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Monday, July 4, 2011

Answering the Member of Parliament of Kota Belud

Allow me to add my comments on the article written by Abdul Rahman Dahalan (ARD), MP for Kota Belud, entitled “Sorry, Ambiga, you don't convince me”.

Allow me to rebut in point form because I think it’s much clearer that way:

1.0 ARD admits the existence of dead people in the electoral rolls. But ARD says the problem is with the people not reporting their dead to the NRD for updating of records purposes. The problem is ARD, these dead people seems to rise up from the grave and voted. And despite party representatives reporting these people as being dead, the EC still refuse to remove them from the list

2.0 ARD admits a highly unusual number of voters registered in one address. He claims people changing their addresses due to changes in renters of the same address. The problem is ARD, why has EC refuse to take action when the evidence is so glaring. For instance, the house below has 60 registered voter in it. What’s stopping EC from cleaning this part of the roll? (more information on the 60 voters in one address example can be read here:

The issue is not discrepancies in the electoral roll. The issue is EC's refusal to correct these discrepancies despite them jumping out the roll and hitting the EC in the head

3.0 ARD argues for the current practice of postal voting. Maybe ARD would care to comment on the article below related to Postal Voting:

The truth of the matter is, postal voting is void from transparency. The voting is done without any supervision from representatives of parties contesting.

So, tell me ARD, how is Postal Voting be defended?

And, what’s even puzzling is that Turkey had just concluded their election recently. Yet, all their army personnel votes in voting centres open to supervision by parties contesting. Unlike Malaysia, Turkey actually has problems with Kurdish armed insurgency. Yet, they can get their servicemen and women to vote in polling centres without having them to abandon their posts.

Please ARD. I appeal to you to use facts instead of conjectures and speculations which makes the good part of your article.

4.0 ARD states his concern on the use of indelible ink:

My personal concern on the use of indelible ink is related to the legalities.

Does the EC have the power, under the current Elections Act 1958, to deny a person whose finger has been inked from voting, but who now claims his finger was inked forcibly? What happens if that person insists on voting by citing his rights under the constitution, finger inked or not? Will we see chaotic scenes at the polling centres?

My question to ARD is that why has this problem NEVER BEING FACED by countries already practicing usage of indelible ink. Has ARD shut his eyes to the fact that indelible ink is being practiced in many countries all over the world including our neighbour, Indonesia.

Indonesia has more than 200 million electorates, yet, they don’t face the hypothetical problem that ARD has highlighted above. As such, the hypothetical problem being cited by ARD is no more than a lame excuse made up by the EC.

I can’t believe how easy ARD fall prey to such lame excuses.

In conclusion, Abdul Rahman Dahalan should refrain from presenting argument based on half truth, speculations, hypothetical situations and phobias bordering on insanity.
It is not right and not reflecting his stature of a Member of Parliament.

There is a court judgement with regards to how Illegal Aliens being registered as voters in Sabah in the aid of Barisan Nasional. Maybe ARD can enlighten us on that as well.

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  1. tb, u're the man! :)


  2. YB tu dah jawab balik lah..baca ni ...

  3. @mpkotabelud dah jawab. kau mmg bodoh haha

  4. To all of you out there, I'd like to invite you to this debate about the Kota Belud MP's remarks. Most of you will disagree with me but I'd like to hear your opinions anyway.​php?topic=539&post=3601&uid=16​2774653750749#post3601

  5. Ini jawapan dari MP Kota Belut...

    Kalu rajin bacalah.....


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