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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Majoriti Tidak Percaya Video Blue Rahim Thamby Chik

MErdeka Center membuat kajian dan mendapati

1.0 51% Rakyat Malaysia mempercayai video blue Rahim itu adalah palsu dan angkara UMNO dan BArisan Nasional

2.0 29% tidak mempunyai maklumat yang cukup untuk memberi komen

3.0 Hanya 21% sahaja yang mempercayai video tersebut sahih.

Dengan kata lain, UMNO sedang menggali kubur mereka sendiri dengan menaja video blue Rahim Thamby Chik ini.

TUlang Besi

Public blames Umno, BN for sex video, poll shows
By Clara Chooi

April 03, 2011

Abdul Rahim talking to media after handing the video to the police on March 24.
KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 — A majority of Malaysians agreed that Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik’s self-admitted responsibility over the sex video allegedly featuring Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim meant that Barisan Nasional (BN) had likely masterminded the scandal, a recent poll found.

The survey, conducted by independent pollster Merdeka Centre last week, discovered that 39 per cent of the 504 respondents interviewed blame BN and Umno for the video.

But many also doubted the possibility, with 38 per cent saying they did not know.

Only 18 per cent said that the ruling coalition was not involved in the controversial video which shows a man with striking resemblance to Anwar engaged in sex acts with a woman, believed to be a foreign prostitute.

The telephone survey between March 24 and 27, obtained by The Malaysian Insider yesterday, has an estimated margin of error at ± 4.40 per cent.

A total of 504 respondents were selected via random stratified sampling method along the lines of state, ethnicity, gender and age.

The respondents comprised 59 per cent Malays, 32 per cent Chinese and nine per cent Indians.

Of the 504 respondents polled, 85 per cent were aware of the existence of the video while 15 per cent were not.

The clip first surfaced last week when a private media screening was held at the prestigious Carcosa Seri Negara by a mysterious man who identified himself only as “Datuk T”.

Following the screening, Anwar denied that he was the man, and called the emergence of the video recording a “scurrilous attack” against him, his family and Pakatan Rakyat.

A PKR MP, Datuk Johari Abdul then unmasked “Datuk T” as Abdul Rahim and businessman Datuk Shazryl Eskay.

Following the MP’s revelation, both Abdul Rahim, the former Malacca chief minister, and Shazryl organised a press conference to confirm their involvement but claimed they had no personal vendetta to topple Anwar or PR.

Instead, Abdul Rahim told reporters that they had chosen to step forward on their own accord because they wanted to show that “a person with high ambitions of wanting to be national leader and prime minister of Malaysia ... was not qualified.”

“This matter is important, especially to Muslims because they will not accept a person without ... honour, integrity ... to represent them,” he had said, adding that they would fully cooperate with the police on the matter.

Abdul Rahim also repeatedly denied he was doing this out of vengeance against Anwar, whom he said had lied and forced him to quit his chief minister post years ago over the alleged statutory rape of a minor.

“It’s a coincidence. He had asked me to resign last time, so now I just want Anwar to follow in my footsteps,” he told reporters when questioned about the strategic timing of the sex expose.

Abdul Rahim and Shazryl also said that “Datuk T” referred to “trio” and included Perkasa treasurer and former Umno senator Datuk Shuib Lazim in their team.

All three men have since recorded statements with the police on the matter and have surrendered the original footing of the video, along with an Omega watch said to be Anwar’s.

While Anwar and PR leaders have vehemently denied the authenticity of the video and have blamed their foes in BN for it, analysts believe that the scandal would likely add further damage to the opposition’s voter support.

Based on the findings of the entire survey, Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian observed that the results reflected a significant level of uncertainty among the public over the video’s authenticity

“A lot of grey areas with the public, denoting possibly uncertainty, some hesitation or simply the lack of information when talking about Anwar, given that most publicly available news about him tends to be one-sided and negative,” he said

A majority of respondents said they did not believe in the authenticity of the video but a large number also admitted to being unsure.

In total, 51 per cent said did not believe that Anwar was the man in the 21-minute recording but 29 per cent were unsure.

A total of 17 per cent believed in the video while three per cent strongly believed in it.

As such, while 48 per cent said the scandal would not affect their confidence in the opposition pact, 41 per cent claimed that it would.

A total of 45 per cent also predicted that it would not destroy PR but 38 per cent said otherwise.

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  2. Let the rakyat be the judge. I fully support the setting up of RC to establish the truth.

  3. silap tol laa si Trio tuu tak edarkan kan public dulu.

  4. aku pun setuju tubuh RCI bagi semua tau betui ka tidak

    Blogger tak payah dok ulas, hangpa bukannya reti

    pandai cakap ja


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