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Monday, June 20, 2011

WIKILEAKS : Malaysia Sedang Menghampiri Bankrupsi.

WIKILEAKS (Laporan Kedutaan Amerika di Kuala Lumpur) telah mengambil kenyataan Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Petronas bernama Mohd Azhar Osman Khairuddin(Azhar). Tulang Besi ingin memetik beberapa kenyataan beliau yang dilaporkan oleh WIKILEAKS dari kabel yang boleh di baca di bawah:

1.0 Jumlah minyak di Malaysia adalah kecil dan akan kehabisan dalam masa yang terdekat. (Mengikut CONOCO, rezab minyak di Malaysia menurun 10% setiap tahun. Mengikut jangakaan Tulang Besi, Malaysia akan menjadi pengimpot minyak sebelum tahun 2020.

(5. (C) Azhar told us that Malaysian O&G reserves are not large and are running out soon. (Note: Conoco Philips Malaysia confirmed that without new discoveries, Malaysian oil production will decline at approximately 10% per year, from 550,000 bpd in 2008 to roughly 490,000 bpd in 2009 and 450,000 bpd in 2010.) )

2.0 45% dari perbelanjaan kerajaan Malaysia adalah dari hasil minyak. Ini bermakna, kerajaan Malaysia akan bangkrap apbila minyak di Malaysia kering nanti.

( Azhar noted that revenues from Petronas accounted for 45% of the GOM budget last year and stated that the GOM is over-reliant on Petronas to fund its operations.)

Kedua-kedua kenyataan yang dipetik Kedutaan Amerika bersumber dari Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Petronas ini adalah SANGAT-SANGAT merisaukan Tulang Besi.
Ia bermakna:

1.0 Apabila minyak habis nanti, Malaysia akan bangkrap. Ini adalah kerana 45% dari perbelanjaan kerajaan Malaysia datang dari hasil minyak. Apabila hasil minyak ini habis, hasil kerajaan Malaysia akan berkurangan 45% dan ini bermakna kerajaan Malaysia akan bangrap laksana kerajaan Greece sekarang ini.

2.0 Hasil minyak Malaysia seharusnya ditabung untuk masa depan anak cucu kita. Bukan untuk dibelanjakan bagi tujuan pembangunan ataupun mengkayakan kroni serta UMNOPUTRA

3.0 Kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah gagal menaikkan hasil negara sehingga terpaksa bergantung kepada hasil minyak dengan begitu besar sekali untuk perbelanjaan. Tidak seperti kerajaan Norway yang menyimpan semua hasil minyak mereka untuk masa depan rakyat mereka. Rakyat Malaysia pula akan berhadapan dengan kelaparan, kemiskinan, kepapaan dan berbagai masaalah sosial apabila hasil minyak Malaysia habis nanti

4.0 Membuktikan kerajaan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional tidak mampu mengurus kekayaan negara. Segala hasil minyak negara sudah habis dibelanjakan, namun rakyat Malaysia tidak dapat melihat dengan jelas hasil dari perbelanjaan tersebut.

5.0 Bantuan2 kepada orang miskin dan yang memerlukan sudah tentu akan berkurangan atau dipotong sama sekali memandangkan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang lebih mementingkan kroni dari rakyat Malaysia.

6.0 Malaysia akan menerima nasib seperti Indonesia apabila hasil minyak Malaysia habis kelak

Dengan kata lain, rakyat Malaysia sedang menuju ke arah masa depan yang begitu gelap dan mendung sekali. Wajiblah kerajaan Barisan Nasional ditukar.

Nasihat Tulang Besi kepada rakyat Malaysia. Jangan berhutang. Selesaikan semua hutang tidak kira hutang apa. Kalau ditakdirkan Malaysia bangkrap, maka BLR semua akan naik. Percayalah.

Tulang Besi



E.O. 12958: DECL: 01/19/2020

REF: 09 STATE 121808

Classified By: Econ Counselor Matt Matthews for reasons 1.4(b) and (d)

1. (C) Summary: Post approached the three Malaysian companies listed in Ref A that are reportedly doing business or contemplating doing business in Iran. Petronas told us January 11 that it has no active investments in Iran, no commitment has been made to invest in South Pars Phase 11 and its contractual obligations in the Munir block are complete, with no further investment under consideration.
Petronas officials noted that Petronas is concerned about investing in Iran due to current political uncertainties there. Amona told us via telephone they sold their oil and gas (O&G) business, including any interest in the redevelopment of the Resalat Oilfield.
Post has made contact with representatives from SKS Ventures, which will be reported septel. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Principal Assistant Secretary and America Desk Officer Muhammad Radzi Jamaludin (Radzi) told post that the Ministry of International Trade and Investment (MITI) held a meeting with Petronas, Amona, and SKS Ventures and told them to cooperate with embassy inquiries on Iran investments. End Summary.
2. (C) Comment: Our meeting with Petronas was at a surprisingly high level and the information offered was unusually frank and forthcoming for such a sensitive topic. As a Petronas Board member, Azhar is well positioned to provide accurate information on Petronas' Iran investment plans. Post will continue to press for additional details on Petronas South Pars Phase 11 activity. End Comment.
3. (C) Deputy Econcouns Salin and econoff Williams met January 11 with Petronas Board of Directors Member and Corporate Secretary Mohd Azhar Osman Khairuddin (Azhar) and his assistant, Head of Legal Research, Planning and Issues Management, Abdul Rahim Mydin (Rahim) to query Petronas about existing and planned investments in Iran,s oil and gas sector (O&G) and awareness of the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA). Deputy Econcouns delivered ref A points and provided additional background on our information request.
4. (C) Azhar said that Petronas does not have any investments in Iran at this time. Azhar explained that Petronas aspires to be a global company and desires a positive relationship with the USG. However, he related that Petronas was a relatively late entrant to the O&G business and was not competitive with international oil companies (IOCs) in most development areas.
Petronas made the conscious decision in the mid 1990,s, with the blessing of the GOM, to compete in countries where Western sanctions precluded the largest IOCs from competing such as Iran, Sudan, Myanmar, and Mauritania, according to Azhar. He claimed that in 1996 the Petronas president met with Clinton Administration officials informing the USG of Petronas, plans to invest in Iran and that Secretary Albright gave Total, Gazprom, and Petronas ISA exemptions on South Pars Phases 2 and 3.
Azhar said that Petronas developed the Siri field without an exemption and that both of Petronas, prior Iran projects are now finished. He mentioned that Petronas does have an ongoing trading relationship with Iran, exporting lubricants to Iran.
5. (C) Azhar told us that Malaysian O&G reserves are not large and are running out soon. (Note: Conoco Philips Malaysia confirmed that without new discoveries, Malaysian oil production will decline at approximately 10% per year, from 550,000 bpd in 2008 to roughly 490,000 bpd in 2009 and 450,000 bpd in 2010.)
Azhar noted that revenues from Petronas accounted for 45% of the GOM budget last year and stated that the GOM is over-reliant on Petronas to fund its operations. He said Petronas feels tremendous pressure to grow its business in order to maintain Malaysia’s political status quo and added that Petronas wants to stay insulated from politics, but must comply with GOM policy.
He acknowledged the large amount of liquid assets on Petronas, balance sheet and Petronas, concerns that those funds be invested in productive O&G assets to promote future profitability rather than be spent now on domestic programs for political gain. He described Petronas as a stabilizing force in Malaysia and in ASEAN regionally and his desire that the USG recognize the important role Petronas plays in maintaining political stability in the region.
6. (C) Azhar was not aware of press accounts of Petronas investment plans in the South Pars Phase 11 gas field and was noticeably irritated that Petronas gas subsidiary Carigali had not mentioned Phase 11 when it briefed Azhar on its Iran activities. He was quite clear, from his position as a member of the Petronas Board of Directors, that no final investment decision had been made on any new project in Iran.
Azhar added that Petronas is closely following the political situation in Iran between President Ahmadinejad and the opposition and stated that Petronas is very concerned about investing in Iran at this point due to political uncertainties and the possibility of "disruptive changes."
7. (C) (Note: In a follow-up telephone call January 14, Rahim told econoff that investment in South Pars Phase 11 is still under consideration, but that Petronas has not committed to the investment. Econoff asked follow-up questions on the status, timing, and cost of due diligence, contract status with Iran/CNPC, and when a final decision could be reached. Rahim asked econoff to forward the follow-up questions via email and that he would try to respond. End Note.)
8. (C) Azhar was excited about Petronas successful bid with Shell to develop the Majnoon oilfield in Iraq. He praised the open and transparent competitive bidding process and said that Iraq’s opening is putting a lot of pressure on Iran. Petronas is bullish on the political situation in Iraq and plans to compete for additional business in Iraq, according to Azhar.
Amona Claims O&G Business Sold
9. (C) Econoff and LES Tang Loon Lian contacted Amona December 9 via telephone regarding its announced investment in the Resalat Oilfield. An Amona representative told us Amona had sold its entire oil and gas business to Oil Corp., a publicly traded Malaysian company.
Local news databases did not report announcement of a sale. A search of Bursa Malaysia publicly listed companies showed that Oil Corp. is losing significant amounts of money and appears near bankruptcy.
Post will continue to check for additional details on the status of Malaysian participation in the Resalat transaction.
MFA and Trade Ministry Authorize Cooperation
10. (C) During a January 12 meeting, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Principal Assistant Secretary and America Desk Officer Muhammad Radzi Jamaludin (Radzi) told econoff that he had recently attended a MITI-led meeting, in which MITI called in Petronas, SKS Ventures and Amona and told them to cooperate with the embassy in our ISA inquiry.
Radzi said that Petronas told MITI it does not have any investment in Iran now and that the private companies (SKS and Amona) claimed they had no financing sources for their projects in Iran.
Radzi also described how Malaysian firms go to Iran with suitcases of money to purchase oil and gas concessions from the Iranians. He said that they bring too much cash to count the money, so they weigh it to determine if the amount is correct.
Radzi did not offer why Malaysian firms would purchase an O&G concession from the Iranians for a project they are unable to finance.
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  1. 1.berapa % hasil petronas datangnya dari hasil minyak dimalaysia!!
    2.akai ada ka!!!

  2. Pegawai Bergaji RM 1278.00June 20, 2011 at 5:02 PM

    Dengan penurunan nilai Runggit di dalam pasaran sebenar negara , rakyat yang menag telah sedia bergaji rendah tidak mungkin dapat membayar hutang apatah lagi menjelaskan hutang.

  3. wikileaks tentang anwar tanak percaya jugak ke

  4. Yea la. Kalau PR menang dan laksanakan buku jingga, jangankan 2020, 2014 pun belum tentu lepas.

  5. Sekarang ialah masa untuk mengenalpasti negara mana untuk berhijrah. Buat perancangan dari sekarang. Salah satu cara ialah dengan melengkapkan diri dengan kelayakan profesional yang boleh diterimapakai di seluruh dunia. Bagi doktor, MRCP dan MRCOG sangat penting. Bagi akauntan, CA dan sebagainya sangat kritikal. Demikian juga untuk jurutera dan sebagainya.

    Laluan lain ialah mendapatkan ijazah PhD dari universiti-universiti yang berada pada ranking sekurang-kurangnya 50 teratas di dunia. Bagi mereka yang berminat untuk ke Jerman, ijazah PhD dari universiti-universiti Jerman sangat membantu.

    Kelayakan lain ialah jururawat profesional, chargeman, chartered surveyor dan sebagainya. Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik mencari hujan emas. Sebab dengan emas kita boleh membeli berlori-lori batu kerikil untuk ditabur di laman rumah kita di Malaysia. Batu-batu kerikil yang lebih boleh ditabur di laman rumah jiran (jika mereka mahu).

  6. thanks tuan hj TB..

    good info.

  7. atas alasan ini lah kita sebagai rakyat malaysia patut sokong kerajaan persekutuan untuk hapuskan subsidi...

    hujan emas negeri orang??? negara mana kau nak hijrah....negara kafir...yang tak ada hukum islam dan amalan agama...yang boleh berjudi, berzina, minum arak ikut suka, makanannya yang tak pasti halal atau haram tu...kat sana ker kau nak hijrah???

    maksudnya kau boleh hidup lah tanpa islam...maksudnya pejuangan pas untuk tegakkan islam tu semuanya sandiwara aje lah...maksudnya pemimpin pas sebenarnya memang jahil ilmu dan gila kuasa lah...

  8. pas xjahil..tapi xrealistik..ilmu ada tapi tak praktikal..kerajaan persekutuan cuba untuk stabilkan semua itu..sebab itulah adanya transformasi..alangkah baiknya pas masuk bn


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