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Friday, July 15, 2011

Chandra Muzaffar, The Chameleon

Chandra threw everything including the kitchen sink. He huff and puffed but the house that BERSIH built did not fall.

He writes in one of his article before the BERSIH rally:
3) I had thought initially that Bersih demonstrators should be allowed to congregate in a stadium, in accordance with their constitutional right but I didn’t realise that there was a security issue lurking in the shadows. Apparently, if the stadium option had materialised,certain elements in Bersih, it is alleged, would have turned the stadium to a Tahrir Square, with demonstrators camping there day and night for weeks on end.

He went so far as to accuse the BERSIH organization as being sponsored by SOROS and I quote:

I hope the authorities here will investigate thoroughly the breadth and depth of involvement of Soros’ OSF in Bersih’s activities. OSF’s involvement should be studied in the context of the alleged involvement of other US and European NGOs in the activities of Bersih and the groups affiliated to it.”

Such a preposterous claim since the BERSIH action committee had to ask for computer donations from sympathizers after their computers and office equipment were confiscated by the Police during the Police raid.

Now that the rally is a success, we are hearing a different tune from the Chandra. He first post-BERSIH article states:
An example of that new equilibrium would be institutionalizing public assemblies in stadiums as a right. The elimination of detention without trial while ensuring that acts which threaten public order are nipped in the bud would be another example.
The abrogation of the annual licensing requirement for newspapers would be a third example.
The new media, the public demand for greater accountability and transparency and rising youth power the world over make it imperative that we move towards a new equilibrium without delay.
There is another reason why we cannot afford to procrastinate. Manipulating the genuine urge for freedom among the masses in other lands expressed through demonstrations has become the last hurrah of a declining global power.

So, before BERSIH he says the entire rally is about having a TAHRIR SQUARE in KL. After BERSIH, he says we should allow people to have rallies in stadiums.

Chandra forget, to all Egyptians, "Tahrir Square" is a pure and sacred concept among all Egyptians. It represents the struggle of all Egyptians against tyranny, corruption and abuse of power. It also reminds all Egyptians of hundreds that have died in their struggle to remove tryranny in the form of Presiden Mubarak. Is this what Chandra is afraid of? The fight against tyranny and injustice?

Such is the condition that Chandra Muzzafar has deteriorated into. His inconsistency is a result of him putting his pay master(s) above all else.

He also exhibit the trait of a professional hitman, rather than a unbiased and just “intellectual”. He makes this mention with regards to the attendance of BERSIH:

The goal of creating a huge popular momentum that would carry Pakatan Rakyat to the gates of Putrajaya — which was the real reason for the protest— was not realized either partly because the turnout was only a fraction of the 300,000 that the Bersih organizers had hoped for.

Yet, little did he mention about the countless troublesome roadblocks set up by the police to stop participants from entering the city, the countless and incessant threats and warnings issued by authorities stopping Malaysians from joining the crowd, the countless number of lies and slander against BERSIH and it’s organizers (one example is Chandra’s accusation on the link between BERSIH and Soros) and many more misuses of government apparatus to stop Malaysians from participating in BERSIH.

Yet, against all odds, tens of thousands met. A mathematical analysis conducted by Politweets puts the crowd size to be between 45k to 50k. This does not include the tens of thousands that could not make it due to various road blocks and threats.

But, Mathematics and Economy has never been Chandra’s strong point. Reading his writing is as boring as reading a lousy novel. It’s filled with theories and abstract ideas that only Chandra himself can appreciate. Rarely you find anything factual about his writing. That is why his analysis is always shallow and inaccurate. This goes even way back during his Keadilan days.

So, it’s no surprise that Chandra is beginning to make and about turn. I bet in a few months, he will start talking about the goodness of Anwar Ibrahim and how wrong he was in vilifying him.

After all, the man has no honor. Money talks and money comes from power.

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  1. This MAMAK spreads his arse for the highest bidder. He has taken one ful circle.

  2. You said :
    (1)reading his writing is as boring as reading a lousy novel.
    (2)his writing is filled with theories and abstract ideas that he himself can appreciate.
    (3)rarely you find anything factual about his writing.
    I could not agree more with you as I have read before several of his writings and it is just what I felt as mentioned above.
    In conclusion-this man is a good spinner using his mastery of english to 'cari makan'.


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