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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Answering MP for Kota Belud...Again

I was told that the MP of Kota Belud has given his rebuttal to my earlier article. His article, by the way, is entitled “Will you ever understand Dear Ambiga's friends?”

Allow me to respond…again:

1.0 DEAD VOTERS VOTING: Abdul Rahman Dahalan (ARD) says that EC will give full cooperation if we highlight the existence of dead voters properly What I need from ARD is for him to explain HOW dead voters can rise from the grave and cast their votes?

1.1 My own experience after attending various briefings by EC says otherwise. EC does not care about taking a pro-active measure to weed out dead voters from the electoral roll
1.2 They say that such a move is unnecessary because dead man cannot vote. They’re dead. So, why should they take the trouble?
1.3 Well, how wrong can the EC be. A click to this link contains several examples of dead voters who rised from their graves and casted their votes. One example is:
Case 1: Dayang Utat Binti Kamaruden (1898-1981) The oldest voter in the constituency, Dayang Utat binti Kamaruden(981231-13-0146) was born in 1898, 111 years ago, died on the 29th of May 1981. She was buried at the Muslim cemetery of Kampung Ulu Sri Aman . Another question is why Dayang Utat’s name appears differently in the previous electoral roll? Her name was Dyg Bt Abg Kam in the electoral roll dated 05.02.2008, but her name in the current electoral roll is Dyg Utat Binti Abang Kamaruden . Both names are under the same IC number, 981231-13-0146.

There are many more examples I can cite, but lets just keep it to this for now.

2.0 UNUSAL NUMBER OF VOTERS IN ONE ADDRESS: ARD explained rather lengthily about how it's not impossible for a house to have many voters registered to it. And it's not EC's fault for this phenomenon and certainly EC should not be blamed these quandries. Allow me to put my point again in bold letters for better comprehension:


We all know there is no way to get 100% roll. But the main issue here why has the EC chose to sit on their hands and not move a finger towards correcting these discrepancies? From what i read, ARD failed to answer my question satisfactorily.

3.0 INDELIBLE INK : I think this tops all lame excuse used to justify not using indelible ink. ARD writes
I dont know about Afghanistan, India or Indonesia, but here in Malaysia, the Election Act clearly DOES NOT PROVIDE POWER to the EC to compel all voters to have their fingers inked. In other words, if someone has voted but refuses to have his finger inked, there is nothing that the EC can do about it. That's why I said in my original article, BERSIH made a mistake by bringing this issue to the streets instead of the Parliament to propose amending the Election Act.

The EC Chairman, recently, announced that the EC will be adopting the biometric system. Let me ask ARD, which law did EC invoked to enable them to use the Biometric system?
Allow me to quote part of the Election Act 1958:
Power to make regulations relating to the conduct of elections
16. (1) The Election Commission may with the approval of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong make regulations for the conduct of elections to the Dewan Rakyat and the Legislative Assemblies, and for all matters incidental thereto.

I guess should the EC really wants to apply the indelible ink, they should amend the current election regulation and present it to Yang Dipertuan Agong for approval.

It’s that simple.

Hendak seribu daya. Tak Hendak Seribu Dalih. Takut Seribu Polis.

Now, postal vote voting procedure is similar to normal vote system. Military and police personnel vote in private booths, while the entire voting procedures are watched by representatives of the candidates. Now, no one can claim he votes for someone elese anymore.

Maybe ARD is confused between “EARLY VOTING” and “POSTAL VOTING”. Allow me to enlighten him.

POSTAL VOTING – When the ballot is sent directly to a postal voter with a addressed and stamped enveloped for the voter to “post” the vote to after voting

EARLY VOTING – When the voters are voting earlier than the stipulated day and time of day for voting. In this case, the early votings are allowed for those qualified to vote using the Postal Voting system.

So, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any party to send ANY representative to everyone that is voting through the POSTAL VOTING system. Because the ballots are casted in the privacy of the individual, hence the lack of transparency.

On the EARLY VOTING day, these postal votes comes in BATCHES and stuffed into the individual bags without any of the party representative seeing or envigilating on the voting process. Only army and police personel who turned up at the EARLY VOTING session is envigilated by party representatives.

I hope this clear up any confusion that exists between the two phrases.

Oh, and the 1999 article from Harakah, it still applies to this very day since Postal Voting is STILL PRACTICED widely, mostly among Police and Army personnel, despite the EC introducing the EARLY VOTING system.

5.0 EARLY VOTING SYSTEM: ARD uses this line to vindicate the EC’s insistence on the Postal Voting system.
5.1 I’ve already explained how ARD has gotten the EARLY VOTING and POSTAL VOTING mixed up. So we leave it at that.
5.2 The EC’s EARLY VOTING system is flawed for several reasons:
5.2.1 The EARLY voting system usually takes place 2 days before Election Day. Until election day, the locked bags will be stored by EC a location whereby none of the party reps have access to
5.2.2 The EC refused to let the “POSTAL VOTES” which was casted in during the EARLY VOTING session be immediately be counted. The EC insists that the locked bags be kept for the next 2 days
5.2.3 Should the EC decides to open the bags and replaced with votes favorable to BN, no one will know. The EC has the seal and can easily apply the same seal that was used earlier
5.2.4 So, clearly, the EARLY VOTING system introduced by EC is also very much flawed.

6.0 EC and UMNO's RULE IN SABAH: I should not be surprised. ARD's hard support for EC is expected. In fact it is incumbent upon him.

I mean, if the EC had not helped to register all the Illegal aliens in Sabah as voters, ARD would probably be in political wilderness and cannot dream about winning the Kota Belud Parliamentary seat. He would just be another joe in the Sabah dirt.

In addition, UMNO would never have been able to wrest and keep Sabah in their hands without the votes from the illegal aliens. These illegal aliens would not be voters in Sabah without the help of EC.

EC and BN Sabah are like peas in a pod. They are so close that sometimes they are
indistinguishable. Thick as thieves they are.

Years of UMNO's EC assisted rule has turned Sabahans from the richest people in the Federation to a the level of manual labor comparable only to Bangladeshis and Myanmarese. The only difference is, Sabah is leaps and bound richer than Myanmar or Bangladesh. (Please look at the sad picture below for clarity) :

Tulang Besi
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  1. standard iq MP BN..camtulah!!!

  2. ini mp kota belud chairman uda holdings. gaji lumayan drp kerajaan umno.

    jadi dia kena hujah seribu macam lah.

    biar dia hujah dgn tulang besi. dia kena kerja lebih pasal najis sedang monitor.

    bukan senang nak jadi chairman uda holdings. kena pakai topeng. kena tipu hati sendiri.

    demi menjaga poket. inilah golongan 'carma' yang dikatakan oleh sasterawan negara pak samad.


  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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