support of TB. "

    is true somewhat. no souls, however wretched they may be, are more evil than umno. umno is satan exemplified.

    i will ride any on devil, if i have to, to KILL SATAN (UMNO). after which, i will help in repairing the damages done by umno for the past 50 years.

    with umno around, my kids' future is doomed. umno already spoiled my future. i am not sitting down twiddling my thunb while umno is trying to rape my kids too.

    grand marquis, i pray umno doesnt lay their filthy hands on your kids. u do what u gotta do, i do mine. we see how the outcome.


  5. That anglo pariah Malik Imtiaz Sarwar 2 day declared that he will b a candidate for MCLM..n also said he will be eaten alive in the rural most likely he will choose a constituency where there is McDonalds,KFC,HSBC,Shopping Malls,Pub n Bistro..and he will talk kok bout humans rights(Helo Malik,do i have d rights 2 kincin on ur stupid head?)..the problem with anglo pariahs is they r dumb n r so bahlol they dont realize that their adopted countries n social economic models plus "human rights" r collapsing all over the world..the anglo world has been exposed..they r primitive pukimaks who r only interested in looting resources n making profits at the expense of rakyat..they have nothing original..they stole everthing frm the east,n have deformed everthing that they stole..n we like idiots have adopted the deformed western version of social economic "human rights".. my guess i puak MCLM nak nak cari makan lah..nak buka 2nd line of income..and to avoid bankruptcy..

  6. To ask "My question to MCLM is that: What contribution can you bring forth in order to gain increase the Malay tally for Pakatan Rakyat (or against BN)?" is to miss the point completely.

    MCLM is not a race-based political party. It is a movement that strives to appeal to all Malaysians who believe in their cause, irrespective of race. MCLM is therefore unlikely to "play a card" specifically targeted at any one race, be it Malays, Chinese or Indian.

  7. //kalau nak tumbangkan umno, hanya satu cara. masuk kampung. baik kampung melayu ataupun kampung kat sabah / sarawak.//
    the chinese know how to terajang subtlety n thru many angles..the malays n indians bising kuat,tapi tadak stamina dan will power..tenggok duit siki dah keraih..

  8. BN with their vast resources can n will easily beat all political adversaries n parties in any elections. the onlw way is for all parties to set aside their differences to faced a common foe - BN. otherwisw all is lost as this is proven in malaysian political history.BN can put a donkey n still can win

  9. to green alliance 9.03

    mclm is a syok-sendiri enterprise. it uses scarce resources (intelligent people and precious time) to gain little additional advangage.

    mclm rehashes same messages in different paraphrase to the same old crowd (over dinners, comfy environment more akin to social gatherings to kill-time and to be seen as hip, complete with the opportunity to showcase our latest jewelleries and our impeccable queen's english). the same crowd are most probably already hardcore pakatan supporters.

    where is malik imtiaz gonna stand in ge13? subang? puchong? all these areas with more than 100,000 mostly pakatan supporters? u wanna take over lim lip eng's segambut? or tian chua's batu? tulang besi's point is how are you gonna CONVERT umno's blind and ignorant supporters? or r u gonna let this hardwork to lower class pakatan supporters? u know, those bahasa speaking and darker-skinned fellas... those who can't speak in english. those who live in slums. those who do not send thier kids to sunday piano or ballet lessons. those fellas, u know them. the same set of people u acknowledge out of necessity in social gatherings.

    answer me, how are you gonna CONVERT umno supporters? people like u and me and tulang besi are pakatan supporters, the hardcore type i think. and mclm's audience so far in all their seminars are exactly the same set of people, each high-fiving each other and patting each other backs and making each other feel good. it's like a fucking support group. come on.... the real work is out there. get off your idealistic plane and come walk with some of us into the kampung. there are lots of work to be done. there are lots of VOTERS to be convereted. precious voters. those are still on the other side. get them onto our side. that is the only way to win ge13. we are up against umno, election commission, police, some rogue judges and even some sultans. we, the rakyat, has to walk far and deep into the kampungs. not in air-con hotel function rooms, over dinner and cocktail.



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